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Domino's Pizza – delivery sales more than offsetting lack of collection sales… so why the share price fall?

2020-06-17 14:04:25

Leading UK and Ireland pizza group Domino's (DOM) has updated including noting “trading in the period prior to the lockdown was robust” and that since “increase in sales from delivery more than offset the lack of sales from collection” – the shares are though currently more than 7% lower, heading towards 300p. Hmmm...


The Madness of the Leftwaffe woke twitter mob - #BoycottDominos

2020-06-16 13:37:10

The power of a twitter witch hunt by the woke mob should not be underestimated. It can, in the current climate, ruin lives and careers, erase history and crush businesses. It does not need to have any factual basis at all. In New York this morning, trending on twitter was #BoycottDominos. This will astound you.


I confess I am now a Domino's customer. Next stop buying the shares?

2019-08-06 11:00:25

If I write about anything that is consumer-facing on this website, you can bet somewhere in the text will be a semi-funny joke about why I have not contributed directly to said company's corporate results because I am almost personally post-consumption. Naturally, that does not apply to the rest of the family and because my excuse about the importance of the global corporate earnings season was wearing a bit thin this school holiday, in lieu of a holiday to the Costa del Horrible, the Domino's Pizza (DOM) online capability has recently acquired a new customer…


Domino's Pizza and its European struggles

2019-05-07 09:12:22

I neutralised my bearish tone towards pizza behemoth Domino's Pizza (DOM) back in mid-March, observing that 'I actually doubt the shares are going materially lower from here given Domino's brilliance at digital sales and the like'. As a tactical call that would have worked out fine in the intervening couple of months but there is a good test today after a slightly strange Q1 results publication…


#BoycottDominos: £325,000 a year boss despises 17.4m of us, jokes about our deaths

2019-03-27 03:09:08

On £325,000 a year life is sweet for David Bauernfeind, the CFO of Domino's Pizza (DOM). Ok, franchisees are in revolt and the shares have tanked by 30% over the past year so you'd have thought as he weighed his salary he'd be busy fighting fires. Au contraire, go to his twitter account @dbauernfeinduk and you will find that he is tweeting like a dervish, not with special offers of two pizzas tasting of cardboard for £19.99 but about Brexit. If you are one of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit what you will see will shock you, for this fat cat seems to despise we little people and jokes about our death. I, for one, will #BoycottDominos and you may wish to consider whether you want to support the bloated pay packet of a man who looks down on you in this way.


Domino's Pizza: only one option when you are this touchy about a press article

2019-03-18 02:39:04

Did you listen to Tom's Bearcast yesterday?  The section i particularly liked concerned the comparison of Domino Pizza's (DOM) annual franchisee jamboree to a Billy Graham convention which - i am guessing because unsurprisingly I have never attended one - is completely spot-on in terms of the hoped-for fervour of the room.  


I am not rushing to order up either a Domino's Pizza...or its shares!

2018-12-09 02:26:39

My favourite deadwood press article this week is all about the comment from a reader below it, rather than the article itself.  I talked about Domino's Pizza (DOM) back in August and basically said that I would only get warmed up at 250p odd a share.  Well we are nearly there and - superficially - not too much has changed.  The UK franchise keeps on growing aided by that near omnipresent 'official food of everything' advertising, various Scandi markets remain workable...and angst continues at the managerial and franchisee levels.  


Domino's Pizza - bet it wishes everyone ate pizza like they do in Iceland!

2018-08-07 09:16:49

A while back (as you can read here) I concluded you should wake me up at about a 250p Domino's Pizza (DOM) price. Well another day like today and the shares will crash through this level (and a bit more). So why is 'the official food of everything' having a 10%+ share price dump shocker today? I reckon there are three stories here.


Forget uncertainty, we insist you eat more pizza says Domino's, but buy the shares?

2017-10-11 02:10:30

Clearly it goes without saying that if you want a quality pizza in London then you should be going to Wedge Issue rather than to your local Domino's (DOM), but it is to the latter's Q3 trading update we must turn, which is a bit of a headscratcher.


Domino's Pizza – ‘new partnership’ announced twice it’s seemingly so excited by it, the market’s distinctly less so…

2017-08-11 06:20:35

Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) is seemingly so excited by its “new franchisee partnership” that it’s announced the news twice this morning. The market response is though distinctly less excited – the shares down around 4% at sub 270p…


No Spots on this Pizza Giant - And it Could Make A Tasty Investment

2016-11-29 01:04:32

Hello Share Pushers. There seems no decline in the popularity of pizzas. They are easy to buy and easy to eat. And Britons, together with probably the rest of the world, will take the easy way out if we can, while gastronomic considerations often take a back seat.


Domino’s Pizza Group – sufficient reassurance on CFO departure?

2015-01-21 07:57:14

Shares in Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) currently trade just over 3% lower, at 676.5p, on the back of an announcement that Chief Financial Officer Sean Wilkins “has resigned from the company and will step down with immediate effect” and despite the statement adding that “trading has continued to be positive in the final quarter of the financial year and the board expects profit before tax for the year to be in line with, or marginally ahead of, consensus forecasts”. Having last updated in October HERE, the following reviews.


Domino’s Pizza Group – Q3 update enough to suggest the shares a buy?

2014-10-02 11:05:44

Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) has announced a fourth successive quarter of double-digit like-for-like sales growth in the UK, a best quarter of the year so far in Ireland and progress towards profitability in Switzerland, though “progress in Germany is slower than we would have liked, but we are committed to the execution of our strategy”. What does this all suggest for the shares at a current 570p?


Domino’s Pizza Group – a mixed taste in post-results views

2014-08-04 12:55:41

Shares in Domino’s Pizza Group (DOM), at just over 540p, are now little changed on recent pre-results announcement levels. This follows a mixed reaction to the company’s results for the 26 weeks ended 29th June 2014, which the following reviews. Is it time to buy back in?


Domino’s Pizza Group – interims: time to buy back in?

2014-07-29 11:20:55

Shares in Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) have nudged higher to a current 547.5p on the back of results for the company’s half year ended 29th June 2014. Having previously concluded that the shares looked high enough at 558p in April, should you follow the herd and buy back in?


Domino's Pizza Group - reports "strong start to the year", shares still high enough for now?

2014-04-07 11:00:47

In a trading update for the 13 weeks to 30th March 2014, Domino's Pizza Group plc (DOM) has emphasised “a strong start to the year” and updated that “the pipeline and franchisee demand for new stores is healthy”. The following reviews after I last concluded on the shares that, at around the current price, they looked high enough.


Domino’s Pizza Group – broker reaction to 2013 results detail; a mixed taste

2014-03-01 08:30:32

The contrasting geographic performance shown in the results statement of pizza delivery group Domino's (DOM) saw the shares close the day little changed at 560.5p. The following updates on the broker reaction to the results detail.


Domino’s Pizza Group – suffering a German drag, looks fully valued

2014-02-28 08:01:27

Pizza delivery group Domino's (DOM) has announced a pre-tax profit of £21.59 million for the 52 weeks ended 29th December 2013, down from £42.37 million in the prior year. German impairments, asset write-offs and costs relating to exiting corporate stores in the country all weighed heavily. However, how does the current 556.5p share price contrast with the company being “particularly delighted by the sales performance in our core UK business, which has continued into 2014”?


Domino's Pizza Group - boardroom musical chairs

2014-01-31 12:52:44

What on earth is happening at Domino's Pizza Group (DOM)?


Domino’s Pizza Group – brokers slice through trading update

2014-01-13 17:58:07

Following the full-year trading update from Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) last week, brokers have been slicing through the details. The following reviews in light of my question of are there still unsavoury bites in the investment case here?


Domino's Pizza Group - full-year trading update, still unsavoury bites in the investment case?

2014-01-08 15:30:31

Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) has updated that “full year results for the group are expected to be in line with market consensus” as a result of “2013 profits ahead of market expectations for the UK and Ireland, but losses in Germany will be higher than expected primarily due to the later than expected transition of the corporate stores into franchisee hands”. Are there thus still unsavoury bites in the investment case here?


Domino’s Pizza Group – a slice taken out of the share price as CEO follows CFO in delivering resignation

2013-12-06 12:43:19

Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) has announced its CEO, Lance Batchelor, is to leave to take up a position in “a significant private equity backed company” in a non-competing sector from 30th April 2014. The following updates with the shares currently down more than 4%, at 507.5p, on the news.


Domino's Pizza Group - updated broker views

2013-10-04 15:35:52

Following its trading update earlier this week on its third quarter of the 2013 year there remain opposing broker views on Domino's Pizza Group plc (DOM), the leading pizza delivery company with stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Switzerland…


Domino's Pizza Group - Q3 trading update, further reassurance on the previous sour taste from Germany still needed?

2013-10-02 14:10:36

Domino's Pizza Group plc (DOM), the leading pizza delivery company with stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Switzerland, has reported on what it describes as “another quarter of solid like-for-like sales growth across all four of our markets”, whilst noting it has “a number of exciting initiatives in place across all our markets for the fourth quarter and we are confident of meeting City expectations for the full year”


Domino's Pizza Group - broker reaction & forecast guidance following interims

2013-07-31 11:11:06

Yesterday’s interim results announcement from Domino’s Pizza Group (DOM) has drawn significant broker comment and some comments on the likely impact on forecasts. The following summarises what the experts say. My own thoughts and very witty headline are HERE


Domino's - sour Kraut flavoured pizza

2013-07-30 11:59:37

Shares in Domino's Pizza Group plc (DOM) trade more than 5% lower, at 568p today, following the company reporting a pre-tax profit of £11.56 million for its half year ended 30th June 2013, this down from a comparative prior year £21.50 million.  The problem is Germany.


Domino's Pizza - strong divergence in broker reaction to trading update

2013-07-04 11:20:17

The 3rd July trading update for the quarter ended 30th June from Domino’s Pizza Group (DOM) has drawn a strong divergence of broker reaction...


Domino's Pizza - trading update, unsavoury taste from Germany

2013-07-03 05:39:20

Shares in the FTSE-250 exclusive master franchise holder for Domino's pizza stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Switzerland, Domino's Pizza Group plc (DOM) currently trade approaching 7.5% lower, at 619.5p, today on the back of an update for the quarter ended 30th June 2013.


Domino's Pizza Group - is there currently value in grabbing a slice of the action?

2013-04-16 10:35:42

Shares in Domino's Pizza Group plc (DOM), the FTSE 250 master franchise holder for Domino's Pizza stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland and also Germany (April 2011), Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg (all September 2012), have been an excellent long-term investment. However, post a trading update earlier this month and with the shares now at 612.5p – capitalising the company at more than £1 billion – does value remain?


Buy Domino’s Pizza: April 570p Bear Trap Leads As High As 800p

2013-04-12 09:31:01

Although I am a regular client of fast food specialist Domino’s Pizza on behalf of a very enthusiastic junior Mir family members, as a Dukan Diet practitioner it is difficult not to think of the this highly cash generative company as also being something of an obesity generator.


Domino's Pizza - Cracking Trading Statement

2013-04-07 04:31:25

Domino’s Pizza (DOM) has served up a truly cracking trading statement covering the 13 week period to 31st March. It looks as appetising as a large pepperoni passion with extra jalapeno peppers on its own but when compared to prior statements it looks truly outstanding. The company says that its start to the year has been “solid”. It understates the case.


Domino's Pizza - should you follow Nigel Wray and sell?

2013-03-07 13:22:08

I wrote positively towards the end of last month on then just released 2012 results from Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) – commenting that “as a core mid cap growth and income holding the company continues not to put a foot wrong and at 525p the shares remain undervalued”. However, a couple of days later the company announced significant share sales by non-executive Chairman, Stephen Hemsley, and non-executive director Nigel Wray. Despite this the shares are now 573p. So should you follow Hemsley and my old friend Wray and sell a few?


Domino’s Pizza – Impressive 2012 Results and Growth on track

2013-02-26 13:56:26

FTSE 250 listed Domino’s Pizza (DOM) has announced its results for the 53 weeks to 30th December 2012 and there were no great surprises – what news there was seemed to be positive. As a core mid cap growth and income holding the company continues not to put a foot wron and at 525p the shares remain undervalued.


Domino’s Pizza – Serving up a Tasty Trading Statement

2013-01-08 18:22:46

Domino's Pizza (DOM), now a FTSE-250 constituent, has been a stellar recommendation from me historically during my 12 years at, but I am currently nervous about the UK economy and consumer spending outlook. Does that dim my faith?  


Domino’s Pizza – a buy ahead of results?

2012-12-20 17:06:16

During my twelve years at I tipped fully listed Domino’s Pizza twice. The first time was in June 2001 at 62p – I advised selling at 693p in 2007 (a gain of 1018%). The next time I tipped the shares at 193p in July 2008. The share price is now 494p. Not a bad return for share tip given that there is a decent dividend stream on top. But now we face not only a Christmas trading statement * due out January 8th) but also full year numbers (for the 53 weeks to December 30th) which will be out on 25th February. I am a bit nervous about soft consumer spending, fearing that on the high street at least Christmas will be a washout. So what should one do with Domino’s which is today capitalised at £810 million.

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