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ECR Minerals – a speculative buy?

2020-07-15 14:00:56

Shares in gold-focused ECR Minerals (ECR) have recently risen strongly to a current 1.7p offer price but that follows not having previously joined in with the gold surge – they having commenced this year at 0.725p and the market cap is still comfortably below £10 million...


Australia, the Philippines, Argentina. ECR's Gold Search Will Probably Interest Only the Brave

2019-10-16 08:12:50

Hello, Share Troopers. Though I keep nudging myself, I’ve yet to invest in ECR Minerals (ECR). What interests me though is that though the venture is mostly gold prospecting, the risk is spread around different sites. So if a patch fails to yield anything of commercial value, there could still be a chance with its other projects...


'Nuggety Nature' of its Site in Australia gives Hope to this Hard-Working Gold Seeker

2019-07-26 08:10:35

Hello, Share Primers. Say what you like about gold explorers, there are a few that try really hard and deserve success. It’s a risky business, prospecting, but the rewards, if they come at all, can be dazzling. And it’s a reasonable strategy to have at least some fun money in this field, given the rosy prospect that some commentators expect on this scintillating website for a rising gold price...


You'll Need to Be Brave to Invest in this Gold Explorer - But You Never Know...

2019-07-16 08:19:26

Hello, Share Travellers. Though the Footsie is moving up, there’s scant news to keep things bubbling along even faster. As usual, at this time of year, more traders are on hols with their kids and volumes go down. So by way of a change, may I bring to your attention a gold explorer in Australia. Sounds risky - and of course it jolly well is...


Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? This Small Gold Explorer May Hit the Jackpot - or Not

2019-04-29 07:18:17

Hello, Share Turners. Say what you like about Fulham-headquartered ECR Minerals (ECR), it is a company which likes to keep its shareholders up to date for every step of the way. It seems to me hardly a week goes by without it posting some news or other. The danger is that we tire of reading everything and consequently miss something which is important...


Hopeful Samples Might Lead to a Glittering Share Rise for this Aussie Prospector

2018-10-12 07:23:21

Hello Share Treaders. Down under there is a precious metals company called ECR Minerals (ECR). With gold values possibly set to rise in a difficult environment for most other shares, it might pay to have a gander at this one. ECR’s wholly-owned Australian subsidiary Mercator Gold Australia has Avoca, Bailieston, Moormbool and Timor gold exploration licences in Central Victoria.


UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Craig Brown of ECR Minerals

2018-05-03 00:13:21

It's my fault but I have rather lost touch with the ECR Minerals (ECR) story but here is Craig Brown to explain the current state of play.


ECR Minerals - £1 million placing at 1.8p - a pain but probably good news

2017-06-04 05:40:35

Having got us all excited with news that the Chinese money was in two days ago the shares started racing away - hitting 2.3p on Thursday - and guess what: another placing - £1 million raised at 1.8p. ECR Minerals (ECR) says that it was over-subscribed. Well do bears shit in the woods - give stock away at a whopping discount and of course your placing will be oversubscribed.


ECR Minerals - all the China Money now in! Like pulling Dragon's Teeth

2017-06-02 00:24:41

After numerous delays ECR Minerals (ECR) has announced that all the cash promised by Shenyang Xinliaoan Machinery Co Ltd in the 27 February £553,564 placing is in. As a result of the delays the Chinese had already coughed up about half of that amount in non refundable deposits. But now all the cash is in and new shares will be issued in due course. Phew! What a relief. This has been like pulling dragon's teeth. The shares have responded by moving ahead sharply - another winning share tip from the team!


ECR Minerals China subscription update - like pulling (Dragon's) Teeth but shares will zoom soon

2017-05-19 04:24:41

The great £553,564 investment by Shenyang Xinliaoan Machinery Co Ltd into ECR Minerals (ECR) announced on 27 February grinds on.


ECR Minerals - another small delay in Chinese dosh arriving, but still a buy

2017-05-04 07:02:02

Back on 27 February, ECR Minerals (ECR) announced that Shenyang Xinliaoan Machinery Co Ltd was to invest £553,564 at 1p. The cash has still not arrived.


Video: Ivor Jones, CEO of ECR Minerals, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-12 01:33:19

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Ivor Jones, executive director of ECR Minerals (ECR), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


ECR Minerals - New Aussie Gold license, things are starting to bubble

2017-03-24 04:09:13

With funds replenished by the recent placing the new management team at ECR Minerals (ECR) is - as predicted - not hanging around. The shares are well up on our share tip  at a 1.7p offer, at 1.9p-2.05p. If you can get stock at 1.9p you should do so - our target to sell remains 2.5p+ and we expect to be there soon. The newsflow is only just starting.


Buy ECR Minerals at up to 1.9p - target to sell 2.5p+

2017-03-12 04:00:10

We tipped this stock last week at a 1.7p offer. The target to sell is 2.5p + . The shares are a buy at up 1.9p. The tip reads:


Exclusive: ECR Minerals – did Nomad Cairn force out CEO Stephen Clayson for serial porkies?

2016-08-04 00:35:04

On Tuesday AIM-listed ECR Minerals (ECR) put out a stinker of an RNS which crashed the share price. Yesterday we learned that the CEO is stepping down, effective at the end of this month. Did he jump, or was he pushed? And was Tuesday’s RNS completely truthful, and where does that leave the Nomad, Cairn?


Shareholder activism – is a new broom set to sweep out AIM’s overpaid duffers?

2016-07-24 06:45:25

One swallow does not a summer make, according to Aristotle. I guess he would baulk at two as well but it does seem that a few swallows are getting the idea. I refer, of course, to the growing number of AIM companies facing shareholder activism. It is a good thing.


Video: Stephen Clayson of ECR Minerals at UK Investor Show

2016-05-13 01:15:02

When you think CEOs do not look old enough to be CEOs maybe you are getting old. And that brings me to the presentation at UK Investor Show by Stephen Clayson of ECR Minerals (ECR)


Video: ECR Minerals presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

2015-12-16 08:01:52

Next up from Gold & Bears is ECR Minerals (ECR) - a video of its presentation is below. Enjoy.


Licence challenge for ECR Minerals

2014-11-18 05:21:09

ECR Minerals (ECR), an out-of-favour AIM-listed company with decidedly entrepreneurial Australian origins, is celebrating some encouraging sampling results from its Sierra de Las Minas gold project in Argentina, as it awaits developments at its flagship gold joint venture at Itogon in the northern Philippines Island of Luzon. The London-based company, which has lost more than 93% of its stockmarket value in four years and says its strategy is to delineate ‘high-grade, low-tonnage deposits’, says the Argentine sampling has yielded results including 1.6 metres with no less than 28.4 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, 0.2 metres with a bonanza 62.5 grammes a tonne and 6.1 metres with 3.77 grammes a tonne.


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Paul Johnson of ECR Minerals

2014-04-25 08:39:59

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 traders session with Paul Johnson  of ECR Minerals (ECR)


Q&A with ECR Minerals

2013-11-28 13:22:25

I met up today with the board of ECR Minerals (ECR) and posed a few questions on what lies ahead for shareholders.


ECR Minerals (ECR): Too Early To Call Time On The Bear Run?

2013-06-02 05:46:42

One of the more difficult challenges as far as stocks or markets are concerned is to call time on an extended bear run. In the case of ECR Minerals it can be seen that there has been an extended drift since the through last summer's double top through the 0.8p level.

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