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Gear4music Could be In Tune for a Share Rise After an Unfair Retreat

2021-10-15 08:10:58

Hello, Share Shakers. When I first commended Gear4music (G4M) a few years ago, there was no such thing as covid and the shares dropped back on retail worries. But once folks were forced to stay at home the sale of music instruments and associated stuff went through the roof. So Gear4music multi-bagged. Recently though the share has retreated a bit and I think might now have a reasonable entry point here.


Gear4music – does not expect to achieve what it did last year… but share price rise?...

2021-06-22 15:55:30

Online musical instruments and music equipment retailer Gear4music (G4M) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2021 including that it “does not currently expect to achieve the same level of full year profitability during FY22 that the group achieved during FY21”, yet the shares are currently 3.5% higher at 960p. Why’s that?...


ThIs Company's Alive with the Sound of Music -Tinkling Cash Registers

2021-04-26 08:10:45

Hello Share Takers. You wouldn’t have thought it, but a Yorkshire company which sells music stuff has become a multi-bagger in the last few years. And much of the success seems due to the lockdowns. Simply, people have been trying to fill their unexpected spare hours by fulfilling lifetime ambitions to learn how to play a musical instrument.


Gear4music – trading ‘exceeded previous expectations’, but sustainable?

2021-02-25 15:34:59

Online musical instruments and music equipment retailer Gear4music (G4M) has made a trading update including “both our UK and European operations have performed well post Brexit, helping to drive revenue growth and support margins that have exceeded our previous expectations”. But what of the shares, currently more than 10% higher in response, at around 800p?...


This Online Powerhouse Strikes the Right Chord When it Comes to a Strident Share Price

2020-12-02 08:10:41

Hello, Share Shakers. After a shaky start, one of my more successful suggestions continues to pile on share value. But I think there’s more upward action to come. The biggest driver seems to be the virus, so I can’t take much credit. But let’s look at the story from here...


The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Gear4Music's Cash Tills

2020-08-10 08:15:20

Hello Share Mates. One of my recent choices for your further inspection is going from strength to strength. The full-year numbers from Gear4Music (G4M) were as good as I thought they might be. The share price rose further on the news, but I think progress will continue...


Gear4music Soars as Lockdown Victims Look for Something to Do. And the Boom Could Last Beyond the Virus

2020-06-29 08:20:30

Hello, Share Swappers. One of my less successful tips redeemed by the epidemic - and there have been a few - is Gear4Music (G4M). Its online sales are booming. When I first bought shares in this company the share immediately saw a big fall. But the red number turned to blue, even before the virus struck...


The Hills are Alive with Higher Demand at Gear4music

2020-04-27 08:25:59

Hello, Share Spellers. My talented colleague Steve Moore is a whizz at spotting weakness in stock market news announcements that seem to paint a too glowing picture of a company’s prospects. But I rather think he may be a bit too pessimistic towards the latest trading update from Gear4music (G4M)...


Gear4music – updates including “high demand we have encountered since late March”...

2020-04-24 08:32:34

Gear4music (G4M), “the largest UK based online retailer of musical instruments and music equipment”, has updated on trading – and the shares have responded 11% higher to 277.5p...


This Company Hits the High Note on Profitable Growth So We Might Expect the Share Price to Sing

2020-01-24 08:15:34

Hello, Share Scrunchers. Though Gear4music (G4M) is a horrible name, I did like the cut of this AIM company’s jib and bought the shares after what I thought was an unfair decline. Sadly they plunged further. But I was gratified to see the other day that they had begun recovery and my holding showing a 10% profit. Now comes more good news...


Gear4music – argues “delivered on our stated priority”… so why a further 10%+ share price fall?

2019-11-12 14:15:58

Musical instruments and equipment online retailer Gear4music (G4M) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2019, emphasising “we have delivered on our stated priority of materially improving gross margins” yet “revenue increased by £6.9m (16%) during the period to £49.4m” and “we are confident ahead of our peak trading period that the group is well-placed to deliver EBITDA for the full year in line with the board's expectations”. The shares have though currently responded to around 215p – more than 10% lower!...


Gear4music – having adopted a market share strategy… “capacity limitation” profit warning!

2019-01-04 03:40:00

Previously writing on online musical instruments and equipment retailer Gear4music (G4M) in September as the shares slid below 600p, I concluded such a rating demands at least growth as anticipated; not “slower than anticipated” roll-out, “gross margin compromise” and potentially worse – and, even without all that, is still likely highly dependent on a continued bullish stock market. As such, at this juncture, I avoid. The shares are currently sliding below 300p on the back of a “Trading Update”


Gear4music – overall sales growth “ahead of our expectations”… so why a share price decline?

2018-09-07 09:46:42

A trading update from online musical instruments and equipment retailer Gear4music (G4M) includes “sales growth during the period of 36% being ahead of our expectations”… so why a current approaching 5% share price fall, below 600p?…


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