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Ex AIM casino posterboy Gate Ventures goes bust: £24m questions for Fergie, Lord Grade, Fatty Cornish & others

2020-03-14 18:42:16

It was slung off the AIM Cesspit after just a few months back in 2015 but not before Roland “Fatty “ Cornish, London’s worst Nomad, had made a killing from listing fees and cashing in warrants and dumping shares. Now the company has gone bust … readers of this website cannot say that they were not warned that this would end in tears.


Has Johnny Hon just admitted to being a shadow director?

2015-11-19 01:41:49

I note Tom Winnifrith's comments on a profile of Dr Johnny Hon by Harriet Green in City AM, and so I thought I'd have a read. We've covred all manner of, shall we say, oddities with regard to the stunningly short-lived AIM career of Gate Ventures plc and one of the things which struck me in our early coverage was the good Dr Hon. He was not a director, yet his name seemed to pop up (see HERE, for example). 


Gate Ventures – more on that Placement of shares at £6 and Companies House filings

2015-09-01 00:42:07

In my last piece on ex-AIM Casino Gate Ventures (GATE) HERE it was noted that despite an apparent market capitalisation of £343 million as reported by Gate’s new listing venue (BritDAQ), there were surely only around £12.5 million of assets. There were some filings to Companies House which I had expected to find, but (thus far) are missing. But there are some strange anomalies in the filings to Companies House by Gate Ventures regarding its recent placement of 1.5 million shares at £6 a pop. Apparently, there are no new shares in existence as a result. Something is not right here.


Gate Ventures forth to Infinity

2015-08-30 01:51:14

Following previous comments (HERE) wondering who was running the show for the ex-AIM Casino entity that is Gate Ventures plc (GATE) things have become a little clearer. And a little murkier too. Gate has continued to release news through the RNS system, almost as if oblivious to the fact that it is no longer on the London Stock Exchange’s junior market. Some might see this as a good thing as its shareholders can still find out what is going on, albeit through a series of RNS Reach (ie non-regulatory) missives. The less charitable view might be that potential investors are given the impression that Gate still retains a proper listing. Whatever.


ShareProphets Filthy Forty – Which country of incorporation has had the greatest rate of China-AIM ejections?

2015-08-24 01:53:56

The ShareProphets China-AIM Filthy Forty reveals the most shocking statistics of losses for investors, demonstrable frauds and companies being booted off the Casino – see HERE. But which country of incorporation and which regulator has seen the highest rate Filthy Forty AIM-China expulsions?


ShareProphets Filthy Forty – Dr Johnny Hon comes out of the shadows as Executive Chairman of Gate Ventures

2015-08-19 00:54:18

Lucian Miers did a superb piece HERE which looked at some of the people involved in the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty poster boy, Gate Ventures (GATE). Gate, you may remember, had an extraordinarily short-lived existence on AIM in that it was given the order of the boot after even Beaumont Cornish found it all too much to represent this outfit as Nomad, and no-one else would either.


A letter to Lord Michael Grade regarding the fraud Gate Ventures

2015-07-27 02:11:16

The China fraud Gate Ventures (GATE) was booted off the AIM casino after just four months last week. It makes great play of its association with the media mogul Lord Michael Grade. I have today written to the good Lord... 


Gate Ventures – will a big deal 24 hours before being shown AIM’s exit gate make the Grade?

2015-07-21 07:27:21

What to make of Gate Ventures (GATE)? We have seen all manner of shocking stuff on ShareProphets regarding this enterprise (see HERE for a full dossier). And today, 24 hours before the company is due to be booted off the AIM Casino after its Nomad, the saintly Beaumont Cornish, found representing this company all too much. Gate, of course, protested that it was talking to potential replacements but I rather doubt we will see it restored to trading in the morning, rather than being given the order of the boot. But what do we have HERE? An investment of £2.6m into a UK company called Infinity Creative Media Limited which is chaired, we are told, by Lord Michael Grade, no less. Is it true?


Exclusive: Lucian Miers writes to AIM Regulation & ZAI Corporate Finance re the China fraud Gate Ventures

2015-06-28 05:01:32

Bear raider: Lucian Miers has written to AIM Regulation about China fraud Gate Ventures (GATE) and has cc'd in ZAI Corpoate Finance which is widely believed to be the only Nomad prepared to consider acting for these shysters now that Roland "Fatty" Cornish has quit in disgust. Lucian's letter does not pull its punches and is below.


ShareProphets telephone bugging service; AIM Regulation asks Fatty for a favour on the fraud Gate

2015-06-25 03:02:34

After Beaumont Cornish’s shock resignation as China fraud Gate Ventures’ (GATE) Nomad (this one is so bad even Fatty isn’t prepared to touch it with a bargepole), ShareProphets has obtained an exclusive transcript of the phone call AIM Regulation put in to ask a favour from one of its old favourites.


China fraud Gate Ventures - now tell us the truth about your replacement Nomad

2015-06-25 00:28:16

At 1.15 PM on Tuesday 23rd June,  the China fraud Gate Ventures (GATE) announced that its Nomad - Beaumont Cornish - had quit on the Monday. The statement that it issued was er...much as you'd expect from a bunch of Chinese criminals and their useful idiot British patsies.


Gate Ventures - Nomad "fatty Cornish" quits - shares suspended

2015-06-23 05:55:50

At last the spineless crony capitalist pig Roland "fatty" Cornish of New World Oil & Gas infamy, has quit as Nomad to China fraud Gate Ventures (GATE) and hence the shares have been suspended at once. The shares were listed in March and via fees and from exercising warrants and flogging shares - even though the prospectus said he could not exercise for a year - fatty has trousered c£400,000 but now even this greedy pig, devoid of principle has had enough.


Gate Ventures PLC & Gatewang PLC: Tick Tock, MLM is a crime don't you know

2015-06-09 02:02:22

The prohibition in China of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes is one of the few areas where this fraud friendly nation is less tolerant of malpractice than the usually more draconian climate prevailing in the US where MLM seems to thrive and survive. Until recently this was not a big issue as in many instances the law against MLM in China was simply ignored in practice, with few consequences for the perpetrators.


Sir Alex Ferguson & Zara Phillips roped into the AIM China Scam Gatewang/Gate Ventures involving sleazy MP Tony Baldry

2015-04-28 03:15:34

I have already demonstrated how believers in Johnny Hon’s China pyramid scheme Gatewang are being duped into buying shares in AIM scam Gate Ventures HERE. Sleazy Tory MP Tony Baldry is a non-exec at Gatewang and happily hands out bogus Knighthoods to its execs at House of Commons receptions he arranges (see HERE). But now I show how Hon tries to create the impression that Gatewang is endorsed by the Royal family but by someone even more impressive, Fergie. Not the toe sucker but the football legend.


Full expose: Gate Ventures, Gatewang, a China fraud on Aim and a sleazy Tory MP – Tony Baldry

2015-04-24 04:16:11

Just when you thought that the AIM casino could not plunge to new depths I now bring you a full expose of the biggest fraud of the year, Gate Ventures (GATE). It involves a series of characters all of whom have been involved in AIM listed frauds before. Shares in Gate must be suspended at once pending a full stewards. 


Sir Tony Baldry MP – what price honour?

2015-04-23 06:20:55

Vile slug Sir Anthony Baldry, Tory MP for Banbury until May 7th has long been associated with colourful outside business interests. He was involved with the AIM fraud 3DM but his latest oriental enterprises really are the most amazing yet. Yes, Sir Tony is linked into the scandal that is AIM listed Gate Ventures (GATE). I shall demonstrate the link later but for now I shall start with a remarkable photo.


BREAKING: Gatewang & Gate Ventures & Chinese Whispers

2015-04-17 23:56:59

It is easy to see understand why the name of colourful entrepreneur Johnny Hon is conspicuous by its absence in the AIM admission document of GATE Ventures (GATE). Practically everything that he has been involved in (Canton Property, Global Education, Global Entertainment, RG Group to name four) has been an unmitigated disaster. The problem is that it is a legal requirement under the FCA Disclosure and Transparency rules and the flagrant breach of such rules should not be tolerated, even by a body as supine as the AIM Regulation team.


A look at some of the rascals involved in the Gate concert party.

2015-04-10 04:03:54

It is little wonder that AIM listed China scam Gate Ventures (GATE) chose not to reveal the identities of those behind the concert parties that control 87% of its stock in its IPO admission document.  Nevertheless the fingerprints of “colourful” entrepreneur Dr Johnny Hon appear to be all over it.


When Will The LSE Shut The Gate on China Fraud on AIM? A Job for the Sheriff

2015-03-25 03:02:28

I recently had a rant about AIM fraud Naibu (NBU), pointing out the profoundly depressing fact that it is only when the monthly retainers paid by the fraudsters to the UK non-executives,(in this case Giles Elliott and David Thomas: remember the names) dry up as the last of the money is stolen, that any action is taken: in this case the suspension of the shares and an admission that the CEO has disappeared (apparently he is in prison)


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