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Why Hurricane Energy remains a conviction buy

2017-11-12 05:32:17

Hurricane Energy (HUR) remains a favourite of mine amongst the AIM listed companies which have appraised assets and booked reserves, and I think it is one of the few which will make it into production in the near future, and has the potential to grow much larger.

Table of shorted AIM shares - week to 04/08/2017

2017-08-05 01:56:40

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following shows the shorted AIM shares with positions from 2016 and thus far in 2017 (by net short position %) - and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since last week...

Hurricane deal disappoints investors, but is it really that bad?

2017-06-30 03:46:22

Hurricane Energy (HUR) is a company that I have followed closely, and have been invested in at various times, since it first floated on the AIM market, and it has come a long way since then.

Table of shorted AIM shares - week to 16/06/2017

2017-06-17 00:25:21

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following shows the shorted AIM shares with positions from 2016 and thus far in 2017 (by net short position %) - and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since last week...

This Oiler is Worth a Look as Hurricane Johnnies Find a Rocking Golden Goose

2017-03-28 00:05:03

Hello Share Plungers. It’s not very often a small oil company rewards its investors. What with the falling oil price and all. But just look at Hurricane Energy (HUR). About 12 months ago, the shares were about 10p. They now stand at 59p! But is this the top?

Oops: Red Faces for thick journos at Dow Jones as it confuses Lancaster's at Hurricane Energy

2016-10-21 01:22:31

Hat Tip to a sharp City broker for spotting this howler from the thick journos round at Dow Jones as they reported yesterday's Hurricane Energy (HUR) £70 million oversubscribed placing. Well done to Hurricane, not well done to the thick hacks who will be wearing the Dunce hats for some time...

Will success with the drill sustain the Hurricane Energy rise?

2016-09-10 03:39:59

It was great to see Hurricane Energy (HUR) announcing the completion of another successful well at its Lancaster field, as it has been a company that I’ve been a fan of for sometime.

Hurricane’s Lancaster Well – It’s Turtles All the Way Down

2016-09-09 00:20:14

Well maybe not all the way down but at least all the way down to 1646m TVDSS. Hurricane (HUR) has announced the results of its 205/21a-7 well and Robert Trice has to be really delighted with what they have found, not just PR delighted, They have proved mobile oil down to 1646m TVDSS about 240m below structural closure. This is really significant and I reckon using my trusty slide rule that could support an oil in place of about 1.3 billion bbls. 

Hurricane Energy manages to raise funds at a large premium - long term buy

2016-04-19 00:33:22

Prior to the oil price crash, Hurricane Energy (HUR) was a favourite of mine and is one that I still watch closely despite not having held a position there for a long time.

Slashing Costs Alone Won't Create a Future for the UKCS, Ref: Hurricane Energy

2015-10-30 08:11:10

Here's the thing, cutting costs is all well and good, indeed getting rid of waste and unnecessary expenditure is essential to create a platform for growth, but without growth, there is no future for the oil and gas business in the UK. Without growth then next year's production will decline and more costs need to be cut and the year after that even more, until one day the only option left is to shut everything down.

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Blur Group, Empyrean Energy, Hurricane Energy, Tri-Star Resources

2015-09-19 00:53:16

Featuring shares in Blur Group (BLUR), Empyrean Energy (EME), Hurricane Energy (HUR), Tri-Star Resources(TSTR) with share price targets set for all four stocks

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Hurricane Energy, McBride, Pantheon Resources

2015-09-13 02:00:52

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at  shares in Hurricane Energy (HUR), McBride (MCB) and Pantheon Resources (PANR) setting share price targets for all three.

Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil, ref. Hurricane Energy & Xcite Energy

2015-08-24 01:26:52

Everyone knows  J. Paul Getty's formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil; and pretty much everyone I know in the oil business rises early and works hard, some of them even strike oil. So it's hard to find many oil folk who don't believe in the quote, of course the tricky bit is the last part of the aphorism. Striking oil generally requires a decent dollop of good fortune as well as brilliant geoscience and that elusive material, money; however when we do strike oil these days we generally manage to keep it in the well, unlike these pioneers in times past who needed to have a decent turn of speed when they struck oil.

How to Break a North Sea Project Cost Estimator ref. Hurricane Energy & Xcite

2015-08-10 01:30:42

How do you know what a North Sea development project will cost? Well, most of us have our rules of thumb, some a tad more sophisticated than others. They range from just knowing that North Sea capex per barrel has been running at nearly $30/bbl for the last few years to sophisticated computer models based on construction rates and equipment weights.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Hurricane Energy, Nostra Terra Oil & Gas, Oxford Biomedica.

2015-06-05 03:59:04

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at Hurricane Energy (HUR), Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Oxford Biomedica (OXB).

Seillean, We Hardly Knew Ye - an idea for Hurricane Energy

2015-05-25 09:31:10

Sitting in the auditorium at DEVEX 2015 last week, waiting somewhat apprehensively for my chance to tell everyone about our Pilot project (go on, click the link and watch the talk you know you really want to), I found myself listening to Neil Platt of Hurricane tell the world how Hurricane's plans for the Phase I development of Lancaster had shrunk from a multi-well development with a conventional moored FPSO down to a single well EPS (Early Production System) tied back to a DP (Dynamically Positioned) FPSO; I thought – "I know the boat you need, and it will cost virtually nothing."

Quindell, Avanti and Hurricane Energy – Lucian Miers & Evil Knievil’s top & new shorts

2015-01-29 05:36:41

The two leading bear raiders in London, Lucian Miers and Evil Knievil do not always agree but right now both have Quindell (QPP) and Avanti Communications (AVN) as their largest two shorts.

Lucian Miers: 3 oil shorts

2015-01-14 07:09:40

Infamous bear raider Lucian Miers is of the view that the oil price is not going to spike higher in a hurry and that this is going to cause real pain across the sector. He has made money shorting Afren (AFR) where the debt looks company consuming at current oil prices but perhaps the bid will save it so Miers has closed that position. However...

Hurricane Energy is a strong buy with news imminent

2014-08-27 07:29:47

The referendum on Scottish independence has been causing a fair amount of uncertainty in UK offshore oil and gas companies. Hurricane Energy (HUR) is amongst them and I see the recent dip in the share price as a great opportunity for new investors to get in or for existing ones to add to their holdings before news comes.

Hurricane Energy and share price manipulation

2014-06-30 07:22:50

Hurricane Energy (HUR) announced some fantastic news last week, but like most AIM shares these days it didn’t stop the share price being manipulated. This oil explorer with assets in the West of Shetland area revealed that the appraisal of its 100% owned Lancaster discovery had been a huge success, with flow rates as high as 9,800bopd being achieved.

Hurricane Energy still a buy at 32p after drilling success

2014-06-26 07:56:38

Following successful Testing of its Lancaster well this morning more news is due from Hurricane Energy (HUR) when rig operations have finished. I believe that this data will prompt an upwards revaluation of the numbers for this field. 

Hurricane Energy AGM Report – a buy at 28p

2014-06-24 06:08:31

Following my article on (HUR) Hurricane Energy, HERE, I hot footed it down to the AGM on Monday Morning in my city and private investor capacity. I was lucky enough to sit near to a BP official I knew. Of course, he told me he was there as a private investor but we had a decent chat about North Sea fields in the West Shetlands and how interesting a development would be in shallow waters in the Greater Lancaster project area. 

Buy Hurricane Energy at 27.5p

2014-06-17 16:32:01

For my first article on ShareProphets I highlight as a buy Hurricane Energy (HUR) where the upside is massive and risks less than almost any other oil exploration and production company listed on AIM

Hurricane Energy Looks Very Undervalued

2014-06-06 08:16:35

Hurricane Energy (HUR) looks to have huge potential and has already had two large oil strikes off of the UK

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