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MyHealthChecked – now it ties up with paid for rampers SEAL Research – red flag alert

2021-10-12 08:30:55

Today we are told via RNS Reach “New Briefing Note from SEAL” on MyHealthChecked (MHC).  Sadly it is SEAL Research not Seal the popular singer, otherwise known as Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, or a whiskered fellow from London zoo as both of the would have more credibility than the paid for rampers taking centre stage today. It is SEAL that has issued the release and this is another big sell signal for MyHealthChecked. It is a red flag and I am glad to be out.


Updated: MyHealthChecked – Results, Trading statement and Roadshow dates: BUY at up to 4p

2021-09-11 10:39:36

Events have moved apace since this appeared.These shares are not a buy as explained HERE. MyHealthchecked (MHC)  has flagged up what we loyal shareholders can all expect to hear about over the next month or so.  First up on September 29 when we will get the interim results to June 30 and a Q3 trading update.


MyHealthChecked – more news incorrectly classified? Still though positive. Buy

2021-09-02 08:40:25

MyHealthChecked (MHC) has made an RNS announcement including that it is “delighted” to now have in place accreditation across its COVID-19 testing service. How delighted should it be with recent developments?


Letter to AIM Regulation – MyHealthChecked Breach of Rules 10 & 11, request for formal censure & clarifying RNS asap

2021-08-26 13:54:20

Earlier today, I broke the news that MyHealthChecked (MHC) where I am, of course, a loyal shareholder is now selling its covid tests via Lloyds Pharmacies. We do not know if it is just online or in any or all of the company’s 1400 stores but this is clearly material. MyHealthchecked has announced nothing. At one point earlier, the shares were up 38%. My job as a journalist is to break news which I did. I will not trade any shares until the company comes clean and probably not even then. The company’s duties under AIM listing rules include maintaining an orderly market in its shares. It has failed in that. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation demanding an enquiry and a statement.


BREAKING: MyHealthChecked Covid tests now on sale with Lloyds Pharmacy which has 1400 stores why no RNS?

2021-08-26 09:18:24

This is massive. Lloyds has 1400 stores across the UK. And as you can see HERE, it is now selling the MyHealthChecked (MHC) covid test. Boots is selling the test from more than 500 stores and that deal plus sales from MyHealthChecked's own portal managed to drive sales of c£3 million in May and June alone. So gaining this additional distribution (plus that from partnering with EasyJet) is surely highly material. Why no RNS? 


MyHealthChecked – to benefit from government COVID-19 testing companies moves? You bet! Buy

2021-08-25 11:39:59

MyHealthChecked (MHC) has welcomed a UK government announcement that COVID-19 testing companies will be removed from the approved list if they advertise misleading prices, emphasising that it provides “clear, transparent and market competitive pricing… also ensures a high standard of service and robust laboratory capacity planning methods to ensure customer needs are met”.


MyHealthChecked – first-half trading update, ‘a transformation of the business’. Buy

2021-07-08 17:32:30

MyHealthChecked (MHC) has made a trading update, emphasising “the first half of 2021 has seen a transformation of our business” and the shares have responded more than 7% higher to 3.8p – so what’s the transformation?


MyHealthChecked – acquisition, building a business of sustainable scale

2021-06-29 12:10:19

MyHealthChecked (MHC) has announced an acquisition which it emphasises represents expansion which sits well alongside its home-administered postal genomic testing services and currently its COVID-19 sample collection kit and service.


MyHealthChecked – 2020 results, COVID testing to have a material impact

2021-06-11 08:10:53

MyHealthChecked (MHC) has announced results for the 2020 calendar year and that “the impact of our COVID testing business is expected to have a material impact on the company's performance in 2021”, whilst also “a strong pipeline outside of COVID-19 building, life after COVID is exciting, and we enter this phase with growing confidence in the road to delivery”. That sounds encouraging.


MyHealthChecked – further purchase order a significant indicator?

2021-05-23 16:27:33

MyHealthChecked (MHC) has announced it has “signed a manufacturing agreement and placed a further purchase order of £1.425m with EKF Diagnostic Holdings plc (EKF) for PrimeStore® MTM sample collection devices”. This looks a potentially significant indicator.


MyHealthChecked – Boots deal announced. The numbers being talked about are off the wall

2021-04-08 15:15:28

There are no numbers in a latest RNS from MyHealthChecked (MHC) but those close to the company talk of numbers for this year which are off the wall. As such you would currently be insane to sell – when the market twigs these shares will surge well past 10p...


MyHealthChecked – a big deal but not THE big deal: that is next week (I believe)

2021-04-02 15:02:53

This is good news for we loyal shareholders but not the great news. That, I now expect, is to be announced early next week.


If a Bulletin Board Moron did Irony … and is this the stupidest post on ADVFN ever?

2021-03-07 12:24:00

My suggestion, made to AIM Regulation and HERE, that shares in all covid testing stocks be suspended on Monday seems to have aroused every idiot who has ever bought an AIM listed share into outrage and anger. Brokerman Dan has joined this populist outrage.


The £8 billion webpage that will create a disorderly market in all Covid testing stocks Monday – suspend the lot

2021-03-06 15:25:55

Yes, even MyHealthChecked (MHC) where I am a shareholder should have its shares suspended.  The reason is a webpage which went live yesterday and which is now being widely discussed on social media which seems to show that the Government is soon to announce contracts worth £8 billion for covid test suppliers.  This is going to cause share price mayhem on Monday.


MyHealthChecked Video – you wanted a few numbers and what is this about Boots & Tesco?

2021-02-18 09:15:54

Reader SB asks if there are any forecasts for MyHealthChecked (MHC). There are not. Not even from the UK’s leading healthcare analyst Mr Brokerman Dan Levi. However, the company does give indications of what sort of sales it might achieve in a corporate presentation video below. There is more and I am not sure what this means and think MyHealthChecked should clarify.


MyHealthChecked raises £3.4 million at 1.75p – what next? 3p? 5p?

2021-02-01 11:03:23

Last year, we discovered on Friday that MyHealthChecked (MHC) lost £2.5 million on sales of £50,000. Yes that is dreadful but this company is now about the future of its Covid and other DNA tests and thus it has raised £3.4 million at 1.75p. It was not completely out of cash so, after costs, it probably has c£3.5 million in the bank.


MyHealthChecked (the former Concepta) jumps aboard the Covid bandwagon, shares to go much higher...

2020-12-03 16:09:05

Concepta has announced a change of name to MyHealthChecked (MHC) and, more interestingly, jumped on board the Covid testing bandwagon. I am, as you know, a sceptic on many things relating to a disease where 99.95% of those under 70 recover and where the average age of death is, at 82, one year more than UK life expectancy. However...

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