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New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by Nyota Minerals, motto: "We don't need no stinking cash, assets, or Nomad"

2017-09-24 06:47:21

This week's Bulletin Board Moron contest is sponsored by Nyota Minerals, a company that has more lives than all of our reader's cats.


Nyota – a complete shambles and horror show as AIM completely disgraces itself once again

2017-09-22 02:03:02

Last night at 5.25pm Nyota Minerals (NYO) announced that its shares were being booted off the AIM casino. The roll call of shame on this one is appalling. We have AIM Regulation, broker Peterhouse and the directors of the company seemingly all at fault here, not to mention former Nomad Beaumont Cornish and two further Nomads, ZAI Corporate Finance and Allenby being dragged in. It is a true horror show. But rather than look in the mirror, the directors pointed the finger at ShareProphets – blame the media, the investigative journalists, blame evil Tom Winnifrith and myself, Nigel Somerville. This is shocking.


BREAKING - Nyota no RNS as it may yet be saved despite AIM incompetence

2017-09-18 01:19:18

Nigel Somerville asked yesterday why Nyota (NYO) had not been booted off AIM having lost the services of its Nomad, Roland "fatty" Cornish. There has been no RNS so far but here is what is happening.


Nyota – how low has the bottom end of AIM sunk?

2017-09-17 07:43:28

Today is the day that Nyota was to have been booted off the world’s most successful growth market unless a replacement Nomad had been appointed, Beaumont Cornish having resigned in mysterious circumstances. Of course, today is a Sunday, so we should have heard something on Friday. But as predicted HERE, there was nothing. I guess the shareholders always knew where they stood, but now it is confirmed: you are at the bottom of the heap.


Nyota Minerals – leaving it to the wire

2017-09-14 06:33:00

AIM-listed Nyota Minterals (NYO) seems to be leaving things to the wire with reference to the appointment of a new Nomad to replace Beaumont Cornish. The deadline falls over the weekend which presumably means that the guillotine should fall tomorrow if there is no news by close of play.


Nyota – suspended with no Nomad, Peterhouse lines up £550k at just 0.005p. Anything to see here, guv?

2017-08-23 02:31:11

Beaumont Cornish resigned as Nomad from AIM-listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) on 17 August with the caveat that it reserved the right to go sooner, as per Nyota’s RNS of 18 July. That statement also announced that Peterhouse subsequently also informed the company that it would resign as broker. Both stepped down as planned, leaving the company suspended on the Casino with bugger all cash. Wind forward to last night (after-hours, natch) RNS and as previously flagged on 15 August, Peterhouse last night was announced to have withdrawn its notice of resignation  and lined up a £550,000 placing at 0.005p. Meanwhile the company tells us that it is confident of appointing a replacement Nomad. It is full RTO steam ahead, then.


Nyota – no-one is watching o’clock update: no Nomad, Peterhouse back in the frame and placing at a “substantial discount” if a Nomad can be found

2017-08-16 00:24:32

AIM-listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) announced a company update last night at no-one-is-watching o’clock. The good news is that we were watching, the bad news for anyone left holding the stock is that Peterhouse is planning to “unresign” itself if the company can attract a Nomad before it is kicked off AIM altogether, with a potential placing at a “substantial discount” to last night’s closing price.


Nyota – last chance to get out

2017-08-15 05:14:05

Anyone still holding shares in Nyota Minerals (NYO) is staring down the barrel as suspension looms at the close of trading tomorrow, in the absence of the appointment of a new Nomad and Broker.


Nyota – former chairman selling again last week, now below disclosable 3%.

2017-08-07 04:59:31

Following my run for the hills at the weekend, we learn today from AIM-listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) that the former chairman dumped another line of stock last Wednesday (informing the company on Thursday) – 25 million shares. His holding – which started as 90 million shares in lieu of director’s fees – was down to 55 million. Since it is now below 3% he’s free to dump the rest without bothering the RNS system. 


Nyota – former Chairman selling ahead of suspension - what a smart trade!

2017-07-27 00:15:17

Yesterday at 5.57pm this RNS was released by AIM-listed (for now) Nyota Minerals (NYO). It followed this RNS at 7am that morning. Nothing extraordinary, two TR-1s issued but it seems that former chairman has been offloading shares issued to him by the company in lieu of director fees in short order. 


Nyota - I fear that its AIM days are very numbered

2017-07-22 00:58:02

Last week the Nomad and broker to Nyota Minerals (NYO) announced that they were quitting as of August 17. As I have exposed HERE and HERE the advisers have behaved disgracefully and if there was any justice they would be facing sanction. But I fear that it is Nyota that will suffer.


SHOCKING: Nyota - the killer emails: Peterhouse has defrauded investors and misled them

2017-07-21 04:10:58

Our exclusive Winnileaks service has obtained a series of emails from May 3rd 2017 which show that Peterhouse Corporate Finance has misled investors in Nyota Minerals (NYO) - these emails compound the damning evidence of the secret document I published on Wednesday. This is so damning that maybe even the useless clowns at AIM Regulation will take an interest.


EXPLOSIVE: Nyota - here is the document that damns Peterhouse and Beaumont Cornish as not fit for purpose

2017-07-19 00:24:09

Thanks to the Winnileaks service I am able to bring you a document that shows that Nomad Beaumont Cornish and broker Peterhouse have misled investors, costing mug punters tens of thousands of pounds and as such both firms should lose theoir license to practice.


Nyota - shamed Nomad & Broker Quit but Winnileaks suggests they are not telling you everything

2017-07-18 07:07:51

The Nomad and broker to AIM Casino listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) have today announced that they will cease to act as of August 17. So Nyota has one month from then to get new advisers or its shares will be booted off the market. Nyota may well be a worthless bag of shit but it is what the Nomad, disgraced scumbags Beaumont Cornish, and broker Peterhouse Corporate Finance are NOT telling you that is the real scandal.


Nyota Minerals – mega ramp & joke valuation following discounted, ‘keep the lights on’, placing?!?

2017-05-09 02:30:14

Last week Nyota Minerals (NYO) was “pleased to announce” a placing to raise up to approximately £93,880 (approximately Australian$120,000) at 0.02p per share. Despite this thus looking very much a ‘keep the lights on’ raise, the shares have currently reached 0.07p. Hmmm…


Nyota admits it is bust it's in black & white - seeking emergency loan

2016-10-31 06:45:30

Nyota Resources (NYO) has published a quarterly statement showing that it is completely bust but in this crazy world someone is considering giving it an unsecured loan. This is all bonkers.


Nyota - is it bust yet? Real pain for those who fell for the recent ramping

2016-09-30 02:20:00

Nyota Minerals (NYO) shares have been pushed ahead in recent days and weeks by the usual insane ramping that typifies the bottom end of the AIM Casino. Today came reality - final results which showed how the former management led by Richard "piggy" Chase had spunked all the cash. Those mugs who paid up to 0.07p in recent days must be feeling rather sore with the shares at 0.045 to sell... and still falling.


Nyota Minerals- With Roland "Fatty" Cornish as Nomad the Panto continues

2016-07-18 01:09:58

Once again the folly of allowing Roland "Fatty" Cornish to act as a Nomad for AIM casino stocks is well and truly exposed. Once again mug punters are seen to have taken it up the jacksie because of the incompetence of Fatty who is, as I write, enjoying a full English breakfast with an extra two big fat juicy pork sausages just like they used to serve at his old boarding school. Today's case study is Nyota Minerals (NYO).


Nyota: Corporate Update does not tell the most important fact - what is Fatty playing at?

2016-07-06 03:31:04

The new board at Nyota Minerals (NYO) has published a corporate update which is dire as far as it goes but the most important fact, the one that really matters, is missing. That is to say, Nyota does not say just how little cash is left. Was this an accidental oversight by dozy Nomad Roland "Fatty" Cornish or was Nyota just afraid that the truth would prompt another sell off of the shares? Its too late to find out for today as it is just past eleven to Fatty is right now waddling off to start his four course luncheon.


Nyota: oh Dear, Oh Dear: Wives on payroll and all the money's gone

2016-06-29 06:24:08

I warned you time and time and time again not to buy shares in Nyota Minerals (NYO) just because Richard "Piggy" Chase and his fellow boardroom porkers had been given the order of the boot. But of course some Bulletin Board Morons knew better than "a failed pizza boy" and paid up to 0.17p. The shares are now just 0.05p to sell and I have more bad news.


Nyota Directors are as crap at democracy as they are at running a PLC - shocking EGM behaviour

2016-04-22 02:35:04

Finally Nyota Minerals (NYO) has agreed to an EGM to vote on bringing on new directors ( who are credible) and ousting the old board who have been grossly overpaid and have trashed this company. The old board has wriggled for two months in order to extract yet more in fees and will leave the bank account empty when voted out, as they surely will be. We already know that the owners of 40% plus of the equity want the greedy useless bastards out. But still the bastards wriggle.


Nyota - share price as insane as board are useless, the panto continues

2016-04-18 02:12:36

Noyota Minerals (NYO) says that it expects by the end of this week to have paperwork in place to call an EGM in 28 days time to change the board. Of course it does not need to go through an EGM the board could just do the decent thing and quit and fuck off as it is clear that no shareholders have any faith in the current team who have been overpaid abject failures. 


Nyota Minerals - Useless overpaid pig CEO Richard Chase ignores another EGM request: an Open Letter to the swine

2016-03-11 04:10:21

Finally, yesterday afternoon, the swine that has earned almost £600,000 running Nyota Minerals (NYO) into the ground - Mr Richard Chase - fessed up that he had received another EGM request asking for his head on a plate. We told you about this some days ago but sod AIM Rules abut timely disclosure, Chase fessed up only at the last minute. Will the mother listen to the owners of the company, long suffering shareholders?


Richard Chase at Nyota - fess up you've had another EGM request have you not?

2016-03-09 04:24:07

The disgusting POS that is Richard Chase of Nyota Minerals (NYO) is not telling you something. Naughty boy. Mr Chase is now breaking AIM Rules as well as trousering £10,000 a month for running the company into the ground as well as ignoring all his shareholders requests..


PIG: Richard Chase of Nyota complains of "online abuse & bullying"....diddums poor lamb

2016-03-06 10:47:37

Richard Chase is a greedy useless pig who has earned almost £600,000 in four years trainwrecking AIM listed Noyota Minerals (NYO) yet who refuses to quit even though his shareholders patently want him out. But guess what? The motherfucker reckons that he is the victim and thart he is suffering "online abuse and bullying" and that I am the bad guy. WTF. Please can you all email this man and tell him to quit now as explained HERE. Mr Chase responds to a punter stating..


Nyota Resources – the Elephant in the Room: Ocean Equities

2013-06-04 09:11:46

AIM listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) has announced the latest results from ongoing optimisation studies at its flagship Tulu Kapi project in Ethiopia. Broker Ocean Equities is upbeat about the news but there is a caveat. Ocean writes:

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