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Petroceltic its a zero, a 0p - let the blame game get going

2016-04-15 04:31:17

Oh dear. You cannot say that you were not warned by this website but those morons who were hoping that they would get at least 3p for their Petroceltic (PCI) shares must now brace themselves for 0p. It is a day of shame for certain City analysts, the board and the morons who, in many cases, were the architect of their own doom.Vindicated I laugh at my abusers...


Petroceltic – insufficient valid acceptances for Worldview’s offer, Uh oh…

2016-04-15 03:55:48

Having stated its offer for Petroceltic (PCI) was conditional on 90%+ acceptances, Worldview has announced at closing valid acceptances of 54.6% have been received and that resultantly “the acceptance condition has not been satisfied and the offer has lapsed”. Uh oh…


Useless porcine goons on Petroceltic board finally says accept 3p bid from Worldview

2016-04-06 05:38:20

Until today the board of Petroceltic (PCI) has either opposed or refused to endorse the 3p a share offer made by Sunny Hill Ltd, aka 29% shareholder Worldview. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds have been spunked on advisers and drawn as boardroom pay while the imbeciles who made Petroceltic what it is today ( effectively bankrupt) denied the inevitable.


Final Thoughts on Petroceltic

2016-03-15 03:26:26

I think it is probably fair to say that Petroceltic (PCI) Chairman Robert Adair and CEO Brian O Cathain do not feature on the Christmas card list of Worldview’s Angelo Moskov who now, finally controls the company, having snapped up 70% of the company’s debt at a substantial discount to face value.


SP Angel now asks questions of Worldview - urges Petroceltic shareholders to stand firm

2016-03-09 04:35:30

I reckon that Petroceltic (PCI) is toast and that the villains of the peace are the management who drove it into the ground. It is toast. But broker SP Angel thinks 29.6% shareholder Worldview has questions to answer and reckons other investors should put up a fight for a better deal. I think the broker is wrong but in the interests of balance, it writes today...


PetroCeltic - shares suspended pending clarification...oh dear, which oil junior's next?

2016-03-07 03:29:32

And yet again the Bulletin Board Morons take something of a battering because they thought they knew better. This time it is - essentially bankrupt - Petroceltic (PCI), shares in which have this morning been suspended pending clarification. Ooops a daisy.


InternetQ Red face but I'll make it up on Avanti, PureCircle and PetroCeltic ALL crashing

2016-03-05 05:42:00

One of the benefits of being a short seller is the joy and happiness that one engenders in others when being sandbagged by a short call that goes wrong. I have closed out my position in InternetQ (INTQ) at a substantial loss,


Petroceltic – ShareProphets RNS translation service on “Response to Worldview Offer”

2016-03-03 10:57:53

Petroceltic International (PCI) has released a convoluted response to 29.6% shareholder Worldview Capital Management’s 3p per share offer for the company. A clear job for the ShareProphets RNS translation service...


Petroceltic - The End is Nigh

2016-02-29 05:44:05

At first I thought that Angelo Moskov of Worldview must have gone crazy to bid 3p per share for the 70% of Petroceltic (PCI) that he doesn’t already own. But I see now that there is method in his madness and that he is merely trying to remove the current management from ongoing discussions with the banks before they lose patience and pull the plug on the company. 


Petroceltic - it is not just on the Bulletin Boards where we find morons - over to Cenkos & BMO

2016-02-27 05:08:34

Bidder Worldview has made it clear that Petroceltic (PCI) equity is worthless and the fact that the debt trades at 35 cents in the dollar shows that it is right. As such the 3p per share offer from Sunny Hill ( aka Worldview) is the best outcome for idiots who own these shares. That the Bulletin Board Morons are in denial - see HERE - is no shock but leading City brokers? WTF. Prepare to meet an analyst who makes an amoeba look like a multi-brained frigging genius.


Petroceltic: Moron "experts" from Bulletin Boards take it up the arse as bid comes in at 3p

2016-02-26 01:56:42

Time and time again we bears warned folks that shares in Petroceltic (PCI) were essentially worthless. But the Bulletin Board Morons - as always - knew better. Tom Winnifrith is just a failed fund manager/pizza boy/alcoholic they chanted as they bid the shares to 20p+. Oh dear folks, this former oil analyst has no sympathy as today Petroceltic received a bid at just 3p per share and that is as good as it will get. The Morons - as ever - just do not know what they are talking about.


Further Thoughts on Petroceltic, still a storming sell

2016-02-05 03:30:21

The website of hedge fund Worldview Capital doesn’t give much away.  We know that the principal is a Bulgarian named Angelo Moskov, and that one of the firm’s specialties is “Distressed debt situations including restructurings”. How much money the fund has under management or who the investors are is unclear. 


Scoop: PetroCeltic, $60m of debt now on offer at just 35 cents - equity is toast!

2016-02-02 05:53:28

Anyone who thinks that Worldview is going to pay more than a nominal amount for Petroceltic (PCI) shares, if indeed it bids at all, needs to read this. A source close to the situation tells me that $60 million of its $220 million of borrowings is now being hawked around the debt markets at just 35 cents in the dollar.


Sell Petroceltic at 15p - Equity Worth Nothing like £27m

2016-01-25 07:05:50

As I learned last year to my cost on three occasions, it is better to short a share after rather than before it is subject to a takeover bid. For this reason, I goodly waited until Friday’s announcement by Worldview Capital before selling Petroceltic short.


PetroCeltic - Worldview may bid - shares are a sell

2016-01-22 05:04:30

Oh how the morons like being rogered. Today's lesson is Petroceltic (PCI) where 29.6% shareholder Worldview has said that it may make a cash offer for the company subject to due diligence, etc, etc. Petroceltic shares have raced ahead by 85% to 20.1p valuing the company at £39.7 million. This is of course madness.


Petroceltic's annus horibilis ends badly, 2016 will be worse

2015-12-24 00:29:27

Petroceltic's (PCI) year just got a whole lot worse when at 5.24pm yesterday, a.k.a '' nobody is watching o' clock " the company rolled out the red carpet of piffle from an operational and financing update inc. a strategic review. As Petroceltic has a history of trying to gag anonymous bloggers (whilst I don't hide) I think I'll skate gently on the thin ice its business model is built upon. I don't want to spend Christmas suffering another attack from an army of delusional investors crowing that Petroceltic is a real value play when in reality the paddywack performance is plain to see. 


Petroceltic International – is the board dancing to Worldview’s tune?

2015-08-03 05:42:49

The 35% drop in Petroceltic International’s (PCI) share price over the last three weeks has been one of the most predictable events of the year. Once the company’s major shareholder, Worldview, fired the first shots in the latest civil war to engulf the company, there really was only one direction the stock could take. Against the backdrop of a persistently low oil price, lingering concerns about the health of Petroceltic’s balance sheet were bound to have a depressing effect. This morning the company issued its latest response to this unfolding disaster. And it doesn’t exactly inspire one with much confidence, even at 58p per share.


Petroceltic; open conflict breaks out with Worldview, not looking good for the share price

2015-07-16 06:22:58

This lunchtime, Worldview released details of the subject matter of the EGM it has called for at Petroceltic International (PCI). In response to the “past history of very poor financial management and false claims”, Worldview now seeks to place restrictions on the board and to stop it pledging the company’s “crown jewel, namely its participation in the Ain Tsila asset, as a security for a contemplated $175 million bond issuance”. Reading through Worldview’s full announcement and it looks like things are about to get bloody over at Petroceltic.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Petroceltic, Strat Aero, Utilitywise.

2015-07-10 00:20:27

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Petroceltic (PCI), Strat Aero (AERO), Utilitywise (UTW).


Is civil war about to break out at Petroceltic?

2015-07-02 06:11:50

Just over a year ago, Worldview Capital Management, Petroceltic International’s (PCI) largest shareholder, launched a stinging public attack on the company’s board. Petroceltic responded, there were some closed door negotiations and by the middle of June 2014, a compromise was reached. Boardroom changes followed, which seemed to ameliorate Worldview. I tipped Petroceltic at 150p, as a contrarian play against the prevailing negativity this little drama caused. By the start of October, the company’s share price rose to 221p, only to fall back dramatically as the market for oil went into meltdown. Today Petroceltic trades at 101.5p, Worldview is back and this time it means business.


Petroceltic resolves its issues with Worldview – reasonable buy at 157p

2014-06-16 11:00:33

There was a hint, a week ago, that Petroceltic International (PCI) was going to resolve issues over its proposed $100million placement, with its unhappy shareholder Worldview Capital Management, when the EGM was postponed until today. An hour or so ago Petroceltic once more adjourned the EGM (this time until June 26th), but was now “pleased to announce” it had reached an agreement with Worldview. In short Petroceltic’s fund raising is going to go ahead, as Worldview, with its 20.04% is going to vote in favour of the deal, but there some important changes in the governance of the company. 


Petroceltic; a contrarian buy against the prevailing mood

2014-05-30 14:15:10

What a set of releases by Petroceltic International (PCI) this morning! Together with its Annual Report (found here) and notice of its AGM, the company delivered a hat-trick of failed exploration wells in one announcement (in Kurdistan, Romania and Egypt) and then mounted a robust defence against public criticisms made by the company’s major shareholder Worldview Capital Management, which holds 19.91% of the company. Worldview’s complaints can be found here, but they concern the proposed $100million placement arranged by Petroceltic’s board. In short, Worldview is not happy and it looks like a race is now on for the future control of Petroceltic.


Buy Petroceltic : Floor Found Along With New Egyptian Licences

2013-04-22 01:48:39

It is probably best to get the negative factor out of the way here first at Petroceltic (PCI) – that of Egypt, and the upstream oil & gas explorer’s exposure to the “Arab Spring” nation.

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