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Winnileaks expose: Nicola Horlick's Ex, Tim, stands accused of insider dealing in Pathfinder Minerals by ex business partner

2019-04-27 06:33:09

Nicola Horlick, the self proclaimed "superwoman,"  is one hell of a self important ghastly stain on the UK financial services industry as we have noted many timec on this website. But her ex husband Tim is a bit of a character too. Thanks to Winnileaks we can now bring you an email from his former business partner Diogo Cavaco which accuses Tim of wholesale insider dealing in the shares of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) giveing chapter and verse on what went on. When I questionned Tim's share dealings in Pathfinder back in early 2014 I found myself on the receiving end of menacing and threatening emails from Horlick's evil PR man Damian "spawn of Satan" McCrystal. In light of the explosive email below I invite McCrystal to go fuck himself. Natch, I draw no conclusions myself, but have passed the email from Horlick's ex business partner on to AIM Regulation and to the FCA. It reads:


Pathfinder Minerals – Countdown to license restoration begins in earnest, I'm confused, Richard Jennings is not

2019-02-11 02:21:06

I am a bit confused. As I understood it the new management team at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) had great contacts out in Bongo Bongo land and were going to sort out the mess whereby the company's main asset had gone AWOL in Mozambique with locals claiming ownership. Today we are told that Pathfinder will pay some johnnies in South Africa £1 million (which it does not have) to sort this out. So what is the board doing for its money? Whatever... I am confused. Richard Jennings of Align says he is not and that the shares - which Align owns - are cheap. Here is his reasoning...


Pathfinder Minerals: was shamed Nick Trew fired? Did he get a payoff for failure (and worse)? What about the disgraced Tory MP Sir Henry Bell-end?

2018-08-20 16:29:31

After years of earning £170,000 as a reward for being a total disaster as CEO of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), the new board has taken just ten days to part company with Nick “not for the many but for the Trew” but massive questions remain.


Pathfinder Minerals: Drain the Swamp Time - Fire Nick Trew now!

2018-08-10 07:11:47

We have news today that Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) has a new Nomad and broker in Strand Hanson and two new directors in Simon Farrell and Scott Richardson Brown. The former becomes non exec chairman replacing disgraced Nick not for the many but for the Trew but, Trew remains on the board. This is not good enough. It is time to drain the swamp. And it can be done at once. Here's why.


Pathfinder Minerals: the Tory MP, the CEO, the hapless Nomad and the allegations of mortgage fraud

2018-05-06 05:17:19

Nick Trew, the CEO of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) is currently attempting to fight off an EGM request to oust him and Toff Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham of 3DM infamy from the board. Their record of non delivery should be enough to see them sent packing but another allegation has now been made which - if proven - would make their dismissal a black and white issue. Nomad WH Ireland and AIM Regulation must investigate this at once.


Exclusive: Pathfinder Minerals - white knight appears - will Sir Henry Bellend MP do the decent thing and walk?

2018-04-30 00:23:48

As Richard Jennings at Align prepares to respond to the woeful EGM defence of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) incumbents serial trougher Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM infamy and Nick "Not for the many but for the" Trew, a new player has emerged.


Stinging Letter from Richard Jennings to Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM infamy re Pathfinder Minerals

2018-04-19 04:15:56

I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research. In fact he can be 100% wrong on certain matters. But on Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) he is bang on the money in trying to oust its useless board. In that battle he has today writting to NED Sir Henry Bellend MP of 3DM infamy. Over to Jennings who flags up a new dirty track Bellend and £170,000 a year CEO Nick "Not for the Many but for the " Trew are trying to play:: 

Mr Bellingham


An Open letter to shareholders in Pathfinder Minerals

2018-04-02 02:59:02

As you know I disagree strongly on a number of matters with Richard Jennings of Align Research but on the matter of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) he is 100% right to want to oust the current management who are overpaid, inept and now acting in a way that puts their own interests ahead of those of the company. They are frequently accused of misleading investors. So we back Jennings in this case. He has written an open letter to his fellow shareholders which is hard hitting and raises very valid points. Over to Jennings.


Toff Tory Tim Yeo to go to court for £20m alleged AIM malfeasance - ring any alarm bells Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM and Pathfinder infamy?

2018-04-02 02:49:24

The Sunday Times reveals that slimeball ex Tory MP Sir Tim Yeo and four other former directors of now bankrupt AIM duffer TMO Renewabales face a £20 million court claim from administrators Duff & Phelps. I do hope that Tory Toff Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM infamy and Nick "Not for the Many but for the" Trew of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) read the piece.


EXCLUSIVE: Pathfinder Minerals you can run but you cannot hide - new EGM request submitted

2018-03-29 00:14:53

Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) has yet to fess up but it has been served with a new EGM request by Richard Jennings of Align, seeking to oust disgraced trougher CEO Nick "Not for the Many but for the " Trew and Tory Toff NED Sir Henry Bellingham of 3DM infamy.


EXCLUSIVE: Confidential Letter emerges - Nick Trew of Pathfinder accused of lying to investors (again)

2018-03-27 07:31:35

Barely a day goes by when someone does not have a go at Nick "not for the Many but for the "Trew the man who has earned £170,000 a year for running Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) into the ground.


Breaking: Pathfinder's shamed CEO refuses to explain why no EGM as un-needed £200k placing underway

2018-03-27 02:15:27

The word on the Street is that embattled Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) CEO Nick "not for the many but the " Trew is, via spiv bucket shop Keith Bayley Rogers trying to raise not £450,000 but just £200,000 at 0.6p. He is struggling to raise even that much because everyone knows he has been offered the same funds at a far less dilutive 1p but has rejected them. This placement is all about securing votes to win an EGM.


Open Letter to Nick "Not for the Many but the " Trew, useless boss of Pathfinder Minerals

2018-03-26 02:41:40

I do not agree with many things said by Richard Jennings of Align Research. But he is bang on the money on the merits of emigrating to Greece, on cats and on the desirability of removing hapless Nick Trew and Tory Toff Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM infamy as directors of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP). Jennings has written to Trewly useless today and opines:


Exclusive: Sir Henry Bellingham MP (of 3DM infamy) reported to AIM Regulation as Pathfinder plans discounted placing

2018-03-25 07:16:45

Having blotted his AIM CV in a big way with his involvement in the £65 million AIM fraud 3DM - even after its first bollocking from the FSA, the FCA as was, the toff Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham has now been reported to AIM Regulation over seedy plans for a discounted placing at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP)  which he is set to waive through to save his well paid job.


Align to call board-ousting EGM within days - warns its placing ahoy to support fat cat salaries at Pathfinder

2018-03-14 01:25:10

As you know I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research but on the matter of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) he is spot on and I support his efforts to oust CEO Nick Trew and toff Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham, of 3DM infamy, 100%. Jennings has published a new letter with a dire warning to anyone prepared to back Trew & Sir Hal. Perhaps the campaign slogon for comrade Jennings should be "For the many not the Trew." Maybe that needs work?  Jennings writes:


Pathfinder tries to gag critics with lawyers letters but again accused of lying via RNS and reported to regulators

2018-03-02 01:18:49

I gather that at least one critic of the current management at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) has now received a lawyers letter in an attempt to gag him. So when the company last passed the hat around did it say that it would use the cash to hire expensive lawyers to attack those who had the nerve to question discredited boss Nick Trew and pompous Tory Toff MP NED Sir Henry Bellingham of the fraud 3DM infamy? Feeling rather left out I have an explosive letter below which alledges that Pathfinder is again misleading investors.


Time is up for Nick Trew and trougher Sir Henry Bellingham MP at Pathfinder - are they misleading investors?

2018-02-26 01:26:22

I first encountered Sir Henry Bellingham MP when he rented out his good name to the wholesale AIM fraud that was 3DM (now in administration). Did he care that there was massive evidence of fraud? Well not enough to resign for many years while taking his fees. He is the sort of A Grade troughing shite that gives Tory MPs such a bad name. He is now a director of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), but for how long. Richard Jennings of Align Research owns 4% of the stock and is now calling for Sir Hal and CEO Nick Trew to go at once. I support that call. Jennings has published a very strong letter indeed today making damning accusations.  Over to Richard:


Sack Nick Trew CEO of Pathfinder Minerals

2018-02-12 02:26:31

Richard Jennings of Align Research is, to his credit, a great Hellenophile and an even greater ailurophile. He also have some views which are pretty nutso. But his stern words on Nick Trew the CEO of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) are ones that I have real sympathy with. Jennings reckons that it is black bag time for Trew and is prepared to call an EGM to get his way. I support his call to oust Trew and would urge all shareholders to contact him on the address below to set the wheels in motion. Over to the cat lover who writes:


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Coms, Empyrean Energy, Orsu Metals, Pathfinder Minerals, Plutus Powergen Serica Energy

2015-10-13 23:57:07

Featuring shares in Coms (COMS), Empyrean Energy (EME), Orsu Metals (OSU), Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), Plutus Powergen (PPG) Serica Energy (SQZ), together with some share price targets.


Red Flags at Night – Pathfinder Minerals

2015-06-20 01:49:45

Just a short one – the main batch is expected on Friday evenings, not Thursdays. However, ten minutes after the market close on Thursday a rather strange RNS was released by Pathfinder Minerals (PFP). Pathfinder has done absolutely nothing wrong here (apart from issuing this after-hours) but it is indeed most odd all the same. It seems that 8% of the company is likely to be dumped on the market at some point. Or is it 9%? Whatever….Pathfinder announced a holding in company announcement which states:


Corrected & Updated Version: Tim Horlick – Questions on share dealing, Pathfinder and Grandover

2014-01-20 08:02:25

Following correspondence with Mr Damien McCrystal we republish an earlier article to correct one or two factual issues. Tim Horlick is a City financier but is perhaps as well known for being the ex husband of the self proclaimed “superwoman”, come PR obsessive and supporter (with other folks cash) of Bernie Madoff, Nicola Horlick. But having had my sport with Nicky I now turn to Timmy and put to him a few questions regarding AIM listed Pathfinder Minerals (PFP).


Pathfinder Minerals – a tale of intrigue

2014-01-11 09:41:20

I mentioned this company on twitter a few days ago at 0.45p as the share price showed some technical signs of life. That is welcome as this has been a bit of a stockmarket pup for two years.

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