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Tom Winnifrith Letter to the FCA - suspend Supply@ME Capital shares NOW

2021-01-19 14:44:23

Supply@ME Capital (SYME) shares are listed on the Standard List which means that no Nomad has to sign off on its ludicrous RNS statements. The regulator is the FCA which only acts in a reactive way, i.e. after a company has sinned. Actually, the FCA's overpaid staff are too busy publishing papers on global warming, the gender pay gap or just shitting on the floor to do any regulation at all. The FCA is institutionally useless. However, in the hope that Supply's sins are so egregious that it might just act, I have emailed Mark Steward - the Enforcement Director of the FCA - asking him to get his minions to have a butcher's and actually do something. The letter is below.


Supply@ME Capital – accounting year end change shenanigans part 2: case precedent says shares MUST be suspended NOW!

2021-01-19 11:47:36

Being on the Standard List, Supply@ME Capital's (SYME) statements are regulated not by the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation but the floor-shitters round at the FCA. When it comes to regulating the Standard List, the floor shitters make the Oxymorons seem like Inspector Morse, Hercule Poirot and the Sweeney rolled into one.  I have already shown the nonsense being stated about Supply’s change of year-end and why it is trying to cover up. Next up is why the shares should be suspended at once. There is case precedent.


BREAKING: Supply@Me Capital plc – accounting year-end shenanigans: Part 1 (what it's covering up)

2021-01-19 11:06:48

How do you keep an idiot in suspense? Shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) are starting to find out.


Another day and another ramptastic RNS from Supply@ME Capital – it is all about the liar Zamboni’s option

2020-12-31 10:50:50

Remember that bonkers RNS from September 24?  That is why Supply@ME Capital (SYME), and specifically its boss, the liar Alessandro Zamboni, is pushing out so many ramptastic RNS announcements.


Supply@ME Capital – just how credible is Susanne Chishti as a non-executive Director?

2020-12-30 08:27:34

A key judgement for non-executive Directors if they wish to preserve their reputation is the careful selection of the companies whose Boards they join and remain on.  High quality non-executives avoid companies that could damage their reputation. Weaker non-executives tend to be less picky and hold their nose even if the companies they sit on are less than blue chip.  According to the Supply@ME Capital (SYME) Prospectus, Susanne Chishti was a Director of 9 companies as of the date of the Prospectus (it actually lists 10 companies but one is a duplicate) and only one appears to be a publicly listed entity.  


Meet investor Sonic the Dog who fantasises about beating me to death and abuses my wife and baby daughter

2020-12-23 13:55:18

It seems that Sonic is another anonymous keyboard warrior, too cowardly to reveal her or his identity and who thinks that if he or she abuses me, my wife and baby daughter and threatens me, he or she might save the cons he or she is invested in, such as Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Asking who the father of my baby daughter is, manages to insult me, the Mrs and Jayarani. Normally this individual just sticks to me and fantasises about beating me to death. You kind of wonder whether Sonic shares his or her keyboard activities with his or her employer and partner. I guess they would be really proud of Sonic. 


Supply@Me Capital reveals its Cornerstone investor for the Italian Job: It doesn’t blow my bloody doors off!

2020-12-22 12:28:33

But the Bulletin Board Morons who have fallen in love with this con are delighted so that is the main thing - it will allow the insiders to dump more shares while getting the Sith Lord Zak Mir to tell everyone they are buying!


Has Supply@Me Capital really outsmarted the major banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan?

2020-12-13 17:39:04

On its website, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) makes a lot of bold claims concerning its business proposition for its potential corporate customers such as: 


Another red flag: Supply@ME Capital and that call option

2020-12-02 12:32:41

Round at Supply@ME Capital (SYME) HQ it really is starting to look like the May Day parade in Moscow. So here is another matter for promoters such as the Sith Lord Zak Mir and the dwindling band of bulletin board fanatics to consider.


Supply@Me Capital – does its proposed transaction structure work under current IFRS accounting rules?

2020-12-02 09:18:53

On its website Supply@ME Capital (SYME) makes a lot of bold claims concerning its business proposition for its potential corporate customers such as: 


The Mystery of the 2 Dogs that barked in the night: Supply@ME Capital “trading update”

2020-11-30 15:18:44

Well actually there is no trading - as in generating real as opposed to accounting sales - to report on. Supply@ME Capital (SYME) again offers an update with not one single inventory monetization transaction processed. That is one mystery, the transaction cannot be heard barking at all. And there is another dog that could not be heard barking:


When will Supply@ME Capital collapse? A bear writes

2020-11-17 11:33:36

I see that Supply@MECapital’s (SYME) multi-shamed boss, Alessandro Zamboni, has done yet another soft interview with the Sith Lord Zak Mir. Repeated interviews with a man who makes Justin the Clown look like Jeremy Paxman are a strong red flag. You can’t deliver operationally so try to get the ramping away with a man who won’t ask awkward questions. So I asked a bear, who is short, when the shares will stop dribbling lower as they do most days and completely collapse. He said:


Supply@ME Capital promises legal action against fake news - oh sweet irony

2020-11-08 16:10:08

I gather that many Supply@ME Capital (SYME) owning morons are jerkling themselves off on the idea that the legal action will a) stop the share price slide and b) that the action is against that evil so and so Tom Winnifrith. I am afraid that on both counts the morons will be disappointed. But the tweet below shows there is a threat.


Supply@ME Capital: Excuses are like arseholes, we’ve all got them and no-one cares

2020-10-30 15:17:29

The out and out con that is Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has today issued another statement of delay in rolling out its nonsensical business plan. Perhaps it will buy time for the founding shareholders to dump more shares while getting the Sith Lord Zak Mir and other promoters to pretend that they are net buyers.


Supply@ME Capital – “very pleased to appoint Crowe as our auditor”. I bet!...

2020-10-12 15:39:00

Supply@ME Capital (SYME) is “very pleased to appoint Crowe as our auditor. Their size, international presence and sector awareness should complement very well the platform's scalability plans and, accordingly, the current company cross-border expansion”. Er, a few things...


Supply@ME Capital and the mystery of Carrefour

2020-10-04 13:25:18

There is a small amount of borrow available to allow you to short Standard Listed Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and after this week you should, if you can, grab it with the shares at 0.44p. The market cap is still well over £100 million and this is a zero in waiting...


Supply@ME Capital: Insider dealing, aggressive accounting and a joke trading statement, what’s not to like?

2020-09-28 12:06:13

On Friday, we were told that Supply@ME Capital (SYME) chairman Dominic White had dumped £1.5 million of shares with a spurious and plainly fictitious excuse. Today, a risible trading statement and the shares are off again. Now are we really saying that the information announced today came as a shock to White? If this is not insider dealing then I am a banana!


Page 101 of the Supply@ME RTO Prospectus says chairman Dominic White is a LIAR

2020-09-25 14:38:07

As you will be aware, I have today written to the FCA about the lying and suspicious share trades of Supply@ME Capital (SYME) chairman Dominic White. An eagle-eyed co-conspirator draws my attention to page 101 of the (balance sheet fraudulent) RTO prospectus from March 23 2020. I do not wish to be a pedant but…


Letter to FCA: Supply@ME Capital boss Dominic White is a bare faced liar engaging in what are "suspicious share trades"– suspend the shares now

2020-09-25 13:03:39

It has been announced today that Supply@ME Capital (SYME) chairman Dominic White has sold c£1.5 million worth of shares at 0.495p. His reason for doing so is a demonstrable lie and, as such, I have written to the FCA, as regulator of the Standard List, suggesting it suspends the shares to stop more boardroom dumping and charges White with market abuse.


Supply@ME Capital – curiouser and curiouser, now the chairman tells a monstrous lie and dumps stock

2020-09-25 10:46:57

If Supply@MECapital (SYME) was about to announce price sensitive information as it repeatedly claims, how come its directors are share dealing like dervishes? There is another one at it today - chairman Dominic White dumping stock with an excuse lamer than a three-legged cat and, meanwhile, the market abusing CEO Alessandro Zamboni has been forced, by my article, to clarify his dodgy dealings of yesterday. His clarification begs more questions.


Supply@ME Capital – another mega director share trade spoof, surely even Zak Mir can’t believe this horse?

2020-09-24 15:25:49

Another day and another massive red flag is hoisted by con Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Surely even the Sith Lord Zak Mir will not be able to promote this as good news while keeping a straight face?


Supply@ME Capital – too many of its supporters live in a new media sewer & a question for Clem Chambers

2020-09-23 11:01:13

I am sure that most shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) are ordinary decent folk. Maybe they are a bit gullible but they are not bad folks. But over on the ADVFN and LSE Bulletin boards, the worst of humanity is on show.


The Italian Job Supply@ME Capital: 8 billion euro funding by buying a bank: this is just plain fantasy

2020-09-21 11:27:58

Boy how the Bulletin Board Morons were creaming themselves this morning on this news. Shares in the Supply@ME Capital (SYME) scam surged to 0.75p although, as I write, they are back at 0.625p. They are still top of the leaderboard and 30% ahead on the day and this has happened on the basis of an announcement that is just sheer fantasy.


A quick Geography lesson for the crook who runs Supply@ME Capital – Wales is not offshore!

2020-09-19 13:44:36

Alessandro Zamboni’s mad followers are desperate for him and his worthless company, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) to sue me for libel. I want him to sue me too as the disclosure process would be a hoot. I really want to say “see you in Court Bitchez” but very wisely, especially after Wednesday's slam dunk market abuse, Zamboni says he is not going to sue. And his excuse?


Shocker: Supply@ME admits that bogus report its CEO was tweeting about was – as I revealed - fake news: #Zamboni4Prison

2020-09-17 09:50:11

Last night I revealed how, despite being warned that an article with ludicrous price targets for Supply@ME Capital (SYME) shares was fake, the CEO Allessandro Zamboni tweeted it out causing his cretinous followers to pledge to fill their boots today. Last night there was no sign of contrition but, I suspect, my communications with my good friends at the FCA rather focused a few minds.  So this morning we have an RNS admission of fake news from the company. It is not good enough for Zamboni has committed market abuse and should be in jail and it shows his company is a scam.


BREAKING: Letter to FCA: Shares in Supply@ME Capital MUST now be suspended and CEO Zamboni fired

2020-09-16 22:54:55

Trading in shares in Supply@ME Capital  (SYME) cannot start tomorrow as the CEO Alessandro Zamboni has actively created a wholly false market by knowingly engaging in market abuse as I exposed earlier. I have written to the FCA asking for urgent action. The letter follows:


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Supply@ME CEO Zamboni promotes fraudulent share pumping article – slam dunk market abuse

2020-09-16 16:52:37

Well before 5PM today, I had alerted Supply@ME Capital (SYME) to a blatantly fraudulent press article pumping its shares with lies. The company’s PR man agreed it was a scam and said he had alerted the company. Yet within an hour the company’s CEO had sent out a tweet promoting the article to mug punters!. At every level this is market abuse and heads must roll.


Why has this moron not taken me up on my million pound bet offer?

2020-09-11 08:18:07

Meet Krazykat, @GBarlowinvestor, he is a moron.


Supply@ME Capital – forced trading statement of pure bullshit, bailout placing on way?

2020-09-10 11:38:08

When I, again, exposed the con Supply@ME Capital (SYME) the other day, its boss Alessandro Zamboni told one of his moronic shareholders that his lawyers had advised him not to sue me for libel as I was only seeking readers and, anyway, full year numbers would speak for themselves. But with the shares sliding and the company almost out of cash, today we have a trading statement which whiffs of panic and is pure bull. It also begs the question of insider dealing.


Supply@ME Capital – insiders dump shares and pretend it is a good thing! Shameless rogues

2020-09-08 08:32:05

The company with no revenues, cash or serviced clients, an RTO prospectus which must rank as the most dishonest in history, which tells demonstrable lies, where the CEO dumped shares while pretending he was not, and where the sole London regulated advisor, its broker, has quit, has served up a statement of stonking disingenuity today. I refer, of course, to Supply@ME Capital (SYME).


Supply@ME Capital – another spoof, an Epic spoof, shares steam ahead: fair value is 0p

2020-09-04 09:58:36

The spoof continues.  Shares in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) a company drowning in more red flags than one sees on a May Day parade in the land of the free, that is Russia comrades, now trade at 0.74p after today’s spoof release valuing this crock at £242 million. Now to explain why today’s news is a 100% spoof and the claims made by the company are pure fiction...


Letter to FCA – Yet More Market Abuse at Supply@ME Capital, time for swift enforcement

2020-09-02 13:51:13

Aided and abetted by Good Germans such as the Sith Lord Zak Mir as well as active stock manipulation by unscrupulous social media operators, the ramping of con company Supply@ME Capital (SYME) continues. But at the heart of this are the activities of CEO Alessandro Zambini whose activities I exposed at the weekend. This is clear market abuse and I have written to my great fans at the FCA asking for a formal enquiry.


Tom Winnifrith & Zak Mir cartoon - Supply@ME Capital

2020-09-02 08:20:31

The other day, the Sith Lord Zak Mir produced a slavish piece of PR puffery dressed up as journalism suggesting folks buy shares in Supply@MECapital (SYME) at c0.7p - a £250 million valuation. It was vomit inducing and, even by the standards of my semi-literate and utterly innumerate friend, it was utterly moronic.


BREAKING: The Correspondence showing Supply@ME Capital is a con and should be suspended with boss Alessandro Zamboni sent to jail

2020-08-30 10:00:02

No doubt moronic shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) will urge it and its boss to sue me for libel. Bring it on baby! See you in Court Bitchez! This is a situation where surely the FCA has to act.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest: market lunacy and deluded fantasy edition sponsored by Supply@ME Capital

2020-08-23 17:30:32

Can you beat this gem from the LSE Asylum Supply@ME Capital (SYME) board? I put it to you as I return from my Greek eco palace never having held a short position in Eurasia (EUA), as suggested below, that council house dwelling fantasist Andre01 is quite simply bonkers. Anyhow, in these fevered times can you spot a better example of lunacy, delusion or just sheer stupidity on a Bulletin Board or on twitter? Entries in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 23rd August. Now over to Andre01 who is bonkers:


Supply@ME Capital – shares soaring again on shareholding news… but it just looks to add to the red flags...

2020-08-18 12:34:20

Shares in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) are currently soaring again, to presently 0.79p – this on shareholding announcements. Hmmm – Warren Buffett buying in? Er, nope...


Supply@ME Capital – the most overvalued ramp in Christendom?

2020-08-14 08:44:51

Cripes! This is beginning to make Tesla look like a deep down value play!  There were, when I stopped counting at just before 5 yesterday, more than 150 posts on the ADVFN Bulletin Board. All ramptastic nonsense but as of now Supply@ME Capital (SYME) is the biggest riser in London at 0.315p and is valued at £69 million. It is worth NOTHING. Please remember 4 key facts:



Viva Italia! Supply@me Capital – Can you assist?

2020-08-03 13:01:22

A press article arrived in my inbox this morning, from Italian newspaper and fine bastion of journalism La Repubblica. Unfortunately my Italian is not up to much, and the Google translate perhaps loses a bit in translation. As far as I can make out the article concerns Mr Dominc White, who is a director of Supply@me Capital (SYME) and of Acquis-listed (formerly the NEX lobster-pot) Eight Capital Partners, which has shareholdings in various UK and Italian companies – one of which was Sport Capital Group (SCP), an outfit run by John Treacy (who was also a director at Eight Capital Partners) - and Palermo Football Club. If I were a shareholder in Supply@me, reading the translation would worry me somewhat, but as I said, I don’t speak Italian. Any help in the comments section would be much appreciated.


Supply@ME – Remembering the fraud Quindell and Equities First: Is this a carbon copy?

2020-07-31 08:17:42

It was back in 2014 that ShareProphets nailed Rob Terry and his sidekicks after they did a stock loan with Equities First which turned out to be a discounted outright sale with an optional buyback clause, and spent a tiny proportion of the proceeds on buying a handful of extra Quindell shares. Of course, the transaction was presented to the market as them buying more stock when in fact they were selling vast quantities of shares – the killer punch being that those Equities First deals were non-recourse.


See you in Court Bitchez! My message to Warren Buffett (not!) and the boss of Fraud Supply@ME Capital

2020-07-30 14:23:58

Earlier, I flagged up howone twitter moron, AIM Investor, blamed me for losing so much money on shares in the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME).  Oh dear, it seems as if he has reacted badly, changing his name to Warren Buffett and saying, as you can see below, he will pass my musings onto the boss of Supply@ME for him to assess. Go on fellows, please try to use lawyers to threaten the Sheriff of AIM as it always ends so well for CEOs who go down that path. Sell y'all in Court bitchez! 


AIM Investor - a twitter moron who blames me for him losing money for investing in a fraud: Supply@ME Capital

2020-07-30 12:11:03

Such are the stages of grief, those who have lost out seek folks to blame. Supply@ME Capital came to the market via an RTO at 0.68p on March 23 2020. Its prospectus was, at best, grotesquely misleading and, in my view, fraudulent, mistating both assets and the trading posution. Today we have published yet more shocking revelations and shares in the, almost insolvent, company languish at sub 0.05p to sell. They are worth 0p. So who is to blame for the losses suffered by morons like @Aimfatgreek who takes to twitter? Er.... you will never guess. Or maybe you have seen this play out before.


The share trades in Supply@ME Capital that remind me of Rob Terry - this stinks so badly

2020-07-30 08:16:58

Tom Winnifrith says folks should be in jail over the RTO prospectus and assiociated placing for Supply@ME Capital (SYME) with its bogus balance sheet, untrue claims about trading and worse. But if that was not bad enough we have share trades this week, aka hidden and illicit dumping by the CEO accompanied by blatant share ramping, which should have the FCA suspending the shares at once. I start with a chart of the price and trading volumes.


EXPLOSIVE: Near insolvent: Supply@ME Capital lies to investors or hires a liar

2020-07-14 13:45:49

Okay, this is not a £226 million investor mislead. But as near insolvent Supply@MECapital (SYME) tries to ramp its shares ahead of some sort of financial bailout I can state categorically that someone is telling a 100% slam dunk outright lie.


Supply@ME Capital and the £225 million deception: why the FCA will not act, because it is partly to blame!

2020-07-05 14:57:27

Supply@ME Capital (SYME) must hold some sort record for incompetence by managing to show Proforma Net Assets of £226.3 million in its Prospectus dated 4 March 2020 which then become net assets of only £778,000 as shown by its accounts as at 31 March 2020 when announced on 1 July 2020.  I have explained why this is such a monumental scandal and what happened HERE. But who exactly is to blame? This will shock you. 


Supply@ME Capital – No-one is watching O’Clock admission of £224 million spoof: folks should be in jail for this

2020-07-01 11:52:54

At 6.34 PM last night, well past no-one is watching O’Clock, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) snuck out interim results for the 12 months to March 31 2020. It is interims as the company is chaging its accounting date but that period encompasses 8 days as a Standard Listed company following the RTO into Abal Group. The loss? £225.177 million. WTF?


Supply@ME Capital - the Expose trilogy concludes

2020-05-27 09:24:13

This is the final part of a three part series looking at Supply@ME Capital (SYME).  In yesterday's article I wrote, in reference to the claimed balance sheet treatment of Supply@ME's product, that "I'm very sceptical of this claim and don't believe that it can be true".  It's only right that I justify the use of those words. 


EXPLOSIVE: Supply@ME Capital, this company makes claims that are just not true - part 2 of a 3 part expose!

2020-05-25 15:45:40

It was a Proactive webinar that first drew my attention to Supply@ME Capital (SYME) prompting this three part series which started by looking at the smoke and mirrors of the IPO HERE.  I've watched ithe video again, to remind myself of the particular comments that I found so objectionable; but before I go through them let me tell you a little about my background to give you some idea of my experience.


Supply@ME Capital: the latest grossly over-priced share promote on the London Stock Exchange. Part 1.

2020-05-23 13:36:16

My attention has recently been drawn to Supply@ME Capital plc (SYME).  It claims to be "an independent fintech company providing an innovative proprietary inventory monetisation service to companies in a wide range of industrial sectors".  SYME’s prospectus further states that it is "developing a proprietary, digital system which underpins a fintech platform designed to enable customer companies to monetise their inventory via “true sales” transactions" and then bedazzles with gobbledegook referencing "securitisation notes", "special purpose vehicles", a "digital inventory tracking system" and other buzzword bingo terms.

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