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Union Jack Oil – “pleased to announce” West Newton update: Really?!

2021-10-16 18:33:14

Union Jack Oil (UJO) states that it “is pleased to announce an update in respect of the West Newton A-1, A-2 and B-1z discovery wells as part of the Extended Well Test programme, accompanied by an updated estimated best estimate in-place oil and gas volumetrics of the Kirkham Abbey reservoir”. The shares have responded more than 6% lower to 18p to sell, so is the news really ‘pleasing’?


Union Jack Oil – I have lost faith

2021-09-23 10:37:32

Union Jack Oil (UJO), has be one of the most frustrating share listed on AIM as it holds so much potential within its UK onshore oil and gas asset base. But with any microscale oiler looking to establish a profitable future you have to have to believe in what it is doing, and the shenanigans over this latest placing is the final straw for me. The risk reward balance has now tipped the wrong way and I have lost the faith.


Union Jack – is there an undeclared related party here?

2021-09-20 14:50:43

I stand by my comments over the weekend on the strategy and possible placing at Union Jack Oil (UJO) which I forced it to ‘fess up to on Friday. I am not a happy bunny. But there is another thing that rather frustrates me.


Union Jack Oil - £5m placing underway with Shard running book?

2021-09-17 09:51:10

This is the market rumour. Shard rather than the listed broker the fraudster's pals SP Angel is apparently running the book. I have given the company the opportunity to deny it but it seems to have declined that opportunity. Apparently much of the cash is for an acquisition the rest for general corporate purposes yak yak yak. Given the broker apparently in charge...


Union Jack Oil – West Newton update and company chat, remains a Buy

2021-09-02 08:30:00

“West Newton Update” announcement follows, not entirely accurate, comment from Brokerman Dan and bulletin board mutterings. A first point is that West Newton is operated by Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited, with Union Jack Oil (UJO) having a 16.665% economic interest, and therefore not having direct ownership of the situation. So what is the latest update?


Union Jack Oil – West Newton update, clear upcoming catalysts

2021-07-23 13:43:30

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced news on the West Newton B-1Z well, in which it has a 16.665% interest, that it is “encouraged by the indications of permeability of the lower portion of the Kirkham Abbey under test, and the initial recovery of hydrocarbons to surface”. What’s the detail of the ‘encouragement’?


Brokerman Dan and Union Jack Oil – I am not panicking: buying opportunity

2021-06-29 15:40:41

Shares in Union Jack Oil (UJO) are 9% lower at 29p thanks to an article penned by my friend Brokerman Dan suggesting that all may not be well at the West Newton drill. Ho hum, a quick break from afternoon playtime with Joshua as calls go out from the Greek Hovel.


Union Jack Oil – full-year results and Wressle development update, Buy...

2021-05-24 11:36:23

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that all necessary consents have been received for the final phase of achieving targeted oil production from the Ashover Grit reservoir, one of the three productive reservoirs present at Wressle, following its 2020 results.


Union Jack Oil – well testing potential share price catalysts ahoy!

2021-04-23 09:30:24

Union Jack Oil (UJO) is delighted to report that mobilisation in respect of well testing, initially on the West Newton B-1Z well, is expected to commence in May 2021”. That means that significant news flow is ahoy.


Union Jack Oil – online West Newton consultation launched, Buy

2021-03-26 09:19:55

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced an online consultation has been launched as part of a public planning consultation process on a proposed hydrocarbon development of the West Newton A site (‘WNA’). So what’s the import?


Union Jack Oil – adds to Biscathorpe PEDL253 interest, adds to potential...

2021-01-20 17:00:58

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that it has agreed to acquire a further 15% economic interest in PEDL253 containing the Biscathorpe project, to increase its interest there to 45%, and the shares have edged up. Is Mr Market right or wrong?...


Union Jack Oil – Wressle progress following West Newton progress...

2021-01-12 17:15:39

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has noted an update from the operator on progress at the Wressle (Union Jack - 40%), North Lincolnshire, hydrocarbon development site after the workover rig and associated services and equipment have been successfully mobilised...


Union Jack Oil – West Newton news vindicates our buy at 0.12p call last month (in spades)

2020-12-11 09:00:20

Updating you all on Union Jack Oil (UJO) last month, we noted on the shares falling to 0.12p on a drilling update from West Newton (Union Jack Oil: 16.665%) that Kirkham Abbey remains very much in play, with the indicated hydrocarbon charge and the location confidence noted on the swift side-track… Initially targeting a recovery to 0.20p+, Buy. That call has been vindicated...


Union Jack Oil – Cracking News from West Newton but is it discounted in the share price?

2020-12-10 10:26:13

Having had an involvement in UK onshore drilling decades ago, I follow the sector with interest, and just occasionally my cash. For some time now Union Jack Oil (UJO) has seen me invest and cross my fingers. West Newton has really interested me. Today’s news on the WN-B1Z drill results is a further very positive result, for what could be an exceptional find.


Union Jack Oil – follows West Newton news with Wressle update and more to come… Buy

2020-11-29 15:32:59

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has updated investors with news including that it is to provide a £1 million loan facility to Wressle oil field (Union Jack: 40% economic interest) operator Egdon Resources (EDR), which “as well as providing a commercial return on funds will also assist in the development of the Wressle oil field”, and Wressle “workover being completed and initial oil flows anticipated later in January 2021”


Union Jack Oil – shares down on “pleased to provide” West Newton update, so what’s going on?...

2020-11-26 11:40:39

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to provide an update on the West Newton B-1 appraisal well (WNB-1)”. The shares though responded to the update around 20% lower at 0.12p, so what’s going on?...


No reason to sell Union Jack shares prior to completion of the West Newton side track fact

2020-11-24 11:29:36

Whenever a smaller oil company is drilling a well these days you pretty much have to expect the share price to get hammered unless they announce a substantial find that exceeded market expectations, and that is exactly what hammered to Union Jack Oil (UJO) this week.


Union Jack Oil – West Newton B-1 well spud, news flow ahoy...

2020-10-08 15:25:19

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that the West Newton B-1 well (WNB-1) has spud with completion expected to take six to ten weeks...


Union Jack Oil – “Response to Market Speculation”… a bit late considering the recent share price!

2020-09-12 14:32:59

On Thursday, there was a Response to Market Speculation” announcement from Union Jack Oil (UJO), noting “recent market speculation relating to a potential fundraising”...


Union Jack Oil – after good news recently on Wressle and West Newton projects, now Biscathorpe...

2020-06-26 17:21:41

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce” both an agreement to purchase a further 3% interest in PEDL253 and a settlement agreement with Humber Oil & Gas Limited...


Union Jack Oil – West Newton project Green sh*t update… but potentially significant…

2020-06-18 14:20:12

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced it “is pleased to publish the positive conclusions of a Carbon Intensity Study on the West Newton hydrocarbon project”...


Union Jack Oil – further Wressle interest acquisition, price target increased...

2020-06-09 16:20:45

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire a further 12.5% economic interest in PEDL180 and PEDL182 containing the Wressle hydrocarbon development project”...


Union Jack Oil – for a hat-trick of wins?...

2020-06-04 16:21:54

But is Union Jack Oil (UJO) not a UK oil producer in an extremely troubled oil environment? It is… but only in a small and low-cost way and the oil market will swing back to a better environment as it always does. Meanwhile, the shares down from more than 0.30p last year and the asset potential here sees us ride again…yes, we have twice tipped this before and twice told you to bank big gains. Now for our hat-trick...


Union Jack Oil - West Newton possible delay?

2019-07-19 12:02:19

When Union Jack Oil (UJO) confirmed the results of the West Newton A2 drill in June, we were told consent was in place for the extended well test and this would go ahead in Q3 of this year. With all too many UK onshore drills impacted by delays due to difficulties obtaining planning consents everything sounded very positive. This week however has seen the operator make a planning application for the well test phase, which introduces timing risk.


Union Jack Oil – argues “significantly upgraded” Biscathorpe-2 well result, BUT…

2019-07-17 10:15:26

Having previously banked gains on Union Jack Oil (UJO), we re-recommended at the end of last month at 0.19p to buy noting with the initial West Newton result excitement having calmed down and new funds raised, it looked a good opportunity to get back on-board before the potential excitement in the second half of this year and that the ‘commentators’ who ramped last time in a fairly aggressive way had not gone away & indeed participated in the placing. The shares are now 0.27p to sell on the back of a Biscathorpe-2 Well Update


Union Jack Oil at 0.21p worth 0.55p?

2019-07-09 09:41:41

Caveat 1: SP Angel which produced this note is house broker to Union Jack Oil (UJO) so is biased. Caveat 2: Zac Phillips no longer works at SP Angel and the new analyst is not fit to lick Zac's boots. Caveat 3: Chris Oil owns stacks of these shares and will sell into any spike while urging others to buy like the dirty little spiv he is.  Having said all iof that I can't fault the logic of this detailed note.


Union Jack Oil & Chris Oil, share trades and placing – questions that need answering

2019-06-28 10:43:45

I suggested that Union Jack Oil (UJO) was planning a placing in yesterday’s bearcast. And lo and behold the Sheriff of AIM is right again, £2.25 million has been raised at 0.17p.  But this raises big questions about the share trading activities of Mr Chris “Uranium” Oil, a man who has featured on this website often enough.


Why haven't the share prices of the companies involved in West Newton, Union Jack and Reabold, rocketed?

2019-06-18 15:53:44

As is so often the case with oil and gas drills amongst the smaller companies, private investors built expectations around West Newton up to such a level that the actual results were never likely to live up to that.


Union Jack Oil – 2018 results emphasise the potential, Buy

2019-05-18 19:42:48

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced results for the 2018 calendar year and that “the company eagerly awaits the results of the current drilling of West Newton A-2 appraisal well, the result of the Planning Appeal at Wressle and the re-processing of 3D seismic in respect of Biscathorpe. These ventures are expected to provide a steady stream of newsflow throughout 2019 and success at any one of these projects has the potential to dramatically transform your company”


Union Jack Oil – date set for Wressle planning appeal amidst other current potential share price catalyst

2019-05-08 16:05:21

“Wressle Planning Appeal Update” announcement, with Union Jack Oil (UJO) “pleased that a date has now been set for the planning enquiry”


Union Jack Oil – we not as pleased as it with sale of licence interest… but still imminent “company-changing” potential

2019-04-19 11:52:22

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce that it has conditionally agreed to sell its 7.5% interest in PEDL143 to UK Oil & Gas” (UKOG)…


Union Jack Oil – funding at a not great price… but look at the potential of the projects it’s for

2019-03-23 01:31:29

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce that it has conditionally raised £1.75 million by way of a placing and subscription, through the issue of a total of 2,333,333,334 new ordinary shares at an issue price of 0.075 pence”


Chris Oil – I am sure he’s nothing more than a fantasist, others suspect worse – ref Union Jack

2019-02-22 02:01:43

My big trouble in life is that I am a charitable soul and, as thirsty share bloggers know, bend over backwards to see the best in folks. Others are far less charitable. That brings me to a now deleted tweet from Chris Oil from 1.07 PM on Wednesday 20th February on Union Jack Oil (UJO).  Chris may have thought that history was erased but a co-conspirator has preserved the golden prose below:


Union Jack Oil – Wressle appeal in against Council’s planning poltroons, Buy

2019-02-06 08:48:41

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has updated that the appeal against the refusal of planning consent for the development of the Wressle oil discovery by the North Lincolnshire Council's Planning Committee on 28th November has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate…


Union Jack Oil – Wressle planning consent extension success, now onto a development appeal. But before…

2019-01-27 05:00:10

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce” that an “application to extend the existing planning consent for the Wressle site by a year was approved by the Planning Inspector on appeal”


Union Jack Oil – Biscathorpe-2 well spud, let the excitement commence…

2019-01-09 01:15:00

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce the commencement of drilling operations at Biscathorpe-2”


Union Jack Oil: New NED, Chris Oil buys 3% (no make that 5.9%), farm in completed - BUY

2018-12-07 05:53:21

Well it is all happening down at Union Jack Oil (UJO). Let’s start with fundamentals.


Union Jack Oil – “transformative” Wressle development a step closer, with another next week?

2018-11-25 07:26:36

With a 27.5% working interest in the Wressle development, Union Jack Oil (UJO) has noted a “Wressle Recommended for Approval by Planners” announcement from operator Egdon Resources (EDR)…


Union Jack Farm in and strange volte face from former share blogger of the year

2018-11-11 04:42:17

We have no idea what our pal Brokerman Dan is up to. For as long as we can remember he has been beastly about Union Jack (UJO) writing things that are true, untrue and half true but all nasty. But suddenly his mate Chris Oil is buying shares and Brokerman Dan thinks the shares are cheap as chips. Whatever. What is that about sinners and repenting?


Buy Union Jack Oil at 0.09p target 0.28p, 0.64p or 3.84p - Zac Phillips, No 1 oil analyst

2018-10-08 08:00:03

The City's No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips has today published a note on Union Jack Oil (UJO) setting out exactly why he is so bullish. Over to the great man...


Union Jack Oil – equity raise, though for a farm-in which adds to material potential catalysts; Buy

2018-10-06 07:30:53

Union Jack Oil (UJO) is “pleased to announce that the company has agreed terms… on a proposed farm-in for a 16.667% licence interest in PEDL183… located onshore UK in East Yorkshire”, with this accompanied by a £2.25 million equity raise…


Union Jack Oil – half-year results, a “very active” time ahead BUY

2018-09-20 07:11:08

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced results for the first half of 2018, including to “expect a very active six months for Union Jack with the drilling of the economically compelling Biscathorpe-2 conventional well and the upcoming planning processes to allow the Wressle discovery to move to development”


Union Jack – Wressle planning application rejection by idiotic w*nkers – expected so what next?

2018-08-03 08:53:17

Yesterday North Lincs council rejected the latest permit application for the Wressle field where Union Jack (UJO) is a junior partner. This was expected as this council is a politically driven mess. The partners will now appeal to grown ups at Central Government. So while disappointing this is not unexpected and, of course, Union Jack has a number of other assets. So the minor sell off in the shares today does not change our BUY stance.


Union Jack Oil – adds to Wressle licences interest with no upfront payment: Buy

2018-06-06 02:53:00

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce that it has acquired a further 12.5% in the licences PEDL180 and PEDL182 containing the Wressle discovery and the Broughton North Prospect”


Union Jack Oil – 2017 results outline why it’s enthusiastic for the year ahead - BUY

2018-05-07 02:17:41

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced results for 2017 and outlined why it is “enthusiastic in respect of the year ahead”


Union Jack Oil – farm-in agreement signed, ready for Biscathorpe excitement

2018-03-26 07:40:14

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has updated that “further to the announcement of 5 March 2017… pleased to announce that the company has signed a Farm-in Agreement for a further 10% licence interest in PEDL253 increasing the company's economic interest to 22%”


Union Jack Oil – Environment Agency “inclined to award” Holmwood permit & news flow aplenty ahead

2018-02-23 02:17:33

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has updated including noting a draft decision advertisement issued by the Environment Agency that it is inclined to award a bespoke environmental permit for drilling and testing the Holmwood exploration well in PEDL 143 and how the company “is positioned to deliver ongoing news flow throughout 2018 from our onshore portfolio of producing assets, drill-ready appraisal and exploration targets”


Union Jack buys 20% stake in Fiskerton Airfield Oilfield - good deal

2017-11-11 08:57:16

No this is not an airfield at all but a small oilfield seven miles from Lincoln. Union Jack Oil (UJO) is paying approximately £137,000 for a 20% stake. This figure includes a pro rata share of the Operator`s legal, licence, planning and acquisition costs. The other 80% is owned by operator Egdon Resources.


Union Jack Oil - Bolt On Acquisition: BUY

2017-10-14 11:00:24

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that it has bought the "entire onshore hydrocarbon portfolio interest of Nautical Petroleum Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cairn Energy PLC.". That sounds more impressive than it actually is. This is a small bolt on deal.


Union Jack Oil - Wressle farce will be reversed - BUY

2017-07-05 04:29:03

The planning committee of North Lincolnshire County Council met on Monday to - again - discuss the Wressle application. Officials had recommended approval as it fitted in with all the authority's guidelines. All was set fair. Then came the first sign of trouble.


Union Jack Oil - good news on Wressle but watch Holmwood as well! Two reasons to BUY

2017-07-01 02:17:20

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that the North Lincolnshire County Council's Planning Committee will meet on Monday 3rd July 2017 at 2 PM to determine the new planning application for the Wressle Development which includes additional detailed information to address the specific concerns raised by North Lincolnshire County Council in its 11 January 2017 decision to refuse the original application.


Detailed 14 page note on Union Jack Oil & Gas

2017-06-06 05:14:25

Okay it is from house broker Turner Pope so it is not to be viewed as impartial but then it does not come with a buy or sell stance, this report just gives a deatiled breakdown of the assets and operations of Union Jack Oil (UJO), whose shares -at 0.14p are - I think - cheap.


Union Jack Oil - Wressle Update: BUY

2017-05-28 02:22:31

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that Egdon, the operator of blocks PEDL180 and PEDL182, the Lincolnshire based Wressle prospect, has received a variation to the Mining Waste Permit. Union jack has a 15% stake in Wressle where progress in getting the field producing has been delayed by NIMBY's at the County Council.


Union Jack Oil at 0.14p - worth up to 0.98p: SP Angel

2017-05-19 06:21:14

SP Angel is houes broker to Union Jack Oil (UJO) so take its notes with a pinch of salt. Bur I rate analyst Zak "The Knife" Phillips highly and as such today's reiterated buy stance after the news from Wressle cannot be totally ignored. As for the target price! The Kinfe writes:


Photo Update: Union Jack Oil - Wressle news unlikely to please the naked protestors

2017-04-13 00:51:26

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has noted an “Appeal & New Planning Application” announcement on the Wressle oil field (Union Jack: 15%, including 3.33% subject to approval from the Oil and Gas Authority) from operator Egdon Resources (EDR).


Union Jack Oil - Placing Explained ( as we predicted) - BUY

2017-03-08 06:20:05

Now we know the reason for the £1.4 million placing at 0.135p by Union Jack Oil (UJO) a week ago. As we predicted at the time the acquisition it was targeting was at Wressle in Lincolnshire. Today we are told that Union has spent £600,000 to buy from Celtique Energie Petroleum Limited a further 3.33% interest in PEDL180 and PEDL182. Union Jack currently holds an 11.67% interest in both licences so its stake now goes to 15%.


Union Jack Placing, Hmmmm - Buy

2017-03-03 01:29:46

So another keep the lights on placing eh? As it happens no although the market has (wrongly) taken it that way. Union Jack Oil (UJO) already had a comfortable cash balance. So why raise a gross £1.4 million at 0.135p?


Union Jack Oil - appeals against Guardian reading Council jobsworths over Wressle: Buy

2017-02-08 04:04:21

Union Jack Oil (UJO) and its partner on the Wressle field, Egdon, have appealed against a planning set back on the Wressle field in North Lincolnshire. In the end it will win and at 0.17p (offer) the shares are undervalued and the stance is buy with a target of c0.3p at least.


Union Jack - Wressle knockback, market over-reacts: buy

2017-01-29 06:46:19

Union Jack (UJO) announced a couple of weeks ago that the planning committee at North Lincolnshire County Council had served up an adverse ruling in respect of the development of the Wressle Oil Field in North Lincolnshire licences PEDL180 and PEDL182. Union Jack holds an 11.67% stake in both licenses.


Union Jack - picks up new acreage: good but no fat cigar: BUY

2016-10-09 01:26:47

The UK's 14th onshore licensing round came to a close today with the final awards of new acreage and Union Jack (UJO) gets a win from the process. Egdon Resources has formally been awarded license PEDL 339 in the East Midlands and if Union Jack pays 20% of the cost of the first well - which it will - it gets a 10% interest.


Buy Union Jack Oil - c40% short term upside

2016-10-06 03:59:29

The world still hates small oil stocks. We are not sure when that will change but given how many of the mid caps are collapsing either entirely (Afren) or surviving only via schemes that see shareholders almost wiped out ( XCite, Gulfsands, Gulf Keystone, IGAS, LGO, etc, etc) we feel we could be at a Burmah Castrol moment. Do a google search if you are too young to understand the reference!


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Amerisur, Orosur Mining, Savannah Resources, Surgical Innovations, Union Jack Oil.

2015-10-10 00:41:41

Featuring shares in Amerisur (AMER), Orosur Mining (OMI), Savannah Resources (SAV), Surgical Innovations (SUN), Union Jack Oil (UJO) with share price targets for all five stocks.


Union Jack Oil: shares at 0.17p worth 0.84p - really?

2015-09-28 05:04:17

SP Angel acts as an adviser to AIM listed Union Jack Oil (UJO) so take this with the proverbial pinch of salt. However the share price target seems so bullish that it might be worth reading this detailed note out today.


Union Jack Oil - shares at 0.22p worth 0.71p?

2015-07-18 02:36:46

Really? 223% upside?  Amazingly SP Angel does not appear to be house broker to AIM listed Union Jack Oil (UJO) so maybe this note by Zac Phillips is of interest and might almost be seen as independent. He seems to like the shares.


Well tests cheer Union Jack Oil

2015-06-05 01:13:27

David Bramhill, entrepreneurial executive chairman of Union Jack Oil (UJO), has been sounding characteristically bullish about tests at the Wressle 1 oil and gas discovery in North Lincolnshire, where the AIM -quoted company holds an 8.33% stake. Fellow AIM counter Egdon Resources (EDR), with a 25% interest, has estimated a potential resource of more than two million barrels at Wressle, in the Crosby Warren field, and recently indicated three separate reservoirs had shown oil and gas, with an oil column below the gas zone, and extended tests are now under way.


Exercise Caution with Union Jack Oil

2015-02-19 01:35:43

The markets are all about momentum and expectation a lot of the time, and that is especially the case with companies listed on AIM. One company that is currently seeing a fair bit of both of these share price drivers is Union Jack Oil (UJO), but I strongly suspect that it will end up vastly over-valued, even if there is further positive news on the current drill that it is involved in.


Speculative Buy Union Jack Oil

2014-09-29 14:16:19

After reading Union Jack Oil’s (UJO) interim results released today it really did cement the company in my mind as being well placed to take full advantage of the buzz around onshore UK. It’s little wonder people are looking for the safe haven of Europe as West Africa with Ebola, The old Eastern Bloc '' nuff said '' and the Middle East has the dawn bombing raids to look forward to. 


Union Jack Oil a buy at 0.27p – target 0.7p ( or is that 6.3p!)

2014-06-17 16:39:20

Broker SP Angel has published a detailed research report on AIM listed Union Jack Oil (UJO) claiming that shares in the AIM listed UK onshore oil play should be valued at 0.7p rather than the current 0.27p. 

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