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Vela - a Peterhouse special on the way as shares suspended?

2020-08-02 15:28:03

We hear that, until Covid struck, Vela (VELA) was working on an interesting RTO. But that is in the past. The reality is that the company is cash constrained and cannot repay a £550,000 bond due in a few weeks. So we have a Peterhouse special.  The shares are suspended at 0.07p until the deal is approved an EGM (which is a given) and so until August 26, we must wait.


Vela Technologies – results don’t please, but argues “potential substantial uplift” in portfolio

2019-09-28 12:39:19

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2019 and that “we are mindful of the potential substantial uplift in the value of certain companies within the Vela portfolio”, but the results themselves don’t please…


Vela Technologies – further investment in investee company & by director

2019-08-15 10:00:00

Vela Technologies (VELA) has updated on “Completion of investment in Portr Limited” and “Proposed further investment by Director”


Vela Technologies – portfolio updates reinforce clear upside potential

2019-07-15 15:40:58

An Update re. Interbit Ltd” has now followed an “Update re. Vibe Group Holdings Limited” and “Update re. WeShop Limited” from Vela Technologies (VELA)…


Vela Technologies – further blockchain exposure

2019-07-10 08:11:00

Vela Technologies (VELA) has noted an announcement by BlockchainK2 Corp (TSXV - BITK) in which it currently has 272,000 shares; a 1.81% stake…


Vela Technologies – a “gathering momentum” Vibe Group gets Candy Ventures investment

2019-06-27 12:11:00

Shares in Vela Technologies (VELA) have responded positively to a Vibe Group Update - investment by Candy Ventures” announcement…


Vela Technologies – a buy?

2019-05-22 09:00:00

Investing company focused on early stage and pre-IPO disruptive technology businesses, Vela Technologies (VELA) is a previous successful pick here – a 100% offer to bid gain banked in November 2017. That was at 0.32p per share. With the shares having now slid back...


Vela - Interesting new investee in Portr. shares cheap

2017-10-14 10:57:21

Portr, the company that gets your luggage to and from the airport if you are too bone idle to transport it yourself, has announced that it has secured a £2 million investment from Stobart Group as part of a larger funding round. Stobart knows air travel well and this is a pretty good endorsement.


Vela Technologies – full-year results suggest discount to NAV remains far too harsh

2017-10-08 03:37:50

Early-stage and pre-IPO disruptive technology-focused investing company Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced full-year results emphasising “the board is pleased to have seen a strong uplift in the valuation of its investment portfolio in the period under review, resulting from new investments made and positive revaluations on certain investments held”


Vela - More news on BTL - just do the maths

2017-09-01 00:55:48

Vela (VELA) has flagged up the fact that there has been more news from its TSX-listed investment BTL which has "launched the DX Beta version ("Beta") of its proprietary blockchain platform, Interbit." Hmmm, we could not really do 2 minutes without hesitation, deviation or repetition on that news but it has excited punters in Canada. Now here is where the maths starts. At 0.25p-0.28p at mid Vela is capitalised at £1.55 million. It has outstanding bonds of £550,000 so the EV is £2.1 million.


Vela - sells a few shares in BTL but look at value of remaining stock!

2017-06-02 00:18:56

Vela (VELA) has announced that following cracking results from investee company TSX listed BTL it has sold 50,000 shares netting net proceeds of C$263,106.15 (equivalent to £152,530.79). That and the cash remaining from the recent bond issue will support (low) PLC cost and allow Vela to make further investments.


Vela - at last! Disposals to validate strategy and real value: BUY

2017-03-10 07:00:54

Investment Company Vela (VELA) has this week announced the sale of some of its shares in TSX.V listed BTL Group generating proceeds of C$277,910 for the Company (equivalent to approximately £169,530 at the prevailing exchange rates). To date Vela has invested a total of approximately £214,300 in BTL.


Vela - Busy bees: buy

2017-01-22 04:39:03

There are three bits of news from investment company Vela (VELA) and on balance all are good.


Vela Interims - These admin expenses we like

2016-12-28 03:48:33

Tired of AIM boards who take the piss, bigging it up at the expense of shareholders? Yes we are too. So before going any further we note with some pleasure that half year admin expenses at Vela PLC (VELA) were just £62,000. That is good. Well done.


Vela - Investments Update - hang on/average down

2016-10-20 01:35:29

Since its loan note fundraising at 0.15p Vela (VELA) has been busy. Firstly it has invested £200,000 in THEVIBE. It trades as Vibe tickets and allows fans to buy and sell tickets for events at face value. It cuts out scalps and so is a good business and has been endorsed by Which. Whether it makes any money for investors is yet to be proved.


Vela - Fundraise - interesting investor Scott Fletcher, Company Chat

2016-09-18 08:19:21

This is a tad frustrating. Good news on the 2nd about an investment it has made. Then on September 5 came results for the year to March 31 for Vela Technologies (VELA). half way through September the numbers were pretty meaningless.


Vela - Update on investment in Revolve Performance, Ummmmm

2016-06-12 07:07:38

Vela (VELA) has updated us all on the performance of Revolve which it punted £50,000 on in June 2015. Revolve is an automotive engineering business that also owns a leading performance parts brand, Mountune. Mountune's products are used by consumers and racing teams to enhance engine performance. The company has exclusive rights to supply branded and warranted performance parts through the Ford Dealership networks in the UK and US.


Vela, update on BTL - still a buy

2016-05-29 01:12:50

Vela Technologies (VELA) has followed an announcement that it has completed a follow-on investment in luggage transfer business Portr Ltd, with an announcement of “Further investment in BTL Group Ltd”.


Vela Placing is annoying but

2016-03-09 06:33:19

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced that it has raised a gross £0.22 million at 0.16p per new share in particular to further invest in luggage transfer business Portr Ltd.


Vela, positive BTL update - Buy

2016-02-21 05:27:07

Vela Technologies (VELA) has noted an announcement from BTL, the Canada-listed technology group in which it has a 700,000 shares (circa 5% of the current fully diluted equity) interest, that BTL has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire Xapcash Technologies Inc.


Vela - good news thanks to Jim Mellon

2015-11-07 09:19:43

Vela Technologies (VELA) has noted an announcement from 3.8% owned investee company 3Legs Resources of the latter’s suspension of trading on AIM pending a reverse acquisition (and thus implementation of its investing policy)


Vela results are good and we are well up on this share tip but there is more to go for

2015-09-05 03:44:45

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and reiterated that “based either on valuation events or the market value of portfolio investments, the board of Vela believes the value of the underlying portfolio is significantly higher than the value attributed by the market to Vela at this current time”


Vela Technologies: Placing and Investment, we are 25% ahead on share tip, shares still a buy at up to 0.2p

2015-08-27 03:00:22

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced that it has conditionally (including on General Meeting approval) raised a gross £0.25 million at 0.2p per share for further investment and additional working capital, along with a proposed new £0.175 million investment.


More good news on the Vela NAV - Buy

2015-08-13 02:29:43

Vela Technologies (VELA) has updated on another substantial valuation uplift in one of its investments, this time in ‘social commerce’ platform The Social Superstore Ltd.


Vela – Broker Note Vicarage Capital

2015-05-10 04:38:05

Vela (VELA) is a stock that we have tipped on HotStockRockets and it looks an interesting play. The shares are 0.2p and I reckon that NAV could well be in excess of 0.5p. Of course most of investments are illiquid private companies so the shares will always trade at a discount to NAV but the current discount seems excessive.


Buy Vela Technologies

2015-04-03 07:01:22

At the bottom end of AIM there are a raft of investment companies most of which are absolute POS lifestyle companies. It is all too easy to write the lot off as vehicles to allow useless directors and City parasites to milk the gravy train, if that is not mixing metaphors. But there is the odd nugget of value and that brings us to this month’s share tip of the month, Vela Technologies (VELA).


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