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WH Ireland – Excuses are like Arseholes…but repitition of them is boring

2019-11-06 09:34:50

On March 5 this year struggling, cash guzzling, pensioner mugging & free speech denying, Nomad and Broker WH Ireland raised £4.9 million at 45p saying that “Following a broad review of the Group's likely future regulatory capital requirements and in particular, the Group's regulatory capital buffers, the Directors believe the Placing will ensure that the Group has sufficient resources in place to satisfy the FCA's present capital adequacy requirements.” Wind forward just 8 months and 1 day and….


Photo article: brave Jim Bagot to take fight back to pensioner muggers WH Ireland

2017-10-08 05:04:24

Good news. The pensioner Jim Bagot who was mugged by stockbrokers WH Ireland (WHI) is planning another protest outside its London offices this week. You will remember that the broker punted and lost hundreds of thousands of pounds of Jim's cash on penny stocks, many of them corporate clients, which was clearly not in the interests of such an old man. Even the regulators agree but WH Ireland has not compensated poor Jim in full. He fights on and his latest placard is below.


Photo Article: Attending the WH Ireland AGM with Jim Bagot: CEO Killingbeck behaves like a prize tool

2017-04-02 09:17:12

I attended the AGM of WH Ireland on Thursday Morning. At the door I was greeted by a rudy faved individual who seemed a bit posh to be a security guard and who clearly knew who I was "Good Morning Mr Winnifrith" he said before asking if I had the authority to be allowed in. Of course I did. I was the appointed corporate representitive of a company which owned ten shares in WH Ireland and I had all the paperwork to prove it. After a while I established that this besuited bully boy was in fact WH Ireland CEO Richard Killingbeck, doubling up as a fascist security guard.


Bad News for WH Ireland - I am "in" on its AGM and so is Jim Bagot

2017-03-21 01:45:01

Oh dear, oh dear, I am sorry to have to break the news to WH Ireland (WHI) but a shareholder in the esteemed firm of pensioner muggers has agreed to appoint both myself and Jim Bagot as its "corporate representative" ahead of the AGM on March 30th.


Calling all WH Ireland shareholders - will anyone make me their AGM proxy ASAP

2017-03-20 05:37:04

It has been drawn to my attention that the pensioner mugging free speech hating, free press threatening bastards at WH Ireland (WHI) are holding a GM on 30th March, a day when I just happen to be in London. I would very much like to attend as would Mr Bagot, a pensioner WH Ireland knows well. But we need your help.


Pensioner muggers WH Ireland - does it have an ethical bone in its body?

2017-03-19 04:02:13

You will remember the case of poor Mr Bagot, an elderly client of WH Ireland (WHI) who had his life saving stuffed into a range of utterly inappropriate penny stocks, many of them corporate clients. Mr Bagot has got a bit of his money back but not most. He fights on. Mr Bagot has this update:


The Bagot WH Ireland Scandal – who is behind the smear campaign?

2016-06-01 07:38:19

I’ve no idea who Amanda Davies is, or even if the name is real. But this person has been posting in the reader comments section of my last piece on the Bagot/WH Ireland (WHI) scandal and seems to suggest great insight into the Bagots’ personal financial situation:


Does the Bagot/WH Ireland case suggest a change in the law is required?

2016-05-30 05:02:59

That WH Ireland was deemed responsible for the horrific investment losses of pensioners Mr and Mrs Bagot is in little doubt: the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) found in the Bagots’ favour. But due to its limited remit the maximum award it was able to enforce came to just £150,000 plus some costs and interest. Given that the actual losses (and recommended recompense) were a healthy multiple of that figure I wonder whether this outcome shows that the current system is flawed.


Video & Photo Special: Mr Bagot Protests outside offices of disgraced broker WH Ireland

2016-05-26 04:02:39

Jim Bagot, the Essex pensioner mugged by WH Ireland (WHI), relieved of most of his life savings by John Molyneux stuffing him into wholly inappropriate stocks is on the warpath back outside the offices of the disgraced broker. We recorded a video with Jim this morning and have photos of him in action. Enjoy.


WH Ireland and the Bagot Scandal – picket resumes tomorrow

2016-05-25 09:07:46

Mugged pensioner Jim Bagot still has an outstanding gripe with AIM-listed WH Ireland (WHI). ShareProphets can reveal that tomorrow he will be back outside its London offices to resume his protest.


Isle of Man Government dumb clowns but also morally bankrupt to do business with WH Ireland

2016-05-13 05:56:37

The poltroons who run the Isle of Man Government yesterday announced that it had awarded a mandate to manage the cash the colony favoured by tax dodgers has hoarded away to WH Ireland (WHI). The mandate from the tin pot crown colony will not be enough to transform the fortunes of WH Ireland whose financial position is still pretty dire. But it shows the Isle of Man Government up for the fools that they are.


Nigel Somerville & the pensioners WH Ireland mugged, the Bagot's, shocking UK Investor video

2016-05-12 02:51:57

This short presentation by Nigel Somerville and Mr & Mrs Bagot went ahead in the face of fascistic legal threats from the disgraced pensioner mugging broker WH Ireland (WHI). This fight goes on. You will be shocked by this video.


WH Ireland Pensioner Mugging caption Contest - A joint winner

2016-05-09 08:50:04

There were some absolutely cracking entries for this caption contest as you can see here. In a sense, as it is round at WH Ireland (WHI), everyone is a winner (other than the clients) so high was the standard of entries as you sought suitable captions for the picture below from the WH Ireland HR department. But the two joint winners are 


New WH Ireland caption Contest - pensioner mugging edition

2016-05-08 10:22:20

John Molyneux, the WH Ireland (WHI) stockbroker who destroyed the life savings of Essex pensioner Mr Bagot, left the disgraced broker in a bit of a hurry last year. We now have an exclusive picture from the HR department as they interview for a suitable replacement. can you please supply a suitable caption in this week's contest, in the comments section below - deadline midnight 8 May.


WH Ireland - It seems Mr Bagot is not alone - is the dam breaking on scamming customers?

2016-05-01 09:05:51

As you know disgraced broker WH Ireland (WHI) used fascist bully boy lawyers to stop the penioners it mugged ( the Bagots) and Nigel Somerville from exposing the AIM listed firm at UK Investor. We went ahead and what we served up was shocking. WH Ireland has to date insisted that the Bagots were a one off. That now appears to be demonstrable fiction.


And the POS AIM Company that sent a fascist "you are being watched" lawyers letter re UK Investor is..

2016-04-27 00:30:26

In yesterday's reader poll we asked you which AIM listed company you thought had sent us a lawyers letter regarding the UK INvestor Show. We print the letter below but 79% of you guessed wrong!


WH Ireland - back office to close at end May up to 30 P45s to be issued

2016-04-06 06:29:40

Pensioner mugging stockbroker WH Ireland (WHI) has not announced this via RNS yet but just to remind it to come clean, my source close to the action says that the back office unit of its stockbroking operation is to be closed at the end of May. It is not clear if the almost 30 staff - many of whom have worked there for more than two decades - have been given the bad news yet. Well I guess they have now.


Scoop: WH Ireland - after FCA Fine: staff to be told of wholesale redundos this week

2016-02-23 06:50:17

Yesterday afternoon I revealed HERE that the FCA would stiff disgraced pensioner mugging stockbroker WH Ireland (WHI) with a large fine. Sources claiming to be close to WH Ireland pooh poohed my story. They should have known. The Sheriff was not wrong. Today came the fine ( £1.2 million), a 72 day ban on taking on new corporate clients and news of a £1 million placing at 90p to keep the lights on...but WH Ireland is still not telling you everything. Here are two more scoops.


Breaking: WH Ireland - massive FCA fine and big job cuts imminent, source

2016-02-22 08:12:25

Disgraced pensioner mugging stockbroker WH Ireland (WHI) has already admitted that it faces a large FCA fine for all sorts of misdeeds (although not the pensioner mugging) but the scale of its, company-threatening - problems is likely to become apparent imminently according to a source close to the situation.


WH Ireland thinks it is off the hook with Mr Bagot and other pensioners it mugged – scumbags

2015-11-02 05:09:46

You will remember how broker WH Ireland (WHI) mugged poor Essex pensioner Mr Bagot, destroying his life savings by stuffing him into duff penny stocks, often corporate clients?  Apparently it thinks it has acted honourably and the matter is at an end. Oh no. This scandal (full details HERE) is far from over.


WH Ireland Photo – Not only pensioner muggers but free speech denying fascists as well

2015-10-13 06:38:29

Scandal plagued stock broker WH Ireland (WHI) still refuses to say how many other pensioners were – like poor Mr Bagot - mugged and had their life savings trashed by John Molyneux and his team of discretionary stockbrokers and nor will it even bother to launch an internal enquiry to assess the damage – you can see our full investigation HERE. But Essex old boy Mr Bagot has now taken to the streets.


WH Ireland Stockbroker John Molyneux explains discretionary broking to Mr Bagot – new picture emerges

2015-10-09 03:14:18

Scumbag brokers WH Ireland (WHI) hosted a table at last night’s black tie AIM awards. What with the taxis, champagne on top, etc. that must have cost it £3000+ but presumably it did not invite Essex Pensioner Mr Bagot, a man whose life savings were trashed by its former senior employee John Molyneux (see HERE


WH Ireland: where are the customers £245,000 sports cars to crash

2015-09-29 03:53:55

The scandal surrounding how WH Ireland (WHI) staff led by John Molyneux systematicaly car crashed the discretionary portfolios of vulnerable and ageing clients such as Mr and Mrs Bagot is growing. But I now bring you a tale of another WH Ireland car crash...


Could the Bagot scandal bring down WH Ireland?

2015-09-26 05:39:17

First it was the Daily Mail and now it is the Daily Telegraph that has taken up the cudgels on behalf of Essex pensioners Mr and Mrs Bagot who were completely robbed by AIM listed broker WH Ireland (WHI). This scandal is growing and could bring WH Ireland to its knees as I have already flagged up HERE. The Telegraph today gives us full details of the scale of the mugging. It is awful.


WH Ireland: an open letter to Business Secretary Sajid Javid MP – will you help other pensioners who were mugged?

2015-08-31 03:02:30

Over the past two weeks we have unearthed details of how senior WH Ireland (WHI)  Stockbroker John Molyneux (now suddenly retired) systematically stiffed those with discretionary accounts into duff penny stocks, usually corporate clients. So far one 78 year old who lost c£330,000 has been given compensation of £150,000 – but this may be the tip of the iceberg. So I have written to Business Secretary Sajid Javid asking him to intervene urgently.


Exclusive – the stockbroker who mugged pensioners for WH Ireland “retires” suddenly

2015-08-27 00:10:34

Yesterday we outed Mr John Molyneux as the WH Ireland stockbroker who had mugged 75 year old pensioners by sticking the cash from discretionary accounts into penny stocks – usually WH Ireland corporate clients doing a fund raise – which had nearly all cratered.  I can reveal that Mr Molyneux has now decided all of a sudden that at 68 it is a good time to retire. With immediate effect. But if he and AIM listed WH Ireland (WHI) think this scandal is over they are mistaken. It is just beginning.


EXCLUSIVE: WH Ireland – Not only ripping off pensioners but a swarm of other scandals emerge

2015-08-26 00:44:49

On Sunday I discussed how AIM listed stockbroker WH Ireland (WHI) ripped off a 78 year old pensioner for more than £500,000 but has only compensated him for £150,000. A WH Ireland spinmeister says that the actual loss for the poor defrauded pensioners was only £329,750. But the PR operative was less forthcoming when questioned about a swarm of other scandals.


WH Ireland – How big is its mis-selling scandal? Only a lunatic would trust this firm with his cash

2015-08-23 01:49:18

The Mail on Sunday carries a horrific story about a 78 year old man who has seen his life savings disappear thanks to WH Ireland (WHI) the AIM listed stockbroker. Reading this I conclude that only a total lunatic would entrust WH Ireland with his or her cash. With the stockmarket now clearly in bear territory WH Ireland would be unlikely to prosper even without this scandal and at 125p the shares are a stonking sell – second only in this sector to those of the POS Daniel Stewart (DAN).


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