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Red Flags At Night: Cloudbuy – Follow The leader and SELL.

2020-01-11 09:17:03

Having announced plans to depart the AIM Casino on Thursday, Cloudbuy (CBUY) slipped out a Director Dealing RNS at no-one-is-watching o’clock last night at 5.47pm showing that departing Chairman Ronald Duncan and his departing CEO wife Lyn Duncan have been dumping shares as fast as they can. If ever there was a signal to follow…….


Cloudbuy – ouzo time as it proposes to depart AIM

2020-01-09 15:04:18

I have been bearish on AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) for an age and you have been repeatedly warned and warned. Today it has proposed to depart the AIM Casino to save money... and because it can’t raise any more cash. Oh, and business isn’t so good. And most of the directors are off too. Time for an Ouzo: it is thank you and goodnight...


Cloudbuy – Interims underline my sell stance - corporate knacker's yard surely beckons?

2019-08-22 10:03:53

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) reported its interims to the end of June yesterday and the news seems to me to be utterly grim: revenues of just £0.5 million, a loss of £0.7 million and a balance sheet showing net assets of MINUS £6.5 million complement the accumulated losses of £16.7 million. At least the company seems to be consistent! The statement at least refrained from telling us it was pleased to announce the numbers but my sell stance is thus far vindicated: last offered at 3p, the shares now stand at just 2.4p.


Cloudbuy sells company formations business – still a sell

2019-03-28 05:03:57

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) announced this morning that it is selling its company formations business for cash proceeds of £279,090. Apparently this means it won’t now be calling on Mr Sella for further cash, which is probably a relief to the Sella coffers but I’m not so sure the company is out of the woods...


Cloudbuy? No, cloud sell!

2019-03-24 03:30:38

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) released its FY18 results this week and they  were truly awful. The company remains dependent on future improvements in trading performance and/or its ability to raise additional finance, in order for it to continue operating for the foreseeable future, revenues are still falling, cashflow (apart from Mr Sella’s loan) is still solidly negative and profits came in at minus £2.2 million. It is grim reading indeed.


Cloudbuy – Smoke and Mirrors Trading Statement: SELL

2019-02-08 08:03:22

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) has offered up a trading statement for the year ended December 2018 and it seems that still not all of the garden is smelling of roses. Revenue was down by around 25% and although we are told of two opportunities which together would see the company reach cash-flow breakeven, we are not told when and we don’t know the likelihood of conversion to a contract.


Cloudbuy interims: “reach cash break even without further funding” – really?

2018-08-22 13:56:00

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (for years) online marketplace provider Cloudbuy has released its interims to June 2018. With a deadline of the end of next month to get the numbers out, it is encouraging to see results released over a month early – clearly the company thinks it has something to shout about after years and years of disappointment, but has it?


Cloudbuy – FY17 numbers are better (or less bad), but good enough to justify market cap?

2018-03-17 02:32:11

I just can’t help fearing for AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) and its shareholders. Here we are heading for two years after a £5.75 million rescue refinancing by Mr Roberto Sella and now post a further rescue refinancing last December (another £3.5 million committed, of which £1.7 million has been drawn) and I still wonder if the company will ever make any money. Yesterday morning we had its FY17 numbers: they are not as awful as the last lot, but it still look pretty bad.


Cloudbuy – warns on revenue, when will the cash run out?

2018-01-25 03:55:17

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) issued a trading statement yesterday in relation to the full year to December 2017. The good news is that bullshit earnings (EBITDA) will be broadly in line – ie a slight miss – at around half that of the previous year. The bad news is that revenues are below expectations. Uh-oh.


Cloudbuy – more borrowing from Sella as alternative to insolvency: SELL

2017-12-08 03:46:12

As predicted HERE, AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) has again run out of cash and proposes to take further loans from white knight Roberto Sella to keep the lights on. Obviously the company wants all of its shareholders to approve the proposed deal – why is why it has called an EGM for 27 December. I’m sure all shareholders will want to break off from Christmas celebrations to attend. Not!


Cloudbuy interims – losses being cut, but will it be enough?

2017-08-16 05:29:17

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) announced interims to June this morning. With the last tranche of rescue funding from Roberto Sella now drawn, and a 20% discount to any placing price still on offer it looks as though the company will have to pay its way pretty soon. The good news is increased revenue and falling admin expenses. But will it be enough?


Cloudbuy – last chance saloon as final tranche of funding is drawn, and a partial truth

2017-05-25 01:52:13

Sadly it looks as though AIM-listed Cloudbuy is entering the final chapter of its life as the last tranche of funding from white knight investor Roberto Sella has been drawn. The implied cash-burn suggests that in the absence of big-time delivery of revenues (something oft-promised, but never delivered so far) a crunch looms.


Cloudbuy – AGM statement: it’s jam tomorrow (honest, this time, guv’!)

2017-04-18 06:23:56

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) this morning issued an AGM statement which offered yet more jam tomorrow, even more jam next year but the only jam today is the one the company seems to be in.


Cloudbuy – still no sign of tomorrow's Hartleys but toast certainly on the menu.

2017-03-22 03:21:10

AIM-listed e-commerce play Cloudbuy (CBUY) released its full year numbers for calendar 2016 this morning. Having had a rescue refinancing last year and a change of strategy the question was always whether all the good news announced over the last few years would ever be converted into revenue. The bad news is that it hasn’t yet. By the way, as a general point to the company, if you are going to reference notes to the accounts in the RNS and don’t include those notes people will think you have something to hide. It looks poor.


Cloudbuy Trading Statement: no rush to buy

2016-12-21 08:44:04

Having announced on 2 December that it had drawn another £1 million from its secured funding package, leaving me wondering how long it would be before the company had to get out the begging bowl, AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) has at least delivered on its promise of a trading statement before the end of the year, if not yet the lorry-loads of Hartleys long overdue.


Cloudbuy – loan drawdown suggests cashburn still a problem

2016-12-04 02:47:39

Friday saw AIM-listed e-marketplace play Cloudbuy (CBUY) announce that it had drawn down a further £1 million under its funding package with 11% shareholder Mr Roberto Sella. This follows the original drawing of £3.3 million back in April under a funding package of up to £5.75 million. Unfortunately it seems that cashburn remains a problem, and one wonders how long the new £1 million (and the remaining £1.4 million available under the deal) will last before the company has to get out the begging bowl.


Cloudbuy – contract RNS, no financials (natch) and unlikely to change market expectations

2016-08-24 01:07:19

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow e-commerce platform provider Cloudbuy (CBUY) has announced another contract this morning. No financials were provided and we are told that the contract is “not expected to change market expectations”, yet the release was a full RNS. 


Cloudbuy Interims: more future Hartleys but will the cash last long enough?

2016-08-16 02:00:34

Following on from the release of its FY15 numbers two days ahead of the reporting deadline, AIM-listed e-commerce technology operator Cloudbuy has put out its interims to June in rather more expeditious fashion. Having previously noted the jam-tomorrow qualities to be had, is there any sign of the lorry-load of conserve on the horizon?


Cloudbuy – awful FY15 numbers

2016-06-28 02:37:59

Shares in AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) are off by 7% on publication of results for calendar 2015. They make dreadful reading.


Cloudbuy – Bravo for the transparency: full documents regarding finance package published

2016-04-12 06:23:03

I have been very critical of AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) of late, but in fairness there is much to praise after the company published on its website all the documentation in relation to the funding package announced with Mr Sella on 24 March 2016. It is a model of transparency, and the answers to my questions (HERE) are all to be found. The paperwork is HERE.  Other AIM-listed companies should take note.


Cloudbuy – GM Circular forces reward for failure down shareholders’ throats

2016-04-09 06:00:26

I had a few questions about the funding package which out-of-cash AIM-listed Cloudbuy announced on 31 March. The reward-for-failure options re-pricing already stuck in the throat (see HERE) but the GM circular really takes the biscuit. 


Cloudbuy – kitchen sink RNS. Buy or Bargepole? Part 3

2016-03-27 03:57:46

Looking through the lengthy RNS from AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) of last Thursday afternoon a few things caught my eye. I have already discussed the refinancing (HERE) and the repricing of director share options (HERE) but there is plenty more to look at. Here we consider the trading update, corporate governance and a few other matters.


Cloudbuy – kitchen sink RNS. Buy or Bargepole? Part 2 – refinancing

2016-03-26 03:02:13

I have already taken a look at the kitchen sink RNS of Thursday afternoon, issued by AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) an hour before the city packed up for Easter, with regard to re-priced options and concluded that we were looking at a reward for failure. There is much more to discuss from that RNS and here we look at the bailout refinancing which is proposed.


Cloudbuy – kitchen sink RNS. Buy or Bargepole? Part 1, reward for failure

2016-03-26 00:54:11

Thursday afternoon saw a packed RNS released by beleaguered AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) detailing all manner of news – far too much to cover in one article. I suppose that you can’t quite describe 3.32pm as no-one-is-watching o’clock, although it was less than an hour before the city knocked off for the Easter recess and one might imagine that most were packing their bags by then. Let’s start with the options.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Featuring Cloudbuy, Independent Oil & Gas, Legendary Investments, Pantheon Resources, Rurelec

2015-12-08 04:39:24

Featuring shares in Cloudbuy (CBUY), Independent Oil & Gas (IOG), Legendary Investments (LEG), Pantheon Resources (PANR) and Rurelec (RUR) with share price targets for all five stocks


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Cloudbuy, Forbidden Technologies, Great Western Mining

2015-10-23 01:19:32

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Cloudbuy, Forbidden Technologies, Great Western Mining and offer some share price targets.


Cloudbuy – Is this the reason former Nomad Westhouse quit?

2015-10-06 03:45:10

Reading through the Interims statement issued by AIM-listed (and now unsuspended after the formal appointment of Arden as the new Nomad) Cloudbuy (CBUY) a statement about the Australian operations caught my eye. The interims were released in mid-September, but refer to difficulties (and likelihood of termination) with the Aussie operations. But we have found evidence which suggests that this may have been well known to the company all the way back in early June. Is this why the former Nomad, Westhouse, resigned?


Cloudbuy – has the Chairman just defaulted on his loan to EFH?

2015-09-16 00:07:17

Our understanding of the small print of the ‘loan’ packages between AIM company directors and Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) is that there are clauses which would trigger a default in certain circumstances. These include non-payment of interest, failing to meet margin call payments and a suspension of trading for more than three days of the stock which has been handed over to EFH. AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) has been suspended since last Thursday, when the (now ex-) Nomad resigned with immediate effect. The suspension has just entered day four.


SCOOP! Cloudbuy – Arden set to become the new Nomad and Broker

2015-09-12 03:17:07

We gather that the Chairman of AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) has made a few new friends on LinkedIn – much needed after Westhouse Securities’ summary resignation as Nomad and Broker yesterday. Things are looking up, for Mr Duncan has picked up three amigos via LinkedIn who are at Arden. Our money is on this being the new Nomad and Broker.


Cloudbuy – Interims, suspension as Nomad resigns with immediate effect and what about EFH?

2015-09-11 06:30:10

A difficult few days, I fancy, over at Cloudbuy Towers. Last week Chairman Ronald Duncan had a margin call from Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) which prompted an RNS stating that Mr Duncan would settle in cash. Then on Wednesday of this week came an after-hours RNS stating that the Interims had been delayed. This morning AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) finally released those interims (which were not all that pretty) and then promptly followed up with the announcement that the Nomad had quit with immediate effect. Consequently the shares are now suspended. This has implications for Mr Duncan’s EFH package. It is hard to know where to start!


Cloudbuy – has Chairman Ronald Duncan’s EFH margin call finally been triggered? What now?

2015-09-02 04:52:13

Last year Ronald Duncan, Chairman of AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) did a deal involving a non-recourse sale and repurchase agreement with Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH), which was presented to the market so as to look like a loan. These deals typically have a margin call trigger written into the contract, and our understanding is that in this case the phone rings if the average closing mid-price over three days falls below 19.5p. As of yesterday’s close, that condition looks to have been met.


Has Equities First magnified extreme movements of Cloudbuy's share price?

2015-07-29 02:29:36

As revealed HERE by Tom Winnifrith, when the shares of Cloudbuy plc (CBUY) were tanking back in March of this year, Equities First Holdings LLC was selling the shares handed to it by Cloudbuy Chairman Ronald Duncan as part of his ‘loan’ deal. A margin-call trigger point of 19.5p (mid) was avoided by the tiniest margin – which could have seen him forced to walk from his deal, and thus lock in hefty profits for Equities First. The question at the time was how Equities First was contractually prohibited from going short, yet they were surely doing just that if they sold while they remained contractually obliged to hand back the shares at the end of the deal. I guess you’d have to be a very highly trained and expensive lawyer to understand why this is all absolutely fine.


Cloudbuy – deals, share price rockets and is EFH being fried?

2015-04-01 07:05:08

Noting Tom Winnifrith’s comments HERE that in the light of his revelation that Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) had dumped the whole of the 2.25 million shares handed over by Cloudbuy Chairman Ronald Duncan in the sale-and-repurchase loan arrangement, he hoped that Cloudbuy’s shares would absolutely ‘roof it’. Well they have.


The Equities First Holdings LLC Scandal – an open letter to the FCA and AIM Regulation

2015-03-29 09:52:02

Enough is enough. Tom Winnifrith’s revelation that EFH has dumped the entire holding of 2.25 million shares transferred to it by Cloudbuy (CBUY) Chairman Ronald Duncan is shocking. It makes a total mockery of the disclosure requirements demanded by the FCA and AIM Regulation and as such I have today written an open letter to the heads of those two bodies, Mr Marcus Stuttard and Mr Martin Wheatley.


Cloudbuy and the Equities First Holdings scandal – the EFH deceit starts to unravel

2015-03-27 01:53:33

I have always rather liked Ronald Duncan of Cloudbuy (CBUY) because he has the most excellent taste in music and is also a thoroughly decent man. I am sorry he got dragged into the Equities First Holdings mess and I put that down to naiveté and a desire to purchase a nice house not malice. I am thus delighted to report some breaking news which is good news for Ronald and Cloudbuy but opens up a whole new can of worms for EFH and a few other directors.


Cloudbuy – time to clarify as EFH default looms. Who will be next?

2015-03-26 01:22:58

Last year ShareProphets broke the scandal of AIM company directors taking loans from Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) and entering into sale-and-repurchase agreements over shares in their companies as collateral. There were various conditions which would trigger a default which required either the transfer of further shares or cash to EFH, or there was the option just to walk away. Within days the first of the AIM companies (Quindell) saw former boss, the insider dealer, Mr Robert Simon Terry walk away under the non-recourse terms – he kept the money. Now a second one is on the hook.


Equities First holdings LLP: is Cloudbuy the next victim?

2015-03-15 02:55:55

Last year ShareProphets broke the story of how Equities First Holdings LLP was doing stock loans to AIM listed companies whereby the stock was sold to EFH who were then themselves free to sell the stock into the market. Because these deals appear to have margin call clauses, substantial falls in the price of the stock can trigger a default. It may come as no surprise, then, that the share prices of the stocks concerned have not seen universally stellar performance.


Cloudbuy Profits Warning

2014-12-24 02:59:29

On Tues 23 December Cloudbuy issued a ‘Trading Update’ which, just by the timing of the announcement (Christmas Week) meant that it was unlikely to contain good news: as Tom Winnifrith has already pointed out, if it was good news it would have been rushed out in the previous week while everyone was still at their desks.


Cloudbuy chairman Ronald Duncan changes his mind on dodgy EFH “loan”

2014-11-27 07:09:50

Cloudbuy (CBUY) previously announced on 27 October 2014 that Chairman Ronald Duncan was taking a loan secured against ‘up to’ 4,500,000 shares in order to fund a house move. Then on 12 Nov 2014, in the teeth of the furore in the wake of being outed by Shareprophets that this was an Equities First deal, Cloudbuy ‘clarified’ that this ‘loan’ was in fact a sale and repurchase agreement  and that Mr Duncan intended to complete the transfer of the remaining 2.25 million shares to EFH. Now Cloudbuy has this morning announced that:


Cloudbuy & Westhouse (Nomad) and that Equities First Deal – About That Clarification

2014-11-14 01:48:25

I vented my spleen about Wednesday’s ‘clarification’ RNS regarding the Equities First Holdings ‘loan’ which turned out to be a ‘sale’ by Chairman Ronald Duncan - HERE. I have calmed down now, and cool analysis of what we were told raises yet more questions. Serious questions. We have not yet had a full disclosure.


Ronald Duncan, chairman of Cloudbuy & Nomad Westhouse: Just what the hell do you take us for?

2014-11-12 08:48:20

Ronald Duncan of Cloudbuy (CBUY) what a dog’s breakfast of an RNS you served up today. I have sold all my shares. Did you really think that following the Quindell model of ‘clarification’ over the Equities First deal which you originally described as a loan was a good idea?


Cloudbuy and Angle Directors Loans – a Plague on their shareholders houses?

2014-11-09 11:18:27

Following my articles on Friday and Saturday about Cloudbuy (CBUY) I kept on wondering if I was being a bit harsh. As a long-time supporter of Cloudbuy, and a shareholder – I wasn’t really doing myself any favours making bearish comments! But reading Tom Winnifrith’s pieces on Quindell Chairman Rob Terry’s dealings with Equities First rang a bell. I had to take a look…


Cloudbuy Replies

2014-11-08 05:24:12

In my article published on Friday I wondered aloud whether Director buying a week ago at Cloudbuy (CBUY) was insider dealing in the light of a big contract RNS earlier this week, or was the RNS a load of PR puffery wasting everybody’s time. I had emailed the company on Tuesday evening and by Thursday evening there was still no reply. Then out came the article on Friday and lo and behold I got an email back - from the company secretary, no less - within hours. Funny, that.


Cloudbuy – Contract RNS and Director Dealings

2014-11-07 00:23:27

I have long been a fan of Cloudbuy (CBUY) – an interesting idea looks set to go places. Operating in the B2B arena, Cloudbuy has developed a platform for B2B sales – think of it as a kind of Ebay for business and you get the picture.


Cloudbuy: at 50p our 100p price target could be conservative: Hanson Westhouse

2014-03-13 12:31:04

In the wake of the publication of 2013 results from Cloudbuy (CBUY) broker Hanson Westhouse has reiterated its but stance at 50p but warns that its 100p target could now “prove conservative.”


Broker Westhouse doubles its target price on Cloudbuy (at 49p) to 100p after Trading Statement

2014-01-27 08:54:02

Cloudbuy (CBUY) has this morning issued a bullish trading statement boasting of its “strongest pipeline ever”. House broker Westhouse has responded with a flash note doubling its target price to 100p and with the shares at 49p reiterating its buy stance.


Cloudbuy: Buy – Target 70p Zone While 45p Holds

2013-12-31 11:16:49

What was wrong with the name @UK? True it is the kind of thing that a Blairite politician like Trust Me Tony or Call Me Dave might come up with, but it had its superficial charm.

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