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BREAKING: Afren Shareholders seek crowdfunding to pursue directors in Court

I do not hold out much hope for this bunch and they should have heeded my oft repeated advice to sell their shares instead of insulting me. However it seems as if some Afren (AFR) shareholders want to fight on and nail the directors. In that - since I instinctively have no time for City fat cats I wish the Afren Legal Action Group (ALAG) the best of luck and if they can make the lives of directors who earned a fortune but failed, more miserable this Christmas that has to be a good thing don't you think? ALAG has written to its members thus: 


Afren Goes Bust! The Fat Lady Sings “It's tits up time lads”

Oh well you cannot say that you were not warned often enough on these pages. To the Bulletin Board Morons who abused us and said we did not know what we were talking about as we warned of impending doom, we say “enjoy poverty peasants” because it really is all over for Afren (AFR). And that is official, although no doubt on the LSE Asylum someone will spin news of administration as a buying signal for the shares.


Red Flags at Night - Afren postpones restructuring indefinitely as it discusses further funding

As predicted HERE the currently proposed restructuring of Afren is dead in the water. Given that the shares are already suspended from trading, I see absolutely no excuse for this announcement coming after-hours, at 4.31pm – see HERE - it is contemptable. The General Meeting scheduled for Friday and the Scheme Meeting scheduled for Wednesday of next week have both been adjourned until further notice.  

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