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Expose: AIM Casino listed Amur Minerals and the great director share buying spoof

On 17 April 2018 AIM wannabee miner Amur Minerals (AMC) announced to great fanfare a scheme whereby directors and other senior managers would collectively buy £5000 worth of shares a month for a year. At the time, wityh the shares at 4.5p to sell,  I wondered if it was a spoof. But as each monthly announcement of director share buying came out some folks were encouraged. Today, with the shares at 1.65p to sell, I demonstrate that this whole scheme was a spoof.


Amur - Pathetic spoof

After 16 years of missing targets and ongoing dilution, AIM listed Amur Minerals (AMC) is still nowhere near actually building its mine in Eastern Russia and still does not have a single institutional shareholder. The only folks who still believe in this stock are mug punter private investors and that means the only funding available is via bucket shops or death spirals. Right now it is the latter and hence the shares are in a steady retreat - right now just 4.5p to sell. At this rate, losing 1p a month, the shares will be trending towards zero by the summer so its time to panic and go into mega spoof.

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