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Bluebird at 2.5p worth 9.58p! Just a few caveats guv

Just a few caveats. Align Research is paid to pump out the research below. Align and its boss, Richard "nobody likes me and I don't care" Jennings own shed loads of shares in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), and the "analyst" is disgraced, journalist smearing, part time PR man, the vile and repellent Dr Michael Green. Dr Green should not be allowed to work in financial services after his crimes as an enabler of the fraud Sefton Resources (SER). Having said all of that, I too have an interest in these shares and reckon they are cheap. Are they worth 9.58p as the ludicrous Green suggests? Er no. But could they double? Yes. And the note below explains why.


My Gold Stocks, and Time To Revisit One I Let Go?

It has been a long year since the correction in Gold and Gold stocks set in. Back in August 2020, the yellow metal peaked at $2063, AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) at 6.4p, fully-listed Centamin (CEY) at 232p, Golden Prospect at 72.5p and my minnow explorer, Standard-Listed Panther Metals (PALM) reached a then peak of 13.75. Now their prices at $1787, 4.7p (plus a dividend of 0.35p on the way), 91.4p (plus two dividends totalling 7 US cents), 48.5p and 12.875p. Ouch!

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