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Ignore director spoof share purchases, fundamentals will out: ref Cake Box

Back in November of last year the CEO of Cake Box (CBOX) sold 3 million shares at 350p to mug fund managers. That means that over the past two years he has trousered £16.4 million at 170p and 350p. Lucky him. The company, which I have called out for months as a slam dunk car crash waiting to happen, has recently served up a horrific profit warning and its shares touched 90p. But then the CEO invested £250,000 at 121p and hey presto the shares are now 142p – more than halfway back to the pre-warning 180p level. This is absurd.


Cake Box Told y’all! Disastrous warning and it will get worse

Lucian Miers may have become a big fan of Cake Box’s (CBOX) egg-free mega calorie cream cakes but it seems that others are taking a different view. You have been repeatedly warned that this was a disaster in waiting and today there is a catastrophic profits warning and it is only going to get worse. How jolly glad the CEO and his Mrs who sold 3 million shares at 350 to poor dumb sheeple fund managers last November and 3.75 million 170p in September 2020 will be to have banked £16.88 million as the shares are now just 98p. And things will get worse.


Cake Box – “pleased to announce” trading update… what about those areas having been identified as needing improvement though?

“Trading Update” announcement from Cake Box Holdings (CBOX) commences that “the specialist retailer of fresh cream cakes, is pleased to announce a full year trading update for the 12 months ended 31 March 2022” and concludes that “with a strengthened team and investment in our operations and processes, we have all the right ingredients to continue to sustainably grow the Cake Box customer base, brand and Family”. So what of the announcement and a share price responding up to above 200p?...

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