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Challenger Acquisitions: the wheel of fortune turns as it recycles itself into waste to energy

It looks as though the fun is finally over at Cynical Bear’s favourite, Mark Gustafson’s Standard-listed Challeneger Acquisitions (CHAL) for this morning the shares in the carcass of failed Big Wheels were suspended pending an RTO. Quite what Cindrigo Energy thinks it is doing taking on up to £560,000 of Challenger’s creditors and overheads, plus the costs of the RTO I am less sure of.


Challenger Acquisitions: do you feel Lucky?

Cynical Bear had a great run following the shenanigans at Standard-Listed Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) as it failed to see its ‘wonder-investment’ in the New York Wheel generate anything other than massive losses and red faces all round. But things seem to have taken a turn for the better - at least in entertainment terms - following the arrival of that fine duo of Jonathan Tidswell and - perhaps Lucky Lord this time - George Lucan. If only the balance sheet wasn’t such a mess……


The Shocking Sub-Standard performance on deadline day

I don’t write as often about my Sub-Standard Shockers XI as monthly updates saying that nothing much has happened and most of them remain in suspension is pretty dull; however, with 30 April being a crucial day in many of their calendars I thought I would do a quick review of some of the drivel emanating from these Standard Listed entities.

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