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Clarkson Floats Into Higher Waters and the Share Price Could Rise with the Happier Tide

Hello, Share Cuddlers. August is a dead month for the kind of stock market news which causes a share to soar or crash. On the whole, values slowly decay. Not necessarily because companies are in trouble, but because volumes are low. And they're slow not for any interesting reason, but for the prosaic fact that many of the big traders have swapped their screens for a bucket and spade to keep their holidaying kids happy.


Clarkson is Top Gear if You're Hoping to Benefit from Any Boom in Ocean Transport

Hello, Share Creepers. Does the term ‘shipping’ annoy you as much as it does myself? This is the hateful American term for delivering something to us. So companies, which try to be trendy, charge us for ‘shipping’ when the merchandise comes in a Postman Pat van, and has never seen the sea. But let’s look at a company which does proper shipping.

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