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Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd and the Charlatan in Charge

In response to some dynamite exposes on Shareprophets about Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (COPL), the company released a bizarre RNS in which the sole executive, Arthur Millholland, dismissed his critics, mainly Tom Winnifrith, as snake oil salesmen and expressed “renewed confidence” about the future. Pots and kettles spring to mind here when Millholland’s track record is taken into consideration.


Canadian Overseas Petroleum Responds with hilarous & libellous smears about Tom Winnifrith and more deception of its sap investors

This is both hilarious and libellous. What Canadian (COPL) has said about me is untrue and defamatory, as its limp-dick advisors at PR Yellow Jersey know full well. However, it is what Canadian fails (again) to say that is critical. It is still deceiving its investors massively, and, thus, the smart money will use the spike it has created to add to its shorts.


BREAKING: Canadian Overseas Petroleum - the rule breaking and deception gets much worse - the FCA must act NOW

Yesterday, I exposed how Standard-Listed Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) misled and deceived investors, by hiding company-threatening matters from them in a final results RNS. But this is only the tip of the deception iceberg.  Canadian has been deceiving its shareholders for months and months. So, this scandal gets far worse, as I explain below. Surely the FCA has to act….

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