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CyanConnode – ‘a world leader with a growth fundraise’. Really?...

Describing itself as “a world leader in narrowband radio frequency smart mesh networks”, CyanConnode (CYAN) has announced new funding which it states “allow us to maintain momentum and win some of the large opportunities being presented to us” – and the shares have currently responded up to 16.5p. This though follows I previously questioning “solid progress” or continuing cash burn? (And what about the borrowings?!) with the shares falling below 21p in January. So what now?...


CyanConnode – argues share incentive ‘restructuring’ “effective and simpler”. How about exorbitant and shameful?...

CyanConnode (CYAN) has announced that, “following a review of executive director rewards and incentives, the Remuneration Committee of the company determined that certain existing share options were no longer fit for purpose as an incentive and should be replaced in order to make incentive arrangements both effective and simpler”. So what are the “restructuring of Share incentive arrangements”?...

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