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Eqtec – placing/Primary Bid offering Thursday, legal action announced today……..this stinks!

On Thursday last week AIM-listed Eqtec (EQT) announced a placing and PrimaryBid offering which raised £10 million at 0.45p, a 33.8% discount. That will have hurt existing shareholders, but not as much as the new shareholders who today woke up to learn that the company is in receipt of a filing of legal complaint alleging patent infringement in California from Aries Clean Energy LLC. And the two are unconnected?...


EQTEC – 2019 results & new broker appointment… I wonder why?...

EQTEC (EQT) Chairman Ian Pearson is “very pleased to introduce EQTEC Group's Final Results for 2019” and the “technology solution company for waste gasification to energy projects” is also “pleased to announce” the appointment of Arden Partners as its joint broker. Hmmm...


Unless actual contracts land quickly, Eqtec will soon be drowning in debt

Smaller companies often offer promises of imminent revenue streams which cause upward spikes in the share price, but for any longer term appreciation in value they need to actually deliver on the expectations of their shareholders. Currently that would definitely seem to be the case with Eqtec (EQT), which I have been bearish on since the share price was between 1.26p and up to 1.57p, and private investors in this gasification to energy company were quick to point out how wrong I was when there was a brief spike in the share price shortly after my initial coverage at the lower end of that range. So, it has really come as much of a surprise to me that the share price has steadily declined over the few months since then and it now trades at around the 0.84p level to buy...

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