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Eurasia Mining adopts formal dividend policy as I lay out bedroom etiquette policy to Cheryl Cole

It was two years and three placings ago that Eurasia Mining (EUA) first predicted on social media that it was on the point of paying a dividend. Now, three and a bit months after a potential bidder completed its due diligence on a bid for nearly all its assets there has been no offer, as yet, so Eurasia needs another ruse to keep its moronic shareholders happy.


Jam Tomorrow from the Brit, the Yank and the Irishman

I am all for patience when it comes to investing, but the forbearance of small retail investors when it comes to continual promises made and broken by small and disreputable companies never ceases to amaze. Amazon and Apple are two examples, often cited by dreamers, of plucky minnows which struggled for years before exploding into being behemoths. If they can do it, the thinking seems to be, why not anyone? Give them more time and money.


Letter to AIM Regulation – after two years might you pull your finger out on Eurasia Mining?

The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, led by the hapless poltroon Mr. Marcus Stuttard, the bogus Sheriff of AIM, like to claim that they have created the world’s most successful growth market. But the events of the past two years at Eurasia Mining (EUA) have shown that those who want to run rings around Marcus and the clowns who work for him don’t have to try too hard.  I have written to Marcus and his colleagues about the farce at Eurasia and the supposed bid talks. Enough is enough. Will AIM Regulation force a statement? The answer to that one may involve myself and Ms Cheryl Cole.

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