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Eurasia Mining shares still sliding – 2 questions it MUST answer now

On 4 December 2020 shares in Russia PGM promote Eurasia Mining (LSE:EUA) hit 40.55p and morons across the interweb, spurred on by fraudulent paid for research and also by blatant market abuse by Good Germans, pondered what colours their fleets of Ferraris would be painted. Today the shares are just 5p after dire finals earlier this week. There are two big questions Eurasia needs to answer:


Note to Eurasia owning morons – this is how due diligence works

It is now seven and a half months since the supposed purchaser of Eurasia Mining's (EUA) assets completed its due diligence.  There is still no bid.  Today, All Star Minerals (ASMO) - a penny stock of which I am no fan - shows how it is done. This is an easy lesson for the morons.


Eurasia – now about Dmitry Suschov, is he still on board?

It is now seven months and two days since the supposedly credible buyer of the assets of Eurasia Mining (EUA) completed its due diligence but still there has been no offer. How long can AIM allow this farce to continue?  A proper bidder makes a bid and formalises it as soon as DD is done! Meanwhile perhaps we might get clarification on M&A head honcho Dmitry Suschov.

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