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Ryanair talk and easyJet Easter travel fun

Maybe I will or maybe I won’t go on a plane this year as there are always plenty of other things to do in life. Based on number of historic trips, my favourite carrier remains easyJet (EZJ) but it is a good job I am not travelling with it today as “EasyJet cancels 100 flights due to Covid absences” – something I am sure all Easter travellers, across all airlines, are fully aware of. And this brings us to observations by its great peer and competitor Ryanair, which observed this morning that it “expects to report a pre-exceptional FY22 net loss of between -€350 million and -€400 million (previously guided range of -€250 million to -€450 million)”.


Keeping optimistic for 2022

Did you have a good start to the year yesterday? I had one or two excitements but as I did not enter 2022 with either (1) a bunch of bond holdings and/or (2) a bunch of technology sector positions, it was a great start to the year.


Will easyJet make a profit during its FY22?

The last day of a month always has a bit of market excitement, typically involving investors who fiddle around with their portfolio to ensure they are not too embarrassed when their end of the month portfolio is published. But there is more to think about this end of the month, with the headlines that the ‘Moderna chief predicts existing vaccines will struggle with Omicron’ having naturally induced a bit of (negative) excitements for the markets today. Hello the FTSE 100 lurking again at the c. 7,000 index point level. And then we also had the full year latest update from easyJet (EZJ)...

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