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Genflow – directors buy small but who is selling?

Almost 20% of the equity in Standard listed outfit Genflow Biosciences (GENF) is meant to be owned by convicted pump and dump fraudster Ron Bauer, a man currently facing 10 fresh charges and 85 years in jail when found guilty, and his “known associate” Adrian Beeston.  I say “meant to be”.


The most amazing bear dossier of the year so far - Hindenburg on Enochian (and the link to UK listed Genflow)

The dossier below from bear raiders Hindenburg is the stuff of movies. You could not make it up. It strikes me that Nasdaq listed Enochian (ENOB) is a zero as the man behind it, Serhat Gumrukcu, is a lifelong criminal now facing a possible death sentence in the US as he is charged with having a whistleblowing former associate murdered. There is a UK angle which I discuss in bearcast later, the unclear links between the CEO of Genflow Biosciences (GENF), Endochian, Dandrit Inc and Serhat.  Enjoy.


SHOCKING EXPOSE: What on earth were the FCA, Matt Lofgran and Disgraced Gavin Burnell thinking of dealing with Ron Bauer?

I suppose the criminal pump and dumper Ron Bauer might argue that it is he who has suffered reputational damage from dealing with Gavin Burnell of Globo (GBO) fraud infamy but a shocking new document has now come to light which begs massive questions for Burnell, Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra (NTOG) and indeed of the FCA.

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