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If You B&Q it, You may Possibly Enjoy a Higher-Flying Share Price

Hello Share Smashers. Kingfisher (KGF) is a wily old bird that knows how to make money. It owns B&Q, which has done rather well during the Covid crisis. People spending more time working from home want a nicer environment. So they’re spending the time saved on commuting doing up their pads.


Kingfisher has rising profits and hopes for Screwfix...but also falling B&Q sales

I said back in March about Kingfisher (KGF) that it ‘loves the rise and rise of DIYers’.  And you can see the impact on the share price over the last eight or so months, rising from well below 300p to over 350p.  But today the share is down over 4% at below 325p, and that is despite the company observing in its Q3 update today that it ‘continues to grow its market share, driven by strong execution of our new strategy’. So what is going on?


Kingfisher Benefits from Stay-at-Home DIY Boom and could Continue to Build when Covid's Gone

Hello, Share Pushers. I’ve not covered Kingfisher (KGF) before, if ever. But it’s hard to ignore that this company seems to have benefited from Covid - and could continue to do so once the virus has gone. It’s the stay-at-home DIY boom that has prompted its soaring sales. That and the fact that many of its 1800 stores have stayed open, in Blighty, anyway, because what they sell is deemed essential.

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