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LoopUp – how “material” a contract win and how’s the “strategic transition”?

“Material Contract Win; Business and Trading Update” announcement from LoopUp Group (LOOP) which emphasises a “Meetings: new material contract win expected to generate c.£10 million of revenue and c.£5 million of net cash in the 12 months from October 2022 to September 2023”. But isn’t the group supposed to be ‘transitioning’ from Meetings to 'Hybrid Communications' technology?


LoopUp – I having previously concluded my doubts remain, “Trading Statement”...

Previously writing on cloud communications platform group LoopUp (LOOP), in March with the shares at 86.5p I noted that my doubts remain. Today it has made a half-year trading update including that “in Cloud Telephony, we have seen a material acceleration in new customer wins”...but the shares have currently responded further lower, closer to 50p. So what’s going on?...


LoopUp Group – 2020 results. Do my doubts remain?...

LoopUp Group (LOOP) is “pleased to announce” 2020 results, including emphasising revenue up 18% on the prior year to £50.2 million, EBITDA up 239% to £15.3 million and development “into a broader cloud platform for premium external and specialist communications”. So what of a current share price response 18.5% higher to 86.5p?...

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