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Mirriad Advertising – interims arguing “well-placed to scale”. It fooling itself or trying to fool everyone else?

Describing itself as a “leading in-content advertising company” and stating it is “tracking strongly against the KPIs and are seeing a very clear acceleration of interest in the in-content format”, Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) has announced first half of 2022 results. So what of a 7.75p share price – down from a start of year 28p!?


Another dire warning from Mirriad – bonuses for what FFS? Sack the CEO Now, this is a disgrace!

The half year trading update from Mirriad Advertising (MIRI), out this morning, is truly appalling, and shows that those running the company are living in a parallel universe of self-entitlement. This company, which has never turned a cent of profit and whose revenues have always been less than your average East Midlands corner store, pays bonuses. Bonuses for what, FFS?


TV Ads Ain't What They Used to Be and this Company Could Prosper in a Rising Market

Hello Share Climbers. This old punter finds it both creepy and irritating the way advertisers invade my space with ever more sophisticated ways to know the sort of thing that might interest me. There are also companies that use artificial intelligence to appeal to viewers of films and TV shows. One such enterprising company is Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) and however much you might be annoyed by the way tv adverting becomes more effective, there’s no doubt that it’s a growing business.

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