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NuOil and Gas – asset so good it cannot give it away?!

NuOil & Gas (NUOG) has never failed to make me laugh and despair in equal measure.  Years of hot air and puff followed by placings. A new bright future (cough cough) was meant to be on the horizon as a cash shell backed by James Parsons and Marco Furmagalli. Unfortunately it would appear the one asset they had is so good it cannot even be given away!


NuOil and Gas– Mega dilution or oblivion? Shareholders choice.

NuOil & Gas (NUOG) has been a cornerstone of my crap quartet for some time and I read todays RNS with some delight. This company has caused me to write to the FCA / aim regulation more than any other company in recent years and the social media insults aimed in my direction from “long and strong” shareholders have been truly disgusting. I am sure the dilution to practical oblivion by James Parsons and Marco Furmagalli of Sound Energy (SOU) infamy is a richly deserved reward for those moron shareholders.

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