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The toxic legacy of David Bull – PCF Group stops lending today as it faces growing balance sheet crisis

Shares in PCF Group (PCF) closed 2020 at 30p. Less than three months later they were suspended at 24p as a black hole created by its then recently departed numbers man David Bull emerged. It has been downhill ever since and today’s latest dire update has seen them collapse by 33% to 1.5p. But a spread of 1p-2p suggests market makers know that there could be far worse to come. This is Bull’s fault. Who on earth would employ him now?


Things get even worse at PCF, another suspension looms and this is all the work of disgraced David Bull of the Supply@ME fraud

Having just managed to get its shares unsuspended, PCF Group (PCF) has today warned folks that they are likely to be suspended again. To have your shares suspended once may be understandable. But twice looks like carelessness and the man responsible is now a key figure in the Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Eight Capital Partners (ECP) fraud. Any quarter decent firm would have suspended David Bull months ago. But Supply & Eight promoted him instead.


PCF Group – interims further highlight mess left by David Bull (now of Eight Capital Partners and Supply@ME Capital infamy) & co

Business and consumer financing group PCF (PCF) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st March 2021 (at last!), noting “statutory profit after tax of £1.0 million” and it “pleased to announce” shares suspension lifting. What then of a share price response to 15p, 38% lower than previously?...

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