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Letter to AIM Regulation and the FCA regarding Marc Boyan and Reach4Entertainment

In yesterday’s bearcast, I explained why suggestions that Reach4Entertainment (R4E) CEO Marc Boyan was considering merging Reach with his private company Miroma should be investigated by the authorities.  Upon reflection, the scandal is potentially even larger than I originally thought. Notwithstanding the fact that two guests at my wedding (Messrs Wray & Yeoman), of which I shall be celebrating the 7th anniversary this coming weekend, are intimately involved with Reach and will be very pissed off with what I am doing, I have now written to the Oxymorons and the Chocolate Teapots and asked them to consider involving the Takeover Panel. The letter follows.


R4E – shareholder screwing by Wray, Potts & Management - reasons to despair of AIM No 67

On June 29 this year, just over a month ago, the management of Reach4Entertainment (R4E) told us that despite the lockdown of the London and New York theatres it serviced, it was sitting, as a result of prudent cash management, on net funds of £12 million – almost thrice the market cap. Today, 5 weeks later, we are told the company is leaving AIM and worse is to come. Shareholders, you are being screwed by management and big shareholders such as fund manager Katie Potts and Nigel Wray...


Reach4Entertainment – 2019 results, “confidence in the group's ability to withstand the current situation”...BUY

Live performance and entertainment marketing group Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results for the 2019 calendar year, including “confidence in the group's ability to withstand the current situation and… anticipates that when live venues finally reopen - at whatever capacity - the requirement to market shows should ensure that r4e quickly returns to previous levels of trading”...

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