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We know Sound Energy is worthless, but how soon will it go bust?

Pity those who bought shares in Sound Energy (SOU) at well over 80p at peak ramp. Luckily for him, the chief ramper James “Dracula” Parsons sold most of his stock while urging others to buy, as the shares now trade at just 1.11p to sell, valuing this company at £12.5 million, which is far too high. By about £12.5 million in fact.


Surely Sound Energy is a zero?

Okay most listed oil stocks are heading for zero. You don’t need the brains of Cheryl Cole, sorry I meant Lloyd George, to realise that ceteris paribus most of the sector is fecked.  But surely, Sound Energy (SOU), once valued at c£800 million, is toast and the last rites will be read soon.


Sound Energy – Now 179 shareholders demand the head of James Parsons

On Wednesday I revealed here how 174 shareholders in Sound Energy (SOU) had written to actong chairman Marco Famagalli with perfectly reasonable questions which he declined to answer because he views the peasants with contempt as you can see HERE. The group of livid owners of the company is now bigger, at 179 out of the money folks who Marco thinks are irksome oiks, and they have written again demanding the immediate sacking of ex boss the shameless ramper James Parsons. Thanks to Winnileaks I bring you that letter 

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