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A Giant Utility Ditching Retail Activity and Gas could Power into a Sparky Future

Hello Share Chasers. Once the Tories surged back into power, you might have expected companies previously threatened by nationalisation to enjoy a big jump in their share prices. Well, there was some improvement, but not exactly a big jump in most cases. So it’s possible that the utilities, for example, could see some more jolly share action before long...


Price provides information and incentives

The quote above was said to me by my Economics teacher at the state comprehensive school i attended many, many years ago.  It was probably the wisest sentence uttered to me during my formal education (besting even the wryly amusing comment by my microeconomics lecturer during my undergraduate studies that 'life is a trade-off problem') as it underpins the rationale for the market over any 'the collective knows best' alternatives.  

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