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Congratulations to Vast Resources - a hat trick of spoofs since May 3!

First there was the pledge by death spiral provider Atlas not to dump more shares which it, almost, immediately did into the massive share price rise its pledge created. Then came the idea that it had cleared its death spiral debt, with the buried deep in the release admission that it had taken out another. Spoof two! Now today Vast Resources (VAST) becomes a hat-trick hero in the AIM sewer hall of infamy.


UPDATED: Vast Resources repays 1 death spiral but buries news that it is taking out another death spiral – another spoof! And then Atlas weighs in - pure comedy

Vast Resources (VAST) is blessed with having the dumbest investors going.  They fell for the last spoof RNS which, in a just world, would see the issuers banned from the markets, and bid the (worthless) shares up to 2.4p. Today there is a new monster spoof and the shares are 56% up to 1.3p offering the bears another chance for a slam dunk free short.  The company says it has refinanced its Atlas death spiral leading the "marks" to assume that there is no more death spiral overhang. But buried at the bottom of the release is ????


Vast Resources, death spiral provider Atlas and Nomad Roland “Fatty Cornish” bring AIM into disrepute – letter to AIM Regulation

Today's shocking news is not evidence of illegal behaviour, I am told by a member of the death spiral community. I am not so sure. But investors were indeed deceived by Vast Resources (VAST), Atlas and Beaumont Cornish, which signed off on the May 3 release. The incident brings “the world’s most successful growth market” into disrepute, and I have written to Marcus Stuttard, the bogus Sheriff and head of the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, urging him to investigate possible illegality and to censure all those involved.

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