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Fancy a Dabble in the World's Biggest Advertiser, Now that Firms will need to Rebuild their Profiles?

Hello, Share Smashers. I’ve mentioned before a giant Footsie jumbo which began by making wire baskets. Somewhere along the line Martin Sorrell got interested and now the company is said to be the biggest advertising company in the world. It reached this point by using the latest technology to market top businesses. At least that’s what I think it’s all about as the ‘about us’ slot on its website makes little sense to this old thicko. What’s drawn my attention to this giant though is that analysts at Barclays discovered an unusual happenstance...


WPP shares are advertising a change in the market and a challenge for itself

In one of his shareholder letters, Warren Buffett talks about how instead of spending countless hours at his desk musing about investment opportunities, the results he had generated would have suggested much of his time would have been better spent sneaking off to the cinema. In a strange way, I kind of felt the same way recently as the Brexit talks rumbled on, the Pound went up and market rotation occurred...whilst I was sitting in a meeting room doing some broader civic duty whilst the net value of my pension fund powered forward…

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