More barking-mad spam from Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer, as she continues to flee justice and a 6 month jail term

Now describing herself as "the blonde", after the colour of hair dye she uses nowadays, Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer is struggling to persuade fund managers to attend her Greek conference. For the spam to her mailing list comes almost daily, and is increasingly insane.  Today's offering is a classic. Julie compares herself to Meghan Markle, driven out of Britain only by a hostile press. So, nothing to do with that six months in Holloway, then?


Caption Contest from senior AIM geologist in the field

Apparently the charmer below was discovered yesterday in a hut in the village where a senior AIM geologist is on site right now. I invite you, to consider what you see and supply a suitable caption for the photo in the comments section below. I shall kick off with:


Very Funny Alex Cartoon on WFH

Alex Masterley put his Telegraph cartoon out on twitter today so I guess it is already in the public domain and as it is rather funny and utterly offensive I commend it to your attention. Enjoy.


Justin the Clown no longer a director at Vox Markets – you alright, hun?

The last two filings at ailing Vox Markets, the company paid by others to ramp their shares, make for interesting reading. Before Christmas, we saw revised accounts for the year to August 31 2020, showing negative net tangible assets of c. £450,000 and negative net current assets of £581,000, up by nearly 50% on the year.  So, having corrected all the errors in its first filed accounts, Vox looked bust. I can’t wait for the 2021 accounts.  It gets worse.

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