Christmas Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest - can you beat this poltroon?

I doubt that this poster will be challenging the wonderful Rachel Riley on Countdown. If you are bored over the Christmas break and can't get enough thrills from watching my Great Aunt in the Sound of Music try to find any comment on any Bulletin Board more moronic than the one below, from the LSE asylum Supply@ME Capital (SYME thread natch. Post your entries in the comments section below. The deadline is midnight on Boxing Day.


The worst Economist in Town is The Economist

For many years the Economist magazine has been a rather, no very, tedious mouthpiece of the left leaning metropolitan establishment, but at least it pretended to understand economics. But I guess now even that pretence has gone.


Investment Week Heads For The EDGE Of Reason

There is an awards ceremony on Thursday of this week for the Investment Week Investment Company of the Year 2021. Black ties, coke and hookers will be at hand as the investment industry has a jolly but one finalist’s name really sticks out: Edge Performance VCT! It seems unbelievable that Investment Week would seek to reward failure in such an extravagant fashion, but look under VCT Specialist and there it is.


Vox Markets and the Companies House Filings - Has Justin the Clown been rumbled?

As you may recall, the business model of Vox Markets is that companies pay £15,000 a year to get interviewed by Justin the Clown who then asks the CEO whether he prefers Hob Nobs or Jaffa Cakes and whether his schlonger is ginormous or merely massive. The sort of AIM and Standard Listed companies that sign up, hope that such interviews can move the share price so allowing the next bailout placing. Maybe those companies have finally worked out that nobody takes the Clown seriuously and this business model is finally being rumbled. I see interesting filings at Companies House.

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