How British Shareholders are Missing a Trick for the Sake of a Few Quid.

Hello, Share Scudders. As the markets closed I take the liberty of reminding the non-subscribers on this legendary website that they’re missing a trick here. With most of us expecting a share surge once the crisis is in full retreat, there’ll be much share choosing going on. But we won’t take full advantage if we pick some wrong uns. I often pull out of shares because Uncle Tom or other keener analysts than I spot some horrible red flags which cannot be seen at first blush.


Boris Romps Home – but now what?

I had expected Boris to romp home as, rather with the Brexit Referendum, I sensed that there were a lot of very shy Tories out there and enough people would remember the Labour government of the 1970s which had to go cap-in-hand for a bailout from the IMF. Meanwhile the LibDem tactic of talking about cancelling Brexit and not much else backfired spectacularly and its erstwhile leader lost her seat. So Brexit is on the way, the Tories have a five-year term and life should improve. Above all, the Brexit deadlock is broken but now what?

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