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Letter to AIM Regulation – after two years might you pull your finger out on Eurasia Mining?

Published 14 hours ago

The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, led by the hapless poltroon Mr. Marcus Stuttard, the bogus Sheriff of AIM, like to claim that they have created the world’s most successful growth market. But the events of the past two years at Eurasia Mining (EUA) have shown that those who want to run rings around Marcus and the clowns who work for him don’t have to try too hard.  I have written to Marcus and his colleagues about the farce at Eurasia and the supposed bid talks. Enough is enough. Will AIM regulation force a statement? The answer to that one may involve myself and Ms Cheryl Cole.

Ariana – Oh No: Not More Good News!

Published 19 hours ago

AIM-listed Gold (and Silver) producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), has had a wonderful summer in terms of its Gold exploration activities with a stack of very promising drill results from across its portfolio which suggest good news to come next year. Gold and Gold stocks may have had a torrid time, but on the exploration front Ariana hasn’t been able to disappoint and this morning saw yet more good news from investee Venus Minerals in Cyprus.

URU Metals – Shares Crash 19% On No News. Why?

Published 2 days ago

I cannot help but notice that shares in AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) have crashed by 19% thus far today, on no news. Having called it a sell at 405p in August, a sell at  320p in September and a sell at 270p earlier this month, the stock is now down to 190p. Of course, it is still a sell but perhaps it is time for an early Ouzo as the shares have now more than halved.

Tern – Another (almost) Numberless Update. Still a SELL.

Published 2 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) has released a portfolio update this morning. Naturally the BBMs are pleased as punch but I fear that, once again, the company has borrowed the Adam Reynolds (who, for the avoidance of doubt, has nothing to do with Tern) keyboard, for there are no meaningful numbers to be found – and the few included are pitiful.

Of course there is no insider dealing in London and on AIM - just look at the Vast Resources 5 day chart

Published 3 days ago

Today, Vast Resources (VAST) served up its usual fare of bad news: project delays, financing set backs and death spirals ahoy. All the usual bad news but enough to send the shares crashing below 4p. And it was only two months ago when the company’s third rate joint broker Axis Capital raised it £1.76 million at 6.3p. Ouch. The shares were almost 5.5p last Monday but fell throughout the week to close Friday at 4.2p.

Nightcap and La Willingham – darling, it’s what you don’t say that matters! SMTM (or lack of it)

Published 3 days ago

Faced with a plunging share price since the “oversubscribed” placing and founder shareholder stock dump in May, what does Dragon’s Den “star” Sarah Willingham do for her NightCap (NGHT) baby.  First: panic. Second put out out a rushed trading statement with old news and missing out critical numbers.

EXPOSE: Guild Esports– was a £5.5 million cash payment to David Beckham not properly recorded in the interim accounts?

Published 5 days ago

On 30 June 2021, Guild Esports (GILD) published its interim financial statements for the six months ended 31 March 2021 which showed cash and cash equivalents of £15.86 million.  These interim financial statements were unaudited and unreviewed by their auditors.  However, they did state that they had been prepared in accordance with International Accounting Standard No 34. Hmmmm.

EXPOSE: Tern – I am Wrong About Device Authority. Really? Look at the hard numbers

Published 6 days ago

A correspondent writes that I am wrong to suggest that AIM-listed Tern’s (TERN) jewel-in-the-crown investment, Device Authority (DA) which on its own is apparently worth over half of Tern’s NAV, is in grave financial difficulty. Let’s look at what we do know – and, perhaps more importantly, what we don’t.

EXPOSE: Reabold Resources, aka Mark Knopfler – it’s taking the piss with US spoof, most misleading of announcements

Published 7 days ago

After the West Newton debacle Reabold Resources (RBD) is Mark Knopfler, that is to say it is in Dire Straits. Today it serves up news of a US deal which it headlines “Equity Exchange with Daybreak Oil and Gas – Creation of Enhanced California E&P Company.” This is surely a spoof. It is taking the piss. This is utterly misleading.

Expose for accounting geeks: Tern – what on earth is going on with regard to the valuation of the convertible loan note in Device Authority?

Published 9 days ago

Device Authority Limited states that it has filed abbreviated accounts because it qualifies as a small company which it is why it only files a balance sheet and selected notes. However, even based on the limited information provided we can see that AIM listed bag of puff Tern (TERN) is providing approximately 2/3rds of the current funding to Device Authority in terms of cumulative advances and accrued interest as shown below:

BREAKING: Tern – oopsadaisie: Just How Bust is Bust at Device Authority?

Published 12 days ago

Oh dear oh dear. AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern (TERN) principal investee Device Authority has just posted amended FY20 accounts at Companies House. Given that the original accounts were signed off back in January but not posted until 21 September 2021, that looks like carelessness – as do the missing Notes to the Accounts. And then there is an increased £4.6 million liability, apparently owed to nobody!

Gerry Brandon of Deepverge – who has been a very, very naughty boy then?

Published 13 days ago

The journalist trolling arse of a CEO, that is Gerry Brandon of Deepverge (DVRG), has already been exposed by this website for breaching AIM Rule 11 and misleading investors ahead of his last bailout placing. But today comes news that such deception has happened before. Gerry, you are a very naughty boy indeed and if you had a shred of integrity you’d be quitting in disgrace right now.

Ariana – Environmental Approval for Tavsan Gold/Silver Mine: another reason to buy

Published 14 days ago

AIM-listed Gold (and Silver) producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced this morning that the Turkish government has approved the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the Tavsan Mine – to be Ariana’s second Gold/Silver producer. This is great news and the market has responded by marking the shares up early-doors by 11% although they have settled back to 4.45p since.

Ariana – Big Developments at Venus Minerals

Published 15 days ago

AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), announced yesterday news of big developments at its 37.5% owned, rising to 50% later this year, investee Venus Minerals. Venus is on the cusp of signing up to a joint venture to bring the Apliki copper mine into production and plans to get its own listing in London for its shares by year-end – news of all of which was a pleasant surprise to me.

MyHealthChecked – now it ties up with paid for rampers SEAL Research – red flag alert

Published 16 days ago

Today we are told via RNS Reach “New Briefing Note from SEAL” on MyHealthChecked (MHC).  Sadly it is SEAL Research not Seal the popular singer, otherwise known as Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, or a whiskered fellow from London zoo as both of the would have more credibility than the paid for rampers taking centre stage today. It is SEAL that has issued the release and this is another big sell signal for MyHealthChecked. It is a red flag and I am glad to be out.

Bidstack – what is incremental revenue for a partner and what top line difference does it make to Bidstack?

Published 17 days ago

Another day and another RNS Reach from Bidstack (BIDS). An RNS Reach is an announcement that is not financially significant. But I wonder just how utterly insignificant it will prove to be.

EXPLOSIVE: Tintra – time for clarity around transactions with John Botros as sums fail to add up

Published 18 days ago

Is Tintra (TNT) about to reveal an almost £1 million gain on the disposal of its former subsidiary Market Access Limited in its interim accounts for the six months ended 31 July 2021? Natch that would excite bulletin board morons but for no reason at all. Indeed it would stink.

Sosandar – H1 Trading update looks good, but……

Published 21 days ago

AIM-listed ladies’ online fashionwear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) updated the market this morning with a highly positive trading update. Given that Tom Winnifrith was asking if a profit warning was due, this morning’s statement leaves one wondering if the Sheriff was wrong. Or was he?

Simec Atlantic about to be screwed by the rain sodden post industrial second world country that is Wales – this is a zero

Published 21 days ago

Peter Brailey has explained numerous times on this website why Simec Atlantic Energy (SAE) is a zero in waiting. Its technology is suspect. It is year away from ever generating cash in a best, wildly optimistic, scenario and it has some ludicrous mini bonds which it cannot hope to repay where repayment is coming up fast. But to add to its woes it is now going to be screwed by the Government of land which, by 30 yards, I call home, Wales.

How on earth does a broker not make money in this market? Ask the scumbags at bucket shop Novum!

Published 21 days ago

How on earth has any broker in London not managed to make out like a bandit, or should I say broker, during the past two years? It almost defies belief given how every company on earth seems to have done at least fund raise earning stacks of 5% commissions for the bandits. I mean brokers. But somehow the gutter dwellers at Novum Securities have managed to post another whopping loss as you can see below.

Ariana – Cyprus News from Venus

Published 22 days ago

AIM-listed Gold producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), has announced news from Venus Minerals, in which it is has a 37.5% stake rising to 50% later this year, regarding drilling results from Kokkinoyia in Cyprus.

EXPLOSIVE: Shame on Allenby Capital & Optiva – disgraceful float of Ben’s Creek, another US coal dog from colourful Adam Wilson

Published 22 days ago

If this rings any bells it should. Ben’s Creek Group PLC was only incorporated on 11 August 2021 with the “colourful” financier Adam Wilson of Daniel Stewart and Atlantic Carbon ( another US coal dog) infamy the driving force. Now it plans to raise £7 million valuing the shite within this company at £28 million. There is so much that I doubt Optiva and Allenby are telling mugs who are ponying up ahead of an AIM sewer listing in two weeks time.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - when's the profits warning from Sosandar & the tale of the unhappy young man

Published 22 days ago

I sart with the unhappy young man. Actually he is in his 40s. But it is a tale which, I suspect, is being replicated across the UK. It will trigger abrain drain as we go back to the 1970s. Then I discuss the scumbags at Abingdon Health (ABDX) screwing PIs ahead of an inevitable placing, I ask when Sosandar (SOS) will warn as it surely must, I look at share trades in the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) and what they mean and then ask what the xxxx (Matthew & dog please insert word) Luke Johnson is doing investing in the lifestyle business run by the upper class twit of the year that is Marechale Capital (MAC). I am sure it will do better as an investment than Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) but not that much better.

Abingdon Health after the corrupt deadwood press pump when’s the placing dump?

Published 23 days ago

I should have mentioned this in bearcast yesterday, the maths is clear and unchallengeable. Abingdon Health (ABDX), a company I warned you about at IPO as it was insolvent and the valuation absurd, is pumping its stock via the yellow journalists on the Daily Mail and the Telegraph ahead of a bailout placing. You know the score: mug punters overpay in the secondary market ahead of a placing at a vast discount to fund managers.

Deepverge Placees now 25% down in three months – AIM Regulation MUST act on pre bailout deception & rule breach

Published 24 days ago

It has been three months and ten days since places in a £10 million offering at 30p from AIM listed Deepverge (DVRG) got their stock. At mid they are now 25% down with the shares at 22.5p.  Folks who took part in the placing were misled by the company as to its trading position as it breached AIM Rule 11.  I have again written to AIM Regulation demanding that formal action be taken. That letter is below. Meanwhile should punters hang on?

All change at Big Sofa, I live in hope not faith

Published 24 days ago

There we were, just the other day, being told that Kirsty Fuller was not only the saviour of Big Sofa (BST) but would lead it to new glories and a trade sale next year. Er…no.

Financial Reporting Council launches probe into Crowe UK over Akazoo fraud – but what about Deloitte & InternetQ?

Published 24 days ago

My good pals at the FRC have today announced that it will be launching a full enquiry into the clean sign off given by audit firm Crowe UK into the accounts of the fraud Akazoo for the calendar years 2016, 2017 and 2018. You will remember that Gabriel Grego exposed this UK registered but Greek based and US listed company as a complete fraud in April 2020 and the SEC is now running a full probe. But … the FRC needs to go further.

URU Metals – Still Sliding, Still One to Sell

Published 25 days ago

When I commented on AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) at the end of August, following the “disposal” of its Zebediela nickel asset to TSX-V listed cash shell (with no cash) Blue Rhino, now Zeb Nickel (TSX-V:ZBNI) the shares were 405p and I said sell as it was an accident waiting to happen. By mid-September they were down to 320p and I still said sell. Now, following after-hours full year results to March, slipped out at no-one-is-watching o’clock on deadline day (never a good sign) – and showing it had net current assets of MINUS $1.5 million – the shares are down again, to 270p – and in my view they are still monstrously overvalued and a sell.

Letter to AIM Regulation re Mercantile Ports & Logistics – did it mislead investors in placing?

Published 27 days ago

It should not be me contacting the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation about this it should be Nomad and broker Cenkos Securities and Primary Bid which raised money at 0.45p per share on August 19, putting their clients into this serial dog. Indeed, Lagos Securities should be considering whether, in light of today’s share suspension, it can continue to act as Nomad for Mercantile Ports and Logistics (MPL). I believe that should be resigning at once. I have written to the Oxymorons as you can see below.

Lyin' Chris Cleverly’s Block Commodities booted off Aquis Lobster pot – but what is rule 5.2 which it breached?

Published 27 days ago

As African Potash (AFPO) this company was booted off the AIM Casino after its Nomad quid when discovering – thanks to me – that the company had told grotesque lies to get placings away, it had committed fraud. Chris Cleverley, cousin of leading Tory James who is no longer claiming he wants to buy West Ham, then took Potash to the Aquis lobster pot, changed its name to Block Commodities (BLCC) and carried on telling lies to investors for which the company was censured and fined, after I pointed this out to regulators. Could it get any worse? You bet.

Mercantile Ports & Logistics shares suspended - will Primary Bid finally admit it goofed?

Published 27 days ago

I keep being promised a call from the chimpanzees that claim to manage Primary Bid explaining why it was prepared to raise cash for Mercantile Ports & Logistics (MPL)  at 0.45p on 19 August. Here we are, just six weeks later, and the shares have been suspended at 0.3p to sell. At this point will Primary Bid finally accept that its due diligence process for client take on needs a dramatic overhaul.

Red Flags at Night: URU Metals (yet again….) Slips out Dodgy Results at 5.35pm

Published 27 days ago

AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) – the firm which prefers to mine its own shareholders rather than anything in the ground, according to Cynical Bear – slipped out its full year results to March last night at 5.35pm on deadline day. Truly, this is no-one-is-watching o’clock, but ShareProphets was watching and the numbers are – again – horrendous.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a day for ouzo on my fecking cornflakes, lunchtime sandwich and evening pasta and salad

Published 27 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at a raft of utter triumphs for me as a bear: Rosslyn Data (RDT) – no longer run by a former pornographer – Supply@ME Capital (FRAUD), Chill Brands (CHLL), Braveheart Investment Management (BRH) and Parsley Box (PUKE).

Ariana – First Investment by Asgaard…..Into Panther!

Published 28 days ago

This morning’s announcement from AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) and Standard-listed Panther Metals (PALM) rather took me by surprise. Having understood that the two outfits, one with Kerim Sener as CEO, the other with him as Chairman, would not get intertwined, we learned this morning that Ariana is to invest, via a maiden investment by the Asgard Metals Fund, into Panther Metals Limited, the to-be-floated Australian wing of Panther Metals.

VINDICATED AGAIN: Parsley Box – the third warning in 6 months, this IPO puke tastes vile

Published 28 days ago

It was just 23 days ago when Parsley Box (MEAL) issued its second profits warning since 200p a share IPO on March 31. I warned things would get worse but the savant of our own comments section PierotLunaire boasted as pompously as ever that he was set to complete his due diligence by tasting a mail order meal from the firm before joining his City fund manager chums on the shareholder list and filling his patrician boots at 117.5p. Of course the fund managers and PL always know better than old Tom.  Today the shares are 64p after yet another warning!

Rurelec – Interims Paint a Dreadful Picture: SELL

Published 28 days ago

AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR) has been an untold disaster on AIM. Having ditched the Peter Earl regime, the directors who somehow managed to keep this crock afloat have now left and the outlook is truly grim.

Advanced Oncotherapy – Diabolical Interims as Market is Softened up for Delay to First Operational LIGHT System

Published 28 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy has announced its interims to June: the numbers are predictably dreadful but the killer is surely the indication of a delay to the completion of the company’s first proton therapy LIGHT system.

Eden Research interims scarred by Covid, Brexit and that fecker Tom Winnifrith

Published 30 days ago

For 17 years I have been pointing out the lies and frauds committed by Eden Research (EDEN). I could paper my bedroom with the lawyers letters it and its partner in crime 3DM (now in administration, having blown £65 million of other folks cash, sent me). I could paper another few rooms with the online harassment I received from the 3Dimmers, whipped up by shamed promoters Old Mother Mike Walters and Johnny “the Rat” Townsend. Here we are and I am still on the case although how the regulators have allowed this farce to continue for so long really does cause me to despair. Retained losses now stand at £40 million!

SHOCKING ANALYSIS: Tiger Royalties another Colin Bird related party nest of snakes reports interims & a dire update - crisis looming by April

Published 30 days ago

Running an investment company should cost peanuts, especially when its portfolio is tiny. Yet with a portfolio now worth just over£1 million, the Colin Bird run Tiger Royalties has just ‘fessed that in the first half of 2021 its running costs were £148,204.  If you are spunking £300,000 a year running a portfolio of c£1 million then even Warren Buffett (23% a year) would eventually go bust. And Colin Bird is no Warren Buffett.

BOMBSHELL LITANY OF LIES: Tern – Shocking, Shocking, Shocking. Lucian Miers is Bang on Correct: Sell, Sell, Sell

Published 33 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) has a history of not keeping its own investors abreast of what is going on going almost all the way back to when Tern was formed out of the wreckage that was Silvermere Energy back in 2013. An eight year history of deceiving investors?

Time for UK Oil & Gas and Lyin' Steve Sanderson to fess up on Turkey - twitter storm brewing

Published 35 days ago

The twitter account @OutSanderson which wants to remove the grossly overpaid Lyin’ Steve Sanderson from his post as boss of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) claims to have got hold of a series of photos from Basur in Turkey showing that on the ground nothing is happening. We were told after the most recent drilling failure that seismic would be shot in August before another sidetrack well is drilled. One tweet in this series is below. Perhaps Lyin’ Steve might update investors with a formal RNS on how much of a Turkey his Basur operations are and what, if anything,is happening on the ground.

Igas – Diabolical Interims and Technically Insolvent: What’s Not to Like?

Published 36 days ago

AIM-listed Igas Energy (IGAS) has reported its interim numbers to June 30 2021 this morning and despite tables covering EBITDA (bullshit earnings), adjusted EBITDA (double bullshit earnings), underlying cash operating costs (more bullshit earnings) and operating cashflow numbers (yet more BS) the bottom line shows that Igas lost another whopping amount and the balance sheet shows that it was technically insolvent. If this isn’t another trainwreck in the making then I’m a banana (to borrow a phrase from Ian Hislop).

Letter to AIM Regulation re Deepverge PLC – clear breach of Rule 11 ahead of bailout placing, public censures needed

Published 37 days ago

This should be an open and shut case and, if only pour encourager les autres, Deepverge PLC (DVRG), its Nomad SPARK Advisory and its journalist trolling arse of a CEO Gerry Brandon should be served up with a severe public censure. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation below.

So farewell then Plutus Powergen – booted off AIM, no cash, no deal and that the Fat Lady I see coming this way?

Published 37 days ago

Well you cannot say that I did not warn you all that this would end in tears. Naturally, some Bulletin Board savants knew better than the Sheriff of AIM and heaped abuse on me in all the usual ways. Oh dear savants, you have lost all your money. Enjoy the poverty that lies ahead. Have you told your Mrs that Christmas is cancelled yet? For me, it has been fun while it lasted. No doubt Cynical Bear is, like me, enjoying ouzo on his cornflakes today as it was he who first alerted us all to the scallywags Charles Tatnall and James Longley who brought us Plutus and a raft of Standard list dogs which kept on lending each other money they could never repay. But today Plutus Powergen (PPG) has been booted off AIM. Hello: is that the Fat Lady I see rushing towards us? Nope. I think it is just my mother-in-law but you don’t want to mess with her either.

Tern – Ramparoonie RNS!

Published 37 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced a contract for investee Wyld Networks AB (listed on the Nasdaq First Growth market in Stockholm). Woopiedoo! Or is it?

Haydale – Ouzo on Cornflakes as Placing at just 6p announced

Published 37 days ago

In my last piece on AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) at the beginning of this month I discussed a ramparoonie RNS revealing an undeclared related party and a tin-pot organisation casting a very different light on matters as presented by the company. What was the point? Of course – it was a pre-placing ramp and this morning it was time for Ouzo on cornflakes as Haydale revealed a fundraise at just 6p per share. That, against a peak last week of 7.55p.

Union Jack – is there an undeclared related party here?

Published 38 days ago

I stand by my comments over the weekend on the strategy and possible placing at Union Jack Oil (UJO) which I forced it to ‘fess up to on Friday. I am not a happy bunny. But there is another thing that rather frustrates me.

URU Metals – The Slide Continues: Keep Selling!

Published 38 days ago

I cannot help notice that John Zorbas’ AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) continues to slide. At the end of July I noted that the shares, then at 405p, seemed to represent over-valuation to the point of madness. By the end of August the shine had started to come off with the stock at 390p. Now they are 320p – and still monstrously overvalued.

Rurelec – More on that Turbine Sale……it’s a small world!

Published 41 days ago

I commented yesterday on AIM-listed Rurelec’s (RUR) after-hours FY results which were slipped out at no-one-is-watching o’clock on Wednesday whilst Boris was announcing his cabinet reshuffle (a good time to bury bad news). But there are some details worth looking at – for a start, the involvement of former boss Peter Earl, who ran the company into the ground before he was shown the door.

Union Jack Oil - £5m placing underway with Shard running book?

Published 41 days ago

This is the market rumour. Shard rather than the listed broker the fraudster’s pals SP Angel is apparently running the book. I have given the company the opportunity to deny it but it seems to have declined that opportunity. Apparently much of the cash is for an acquisition the rest for general corporate purposes yak yak yak. Given the broker apparently in charge…

Rurelec – Slips out an after-Hours FY Result and it is predictably dreadful

Published 41 days ago

Last night at 5.20pm AIM-listed Rurelec slipped out its full year results to December 31 2020. Given that its previous team of directors slipped out of the door since period end, the evening of Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle looks like a good time to bury bad news.

Anglesey Mining – Following FY21 Results, Today We Get….er…..FY21 Results!

Published 50 days ago

On 3 September AIM-listed Angelsey Mining (AYM) released predictably horrid full year results to March 2021. This morning it has graced the market with an RNS entitled Financial Results and way Forward. Confused? I was……until I realised this morning’s missive didn’t include the full results!

Trafalgar Property – Another Dismal Set of Results from Housebuilder specialising in losses during a Housing Boom

Published 51 days ago

Yet again AIM-listed Trafalgar Property has posted calamitous results in a housing boom, describing the year to March 2021 as “disappointing”, blaming Covid-19 natch. It boasts negative net current assets, negative net assets and it is of no surprise that the auditors saw fit to offer warning of a material uncertainty when it came to signing it off as a Going Concern. What’s not to like?

BREAKING EXPOSE: Haydale – Another RNS Reach Ramparoonie, This Time With a Piffling Undeclared Related Party

Published 52 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has announced a Memorandum of Understanding with a company called Viritech Limited via and RNS Reach this morning. Of course, and RNS Reach is not a full RNS and should be treated more as marketing material, certainly with no implied financial impact. A trip to Companies House shows us why……

Advanced Oncotherapy – Delayed Subscription Proceeds, Uh-Oh……

Published 54 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced yesterday, Friday 3rd September, that funds due in to settle the subscription announced back on 11th August would not be arriving in full for up to an additional two weeks. Yet on 31 August – just three days previously – the subscription shares were due to be issued on Friday. Hmm.

Bidstack Interims – the true horror emerges (the broker lied)

Published 56 days ago

Back in April and May of this year, I suggested that serial dog Bidstack (BIDS) was running on vapours. One investor I know put this to the company’s broker who assured him that the company did not need to raise for many, many months and that I was talking shite. Today Bidstack has published its results for the six months to June 30 and guess what?

Advanced Oncotherapy – ‘Fesses Up at No-One-Is-Watching O’clock, BUT It Is Still Wrong!

Published 57 days ago

Back on August 17th I pointed out that according to AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy’s FY20 Annual Report, all the warrants exercisable at 25p issued back in July 2017 should have expired. Yet the night before, after-hours, the company had announced the exercise of 500,000 of those warrants. Last night the company slipped out an explanation at 6.14pm in its Result of GM announcement.

URU – Is Reality Starting to Bite? Not Enough!

Published 62 days ago

I noted the other day that AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) seemed to be an accident waiting to happen. With a boat-load of death spiral shares and warrants to come at 85p against a then share price of 405p, that was surely enough of a Red Flag, but with its main asset now held in TSXV-listed ZEB Nickel (ZBNI) following a “disposal” which was not really a disposal, whose shares (of which URU holds 41 million of, but mostly held in escrow) and ZEB’s shares sliding alarmingly since the suspension was lifted, the Red Flags were certainly fluttering wildly in the wind.

Salt Lake Potash – CEO is "resigned" and it gets worse, much worse

Published 62 days ago

I always took the view that Salt Lake Potash (SO4) was an over-pumped promote, touted as the next big thing by the likes of Alan Green and the scumbags at Vox markets and that its CEO Tony Swiericzuk was an arrogant and monstrously overpaid ( A$2.2 million last year) prick. As if there were not enough red flags…

Eurasia Mining – surely time for a sale update as shares continue to slide

Published 62 days ago

After the longest formal sales process in UK stockmarket history (315 days), Eurasia Mining (EUA) announced on May 14 that it had received no actual bid. But at least the hope of one had allowed it to get a bailout placing away at 22p, notwithstanding pledges months previously that it would be paying dividends. Then what happened?

Ariana – New Targets and The Great ShareProphets Duel!

Published 62 days ago

It was a fight to the death – well, not really for ShareProphets readers are far too civilised for that. In the blue corner we had Putneywill thinking that the massively long-awaited special dividend from Ariana Resources (AAU) would see the shares tick down by less than the dividend when it finally arrived. In the red corner we had Pierotlunaire arguing that it would not – and a bet ensued, with ShareProphets’ favourite charity Woodlarks the winner. The stats say there was a winner – but this is ShareProphets, where our readers operate by different standards, and it seems that in the end Woodlarks won one and a half times over.

Letter to AIM Regulation – MyHealthChecked Breach of Rules 10 & 11, request for formal censure & clarifying RNS asap

Published 63 days ago

Earlier today, I broke the news that MyHealthChecked (MHC) where I am, of course, a loyal shareholder is now selling its covid tests via Lloyds Pharmacies. We do not know if it is just online or in any or all of the company’s 1400 stores but this is clearly material. MyHealthchecked has announced nothing. At one point earlier, the shares were up 38%. My job as a journalist is to break news which I did. I will not trade any shares until the company comes clean and probably not even then. The company’s duties under AIM listing rules include maintaining an orderly market in its shares. It has failed in that. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation demanding an enquiry and a statement.

Verditek Interims – Timber! Ponzi Bond at risk

Published 63 days ago

It is only two weeks since Crowd For Angels, the world’s worst crowdfunding firm, closed its failed attempt to raise £500,000 for the serial liars at Verditek (VDTK) and now we get interims which tell you that, by Christmas, those fools lured by Richard “Gollum” Gill’s grotesquely misleading financial promotions into backing the bond will be at risk. These numbers are a disaster for the company led by Tory toff Lord Willetts. Insolvency beckons.

Block Energy – Management Comes Out Fighting as EGM 2 Approaches

Published 63 days ago

When I last looked at the ongoing shenanigans at AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE), the rebels had lost their first attempt to get their own way at the requisitioned EGM failed to support their attempts to remove Block Energy’s Chairman. As the second requisitioned EGM approached (next Wednesday), the rebels, whose behaviour in light of their track record is questionable as I revealed here, attempted to move the goalposts by offering to pay for the requisitioned forensic investigation into the company’s affairs. Now the sitting board had come out fighting: grab your beer and popcorn, and read on…..

Cloudbreak Makes Another Discovery About How to Rip Off Shareholders

Published 64 days ago

Sub-Standard-Listed Cloudbreak Discovery (CDL), which rushed its way onto the Standard List  only in June as Imperial X (IMPP) before it had even managed to change its name amid a forest of Red Flags, has announced an industrial trough-load of options for directors, PMDRs and other staff. Its nice to be valued, but what about the shareholders?

Tern – It’s a Wyld, Wyld World

Published 64 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced that its one listed investee (on the tin-pot Nasdaq First North market in Stockholm) Wyld Networks AB (WYLD) has raised SEK 12 million (approx. £1 million) in the form of a loan from Formue Nord Fokus A/S. That’s all very well, but…..

Prospex Energy– caught between a rock and hard place

Published 65 days ago

The writers on this website have warned folks that Prospex Energy (PXEN) is a dog with fleas so I hope that none of our readers are invested in it. But for those who are unlucky and unwise enough to own the shares (because, as ever, they always know better than those tossers at ShareProphets), there is now an unenviable choice of management.

Mediazest – Trading Statement…..Why Now? Er…'s the cash, stupid!

Published 65 days ago

The last time I commented on AIM-listed Mediazest (MDZ) in May, having previously noted a balance sheet calamity, I called for a statement from the company regarding its chairman, Mr Lance O’Neill and his relationship with Claremont Capital Assets Limited (CCAL) as a related party.Needless to say, we’ve heard nothing from the company about that. This morning, however, we have a trading statement. Given that its next reporting period end is September 30th, one has to wonder why….until you consider its car-crash of a balance sheet. I suggest this is all leading up to a bucket shop special.

The Versarien ramping - more emails published thanks to Winnileaks “China thinks Neill Ricketts is a God”

Published 66 days ago

Another cache of emails have been delivered to Winnileaks regarding the activities of the ex copper who uses private chatrooms where folks discuss having me killed, Mr Graham Wood. As we know from previous articles, Wood is a close confidante of the loathsome Neill Ricketts, of stock-market promotion Versarien (VRS) infamy.

Upper Class twit Mark Warde-Norbury’s Marechale announces results so bogus even the auditors question if they are a joke

Published 66 days ago

This is even funnier than when Henry Fotheringham-Stanley tripped over his polo stick and landed in the lap of the Duchess of Westmoreland. Spiffing chaps like Mark Warde-Norbury, the upper class twit chairman of joke corporate advisory firm Marechale Capital (MAC), do know how to have a jolly amusing time don’t they? Marechale has announced its results for the year to 30 April. Oh, I say, what a hoot.

John Zorbas Vehicle URU Metals – Where Are We Now? Do the Maths……

Published 67 days ago

It has been a busy few weeks for AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU). The “sale” of its Zebediela nickel project in South Africa to Toronto Venture Exchange listed (lack-of) cash shell Blue Rhino (RHNO), now renamed ZEB Nickel (ZBNI) has completed, with Zeb having raised some cash along the way. But it seems that the Toronto market is less than impressed.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: This gotcha is for my late Uncle Christopher Booker

Published 67 days ago

So we start with the corporate demise of sleazy ex Tory MP Tim Yeo. Here’s hoping that bankruptcy and complete humiliation follow on soon. It seems our resident in-house cheerleader for the establishment, PL, thinks that sleazy Tim should hang onto his shares in Powerhouse Energy (PHE). I explain exactly why he should not.

Gotcha: Sleazy ex Tory Minister Tim Yeo “resigned” from Powerhouse but the statement is a lie

Published 68 days ago

Maybe, under mounting pressure from myself and others, the regulators have finally forced the hand of Powerhouse Energy (PHE) because at 3.11 PM yesterday it was announced that its chairman, sleazy ex Tory MP Tim Yeo, had “been resigned”. The statement issued was, needless to say, a lie.

Remote Monitored Systems: Indian mega spoof, announcing the same thing twice with more lies: when is the placing?

Published 69 days ago

Having already admitted that it was going to run out of cash, the only questions are when will shamed Remote Monitored Solutions (RMS) do a placing and how massive a discount will the bucket shop spivs demand to get it away? To that end one can expect a stream of ramptastic RNS announcements using the Adam Reynolds keyboard and which often contain lies. Here is the first one today and it seems to have got the morons creaming themselves with joy even though this is, in fact, Remote announcing the same thing for a second time. If you needed evidence of just how dim shareholders in this company are….

Open letter to Primary Bid - have you no shame at all? Ref Mercantile Ports

Published 69 days ago

Tonight’s offer from Primary Bid is Mercantile Ports (MPL) at 0.45p. If you register for Primary Bid through us (and please do so here), we earn a small fee each time you take part in an offer. Notwithstanding that, I suggest you do not take up this offer. This is a bargepole stock, a company that should have been slung off AIM years ago as it is a disgrace to capitalism. I have written to Primary Bid.

Ariana – Yet More Drilling Results!

Published 69 days ago

AIM-listed Gold and Silver producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has released yet another round of drilling results – this time from the Karakavak area of the Kiziltepe sector. It does seem that the joint venture with Proccea and Ozaltin, of which Ariana owns 23.5%, is going flat out to prove up more resource for the Kiziltepe mine.

Block Energy – More Rumblings From Rebels

Published 70 days ago

Not satisfied with having lost the first requisitioned EGM, where shareholders in AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) were invited to sack the chairman and replace him with the one remaining NED, the rebels have another requisitioned EGM for shareholders to consider appointing one of the big four accounting firms to conduct a full forensic. This will, of course, be expensive – and having lost round one the rebels have made a seemingly helpful suggestion.

Rurelec – Departure of Director Simon Morris: Is The Beginning of The End?

Published 70 days ago

AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR) remains in deep trouble so many years on from the ousting of former leadership under Peter Earl, the latest problems having been covered HERE. In fact, as I have said many times, I am amazed it is still going at all. But yesterday it released news which I fear may spell the final curtain.

Ariana – Ouzo on Cornflakes Day as Dividend Declared (At Long Last): Hooray!

Published 71 days ago

AIM-listed Gold and Silver producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU) has finally declared the first part of the special dividend resulting from the part-sale of its Turkish assets to Ozaltin and Proccea as part of a three-way joint venture. This has been a painfully long time coming, but we now know that 0.35p per share will be paid up by 26 September, with an ex-dividend date of 26 August (ie next Thursday).

Tern – More Cash Rolled Into Jam-Tomorrow Portfolio

Published 72 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced a portfolio update…..and that it has piled another £630,000 into its portfolio. But that seems to be about the only number offered.

Remote Monitored Systems AGM statement – the lies and the delays, gosh this is a disaster

Published 72 days ago

It really is almost impossible to know where to start with today’s AGM statement from the disaster that is Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). It is long and wordy and I am afraid contains a blatant lie. But cutting through the waffle…

BREAKING: Red Flags at Night: Advanced Oncotherapy Warrant Conversion is this an illegitimate free £75,000 for someone?

Published 72 days ago

Here is an odd thing: last night, after hours at 4.48pm, AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced that someone had issued an exercise notice in respect of 500,000 warrants issued back in July 2017 to subscribe for ordinary shares at 25p. Application to admit the shares has been made and admission is expected on or around August 20th. So what, you might ask. And that brings me to Advanced’s Annual Report for FY20.

Ariana – Yet More Drilling Results, Now From Arzu South: BUY

Published 72 days ago

Another day, another set of very promising drilling results from Gold and Silver miner in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU). This time it relates to Arzu South, the highest grade pit around the Kiziltepe processing plant, which was mined to depletion until the company started digging even lower only to find more gold. This is very good news.

Block Energy – Rebels Lose Round One but Keep Beer and Popcorn to Hand

Published 76 days ago

The first of two EGM’s requisitioned by rebels at AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) saw the Chairman, Philip Dimmock, see off resolutions to give him the boot and appoint independent NED Charles Valceschini in his place.  In the meantime, the company has appointed a new NED in the form of Jeremy Asher, current chairman of fellow Casino listed Tower Resources (TRP).

Ariana – Don’t Tell my Risk Management Compliance Officer…..

Published 76 days ago

In my update of Wednesday on AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) and its latest drilling update I was kicking myself for not buying on Tuesday after the drop to just 4.4p – but still was sorely tempted at the then (mid-) price of 4.65p. My biggest issue, given that I already have far too many of these shares, is one of risk management although I am also very mindful of the current weakness of gold miners.

Spiv Trevor Brown takes the piss at Braveheart, does discounted placing AFTER £4m of share dumps

Published 76 days ago

This will come as a bit of a shock to France’s Warren Buffett – Braveheart Investment Group (BRH) run by spiv pump and dumper Trevor Brown has raised £2.5 million via Peterhouse at just 18p. Wowzer. This stinks to high heaven. Shame on all concerned and here is why.

Abingdon Health – Tom having warned on IPO only in December, ANOTHER ‘trading update’ calamity

Published 77 days ago

Well done to the Sheriff of AIM for calling this IPO out as a dog with fleas from the outset. A trading update for its year ended 30th June 2021 from Abingdon Health (ABDX) includes trading performance “in line with the guidance given in April 2021. As at 30 June 2021 the company had net cash of £4.9m”. So why are the shares currently 19% further lower to 30p?

Advanced Oncotherapy - £40m Fundraise, Biggest to Date. So it is a Buy? Er…..

Published 77 days ago

AIM-listed protons beams for cancer outfit Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced a proposed £40 million fundraise yesterday – the largest to date – at 40p per share, a 17% premium to its average closing price over the past month, and a 13% premium to the previous close. I have to hand it to the company, that’s a great effort. But does it make the shares a buy?

Vast Resources should sue Tom Winnifrith for defamation says a Fleet Street legend

Published 78 days ago

So says Fleet Street legend Brian Basham. Given that Brian has accused Vast’s (VAST) board of malfeasance and repeatedly called on the useless regulators to act against the company I doubt he has its best interest at heart. This is one case I would love to fight so bring it on Vast: see you Bitchez in Court! So what is Brian’s point?

Ariana – More Drilling Results, This Time From Arzu Central: BUY, I will almost certainly be doing so

Published 78 days ago

Drat and double drat. There I was yesterday thinking that shares in AIM-listed Gold (and Silver) producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) were incredibly cheap at 4.4p and contemplating another purchase – but then other things got in the way and I didn’t add to my over-sized holding. And so today we got another round of drilling results, this time from Arzu Central,  and the stock is up 6% to 4.65p. Somebody obviously likes the news…..

The Versarien Cultists have their cake and eat it as Ian Westbrook hits £20,000 target - start sweating Neill Ricketts

Published 78 days ago

The good news is, and I thank so many generous Shareprophets readers, that Ian Westbrook has – as you can see here – raised £20,000 and so, in January, the loathsome pig Neill Ricketts will get to sweat in Court. I shall be preparing my deposition for Ian’s barrister next week. Natch the Bulletin Board cultists were driven to a frenzy of rage by this.

Vast Resources: Guess what? It’s another discount placing but what about those dividends you lying bastards?

Published 79 days ago

Back in April Vast Resources (VAST) managed to persuade shareholdcers to approve a 100-1 share consolidation by telling them a stack of blatant lies, lies which have been shown up with news today of yet another discounted placing.

Verditek – the Green ponzi bond flops! Yet another failure on Gollum's CV

Published 79 days ago

It has taken it 10 days to fess, something it blames on a cooling off period, but Verditek (VDTK) has admitted that the green ponzi bond launched by ninth rate crowdfunder Crowd For Angels has, despite the utterly misleading financial promotions approved by revolting Richard “Gollum” Gill, flopped. So where next?

Catenae Innovation – Is This a Related Party (Revenue-Free) Transaction or Not?

Published 80 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA), which is almost revenue-free and surely heading for a Christmas cash-crunch, has announced a “Data Visualisation Oder” from SaxaVord UK Spaceport at a satellite ground station in the Shetland Islands. Good news…..or not, for we are told that revenues created from the order are not significant. So another revenue-free project, then!

The ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz #101

Published 81 days ago

It looks like there is a two-way tie for the coveted ‘I Backed The Sheriff of AIM’ ballpoint pen prize of the 100th edition of the ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz. I said that I would draw from a hat but I was rummaging around my desk and found another pen, so that’s two winners! Johny Cal and Colins2, please email your address to me at and I’ll have a minion of RMG on the job immediately.

EXPOSE: How can AIM allow the IPO of Central Copper Resources and hope to be taken seriously?

Published 82 days ago

On 14 July, a company called Central Copper Resources announced its intention to list on the AIM Sewer. On 22 July, a schedule one announcement came out stating that the IPO was expected ”early August”. In light of what I reveal below, I would argue that if AIM Regulation is to have any credibility at all it must stop this IPO now.

Versarien Results are truly diabolical

Published 84 days ago

It is hard to know where to begin with the results from Versarien (VRS) for the year to March 31 2021. They are, at every level, just utterly diabolical. However much the morally bankrupt PR spinners at Yellow Jersey – who else would act for such scoundrels – try to polish the turd, it is still a turd.

Ian Westbrook crowdfund update – after a late large donation, appeal extended as just £1890 more needed to see Ricketts sweat

Published 84 days ago

There was a large donation late yesterday and that means that brave Bulletin Board commentator Ian Westbrook, aka Club Sandwich, has now raised £18,110 of the £20,000 needed to see loathsome pig Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) sweat like the AIM CEO he is with a January Court appearance. As a result…

BREAKING: Are Block Energy Rebels Not So Gneiss After All?

Published 85 days ago

Having discussed rebel moves to oust the Chairman of AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) and commission a forensic report into the affairs of the company several times there are, it seems, more than a few questions to be answered by the rebel camp. It seems that the case for reform is not quite so cut-and-dried as some might think. In fact there is a stronf case suggesting that the board may offer the lesser of two evils.

Letter to AIM Regulation & The FCA – UK Oil & Gas, did it bury bad news during open offer?

Published 85 days ago

I make no accusation here against UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and its boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson. It is just that the recent timeline of disaster looks rather compressed to me. And given Lyin’ Steve’s form for er…lying, I have dropped the note, below, to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, cc’ing the woke dullards at the FCA since this relates to the conduct of an open offer.

BREAKING: Versarien's Nomad should be quitting over this

Published 85 days ago

Shares in Versarien (VRS) are being pumped by Bulletin Board speculation that the company has won a “major role” in HS2. If that is the case Versarien should announce the deal with hard numbers via an RNS.  But it has not, it has leaked the story to “Punchline” the No 1 source of Business News in Gloucester. And then cult followers have spread the link all over the internet.

BREAKING: Block Energy – More Bombs Drop as Pressure Mounts on the Chairman

Published 86 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) are up this morning by 7.5% on no news, although yesterday the company announced a series of nil-cost options being issued to its directors and employees in lieu of salary. In this mad market, nothing surprises me and the dilution is apparently a good thing as far as shareholders are concerned! Meanwhile, more bombs have been dropped by the rebels looking to oust current chairman Philip Dimmock in favour of the last independent NED still standing, Mr Charles Valceschini and commission an independent forensic report into the affairs of the company. Oh dear…..

Catenae Innovation – Another Day, Another RNS Reach and More Red Flags

Published 87 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced yet another RNS Reach – this time over a deal with Promake Ltd – but it is still, on the basis of its interims to March, almost revenue free and heading for a cash-crunch by Christmas. But never mind that, it’s got a deal with Promake…..which offers yet more Red Flags!

Block Energy – new explosive Dossier Shows Major Concerns Have Been Ongoing For Some Time, damning emails

Published 87 days ago

I have been following the saga at AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) for some time, noting a need for beer and popcorn as things developed. But I have received a damning dossier, which you can read below, which is rather more explicit.

The ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz #100

Published 87 days ago

This is the 100th edition of the ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz! To celebrate that, for the person with the best score today, I have a special prize: a I Support The Sheriff of AIM ballpoint pen to be delivered by a uniformed member of the UK government. In case of a tie, a name will be drawn from a hat.

Minoan – Placing, Interims.....and Progress? Maybe!

Published 90 days ago

AIM-listed Cretan holiday resort developer Minoan (MIN) released interims numbers to 30 April yesterday morning. Today we have a placing raising £350,000 in cash (before expenses) and a further £99,600 in lieu of certain liabilities. The matters of interest, of course, are not the numbers but progress with regard to monetising its assets at Cavo Sidero. Has there been any movement?

Tom Winnifrith praised and thanked by a regulator yet again as another PLC forced to correct crooked accounts signed off by KPMG

Published 90 days ago

Sometimes when I read what BBMs write about me even I start to wonder if I am a bad guy even though I know all their defamatory slurs are false. But those who matter know otherwise and also take me seriously. Today, another letter arrives thanking me for my work which has caused another PLC to have to restate crook accounts. The Sheriff of AIM vs Eden Research (EDEN) and KPMG (again). For the second time in 4 years my work has spurred the Financial Reporting Council to act against Eden & KPMG.  I have now lost count of how many such missives I have received from my good pals at  the FRC but it is quite a lot. The letter is below.

Block Energy: Let the Sh*t Show Begin!

Published 91 days ago

A group calling itself the Block Energy Support Group has emerged, representing around 20% of the currently issued shares in AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE). Unlike some shareholder support groups, such as the Quindell one, this support group is not for the support of current management and already two EGMs – one to remove the chairman and the other to commission a forensic report into the affairs of the company – have been called. One would imagine that such aggressive action might suggest that somebody knows something and via the support group’s website the bombs have started to drop.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Yeo must Go from Powerhouse NOW!

Published 91 days ago

Peter Brailey has the scoop on all the nationals. Ex Tory Minister sleazy Tim Yeo has been accused by a judge of lying under oath as he was found guilty of failing to appropriately discharge his fiduciary duties and now bankrupt TMO Renewables.

EXPOSE: St James House – a shocking history of related party disposals

Published 92 days ago

In the last couple of years, St James House (SJH) has made two separate disposals in respect of its payments business to a company MDC Nominees Limited which is wholly controlled by its in-house barrister Mr John Botros.  The first two disposals generated very significant profits for St James as it disposed of insolvent businesses for only £1. St James has now sold a third payments business in the same way.  The details of all three transactions are summarised below:

Is loathsome Neill Ricketts scoring the biggest own goal in business history?

Published 92 days ago

At time of writing, the Versarien (VRS) share price is 29.55p, below the crucial 30p support/resistance. If it hits the low 20s or high teens in the next month or two I don’t think anybody except the die-hard bulls on ADVFN would be surprised. And the company is due to release some numbers soon, expected to continue the pattern of declining revenues and to show profitability as far away as ever. With the number of covid cases declining sharply (and very welcome it is too), the bounce in revenues from selling graphene-enhanced face nappies will prove to be very temporary indeed, I suspect.  

So farewell Ron Pilbeam, dodgy share dealer of Predator Oil & Gas infamy - breakfast ouzo for the ShareProphets team again

Published 92 days ago

The curse of ShareProphets strikes again. Those who view us as toothless can go post defamatory remarks on chatrooms while sitting in their smelly underpants in their social housing. Meanwhile another bent PLC director bites the dust thanks to our good work.

St James House – a deeper dive into 2021 results

Published 92 days ago

Nigel has already covered the low lights for the St James House (SJH) results for the year ended 31 January 2021 with its significant loss on ongoing activities and the train wreck of a balance sheet but as ever with St James, it is worth a deeper dive to really understand what is happening.

URU – “Disposal” News: the stench is unbearable!

Published 92 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas outfit URU Metals (URU) had a good day in the market yesterday as its shares shot up by 8% to 405p on news of developments regarding its “disposal” of the Zebediela nickel project in South Africa to Toronto Venture Exchange listed Blue Rhino (RHNO). Except as far as I can see it is not really a disposal as one might normally understand the word.

St James House – FY Numbers to Jan Show No Razzall-Dazzle

Published 93 days ago

AIM-listed St James House (SJH) – formerly Lord Razzall’s disaster that was Boxhill Technology (BOX) – has announced FY numbers to January this year. Needless to say, they are disastrous…..

Rurelec – New Director Appointment Makes The Stock Uninvestable: Run For The Hills!

Published 93 days ago

I have covered the downs and further downs of AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR) in some detail since the demise of former management led by Peter Earl, and marvelled at the fact that the company – despite everything thrown at it – is still here at all. But this morning’s announcement of a new “Independent” NED makes the stock totally uninvestable. So who is the mystery NED?

Ariana – H1 2021 Gold Production Update

Published 93 days ago

AIM-listed Gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has this morning updated the market on Gold production from its 23.5%-owned Kiziltpe plant. The numbers aren’t all that great, but we knew that already as lower grade ore is being processed at the moment, but the accompanying update on the plant capacity expansion offers much hope.

Block Energy – Double Portions of Beer and Popcorn Time as Rebels Rock Boat with Second GM Requisition

Published 94 days ago

Last September some rebel shareholders were so concerned as to what was going on at AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) that there were rumours of an imminent requisition of a sack-the-board EGM. That time the rebels were placated and by the end of the month all was apparently well. Or was it: for now there is a sack-the-chairman EGM Requisition on the table and this morning a further EGM was requisitioned to commission an independent forensic investigation into the company’s affairs by one of the “big four” accountants. Best order in double portions of beer and popcorn – this could get very entertaining.

Plexus – a true POS?

Published 97 days ago

I have been taking a brief look at AIM-listed Plexus – mainly because its ticker code is POS. So is it? Er……

Remote Monitored Systems Trading Update (in name only)

Published 97 days ago

That is because there really is no trading. But the update does contain an explicit warning that the cash is going up in smoke fast. This is a shocker. Some turds can be polished but PR man Graham Herring at IFC will not have bothered with this one. It is just a rough and ready turd au natural. And that makes the valuation a joke. BTW Graham: I wonder why the shares have fallen so sharply in the couple of days ahead of this awful update? It is a coincidence I am sure.

The Fraud Frontera – now can the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood and Nomad Cairn explain this?

Published 98 days ago

Fat Bastard Malcolm Graham Wood takes fees from companies to write (positively) about their shares without disclosing the payments. He will do this for any company even proven frauds such as the late lamented Frontera Resources (FRR) which is why he is the whore blogger. His defenders insist that he is fundamentally honest but can they explain this away?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: If Ron Pilbeam has not broken market rules either I'm a banana or the rulebook is a joke (or both)

Published 99 days ago

Is the sound okay? The arrival of the Mrs and Jayarani means a change of recording location. I start with Peter Brailey’s Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) expose. If the FCA does not come down on director Ron Pilbeam like a ton of bricks we might as well all give up. Then I look at Vast Resources (VAST) – a total bargepole stock where I sniff a deeply discounted placing  – then challenge you on two counts regarding Online Blockchain (OBC) before considering Argo Blockchain (ARB) its strangely worded RNS today and whether it will still be solvent on St Ledger’s day. 

Ariana – Resource Upgrade at Kepez North

Published 99 days ago

Following yesterday’s news on the special dividend, AIM-listed Gold (and Silver) producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), has this morning offered up a resource upgrade at the Kepez North pit which lies approximately 10 miles by road from the Kiziltepe gold plant. And the news is good!

Sosandar – FY Numbers and surely a misleading headline

Published 100 days ago

AIM-listed online ladies fashionwear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) posted its full year numbers to March this morning,  and gave what looks to me to have been a highly misleading update on the recently completed Q1, offering up a headline which surely stands no scrutiny at all.

Ariana – Special Dividend Announced (hooray!) Where now for the shares?

Published 100 days ago

AIM-listed Gold producer in Turkey, Ariana (AAU), has done very well over the past couple of years and shareholders now find themselves on the cusp of a decent payday. The long-awaited Special Dividend has been announced – in three tranches – for a total of 0.7p per share (as long-predicted on these pages), with the first payment of 0.35p per share due during Q3 and the balance during the coming year. Hooray and double hooray: it has taken some time, but CEO Kerim Sener has delivered. So where now for the shares?

I was left penniless by a conman says Versarien boss Neil Ricketts

Published 100 days ago

No sniggering at the back please. This press article from 2011, the year the loathsome Neill Ricketts founded that great British company Versarien (VRS) is presented without comment.

Oi Corero: sales are vanity, cash is reality, your trading statement is meaningless and your valuation is a total rum ‘n’coke

Published 100 days ago

I say that sales are vanity but today’s “record” half year trading update does not seem to have much to boast about in that department and as to profits? Er… dream on. For Corero (CNS) that is the stuff of shagging Cheryl Cole land. It is pure fantasy.

BREAKING: Did Wildcat Petroleum tell a monstrous porky in its very first RNS?

Published 104 days ago

If the FCA was not staffed by such useless mothers, it would have forced Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) to issue a brand new prospectus just 6 weeks after its December 30 2020 listing as it announced a whole new business strategy. But the FCA is not fit for purpose so it will, I expect, ignore black and white evidence that the very first RNS issued by Wildcat was a whopper of a porky. On the (sub) Standard List who cares?

St James House – a good start by the new Directors but it is still a bargepole stock

Published 104 days ago

Since my last article on St James House (SJH), the Tintra connected Directors on the Board of St James House have been busy and there has been a flurry of announcements in July.  But what they face is an Augean stable.

Tern – rewards for failure

Published 106 days ago

After yesterday’s latest tin rattle by Tern (TERN) to raise up to £4 million gross at 18.8 pence per share, a discount of 16% to its grossly over inflated share price, I have had a look at its performance over the last four years.

Ouzo Time! Tern Placing - Bears to the rescue?

Published 106 days ago

It is time for yet another ouzo! As long suggested on this fine website, AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) has done yet another discounted placing to raise c.£2 million (before expenses) at 18.8p per share – and launched a PrimaryBid offer (which you should definitely ignore) in an attempt to raise the same again. But the joke is that it seems it was the Bears to the rescue!

Ariana – New Dragon’s Den Venture

Published 107 days ago

AIM-listed Gold (and Silver) producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced a new venture in the form of a Discovery Fund, through which an initial A$ 2 million will be invested into discovery-stage mineral exploration in lumps of up to A$ 0.5 million at a time.

Ex Vast Resources director Brian Basham names paid BB ramper in damning email to FCA

Published 108 days ago

Fleet Street Legend Brian Basham was once a director of Vast Resources (VAST) but resigned in disgust at what he saw as blatant corporate malfeasance. He has been urging the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and the woke dullards at the FCA to act, so far, without success. His latest missive to the FCA has fallen into the hands of Winnileaks and makes accusations that surely demand a response. It is shocking and it is below.

Graham Wood – vile enforcer of the cult of Versarien

Published 109 days ago

We have seen previously, through his emails, group chat posts and postings to ADVFN bulletin boards, how Graham Wood had many deeply “interesting” interactions with Versarien management, including CEO Neill Ricketts. It seems that as far back as May 2017 Wood ‘popped’ into the Versarien offices apparently at will whenever he was in Cheltenham (only 27 or so miles from where he lives), where he was exposed – deliberately or accidentally – to highly price-sensitive information which he then relayed to other investors in a series of thinly-disguised nudges and winks. He also openly admitted to meeting Versarien company officers for friendly little chats, relaying what they said in bulletin board posts the next day. None of this is in question, it is all backed up by his own words in verifiable emails and bulletin board posts.

Dukemount Capital – the most pernicious form of share ramping and two death spirals

Published 111 days ago

When a director of a listed company is interviewed by a fine fellow such as my old friend the Sith Lord Zak Mir or Justin “the clown” Waite there are restrictions on what he can or cannot say. Of course some directors ignore the rules and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation do nothing. But there will be at least a note of caution in making ludicrous claims. But in recent times, there has been more evidence of a get-around.

Feck Yu Trading Update: Profitable Growth or More of the Same?

Published 112 days ago

AIM-listed alternative energy supplier Yu Group (YU.) has updated the market this morning with a trading statement for the half-year to June. We are told of strong growth in bookings ad revenue with confidence in delivering profitable growth, but whilst cash balances are broadly flat (ie a little down) over the period there is again no discussion of net current assets. So is it just more of the same?

Ariana – More Drilling Results, This Time From Cyprus

Published 112 days ago

Yesterday saw more good news from AIM-listed Gold-producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) in the form of another round of drilling results, this time from Cyprus.

Catenae – Truly Ramptastic Nonsense and a point for BBMs to consider: SELL!

Published 113 days ago

The morning, AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) trumpeted a new pilot programme with a charity. Bully for it, but to me this morning’s RNS is extremely bad news and this is why.

After 2813 days it is ouzo on cornflakes time for the Sheriff of AIM as G3 declared insolvent

Published 115 days ago

2813 days ago after being jerked around and threatened with legal action by its odious PR man, I, nonetheless, published the bloody dossier on Green Dragon Gas, which latterly became G3 Exploration (G3E). Though it has been obviously bust for a while, today it was forced to admit to it. Shame on that PR man, shame on boss Randeep Grewal and shame on those who promoted this enterprise. Today, after almost a year of denial, the Fat Lady has sung.

Tern – Big Crunch Looms as Market Reality Drives Coach and Horses Through Aggressive Valuations

Published 116 days ago

What is AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) really worth? At the close of play on Friday the shares were down 11% at 24.5p, valuing the company at £81 million. But its last-stated NAV per share was just 7.3p, which would value the company at a far more modest £24 million. The problem is that Tern’s stated NAV per share has been shown to be (if you’ll pardon the pun) Wyldly optimistic. I believe the last stated NAV should be more like £17.4 million – and that is being generous.

Tern Plc – Wyldy unimpressive results for Wyld AB - if only BB Morons crunched the real numbers they'd panic

Published 116 days ago

As Nigel revealed in his article on Friday, the IPO onto Swedish Nasdaq First North market for Wyld didn’t exactly wow with the shares falling 30% below its IPO price closing at Swedish Krona (“SEK”) 7.60 compared to the IPO price of SEK 11.00.

Tern – Wyld Coyote runs off the edge of the cliff as joke IPO flops. Is it time for another Ouzo?

Published 118 days ago

So the truth is out. AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) teased the market with plans to list investee Wyld Networks in Stockholm on the Swedish Nasdaq First North market. The BBMs went (ahem..) wyld with excitement, marking Tern’s shares up as high as 29p against a last-stated NAV per share of just 7.3p as the IPO approached. Tern was going to the moon…….until today.

Verditek Full Year numbers: the contract lies exposed – will Gollum update his crowdfund pitch?

Published 120 days ago

Will Richard Gill, aka Gollum, the AIM Shit of the year 2012-2020, update the Crowd For Angels green ponzi bond prospectus to reflect the lies exposed by today’s full year results from Verditek (VDTK)? I doubt it. Remember that in the run-up to an October 2020 £3.5 million fund raise, this company announced EIGHT sales contracts.

Catenae Innovation – Calamitous Results: SELL

Published 120 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced its delayed FY20 results and Interims to March 2021. You can’t say we didn’t warn you: in short, the numbers are calamitous and the shares are an outstanding sell. It is Ouzo on Cornflakes time!

Ariana: Completion of Court Proceedings - Time to Wield the Cheque Book as More Drilling Results Land

Published 120 days ago

AIM-listed gold-producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), has announced the completion of court proceedings in relation to its capital reorganisation which now allows it to pay dividends and buy back its own shares. This has been a very long time coming and we are finally there – hooray!

Rurelec – Late Accounts and Worse….

Published 121 days ago

As we all know, intra-day trading statements are usually bad news and today’s update from AIM-listed and holed below the waterline by former management Rurelec (RUR) is no exception.

5 Slam-Dunk Sells for 2021 – June Update as the Madness Continues

Published 123 days ago

My five AIM anti-tips for the year continue to defy gravity. I suggested in my last column on this that perhaps it should perhaps be renamed the Market Madness Index. Anyway, for what it is worth, here is how things stand.

Tern – on the rampage once more. Placing looming?

Published 124 days ago

I continue to believe – despite the company’s protestations otherwise – that there is a placing on the way at AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN). The only question for me is how badly burned shareholders will be. Today the shares are up 19% to 26.25p (last seen), having recently been as high as over 30p last month and down at 16p since. The “big” news is that its shares are apparently set to trade on the US OTCQB (bully for it, but hardly the Nasdaq!) and investee Wyld Networks is set to join the Nasdaq “First North Growth Market”. Tern may make a few quid on that IPO, but it is peanuts compared to Tern’s current market capitalisation of £83 million.

It is almost as if it wants to distract from looming bad news: Remote Monitored has another spoof announcement

Published 125 days ago

They keep on coming, these spoof announcements which will make bugger all difference to Remote Monitored Systems’ (RMS) cashburn currently running at seven grand a day. I suspect this is to butter the morons up before admitting that the Francis McIntyre million face nappies a month deal has gone up in smoke. We were told on May 4 that it would be up and running again within two months. That would be by next weekend. Really? So today’s spoof?

Ariana – Excuses For Late Accounts but Timetable for Dividend Pay-out Looks Set

Published 126 days ago

AIM-listed gold and silver producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), offered up its excuses for the late publication of its FY20 accounts (now expected in July) due to Covid restrictions. We’ve all got excuses……but the announcement suggests that the long-awaited special dividend is likely to arrive in August. I can’t wait!

Remote Monitoring Systems' 2nd face nappy order but it is still trivial & what about deal one?

Published 126 days ago

We still do not know the status of the first face nappy order announced by Remote (RMS) on March 4 for 100,000 masks and then 1 million every month thereafter. We were told on 4 May that within a couple of months the distributor Francis Mcintrye would be ordering as planned. I sense that with face nappy wearing set to become voluntary in the UK soon, that this will come to nowt. But fear not, there is news from India.

Verditek fesses up that there’s been an Italian job but what is the near insolvent company not admitting to?

Published 126 days ago

Okay it is not gold bullion and nobody seems to have blown the bloody doors off but near insolvent Verditek (VDTK) says that £300,000 of stock has been half-inched from its Italian factory. The RNS starts with a predictable half-truth.

Just how much do greedy fat cats Julie & Ali at Sosandar need to be motivated? £50,000 becomes £2m as punters get screwed

Published 126 days ago

What follows is a tale of greed and reward for failure. Look at the hard facts and you will, unless you dwell in the 1% sewer of greed, conclude that Sosandar’s (SOS) joint CEOs Ali Hall and Julie Lavington are now poster girls for fat cattery, for greed and are the unacceptable face of capitalism.

Ariana – more very positive drilling results

Published 127 days ago

AIM-listed Gold and Silver producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced another strong set of drilling results, this time from its supposedly lower grade Derya pit.

Eden Research – is it being investigated by the Financial Reporting Council?

Published 127 days ago

On 7 June 2021, Eden Research (EDEN) issued an RNS titled “Notice of AGM, investor conference & Accounts” which included the following statements: 

More beer & popcorn at Lekoil – Now those pesky Nigerians pinch the website

Published 127 days ago

The CEO, a NED and the CFO has gone. Lekoil Nigeria – 40% owned by Lekoil PLC (LEK) – accuses the AIM-listed PLC of lying about the reasons for delaying results. The company is downing in debt. What more could go wrong? Oh yes: the pesky Nigerians have half-inched the corporate website.

Bidstack still to confess to slumping trade, placing needed within weeks or its bankrupt but mad conspiracists blame Israel & Tom Winnifrith

Published 128 days ago

Shares in Bidstack (BIDS) have slumped to just 2.95p today. There are two reasons for that but mad Jew-hating loons on the Bulletin Boards think there is a third. Of course, blame the wicked Jews for everything. Just why does this company attract such total lunatics? Do you remember cross-dressing IT freak Mike Turner from Northants? 

Versarien – Time for some more honest disclosures about the Graphene business performance

Published 128 days ago

Shoddy AIM promote Versarien (VRS) presents and markets itself as graphene led business.   Its annual reports contain huge narrative detail on its graphene business but the plastics and hardware business barely get a mention (limited to a paragraph or two for each).  Furthermore, its recent acquisitions being Hanwha Aerospace for £4.34 million and Gnanomat for £3.0 million were both in the graphene space and the graphene business now represent the majority of the goodwill on the balance sheet.  It had a recent strategic investment by a South Korean firm called Graphene Lab.  Its retail investor base is clearly focused on the potential for hockey stick growth in revenue and profits from graphene products as relentlessly promoted by loathsome CEO Neill Ricketts.

Sosandar – Nil-Cost Options gravy train, this is just vanilla boardroom greed

Published 128 days ago

AIM-listed online women’s fashionwear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) has announced a new Long Term Incentive Plan to incentivise its executive directors and senior management team. Over 21 million nil-cost options have been handed out, which seems pretty hefty in comparison to the 166 million shares currently in issue (according to ADVFN, although as Pierotlunaire points out recent TR-1s suggest the total is 221m bits of confetti).

EXPOSE: Remote Monitored Systems – a new deal, it is ‘avin’ a Turkish isn’t it? Very inconvenient details revealed...

Published 129 days ago

Following its very belated admission that the face nappy market had imploded, Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) needs a new way to promote its shares. Today’s effort will not impress even the most credulous of its deluded followers – an £80,000 sale to a £3 company. Whatever…

UK Oil & Gas – discounted placing at 0.17p underway already after delightful Turkish ramp today?

Published 129 days ago

UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), the member of the minus 97% club run by Lyin’ Steve Sanderson, must be ready to pull the trigger on a bailout placing judging by news this week. Indeed there are suggestions that it is already looking to place 2 billion shares at 15% discount to the 0.2p bid so raising a gross £3.4 million, call it £3.1 million net. The pre dump ramp is from Turkey.

BREAKING: Lekoil CFO walks and accuses company of lying and breaking AIM Rule 10

Published 129 days ago

First it was the CEO, then a NED and now the CFO has quit, drowning in debt, AIM dog Lekoil (LEK) of fake sheikh infamy. But the resignation letter of Edward During is dynamite. Lekoil itself has not put out a statement on this matter but Lekoil Nigeria, which it owns 40% of and seems to be at war with, has. Kerboom. How long can these shares remain unsuspended? Is the Nomad, hapless SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, not considering whether to walk? It should be but, then again, it is morally bankrupt.

Detailed Analysis: Tern – Wyldly overvalued, ignore hype look at the numbers!

Published 131 days ago

The Bulletin Board Morons have worked themselves into a complete frenzy over Tern (TERN).  At Friday’s closing mid-price of 24.75 pence per share, Tern is valued at £82 million versus Tern’s net assets as at 31 December 2020 of £24 million.  In simple terms, Tern is valued at 3.4 times net assets.  Tern’s net assets at that date basically comprised investments which are already recorded at fair value of £21.9 million and cash of £2.1 million. 

BREAKING: AIM promoter Neill Ricketts presses the button and has lodged court proceedings against BB critic Ian Westbrook

Published 132 days ago

The loathsome boss of Versarien (VRS) Neill Ricketts has made what, the king of the fraudsters, my pal Sam Antar would call out as a cardinal error for a stock promoter. He has not only threatened Bulletin board critic Ian Westbrook (Club Sandwich) with a libel case, he has now lodged formal proceedings. So why is Claim Number QB-2021-002159 such a blundering mistake by the AIM boss?

Letter to AIM Regulation Re Bidstack PLC as it teeters on the brink of insolvency

Published 132 days ago

The staff at Bidstack (BIDS) should get paid next week, assuming that their employer can delay paying other bills. But it is unlikely to be able to meet next month’s payroll so calamitous has been the shortfall in trading vs expectations. Unless Nomad and Broker Stifel can get away a rescue placing within weeks, Bidstack staff should be brushing off their CVs as a matter of urgency. I have written to AIM Regulation as a statement is needed asap.

What is fair value for Remote Monitored Systems?

Published 132 days ago

Now that Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) has finally confessed that its much hyped face nappy business is a worthless piece of crap unable to deliver any of the sales contracts alluded to as directors pumped the shares so they could dump their holdings, you may ask what is the company actually worth? The answer will shock those conned into buying the shares by the silky words of Zak Mir and others.

Lekoil Request for AIM Regulation and fraudsters fave Nomad SP Angel to investigate – good luck chums

Published 132 days ago

The comedy continues at AIM uber-dog Lekoil (LEK) of fake sheikh scam infamy. Three directors of Lekoil have today resigned and have written to AIM Regulation asking those crack regulators to investigate the company. Cripes do they not know about the Oxymorons? You may remember that on June 10 Lekoil fired its CEO, Mr. Olalekan Akinyanmi. On the grounds that he was also CEO of Lekoil Nigeria in which the AIM dog has a 40% stake.

Inspirit – Volvo Marine news from the Boiler Room

Published 134 days ago

AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) has graced the market with an update from the boiler room with regard to the new waste heat recovery system  for the application on the Volvo marine engine. Ooooh, the excitement……

Alien Metals Limited – more critical questions on the Hamersley acquisition

Published 135 days ago

Roland “Fatty” Cornish, London’s worst Nomad, and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation are yet to respond to my damning related party expose of Alien Metals (UFO) of last week HERE. While we wait and, as Roland starts the countdown to his elevenses, here are some more questions that he should be asking of his client.

Iconic Labs – drama on death row

Published 135 days ago

This is a great British crime drama starring David Sefton as Professor Moriarty. The £1 million he took is still missing and meanwhile Iconic Labs (ICON) is on death row. The tension mounts.

Another Letter to FCA re Verditek, Crowd for Angels and Richard “Gollum” Gill

Published 136 days ago

With a hat tip to our star poster PL, I have, as an upstanding member of the financial community, had to write to the FCA for a second time about the near insolvent green outfit run by serial liars Verditek (VDTK) and the Crowd For Angels platform and its compliance officer, Richard Leonardo Gill, commonly known as Gollum.

Is seven Nomads in less than eight years a record breaker? Why does Versarien have so many bust ups?

Published 139 days ago

Most AIM sewer companies have, perhaps, 2 Nomads every five years. Sometimes your company grows so you upgrade to a bigger firm. Or the reverse can happen. Or maybe a Nomad goes bust. Or perhaps you just have a personality clash. But to have multiple Nomads suggests something worse is afoot, that the Nomads might actually be baulking at what is going on. In that vein, consider the record of Versarien (VRS).

BREAKING EXPOSE: Alien Metals – at least TWO massive apparently undeclared related party deals: immediate suspension needed

Published 139 days ago

If a company undertakes a related party deal, its Nomad must approve, it must be declared as such in an RNS and the auditors must flag this up in the annual report and opine, in accordance with International Standards on Auditing 550 Related Parties, that the deal is kosher, that there is no “transfer of assets from or to management or others at amounts significantly above or below market value”. AIM dog Alien Metals (UFO) appears to have done at least two massive related party deals, implicating ALL of its three directors and with financier Richard Shemasian, brother of infamous promoter Mick, at the centre of the web and has declared neither. Its shares should be suspended at once until everything is out in the open and investigated.

Letter to AIM Regulation – Lying by Remote Monitored Systems & SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy

Published 140 days ago

The number of lies told by this company is so great that I have almost lost count. But then Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) is listed on the AIM Sewer where rule 67 states “Any company can lie to investors via RNS or in podcasts with Justin the Clown or that imbecile Zak Mir and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation will do absolutely nothing about it.” Okay I made that bit up. And so, with no great hope of it doing anything about quite blatant RNS lying, I have written to AIM Regulation about Remote Monitored Systems and its Nomad and broker SP Angel asking for an investigation into a new £1.5 million lie that emerged yesterday. The letter is below:

SHOCKING: Remote Monitored shows that on the AIM Sewer it's one free money rule for the spivs and another for the rest of us

Published 141 days ago

I shall turn to the abject full-year results and trading update from Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) in due course. Suffice to say, what is unfolding is exactly what myself and Gary Newman have predicted so many times and the shares, though down sharply today, remain on the bargepole list. The real shocker is buried in the waffle and the cashflow statement.

Kefi – Victory for Tom Winnifrith & PL as executive greed gravy train sent into reverse

Published 141 days ago

On Monday morning, Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) boss Harry Adams said he was unaware of anyone opposing a plan which would have seen him trouser a $1.5 million cash bonus – on top of his annual drawings of £337,000 – within two years just for doing his job. I made it bloody clear that I was livid and would vote against all proposals at the forthcoming AGM if Harry did not think again. Today he did the right thing and thought again.

Alien Metals – is this an undeclared related party deal? Questions for Roland “fatty” Cornish

Published 142 days ago

With London’s worst Nomad, Mr Roland “fatty” Cornish, on board, you know that everything at Alien Metals (UFO) must be strictly above board. Nothing gets by the eagle eyes of Fatty. Well not before 11.15 AM when he waddles off to start his daily seven course luncheon. So what’s the deal with Alien? It is all to do with wombats, creatures rarely on the menu for Fatty.

I will vote against all resolutions at the Kefi AGM in protest at unacceptable boardroom greed

Published 143 days ago

I am a loyal shareholder in Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI). Its boss Harry Adams is my friend. Or at least he was until today, he may not like me after this. And I think that the shares at just under 2p are incredibly cheap with the clear potential to multi-bag from here. But news of a potential $1.5 million cash handout for Harry is a bridge too far. I want to protest and will do so at the forthcoming AGM.

Inspirit – Time for more Beer and Popcorn in the Boiler Room?

Published 144 days ago

I’m not sure what is going on at AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) but I notice that a new holder has appeared in the form of Monecor (London) Limited, which now holds 10.3% of the equity. Monecor is better known as ETX – a spreadbetting firm.

UK Oil & Gas – now 4.58% of the equity pledged to oust Lyin’ Steve Sanderson

Published 146 days ago

With management owning just 0.07% of the equity and no institutions on the register, rebel investors in UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) seeking to oust fat cat boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson, FD Kiran Morzaria and Chairman Allen Howard speak, as at 9 AM yesterday, for 4.58% of the equity. But…

Tern – BBM Turkeys vote for Christmas as GM Resolution passes

Published 147 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow Iot Investment company Tern plc (TERN) held its General Meeting yesterday in a second attempt for the board to gain authorisation to roll out the confetti-printing press. It got through this time, and the announcement came at 11.23am yesterday morning.

EXPOSE: Richard "Gollum" Gill & Crowd for Angels UK, the "saviours" of Verditek

Published 148 days ago

It is with a heavy heart but, as an upstanding member of the community, it is my duty. I shall be reporting Crowd for Angels and its compliance officer, Mr Richard “Gollum” Gill, to the FCA later today arguing that they are potentially misleading investors in a material way with regard to the “underwritten” Green bond for AIM listed uber dog Verditek (VDTKwhich I covered yesterday.

Zoetic – so who is the mystery “consultant”? What is the fraud so desperate to hide now?

Published 149 days ago

What is the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) trying to hide now? Today we are told that the company has issued 1.2 million 2026 warrants with a 60p strike to an unnamed consultant. So who is the consultant? Why not name him, her or the firm?

Verditek – clutches at green crowdfund straws signed off by compliance officer Richard “Gollum” Gill, AIM shit of the year 2014-21

Published 149 days ago

As I have noted many times, following the “disappearance” of the eight contracts Verditek (VDTK) used to ramp the shares ahead of its last bailout placing, it is a company without revenue and now, once again, almost out of cash. And this it seems that equity investors have had enough and so the company has resorted to even dimmer and more credulous punters from the crowdfunding community. I have no idea what Tory Toff Lord Willetts is smoking other than a last cigar marked desperation but this makes no sense.

Ariana – Eastern Europe News: BUY

Published 149 days ago

AIM-listed Gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated the market on plans in Eastern Europe this morning. The company is to take a 75% in Western Tethyan Resources, and has committed to spending at least EUR 100,000 on exploration during the rest of 2021.

Yu Group – Profits are a matter of opinion……

Published 151 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) had its AGM this week. All the resolutions were passed, as one might expect, but the company talked of being profitable in the second half of last year and continued momentum from FY20 as 2021 got off to a good start. But profit – as we all know – is a matter of opinion; cash – where Yu’s dangers lie – is a matter of fact.

Bidstack – another question for Lyin' James Draper – how can the December 2019 RNS’s not be a £10 million Deceit?

Published 154 days ago

Lyin’ James Draper, the CEO of almost insolvent Bidstack (BIDS), is a proven liar. We knew that already but here is another monstrous £10 million quid deceit from December 2019 for you to consider. How Nomad Stifel signed off on this is baffling. You might almost think Stifel was morally bankrupt!

Inspirit Energy – another discounted keep-the-lights-on bailout from the Boiler Room

Published 154 days ago

AIM-listed and technically insolvent as at Christmas Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) has announced yet another discounted placing this morning, raising £500,000 at a price of 0.05p per share, to keep the lights on. That, against a closing price yesterday of 0.06p yesterday means the discount was 16.7%, although for some curious reason the stock has been sliding since May 17 when it was 0.07p. But naturally enough, since this is AIM there is no chance of insider dealing.

Letter to AIM Regulation – Bidstack must come clean on its dire financial position

Published 154 days ago

This is my second letter this month to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation about Bidstack (BIDS) where some investors have been made aware that trading is way behind budget but others live in blissful ignorance. I demonstrated earlier that Bidstack is now within days of going bust unless it undertakes a bailout placing so AIM Regulation MUST force it to come clean. The letter reads:

Bidstack: now days away from being out of cash, bailout placing needed ASAP but when’s the dire trading warning?

Published 154 days ago

Surely, before undertaking a bailout-discounted placing with bucket shops, a company has to come clean and admit that trading is way below what had been forecast? Those are the AIM Rules but Lyin’ James Draper and Bidstack (BIDS) do not give a rat’s arse about rules and neither, it seems, do the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation. On 22 April, house broker & Nomad Stifel slashed its 2021 and 2022 sales forecasts and upped its forecast losses for Bidstack but the company is yet to admit that trading has fallen off a cliff. But today with cash down to almost nothing and staring down the barrel of insolvency, surely it must be made to ‘fess up?  Here are the maths:

Red Flags at Night – URU Metals: more Death Spiral – at a 74% discount. Run for the Hills!

Published 154 days ago

Last night, at 6.02pm – no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) announced it has increased the death spiral facility with an outfit called Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies from $250,000 to $500,000 – and the bargain giveaway conversion terms which were originally due to expire within 90 days of the original loan have again been extended so that Boothbay can convert at just 85p……with the stock trading at 325p!

Tern – as shares collapse, what is in prospect?

Published 155 days ago

Less than two weeks ago AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (but never delivered) Internet of Things investment company Tern plc (TERN) saw its shares trading at 30p – a monstrous overvaluation when compared to its last stated NAV per share of just 7.3p. Now, just a few days later, the stock is down to just 15.75p (last seen) – which is, of course, still a monstrous overvaluation. But there is plenty more pain to come for shareholders.

BREAKING: Former Vast Resources director Brian Basham accuses AIM and the LSE of obfuscation and deception in not tackling clear abuse

Published 155 days ago

Fleet Street legend Brian Basham is at war with Marcus Stuttard, his team of Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and the London Stock Exchange over its refusal to tackle what he sees as industrial scale abuse of market rules and shareholders’ funds at Vast Resources (VAST) where he was once a director. His correspondence with the hapless Stuttard, the self-styled Sheriff of AIM, began on April 20:

Is Lyin' Steven Sanderson now in real trouble at UK Oil & Gas? I hope so – support for the rebels surges towards a critical 5%

Published 156 days ago

Last week, I noted that a campaign to oust fat cat Lyin’ Steve Sanderson as CEO of uber dog Uk Oil & Gas (UKOG) was underway and that the owners of 1.12% of the equity had already pledged to back it. Just five days later there are now 81 investors together owning 3.01% of the 12.96 billion shares in issue who want Pinocchio out. It gets worse.

Ariana – Time to get the Ouzo on ice

Published 156 days ago

Good news arrived this morning from AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU), the Gold (and Silver) producer in Turkey, as the dates for the Court hearings to reorganise Ariana’s share capital to allow the payment of dividends have come through. Hooray!

Sosandar – Placing and Primary Bid Offer - numbers are just wrong

Published 156 days ago

AIM-listed online ladies fashionwear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) has announced the placing I have long predicted, and a Primary Bid offering alongside. The fundraising, announced at 5pm yesterday – after hours, natch, was planned to raise £5.24 million at 20p per share and this morning it was announced that the placing and Primary Bid offer had closed, having been oversubscribed. My stance for the past few months has been wake me up after the next placing. So am I now a buyer?

UK Oil & Gas – Lyin’ Steve warns of a cash crisis: but is this a ruse to save his wretched skin?

Published 158 days ago

As at 9 AM yesterday, 68 shareholders in UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), owning 1.87% of the equity, had pledged to sack grossly overpaid, value-destroying CEO Lyin’ Steve Sanderson if a GM is called. Rebels need just 5% to call a GM and with such a diffuse shareholder list with no institutions on board and the directors owning sod all stock, just 5% support might be enough to swing a vote. Lyin’ Steve knows that and so he has a cunning plan.

Amigo shares slump as suspension lifted after volte face – what next?

Published 160 days ago

This all looks a bit of a mess. Loan shark Amigo (AMGO) needs Court approval for a scheme whereby customers it screwed get only partial compensation. Those customers have been bullied into voting for it by directors making the threat that if the plan is not accepted the. Amigo will put itself into administration meaning shareholders and screwed customers get nothing. The FCA has objected as the directors are lying, there is a fairer way.

Rurelec – Don’t Cry for Me….. and a video to bring tears to ones eyes

Published 160 days ago

Things were looking up at AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR) when I last commented here, but yesterday morning came bad news from Argentina. In honour of which our esteemed site editor has added a video to this article which will bring tears to your eyes. But first Rurelec and its news…

Breaking: Sack Lyin' Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas - campaign underway

Published 161 days ago

So far shareholders owning just over 1% of Uk Oil & Gas (UKOG) have joined the campaign to sack the grotesquely overpaid CEO Lyin’ Steve Sanderson. But given how few shares the board own and the lack of any institutional ownership it will not, in my view, take more than 10% of the equity to send Pinocchio packing. As such we wholly endorse those behind the site below.

Simec – Timber! Who’s a clever boy then Peter?

Published 163 days ago

I gather that it is ouzo on cornflakes time at Peter Brailey’s this morning as Simec Energy (SAE) shares have gone into meltdown on the back of a disingenuous but unmistakeably bad statement – something clever old Peter predicted HERE. The stench of David Cameron, Lex Greensill and Tory sleaze is at the heart of the problem.

Eurasia: surely now a risk-reward sell after the end of a Formal Sale Process?

Published 163 days ago

Finally it seems that the Takeover Panel said that enough was enough and after a Formal Sale Process which had entered the record books as the longest ever, in an after hours RNS last week, Eurasia Mining (EUA) claimed that it had decided to end the FSP. But the corporate excitement may or may not be over…

Ariana – More Drilling Results bode well for Kiziltepe

Published 163 days ago

AIM-listed Gold-producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated the market this morning with another round of drilling results, this time from the Banu area of the Kiziltepe mine which lies to the south-west of Arzu South.

Tern – the joke ratchets up a level: the share price is falling but still insane!

Published 164 days ago

Shares in Tern (TERN) are this morning tumbling as the company announced it was calling a GM to allow it to issue yet more confetti after the last GM failed to approve a motion for confetti issuance. But the share price is still insane as is anyone long of the stock as Nigel Somerville pointed out at the weekend. Just a reminder of the facts.

BREAKING EXPOSE: Mediazest – Is there a shocking undeclared related party deal in the background?

Published 165 days ago

I last commented on AIM-listed Mediazest back in March when it released its accounts for the extended period to September 2020, noting the balance sheet calamity which surely shows that without a big fundraise it is headed for the corporate knackers’ yard. But the Winnileaks service has served up something very interesting and which leads me to ask whether there an absolutely shocking undeclared related party deal going on.

Tern at 30p? If that is not a sign of total market madness then I’m a Banana

Published 166 days ago

With apologies to Ian Hislop, seeing shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (but never delivers) IoT Investment Company Tern plc (TERN) riding high suggests that either the market is now fully set for a big tumble or I am a banana. Tom Winnifrith was struck in yesterday’s Bearcast with the stock at 25p. But by market close they were sitting at an amazing 30.25p (mid) – an incredible 44% rise in one day for a company with last stated net assets (cash plus a portfolio of illiquid unlisted cash-hungry investments) of just 7.3p!

Is the Bahamas Petroleum open offer floundering? – last gasp director spoof

Published 168 days ago

After years of executive greed and value destruction, Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) tried one last roll of the dice on April 23 with an open offer at just 0.35p but I wonder whether there are growing signs that this is failing?

BREAKING: Now loathsome Neill Ricketts the boss of joke company Versarien threatens another private investor critic

Published 168 days ago

Oh dear, the crashing share price of Versarien (VRS) seems to be getting to its loathsome boss Neill Ricketts. He has already threatened one Bulletin Board critic with a libel action, sending the fascist lawyers letter you can see HERE. Now on twitter he appears to be threatening another as you can see below. So Neill is this just bullying by a failing CEO or will you give us all the fun of a full disclosure process by actually taking legal action? Please let it be the latter, my guess is that even you are not that stupid and it will not be.

BREAKING: FinnCrap says it has found a (laughable) excuse to up Open Orphan price target

Published 168 days ago

Following yesterday’s shock revelations here of fine upstanding behaviour by no one at all in the Open Orphan (ORPH) camp apart from the company’s saintly boss Cathal Friel, the company’s retained broker, FinnCap (FCAP), has it appears been forced to issue a short statement.

NightCap – Bumper fund raise: this is madness and a semi-truth from Sarah Willingham

Published 169 days ago

At the tail end of the week before last, NightCap (NCAP) – the AIM Company created by Dragon’s Den star Sarah Willingham to buy - at a grossly inflated price – an insolvent company which she had founded, sounded out investors about a placing of £5-6 million at 25p. I exposed that so forcing a statement. Today comes news that she has raised £10 million but at only 23p. The shares were 33.5p before the roadshow. Natch Sarah says “We are really pleased to see such strong demand in support of the Nightcap strategy”. Tell you what love: If you’d cut the price again you could have raised even more.

Versarien shares hit new 2021 low - a double whammy and nothing can stop the rot

Published 169 days ago

Even at 34.1p to sell, a new low for 2021 achieved despite the raging bull market in small cap shares, Versarien (VRS) is capitalised at £66 million which for a company with negligible net cash and burning cash is a preposterous joke. Let’s start with a reminder of what fair value is…

EXPOSE: Open Orphan, the utterly objective corporate analysts at FinnCap and an invitation to front run from Walbrook PR

Published 170 days ago

This is a tale which leaves no one involved, other than Open Orphan PLC (ORPH), looking like angels. It is also an invitation to you from Sam Allen at Walbrook PR to front run a broker upgrade.

Amigo : At last the FCA piles in to stop the Loan Shark screwing its customers

Published 170 days ago

Everyone knows that loan shark Amigo (AMGO) screwed tens of thousands of customers. Even the company admits to it. Shareholders benefited from that screw. Amigo wants to pay out just a portion of that screw in compensation, leaving shareholders taking no pain as they get to keep some of the ill-gotten gains. Quite rightly those folks at the FCA have taken a few minutes from wanking off on ESG porn to put a stop to this.

BREAKING: Sleazy Tim Yeo's Powerhouse bimbo eruption: its now taking the Greek piss but consultant discovers time travel

Published 171 days ago

Sleazy ex Tory MP Tim Yeo has another spoof announcement at Powerhouse Energy (PHE) but we are in the late stages of a bull market so, while Yeo is clearly taking the (Greek & Hungarian ) piss, moronic mug punters have lapped it up.

Ariana – Thinking through the ifs and buts of a sum-of-the-parts valuation

Published 172 days ago

With the price of the yellow metal showing an improvement, having risen by the best part of $150 per oz since the March double bottom to reach $1831 at Friday’s close, the renewed enthusiasm has been reflected generally in gold stocks. And that includes AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) which is now riding high at 5.2p. But my target is 7.5p.

NEW EXPOSE: Tern - Talking Medicines, and talking distributable reserves…..

Published 173 days ago

The FY20 Accounts for the latest investee of AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) were released by Companies House at the end of April: Talking Medicines carried on sending cash to the great central bank in the sky at an alarming rate and retained profits – or, rather, retained losses, ballooned further……which might raise an interesting question with regard to a share buy-back conducted by the company!

The ex copper Graham Wood who wanted me killed – digging further into the Versarien sewer

Published 174 days ago

Graham Wood is the most enthusiastic shareholder in the con that is Versarien (VRS). He does not like me because I point out the lies the company told and so has discussed having me killed and was on the private chatroom which discussed how my (then pregnant) wife could be harassed at work so that she was fired. Now thanks to Neill Ricketts trying to gag a Bulletin Board critic with fascist lawyers letters, we may find out whether Wood rides solo or if he is rather more connected to Versarien than folks think.

Letter to AIM Regulation – Bidstack, an official warning must be forced

Published 174 days ago

Three sorts of investors know that trading at Bidstack (BIDS) is far worse than the company had hoped for and that it now faces a gargantuan cash crisis putting its very survival in doubt: clients of Stifel, those who can afford a Bloomberg terminal and readers of this website. Thanks to the company ignoring AIM Rules 10 & 11, most investors are seeing their savings die of ignorance. I have again written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation urging them to force an immediate statement.

Trevor “pump and dump” Brown does it again – has this man no shame at all?

Published 175 days ago

I am beginning to think that foul-mouthed troll and penny share huckster Chris Akers is not the Wolf of the AIM sewer after all but that this title really belongs to Trevor Brown, a man who is completely shameless.

Verditek – what will the auditors say about the carrying value of inventory if the company has not already gone bust?

Published 175 days ago

The cash position at Verditek (VDTK) must be really grim by now. Cash balances at 31 December – just a couple of months after a £3.5 million fund raise – were just £1.7 million. Still not generating any revenues at all, my guess is that cash is now well under £1 million and heading south rapidly. As the auditors consider 2020 accounts, they must surely be insisting that there is a material uncertainty as to whether this can be viewed as a going concern or not. But there is another million dollar question.

BREAKING: Bidstack – Confirmation of Stifel forecast slash & breach of AIM Rules 10 & 11

Published 175 days ago

Needless to say, the morally bankrupt PR firm of Buchanan has still not replied to an email from Tuesday night regarding forecasts for its technically insolvent client Bidstack (BIDS). Presumably it is working hard finding a journalist to smear and that is its priority. When Steph Watson says she will reply to an email, what she clearly means is “I am a lying PR harpy and will do nothing of the sort.” But, without the assistance of mendacious Steph, I now have confirmation that house broker Stifel has indeed slashed forecasts which appears to be a clear breach of AIM Rules 10 and 11.

Tern – AGM Result bodes badly, however the board polishes the looming cash crisis turd

Published 175 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) held its AGM yesterday and posted a bullish update – obviously containing no figures -  and the BBMs went mad pushing the shares up. But for me the real news was the result of the AGM.

Letter to AIM Regulation – why has Bidstack apparently breached AIM Rules 10 & 11 with impunity?

Published 176 days ago

Earlier today, I reported on market speculation that Stifel, the house broker to Bidstack (BIDS), had slashed its sales forecasts and materially increased its loss forecasts for Bidstack (BIDS). This cannot have happened without a company chat so why has there been no official lack of sales/increased loss warning. Is CEO Lying James Draper again in breach of AIM Rules? I have written to the Oxymorons at  AIM Regulation, as you can see below

Has Bidstack issued a horrible warning but only for clients of Stifel – does AIM Regulation give a feck as insolvency looms?

Published 176 days ago

If there is a material change in your trading outlook, as an AIM Company you have a duty to inform the market at once, as per AIM Rules 10 and 11. But if you are Lyin’ James Draper of Bidstack (BIDS) you do not give a flying fuck about the rules. So has he issued a horrible lack of sales/increased losses warning by simply speaking to the analyst at house broker Stifel who slashes forecasts? Is it the case that as of Friday clients of Stifel heard the bad news, other morons who owned the stock did not. And the news, is rumoured to be dire. Cretinous low grade PR firm Buchanan, employers of the journalist smearing fraudsters PR of choice Henry Harrison-Topham, are failing to answer emails or calls on this matter but should get off its fat collective arse and issue an RNS or at least say this is not true if it is not true.

KERBOOM: Catenae Innovation – Related Party Acquisition of Hyperneph stinks

Published 177 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has waxed lyrical this morning about the acquisition of Hyperneph Software Limited. The acquisition – a 51% partial stake in the outfit – is set to cost Catenae’s grateful shareholders £270,000 in cash and £50,000 in Catenae confetti to be issued at the end of February next year at a 10-day VWAP. The transaction is classed as a Related Party Transaction as one former director of Catenae is on the board of Hyperneph, alongside a former employee and current adviser to Catenae.

BREAKING EXPOSE: Sarah Willingham’s Nightcap ramp planning bailout placing at 25p

Published 180 days ago

Having ramped shares in Nightcap (NGHT) up to 32p-35p, the company’s managers led by Dragon’s Den star Sarah Willingham are, I can reveal, attempting a bailout placing to raise £5-6 million at just 25p. There is no specific acquisition planned and this is simply because less than four months after its IPO it is running out of cash.

The trials of John Story – is he the forced seller at Asimilar?

Published 181 days ago

The shock suspension of All Active Asset (AAA), the plaything of foul-mouthed troll and penny share huckster Chris Akers, was especially painful for one shareholder – the proven liar John Story as he faced big margin calls in the fraud Zoetic (ZOE). How to meet those margin calls? Well I have established that he is on a lock-in at Cellular Goods (CBX) with his 15 million shares. Has he stuck to that lock-in? Enquiries continue. If he has sold even one share then he needs to issue a TR1 as he is on 3% and that would be a bit embarrassing given the lock-in.

Tom Winnifrith thanked by regulator yet again for alerting it to force company to restate accounts big time

Published 181 days ago

To those like market abusing foul mouthed troll and penny share huckster Chris Akers who calls me a TWat or to the legions of Bulletin Board morons owning shares in frauds such as Zoetic (ZOE), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), etc who insist that I am a complete joke who can be ignored as they know better, this is for you. Yet again the Financial Reporting Council, the FRC, has taken direct action against a listed company because I alerted it to wrong doing. Yet again it writes to thank me. Folks that count take the Sheriff of AIM seriously, foul mouthed penny share hucksters and morons you are deluding yourselves.

Ariana – Turkey calls Covid lockdown: Don't panic Corporal Jones!

Published 181 days ago

I was concerned to read yesterday that Turkey has been suffering Covid-19 to the point that a full lockdown has been called. So does that affect AIM-listed Gold producer Ariana Resources (AAU) in any way? After all, a production shutdown would be a serious blow.

Ariana – Arzu North Drilling Results: Great Stuff, keep buying!

Published 182 days ago

AIM-listed Gold-miner in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced drilling results from the Arzu North area which is currently feeding the producing Kiziltepe mine owned by the three-way joint venture (alongside Proccea and Ozaltin) and the numbers look pretty good.

Jubilee Metals - Coppertastic news but Colin is still giving the Bird

Published 182 days ago

I will not advise others to buy shares in Jubilee Metals (JLP) while penny share huckster Colin Bird remains chairman and there are institutions who want to buy but will not do so until we are given a timeline for the exit of a man who sold all his shares, into a ramp, at 13p earlier this year. But, as a loyal shareholder, I am not selling at today’s 17.6p (although I paid sub 4p) after a Zambia copper update which was everything I could have asked for and more. These shares could be 40p+ by some stage in 2022 if Bird does the decent thing and walks. So why the excitement?

Haydale – Anything to Worry about Here, ref Versarien?

Published 182 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has already exposed the cancer threat, discussed HERE in a 2018 scientific study, posed by wearing graphene enhanced face masks with regard to AIM-listed Versarien (VRS). But it seems that Versarien is not the only company in the firing line, for AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) is also on the hook.

EXPOSE: Are penny share promoter Chris Akers & a high profile SPAC boss committing market abuse in private chatroom? Company response is to smear critics!

Published 183 days ago

The company is All Active Asset Capital (AAA) a grossly over-ramped and over valued AIM sewer promote when penny share spiv Chris Akers is involved. Soo too is Johnny Mahtani the boss of Media Tech SPAC a murky, newly formed, company backed by Akers planning a stockmarket listing within months. There is a private Telegram group where Akers, Mahtani and others pump the stock. The screenshot below is from yesterday evening.

Siri: Show me an interviewer who makes Justin the Clown seem like Jeremy Paxman – ref Scotgold & Katie Pilbeam

Published 184 days ago

Companies like Scotgold (SGZ) pay Proactive to record soft interviews and so anyone engaged in this process is part of a bent and corrupt bastard child of journalism. This is PR dressed up as reporting. I have seen some rotten Proactive blow-offs in my time but today’s effort from Katie Pilbeam on Scotgold is the worst ever. She makes Justin the Clown look like Jeremy Paxman in his prime. Watch and cringe. It is so bad it is actually truly enjoyable, you really will laugh out loud.

Is Neill Ricketts causing cancer with Versarien’s face masks? Read a scientific paper suggesting the answer may be YES

Published 185 days ago

Shares in Versarien (VRS) have been ramped, in as much as you can ramp a cash guzzling POS, on the back of its graphene enhanced face masks. But as I pointed out yesterday, there is, despite Ricketts’ misleading RNS claims, no scientific study on humans to show that they either stop one human transmitting covid to another but, worse still, there is no proof they do not harm wearers. It gets worse: there is evidence from a scientific study that they may well harm wearers which is why Spain, Ireland and Canada have already moved to ban and recall such products.

EXPOSE: Getting a US OTC listing will see our shares soar – the big promoter lie in town: case study the fraud Zoetic

Published 186 days ago

On 8th January 2021, the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE) announced that its shares had started trading on the US OTC market, OTCQX and the shares jumped by 10% on the news. For the big lie being pushed by shameless promoters of frauds and other penny dreadfuls listed in the UK is that such a listing will put a rocket under the shares.

BREAKING: Now the move against graphene face masks moves to Ireland – they will be coming for you next Versarien

Published 188 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. It never rains but it pours for loathsome Neill Ricketts, the boss of grossly overvalued AIM promote Versarien (VRS). Now realising that his attempts to gag a Bulletin Board critic will end in a humiliating climbdown, his week just got even worse news with developments in Eire. You will remember how Canada has moved to ban graphene enhanced face nappies?

Bahamas Petroleum – Millionaire Boss Simon Potter shunted upstairs as shareholders kicked in gonads yet again

Published 188 days ago

On 17 September 2011, it was announced that Simon “Harry” Potter was to become CEO of Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) with the shares ending that day at c9.3p. Last year, Potter trousered £375,000 as CEO so it is fair to say that his nine and a half year gig has cemented his position as a millionaire. But what of those dirty grubby peasants the shareholders? How have the hoi poloi prospered? Over the years, I have repeatedly warned about the ramping of the shares, the extremely suspect financing arrangements and Harry – watch me make your ISA disappear, its magic – Potter’s ample rewards for failure.

In anything other than a raging and insane market this company would be valued at 0p

Published 188 days ago

Verditek (VDTK) is a company that I have exposed as a serial liar and warned about many times before and my bearishness has been vindicated. Last August, at peak ramp, the shares stood at 18p. Egged on by disgraced share tipster Mike Walters, some folks paid almost 20p a pop. Today the spread is 3.7p-3.9p but even that values this business at £12.8 million which is insane as fair value is clearly zero. The valuation tells you everything you need to know about the insane market in which we operate.

Vast Resources – wants shareholder approval for more value destruction: vote NO at GM, let's end the gravy train now!

Published 189 days ago

In 2008, shares in Vast Resources (VAST) traded at 24.6p. Today they trade at 0.082p. In other words, those running this company have, while trousering multi-millions of pounds in fees, managed to destroy 99.67% of shareholder value. While many companies do badly for shareholders, the trick here is to keep the company going so more fees can be extracted as part of an ongoing shareholder screw. Now the board wants shareholder permission for more of the same. I urge shareholders to say NO!

St James House – the Tsunami of confetti that is outstanding

Published 189 days ago

Enthusiasts for St James House (SJH) like to cite that it only has 4,669,808 shares currently in issue, with a low market capitalisation of circa £2 million and that many of these shares are held by current and former directors as positives for the stock.

Explosive: The Bulletin Board poster Neill Ricketts of Versarien tried to gag with fascist lawyers's letter responds

Published 190 days ago

On Monday I published the fascist and third rate lawyers letter sent on behalf of loathsome Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts to a Bulletin Board critic.  Ricketts has nmot got a hope in hell of winning in court and the disclosure process would ruin him and destroy Versarien. the critic knows that and so has responded to the muddle headed 12th rate lawyers acting for Ricketts. That response is below.

Ariana – Court Moves (or not….!) but the shares remain a BUY as we still await that Special Dividend

Published 191 days ago

We seem to have been waiting for an eternity for the long-promised special dividend from AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU). At first there was due diligence, then Covid and now we are waiting for Ariana’s application to the Court to restructure its capital so as to allow the special dividend to go ahead….which has also been slowed by Covid. The company updated today:

BREAKING: Why Neill Ricketts is such a prick or so badly advised by 9th rate lawyers in trying to gag a Bulletin Board critic – case precedent

Published 191 days ago

Yesterday I published the fascist lawyer’s letter sent by 10th tier law firm Hugh Paddison of Cheltenham and explained why on matters of libel it makes no case at all – this is merely an attempt to bully a Bulletin Board poster into silence. But it gets worse for loathsome and disgraced AIM boss Neill Ricketts.

St James House AGM Statement as the Parallel Universe of AIM laps it up

Published 192 days ago

AIM-listed St James House has updated on trading in its AGM statement issued today. Except it doesn’t! And how are the financials looking? Er…. And if that is not enough to make shareholders run for the hills, there is the small matter of a boat-load of equity at just 10p waiting in the wings, with the shares currently at an amazing 55p!

Explosive: Here is the fascist lawyers letter sent by lawyers for Neill Ricketts of Versarien to try to gag a critic

Published 192 days ago

I have redacted the details of the poor man who Neill Ricketts claims has libelled him but below is the fascist lawyers letter sent on behalf of the loathsome Versarien (VRS) boss. I wonder who is paying the esteemed firm of Hugh Paddison of Cheltenham? When it comes to libel lawyers, writing as someone who has faced down Schillings and beaten Memery Crystal thrice, these clowns are not exactly new European Super League, more Vauxhall Conference.

BREAKING: The great Versarien disinformation & share price ramp of 2017 exposed

Published 192 days ago

How did Versarien (VRS) get its shares, now c40p, from 10p up to 79.5p in 2017, eneabling 4 bailout placings and offering a platform for boardroom share dumping.  As history show that was a grossly inflated valuation. Thanks to Winnileaks I can reveal how. 

Breaking: it is Neill Ricketts of Versarien who threatens a Bulletin Board critic as I threaten an expose at 8.30 AM

Published 192 days ago

I alluded to this earlier in the week but can now reveal that the AIM CEO going after a bulletin board critic is none other than loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS). The crazy thing is that this critic who was once a shareholder and big fan of loathsome Neill has, in many of the posts which Ricketts claims to be libellous said exactly what has been said on this website. Yet…

Ariana – Waiting and waiting….

Published 195 days ago

We are still waiting for news on that long-promised special dividend from AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) resulting from the now completed corporate action under which the company sold off a large share of its Turkish assets to a three-way joint venture (including itself) to leave Ariana with a 23.5% share in the Red Rabbit project, with its gold-producing Kiziltepe plant, and the potentially much larger Salinbas project in Eastern Turkey. So has it all gone wrong? Er…

Verditek – Another letter to FCA & AIM Regulation as the cash rapidly runs out

Published 196 days ago

I have communicated with Britain’s finest regulators, no sniggering at the back please, a number of times on the matter of AIM bad boy Verditek (VDTK), the company run by Tory Toff Lord Willetts which is heading rapidly for insolvency. I have written again on the matter of its market abuse, deceiving investors to pump the shares ahead of bailout placings. The letter is below:

Sosandar – Full Year Trading Update as Placing surely imminent, but perhaps attractive

Published 198 days ago

AIM-listed online purveyor of ladies fashionwear Sosandar (SOS) has offered up its full year trading update this morning. There is much to celebrate – particularly as this time last year the question might have been whether AIM-listed loss-making stocks would even survive! In fact the company seems to have made quite a success of the past twelve months as Covid restrictions closed the high street, giving online retailers a clear run. But is it all roses?

EXPOSE: Tern – Snouts in the Trough!

Published 198 days ago

I mentioned en passant in yesterday’s expose of an accounting Red Flag at AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) that one of the surprises in the FY20 Annual Report of Tern concerned boardroom pay. For FY19 the total cost of the directors came in at £409,300. So what happened to the directors’ costs as Covid struck?

SHOCKING EXPOSE Tern – Taking a walk on the Wyld side as annual report is released - massive accounting red flag

Published 198 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has released its Annual Report for FY20, which contains a few surprises (not least of which Boardroom pay) but the shocker is the FY20 accounts which investee Wyld Networks – which Tern claimed a £2 million uplift on – has filed at Companies House. I’m no accountant, but I wonder what Tern’s Auditor, Smith & Williamson, was smoking.

Versarien and that smelly Korea deal: another way to look at it.

Published 201 days ago

This is the take of Tweeting CEO, an occasional poster on Bulletin Boards. I do know who this poster really is and he is not an AIM CEO but talks an awful lot of sense. My own take on the deal which saw a Korean firm, Graphene Labs, invest £1.93 million to get a 2.2% stake in the Neill Rickett’s dog is HERE but here is another view:

The Butler warns: Verditek – countdown to bailout placing or insolvency, tick tock tick tock

Published 202 days ago

As his loyal butler presents a plate of a fresh kipper, rushed by the overnight train from Arbroath, in front of Tory Toff David Willetts this morning, his Lordship must be pondering seriously whether Verditek (VDTK), the company he chairs, is, itself, at serious risk of becoming a dead herring. The company has survived since its 2017 IPO by generating not a cent of revenue but by announcing numerous contracts to ramp the shares ahead of bailout placings only to admit later that the contracts have come to nowt. But what now?

Kore Potash – “Oversubscribed” institutional fundraise? Then sack the Broker!

Published 202 days ago

I am rather glad I do not hold shares in AIM-listed Kore Potash (KP2) for if I did I would have been fuming at 6.30pm last night – no-one-is-watching o’clock – as the company announced the result of its proposed placing at a mammoth discount, and – to add insult to injury – oversubscribed. Not only that, but it was an institutional tin-rattle so only the great and the good get a look-in at bargain basement prices. You ordinary shareholder plebs obviously don’t count!

Uh-Oh - Going Concerns as IGAS releases FY20 Numbers: save the insomnia and SELL!

Published 203 days ago

It is a while since I took a look at AIM-listed Igas Energy (IGAS) – the last big round of coverage followed Andrew Austin and his dodgy deal with Equities First, and the subsequent refinancing which we correctly called as the oil price plummeted. Today, the company revealed its accounts for FY20 and there was a striking similarity……

Versarien – are graphene-enhanced face masks bad for your health? A problem in Canada for loathsome Neill Ricketts

Published 204 days ago

I may have given the impression that Canada was a semi-socialist woke hell hole run by the biggest poltroon on this planet where within a few years the economy will be such a trainwreck that folks like Darren Atwater will be forced to eat their cats. If so, I’d like to apologise, for Canada is a progressive paradise run by a visionary statesman, Mr Justin Trudeau, who wears his Eid socks to the Pride parade, or vice versa (I forgot); a chap who is eerily reminiscent of FDR or Churchill. Where this dynamic and free nation leads, the rest of the world surely will follow which is bad news for loathsome promoter Neill Ricketts and Versarien (VRS).

Ariana – A Reader Asks……

Published 207 days ago

ShareProphets reader P asks about the position in Turkey with regard to the recent sacking of Naci Agbal – the third Turkish Central Bank governor to be shown the door in less than two years which caused another hefty drop in the Turkish Lira, reports of Turkish jewellers being required to deposit their gold at the central bank and wonders whether there may be a danger of gold confiscation or nationalisation. This, in relation to a holding in AIM-listed gold-producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU).

5 Slam-Dunk Sells for 2021 – Easter Update as Mr Market relives the bubble

Published 207 days ago

Perhaps I should rename this column the Market Madness Index! My five anti-tips from the AIM Casino for this year are going up but the fundamentals are as weak as ever. I may look stupid now, but I think it should be taken as a warning to all. This won’t end well.

Inspirit Energy – Yet Another Companies House Failing from the Boiler Room

Published 208 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear – I would have thought that the board of AIM-listed John Gunn enterprise (or lack of it) Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) would have learnt by its previous errors. But alas, no. For five of the last six years, Inspirit has missed the deadline for filing its Confirmation Statement or Annual Return……and guess what?!

Verditek – more bad news from Tory Toff Lord Willetts, cash crisis looms

Published 210 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. That used to be the catchphrase of disgraced penny share tipster Mike Walters of Minmet, 3DM, Polly Peck, Pursuit Dynamics, etc, etc infamy. I wonder if he will be using it today as the Verditek (VDTK) dog he has promoted so aggressively has coughed up to another lack of sales warning. It means that a bailout discount placing is inevitable within the next couple of months but natch the company, chaired by Tory Toff Lord Willetts, polishes the turd.

Tern – FY Numbers and DA Convertible Loan Extension: Shares Slide. Has Mr Market finally woken up to this POS?

Published 211 days ago

There may be no limit to the stupidity of the lunatic fans of AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) but the market’s early reaction to this morning’s FY20 results – a drop of 18% – suggests that you can’t fool all of the market all of the time. In short, the numbers are a calamity.

Bowleven – Interims…..and more delays but I still say hold on

Published 212 days ago

AIM-listed Cameroon gas-play Bowleven (BLVN) released its interims to December 2020 this morning. The HIGHLIGHTS section talked of plenty of progress at the Etinde prospect as we wait for a Final Investment Decision (FID) from the JV partners, but there was a fly in the ointment….

Feck Yu - results are dire and the balance sheet a total rum 'n' coke

Published 212 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) released its Full Year numbers for 2020 this morning which show continued cashburn, a horrible lack of balance sheet support and negative net current assets. As I had suspected, the trumpeted cashpile announced in the FY Trading Update was a mirage, with payables up and receivables down. The shares may have been on a tear recently, but the company is heading for a brick wall.

Catenae Innovation: Shares off as results are delayed, disastrous trading update and what about cash?

Published 213 days ago

It was announced this morning that AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) is to delay releasing its accounts to 30 September 2020 with the blessing of AIM Regulation, which has given the company until the end of June on the grounds of the Covid pandemic. I will come to this later, but we were also treated to a trading update……which was indeed a treat, if you are a bear.

Versarien – there will not be a year-end trading statement but what would it say?

Published 213 days ago

Let’s be clear. Although it might be deemed best practice for a company the size of Versarien (VRS) to issue a year-end trading update, there is no legal obligation for it to do so. And the only best practice Versarien adheres to is in industrial-scale share issuance and deceptive share ramping activities. Had it won any material business at all, new contracts for graphene which actually generated real sales – as opposed to taxpayer handouts from his Tory chums – you can bet the ranch that loathsome Neill Ricketts would have been itching to shout about them via an RNS. He hasn’t so there are not any.

BREAKING: Ouzo for the Sheriff of Aquis as Block Commodities loses (another) adviser and shares suspended

Published 213 days ago

Cripes! This must be a record. First Sentinel was only appointed as corporate advisor to Block Commodities (BLCC), formerly the African Potash (AFPO) fraud on March 4. Today it has resigned with immediate effect meaning the shares are suspended yet again. The reason: exposes by the Sheriff of Aquis, a man whose day job is the Sheriff of AIM.

Woodfordesque Smoke and Mirrors from Tern

Published 215 days ago

Following my prod on Wednesday, AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) appears to have encouraged investee Wyld Networks (two out of three of whose directors are the Chairman and CEO of Tern) to finally file a SH01 regarding the share issue and debt conversion announced by Tern at Wyld on 28 January – only about a month late. Naturally I’m pleased to help. But is all as it seems?

EXPOSE: St James House – Technically Insolvent, Record Death Spiral in place – but what will the Mega Options bring in? A Red Flag SELL with bells on!

Published 216 days ago

Technically insolvent AIM POS St James House (SJH) made a song and dance yesterday of its latest bailout rescue finance package – which neither bails it out or rescues it – with Tintra Acquisitions Limited. There is a £250,000 loan convertible into a death spiral at 10p per share (take note shareholders, with the price currently 45p a pop!) but tied to that are two option deals which apparently bring in between them a fraction below £180,000. So how much of that will find its way onto St James’ balance sheet?

Lying’ James Draper on cracking form as the very bad news from Bidstack buried at the bottom

Published 216 days ago

How on earth is Lyin’ James Draper still in charge of Bidstack (BIDS)?  Dumping shares at almost four times the current price after lying to investors on a Justin the Clown podcast and while sitting on a lack of profits warning, issuing misleading RNS statements that had to be corrected and missing every financial target going is a piss poor CV even by the low standards of the AIM sewer. The man is a disgrace and is not fit to run a public lavatory let alone a public company. So to calendar 2020 results out today and the looming cash crisis.

Are TERN bulls going to be disappointed as Fido fails to bark? Yes - Statement needed NOW

Published 216 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) are still riding high at 10p. The spark for the latest rise was to do with principal investee Device Authority and the FIDO Alliance which involves no less than Intel. So Tern will make a fortune, right? Not so fast!

Explosive Dossier: surely the FCA and SEC must act to stop the backdoor stockmarket comeback of Chris Cleverly

Published 217 days ago

When your cousin James is a Foreign Office minister and tipped as a future Prime Minister and you mix freely among the Westminster great and good you might think that you are above the law. That certainly seems to be the case for Chris Cleverly who has spent the past five years lying to investors and raising cash on the back of it. Now he has a new con which he is trying to float on the Standard List of the London Stock Exchange via a backdoor reverse takeover into an insolvent company, and he has now roped in a US listed company which is already lying to its investors. The FCA and SEC must act at once. Cleverly’s crime spree started at AIM listed African Potash (AFPO).

St James House shocking results part 3 - dubious deals revealed

Published 217 days ago

As you dig through the detail of the year end 31 January 2020 accounts, you discover more evidence of still generous asset valuations and the poor deal-making ability of St James House (SJH) which is why anyone buying the shares is truly insane. 

Tern – a Wyld puzzle

Published 218 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed jam tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) are heading higher today, following a bit of a drop yesterday. I’m not sure what the latest ramp is, but it seems again to involve Device Authority and “FIDO” – which I thought, perhaps aptly, was a name for a dog. But I wonder what is going on at another Tern investee – Wyld Networks?

St James House - disastrous interims part 2 now it's death spiral ahoy

Published 218 days ago

As well as disastrous, red ink soaked finals, St James House (SJH) published its interims, to July 31 2020, today and revenue was up an impressive 51% on comparative interims to £641,000; however, administrative expenses of £874,000 resulted in an operating loss of £567,000. St James House (SJH) was only able to report a profit of £192,000 due to the profit of £759,000 for disposal of Market Access Ops Ltd for consideration of £1.  As I highlighted in my note of February 2020, I struggle to understand why Mr John Botros would buy a loss-making company for £1 as it came with net liabilities of £759,000.

St James House – results bloodbath and (yet again) vindication for the Sheriff of AIM ( Part 1)

Published 218 days ago

This is such a mess, such a shit-shower of deceit and wrongdoing that it is necessary to split it into three parts. What follows is, even by the lowly standards of the AIM sewer, a total shocker.

If this is not an accusation of insider dealing what is? Team on Tavistock

Published 219 days ago

This looks like a tasty spat in the world of fund management, with AIM listed Team PLC (TEAM) making a fairly explicit accusation of insider dealing as it launches an all paper offer for Tavistock Investment (TAVI). It states the case clearly.

Minoan – brief update and placing: Are we nearly there, yet?

Published 220 days ago

AIM-listed holiday resort developer in Crete Minoan (MIN) updated the market this morning….and announced yet another placing, albeit for a small amount, £187,000 (courtesy of Peterhouse) at 1.1p per share and a small debt-for-equity swap worth £70,000 also at 1.1p, with one warrant for two new shares taken at 1.4p. But it is the update which offers a little bit of hope here.

The Madness of the TERN crowd – more signs of the top of the market. Will history repeat with yet another placing?

Published 221 days ago

Here we go again! Do the BBMs never learn? Shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) took off again last week on more unfounded rumours on the bulletin boards that something is about to happen at principal investee Device Authority. Last weekend the shares were marooned at 7.7p. This week the shares shot higher to peak at 12.95p and closed the week at 10.75p in the middle. But there was no news, and we have seen this all before so many times……

Ariana – CEO Kerim Sener piles in for shares…..follow the man!

Published 223 days ago

AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) this morning announced that its CEO, Kerim Sener, has been buying shares – 582,000 of them – and why not, for the company is on the verge of declaring the long-awaited Special Dividend which I reckon will be around 0.7p. At approx. 4.9p a pop, that is £28,500 worth which is substantial enough to catch my interest, but there is another thing….

Eve Sleep – FY Results: good effort but not for me

Published 224 days ago

AIM-listed former Neil Woodford favourite has released its FY20 results. The company makes great hay of the fact that it beat twice raised expectations, which is all very well, but it still racked up a pre-tax loss of £2.4 million. The bigger question for me is what happens when the high street finally reopens – assuming any bricks-and-mortar outfits are left.

Eurasia Mining – another rule breach but does anyone care?

Published 225 days ago

It is not as if this company has not already had problems with Nomad’s quitting because of rule breaches and misleading statements before, is it?  But with Eurasia’s (EUA) current Nomad being the fraudster’s Nomad of choice, SP Angel of MySquar (MYSQ) infamy, I guess that sticking to the rules is not actually needed.  So that is alright then.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources: Big Fundraise, so now technically solvent? Er…..

Published 226 days ago

The good Professor Conroy and his team at AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) must be feeling very pleased with themselves this morning, as the company announced a decent-sized fundraise to bring in £1.87 million in cash (before expenses) and a debt-for-equity swap regarding outstanding director fees and other debts to wipe out £379,000 of monies due. So does this finally cure Conroy’s long-running illness of technical insolvency, as highlighted by the Auditor in November’s FY accounts to May?

Remote Monitored Systems – does anyone believe this Amazon joke projection? Have a look for yourself

Published 226 days ago

Bulls of Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) or paid penny share hustlers, such as LSE Share Talk, are forced to make extraordinary projections about sales of Pharm2Farm face nappies in order to justify urging folks to chuck their cash down the pan by buying these shares. For the current valuation is bonkers. Just see for yourself and ask a few questions.

Interim results from Nightcap – it is what Dragon's Den star Sarah Willingham does NOT say that reveals her fantasy

Published 227 days ago

The IPO of Nightcap (NGHT) was pushed back from pre Christmas to early January which means that in announcing results for the period 23rd September to December 31 2020, it reveals sod all of interest which allows boss Sarah Willingham to engage in fantasies about expanding her chain from 10 to 50 units. This disgrace of an IPO gets more tawdry by the day.

Ariana – Production guidance for 2021: read through the numbers and BUY!

Published 227 days ago

AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has offered up production guidance for its part-owned Kiziltepe plant as part of the three-way joint venture with Proccea and Ozaltin. We are promised 19,000 oz of gold this year, but read through the numbers and the future looks bright.

Eurasia Mining – a damning indictment of the Takeover Panel

Published 230 days ago

I am not sure if the Takeover Panel boasts about how many birds it has promoted to its executive team whether they have been flagged up as manifestly incompetent or not, but in the matter of Eurasia Mining (EUA) it has shown itself to be as useless as the FCA, if not even more useless. Let me explain.

Sosandar – Marks and Spencer deal: good news

Published 230 days ago

AIM-listed online ladies wear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) has announced a deal with Marks and Spencer to bring a curated collection of its products to M&S’s online store. Whilst there are no numbers offered, this strikes me as good news.

Origo Partners – Told y’all!

Published 234 days ago

I commented on the strange rise of ShareProhets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP) last week, suggesting that the rise from 0.145p to a peak of over 0.4p was simply ridiculous – not, I hasten to add, that current boss John Chapman is in any way to blame.

EXPOSE: Sleazy Tony Baldry’s Westminster Group slammed by FDA for untruthful covid boasts

Published 234 days ago

Oh dear, there has been no RNS about this but it appears that Westminster Group (WSG), the serial AIM laggard run by ex Tory MP, sleazy Tony Baldry of the fraud 3DM infamy, has been very naughty and has been slapped down by the US FDA for making untruthful covid claims on its website. Tony: you are a scumbag. This is a shocker.

Filthy Forty Origo Partners – Mind the P’n’D!!

Published 236 days ago

For the record, I do not believe management at ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP) have anything to do with this- indeed, my view is that head honcho John Chapman is a breath of fresh air. But shares in Origo seems to have gone stark raving bonkers – only on Wednesday they closed at 0.145p and now they are 0.275p, having peaked at over 0.4p. What’s going on?

URU Metals – Shareholders called to vote on “Disposal”

Published 237 days ago

I commented back in January on AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) and its proposed sale of the Zebediela project in South Africa to Canadian-listed cash (-less) shell Blue Rhino Capital. Suffice to say I wasn’t impressed. Yesterday the company called its AGM and on the agenda is this “disposal”.

Mediazest – Extended FY numbers finally released as Balance Sheet calamity is fully exposed, the company is bust

Published 238 days ago

AIM-listed Mediazest (MDZ) has finally released results for its extended 18-month period to September 2020, and the numbers are a calamity as the Red Ink dribbles from every page. Of course, ShareProphets readers were forewarned, so I hope you have missed out on today’s share price drop of 10.5% thus far.

Marchale Capital – Chris Akers is (almost certainly) out, shares tank: told y’all

Published 238 days ago

Marchale Capital (MAC), the subscale loss-making merchant bank run by upper-class twit Mark “not very nice but dim” Warde Norbury from his family stately home, was last month’s Akers ramp. But now its shares are collapsing as the great spoofer has fessed that he is bailing. I noted in bearcast yesterday that this would happen and that I had repeatedly told y’all.

Tern – Vacuous Update

Published 240 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has offered yet another portfolio update – this time entitled Portfolio News – the fourth such effort so far this year. If at first you don’t succeed (in ramping your shares), try, try and try again! But with nothing of substance to report (Moi? A cynic?) today’s ramparoonie is merely and RNS Reach.

St James House – Something nasty slipped into Friday Afternoon Trading Update!

Published 242 days ago

At 2.15pm yesterday afternoon – a Friday and thus a case of no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed but suspended St James House (SJH) put out an RNS entitled Trading Update. Intra-day trading updates are usually bad news, so this one caught my attention. So what do we learn?

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – Anglo Asian walks, in comes Demir Export AS but I still say SELL.

Published 243 days ago

AIM-listed Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) has walked on its proposal with fellow AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) to form a joint venture with Conroy’s gold assets in Ireland. Not such a disaster for Anglo Asian, but there is a question over who pushed who and when. Meanwhile, it seems that Anglo has been replaced by Turkish outfit Demir Export AS.

Mediazest – Results postponed again as we wait for Godot, but first must come that placing

Published 244 days ago

The long-running saga of AIM-listed Mediazest (MDZ) and its full results continued this morning, with first a promise to release full numbers for the year to September 2021 eventually replaced with a promise to offer up numbers to September 2020 next week. Apart from the comedic cock-up involving Mediazest’s crystal ball, how sure can we be that the promised numbers will indeed be served up in the coming week? Not very, I fancy!

Versarien – another climbdown with a bogus excuse: another Victory for the Sheriff of AIM

Published 244 days ago

On 21 January, joke graphene company Versarien (VRS) published interim results which misled investors as to its net debt position by classifying a £1.96 million (illegal) Government loan as a trade payable not as a loan. Having deceived folks with this presentation, loathsome boss Neill Ricketts was again selling shares, this time 1.65 million of them.  Now, after I complained to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad SP Angel of fraud MySquar infamy, Versarien has ‘fessed. But even so, it does so in a misleading and deceptive fashion reinforcing why its shares are so utterly uninvestable.

Haydale Graphene – Interims ring more alarm bells

Published 245 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale Graphene (HAYD) has offered up its interims to December 2020 today and whilst the company flags increased sales of functionalised inks graphene and points to falling admin costs and operating losses, these are on an adjusted basis. The unadjusted truth is that sales of £1.277 million were down from £1.347 million the previous year and the company lost £2 million in total comprehensive loss (although this is marked as being for the year – not that there was an cut’n’paste laziness!)

The World’s “Most Successful” Growth market – Shrinks again: Let’s party like its 2003 on the AIM sewer

Published 246 days ago

As you are aware, Marcus Stuttard, the clueless bogus Sheriff of AIM who heads up the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, continues to insist that his market is a great success. Indeed he recently stated:

Yu Group – Something does not add up here

Published 247 days ago

AIM-listed alternative energy provider Yu Group (YU.) shares have been on a tear ever since it released a trading update on 26th January this year. The shares moved up from a previous close of 120p to close the day at 195p. Today, last seen, the stock is up to 355p having been as high as 370p but something just does not add up here.

You’d need to be smoking uber strong Ganja to buy this bollocks from joke pot play Kanobo

Published 247 days ago

Shares in Kanabo (KNB) have quadrupled to 25.5p since it raised £6 million as part of an RTO a week ago and this company, with zero sales and perhaps £4 million in the bank, is now valued at £92 million… you’d need to be smoking serious weed to buy that. But now, after just a week, we get the first announcement of just mind-blowing bollocks showing what a total spoof this all is.

Catenae – Another rampfest on the back of an RNS Reach

Published 248 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) offered up more than its fair share of RNS Reaches last year and this morning we have another. Remember, and RNS Reach is classified essentially as marketing material, yet the shares are up by a whopping 45% at 2.75p, having climbed as high as 3.15p!

Ridgecrest shares unsuspended – Zak Mir must be creaming himself: let the insanity continue

Published 248 days ago

I warned folks on 22 January that cash shell Ridgecrest (RDGC) was, at 3.1p, a £13.5 million accident waiting to happen. With folks such as the penny share hucksters at LSE Share talk, employers of disgraced promoter Zak Mir, in full on spiv mode, folks were piling in even though the company had cash of just £2 million and no other assets. It was insane. Still, if Zak says the shares are a buy…

Mediazest – It’s Beer and Popcorn time

Published 249 days ago

On February 11th AIM-listed Mediazest (MDZ) announced that it expects its results for the 18-month period to 30 September 2020 to be announced by the end of the month. Next week is the end of the month – the question is whether its expectations are to be believed, or whether they are in the same mould as Tom Winnifrith’s expectations with regard to Britain’s favourite chanteuse.

Deep Dive Number crunch on the sham Versarien: Part II - the Plastic and Graphene Products segment

Published 250 days ago

Following on from Part 1 my analysis of the Metal and Hard Wear division, I now take a look at the Graphene and Plastics products segment of Versarien (VRS). This is the sexy bit used by loathsome Neill Ricketts and his moronic followers to justify a market cap of £88 million, at 47p. As we saw earlier, the rest of the business cannot be worth much over £3 million!.

Deep Dive number crunch on the sham Versarien – a delve into just out subsidiary accounts - Part 1 the Hard Wear and Metallic Products segment

Published 250 days ago

The UK subsidiary accounts for Versarien (VRS) have finally appeared at Companies House (despite being signed on 16 November 2020) and in this deep dive note, I take look at the original trading segment of Versarien namely the Hard Wear and Metallic Products segment and update prior year note. It is, neededless to say, not impressive and showds what a con was the initial IPO in 2013.

Ariana – New “High Grade” Gold Identified at Arzu North; Panmure Updates.

Published 252 days ago

AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has followed up yesterday’s big news that the corporate action to bring Ozaltin into its JV with Proccea has completed with exploration news from the Arzu North pit currently feeding its now 23.5%-owned Kiziltepe gold/silver refinery. And the news is good…….

Ariana – Ozaltin deal completes. Now, what to do with £25 million (that's alot of Ouzo...)

Published 253 days ago

AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced completion of the corporate action bringing Ozaltin into its joint venture with Proccea, under which Ariana has reduced its ownership to 23.5% of its assets at and around its producing Kiziltepe plant and at Salinbas in Eastern Turkey in return for $37.75 million. It has taken over a year, but finally we are there. So what will Ariana spend the resulting £25 million on?

ShareSoc still sticking the knife into shorters not the real villains

Published 254 days ago

I thought that ShareSoc, having ceased taking direction from he who shall not be named, had at last recognised the great job shorters do in exposing frauds and overpromotes. But it seems not. Cliff Weight, a self confessed shareholder in Burford (BUR) today makes a number of valid points on Neil Woodford’s comeback while still not admitting that ShareSoc is backing a laggardly and non battle-hardened legal claim for Neil’s victims. But it is on Burford where ShareSoc lets its mask slip. Cliff says of the FCA:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: This is for Cliff - the corruption of the press expose + Zoetic screwed by Path statement

Published 254 days ago

This is for Cliff Weight of ShareSoc. I discuss incidents in my life on Fleet Street showing the corrupt nexus between financial PRs and the press in action. I hope you all find it amusing as informative and relates to this fight I got into earlier today. Then it is onto Brokerman Dan who is a visionary analyst of health stocks, notably MyHealthChecked (MHC) as PL and I are agreed. Finally Zoetic (ZOE) has been exposed by an RNS today from Path Investments (PATH) which is damning. Its implications are clear, Zoetic is now mortally wounded; however, its evil PR spinners tried turd polishing earlier today.

Scancell – Shares off to the Races……be careful out there!

Published 255 days ago

As readers will know I was a big fan of AIM-listed biotech Scancell (SCLP) but lost my patience with what appeared to be an attempt to jump on the Covid bandwagon. Well blow me down, for today the shares have doubled to 28.25p at peak this morning. What’s going on (apart from me looking like a prize chump)?

Tern – Is this an elephant in the room?

Published 257 days ago

We have had effectively three portfolio updates already this year from AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) – on January 12th, Feb 4th and Feb 8th. Last year in the same period there was just one – on January 28th – and reading it through again now, there does seem to be a rather large elephant in the room.

Bowleven – All quiet, but I’m still watching carefully, is this a coiled spring?

Published 258 days ago

Since my last update on an old tip of mine, AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN), it has been all quiet. I had hoped the large price rise at the end of January might be met with a statement, but sadly not. The shares have remained strong and sit at 7.5p in the middle – albeit with a spread wide enough for a fleet of disused Airbus A380s to roll though.

ShareProphets translation service – Bidstack ramp ahead of placing

Published 258 days ago

Following its shocking lack of 2020 AND 2021 profits and disappearing cash warning on February 1, Bidstack (BIDS) is close to running on vapours with net current assets set to go negative by the end of May and cash set to run out before then. Oh dear. What to do? Ramp the shares ahead of a discounted placing from the Nomad and broker which signed off on the grossly misleading pre-Christmas trading statement, Stifel.

Mediazest – shares rocket: have the BBMs completely lost it?

Published 259 days ago

AIM-listed Mediazest (MDZ) caught my eye this morning: it is currently top of ADVFN’s gainers leaderboard today with a rise of a very impressive 140%, with a share price of just 0.12p – having been as high as 0.175p. There was news of new business wins due to bring in £350,000 of revenues but as we know, revenues are one thing and cash is quite another. But apart from that, it looks like a forest of Red Flags is upon it: have the Bulletin Board Morons completely lost the plot? TW Note did they ever have it?

Business Before Pleasure: Once again asking the Financial Reporting Council to review Eden Research & KPMG

Published 259 days ago

The pleasure of reviewing a truly dismal 2020 trading statement from Eden Research (EDEN), a perennially loss making pustule on the arse of corporate Britain for more than 25 years, comes later.  First to business: once again reporting this historically fraudulent enterprise to my good friends at the Financial Reporting Council, FRC, for cooking its 2019 books.

Gold – Jordan Roy-Byrne calls the bottom again and three stocks to be buying now

Published 261 days ago

I noted a few weeks ago that ShareProphets’ favourite technical analyst,  Jordan Roy-Byre of, has called the end of the Gold correction which started last August. It was a very rare error. Now, noting that making declarative statements does not necessarily add value for the reader, he has called the bottom for gold miners and juniors. I hope he is bang on the money this time!

BREAKING: Manolete CEO dumps shares at multi year low but the paltry FD buying is a bigger giveaway

Published 261 days ago

Just a couple of weeks after a dire profits warning which utterly vindicated my bear dossier of last July that the company so pompously refuted and which flews in the face of subsequent bullish statements, it emerges that Manolete (MANO) founder and CEO Steve Cooklin has flogged c£1.5 million worth of shares with the stock at multi-year lows. But this not the only boardroom trading red flag.

Tern – yet another portfolio update!

Published 262 days ago

I noted the old adage last week of if you don’t succeed, try and try again. Last week AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) offered up its second portfolio update of the year. This morning we were treated to a third: so is it jam-today, then? Or doth the lady protest too much?

Ariana – General Meeting #2 called as Special Dividend comes into view: A Resounding BUY

Published 262 days ago

AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU) has taken another important step towards payment of the long-awaited special dividend in relation to the ongoing corporate action which brings Turkish outfit Ozaltin into its gold-producing joint venture with Proccea. Ariana is reducing its ownership in the JV to 23.5% from 50% and injecting its Salinbas project in return for a total of $37.75 million, with a promised special dividend for shareholders, but has an issue with distributable reserves which is to be addressed by a second General Meeting and a trip to the High Court. This morning, the Circular for General Meeting 2 was published.

Tern – a Curate’s Egg. Well, an Egg anyway!

Published 266 days ago

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. An old rule which it seems that AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) is adhering to. Last month it offered up a Portfolio Update which seemed to me to be meaningless drivel. Now, less than a month later, we have another.

Terpenetech 2019 accounts out – the Eden Research 2015 Panama Pump fraud (now) endorsed by KPMG laid bare

Published 266 days ago

It was in August 2015 when a heavily cash-strapped AIM dog Eden Research (EDEN) engaged in a blatant Panama Pump style fraud with a company, Tepenetech, with which it had long been associated. The 2019 accounts for Eden, signed off by KPMG, still pretend that this is a legitimate deal. But Terpenetech’s own accounts for calendar 2019 are, finally, just out and the fraud is there for all to see.

Breaking: Eurasia Mining ‘fesses (sort of) on Churakov departure but what about Keith Byrne apparently leaking price-sensitive news?

Published 266 days ago

The whole Eurasia Mining (EUA) story stinks more and more with each day that goes by. Today’s episode started at no-one is watching O’Clock, 6.02 PM, with a statement that begs more questions than it answers. You may remember that on January 27, shares in the company slumped by 40% as it emerged that the company’s high profile boardroom M&A Advisor Alexei Churakov had dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. That evening, I revealed HERE how Company Secretary Keith Byrne had apparently been reassuring private investors who inhabited a secret Telegram group that this was not an issue as Churakov had left some time ago.

Scancell – Cancer Research Drops SCIB 2: Excuses are like A*seholes, we've all got 'em no-one cares!

Published 267 days ago

There was bad news this morning from AIM-listed cancer-buster Scancell (SCLP): Cancer Research UK has pulled out of a funding deal to put Scancell’s second SCIB product through Phase I/II trials.

Letter to AIM Regulation re Bidstack PLC and Stifel Europe – Possible Breach of Rule 10

Published 268 days ago

On December 17 Bidstack PLC (BIDS) and its Nomad Stifel Europe, fully cogniscent of the likely outcome for calendar 2020, issued a trading statement which I believe, in light of a confessional and disastrous statement on February 1 2021 was a clear breach of AIM Rule 10. I have written to AIM Regulation demanding an urgent enquiry and that sanctions be taken if appropriate.

You couldn’t make it up: Covid mask maker Remote Monitored Systems delays production as staff catch er…Covid

Published 269 days ago

Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) ’s Pharm2farm subsidiary has produced plenty of masks in trial runs so its staff should never have been short of protective masks to wear. So, on that basis, it’s not a great sales pitch is it: “our masks are so good our own staff caught and spread Covid.” No wonder this company has not got any customers.

Bidstack admits to pre Christmas deceit, warns on 2021 – has to be rescue placing ahoy

Published 269 days ago

The first of a number of triumphs today for the Sheriff of AIM is AIM bad boy Bidstack (BIDS). After repeated pressure from this website it has, finally, admitted that its pre-Christmas trading statement was a deceit and, better still, has issued a shock warning about 2021. Oh dear, its moronic followers, including Mike Turner, that cross-dressing IT freak from Northants, will be cacking themselves as a cash crisis looms. Let’s start with the false market created on 17 December with the misleading RNS signed off by shameless Nomad Stifel.

The corruption, or is it just laziness, of the deadwood press: The Daily Mail, David Beckham & AIM listed Guild Esports

Published 270 days ago

The financial sections of newspapers like to have articles about celebrities as, they can use a photo and they believe that brings traffic. But when it comes to dealing with celebs either laziness or corruption kicks in. Last week I flagged up the appallingly untrue Mail on Sunday coverage of Dragon’s Den star Sarah Willingham and her grossly overvalued (in part to the MOS ramp with its wrong numbers) and scandalously conflicted Nightcap (NGHT) POS company by Harriet Dennys. This week I turn to David Beckham who features in a Daily Mail article by Francesca Washtell which is also a disgrace.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: how do you keep idiots in suspense? SYME shareholders I have a bombshell for you tomorrow!

Published 271 days ago

Yes that horrific news for shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) will be out in the morning. Meanwhile, I reflect on a video I have recorded with the great Dominic Frisby which goes live tomorrow, I hope, and on news that Kwasi Kwarteng might just take action to stop directors lying to investors. I then explain why Redditt groups exposed HERE and HERE in the UK are, in reality, just pump and dump schemes, why they will not deliver another GameStop and why most folks following them will do their conkers. It will end in tears and, I hope, jail time and won’t “burn the shorters” or Fuck The London Stock Exchange, as the organisers promise, at all.

Haydale – Trading Statement, Jam-tomorrow and two Elephants in the room = SELL!

Published 271 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale Graphene (HAYD) offered up a statement on Thursday telling of a sales representative agreement and a trading update. The former offered up visions of Tom Winnifrith’s (lack of) wooing Britain’s favourite chanteuse but the latter seems to me have been more a case of the dog that didn’t bark. What was the first elephant in the room?

BREAKING EXPOSE: Sleazy Neill Ricketts of Versarien joins 1MillionTradeMarch, another new Reddit group trying to create a UK GameStop

Published 271 days ago

Earlier I broke the story of how desperate Supply@ME Capital (SYME) owning morons were gathering on Redditt to try to replicate the GameStop effect in the UK and to “FuckTheLondonStockExchange”, manipulating shares in the, currently suspended, con from a £122 million value to £12 billion! I will have some bad news for them from the FCA later. But there is another group on Redditt now trying to organise a GameStop on a range of stocks and guess which sleazy, share dumping, lying CEO of a cash guzzling AIM listed POS has signed up, as I demonstrate below.

St James House – should we expect a St Valentine’s day massacre?

Published 271 days ago

At 11.00 am on Friday morning, St James House (SJH) fessed up that there would be yet another delay in the publication of its annual accounts for the year ended 31 January 2020.

Red Flags at Night: URU Metals – For whose benefit is this POS being run?

Published 271 days ago

Last night, at 5.32pm on a Friday – no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed John Zorbas outfit URU Metals (URU) issued an RNS related to its death spiral financing package first announced in May last year. It is good news for the loan sharks, but surely shareholders deserve better.

Bowleven – Shares explode to 8p: is a statement due, and should we all bank mega gains?

Published 272 days ago

I commented on good news from AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) on Monday, following news that the joint venture of which it is part had been given permission to apply for a new exploitation agreement regarding the Etinde gas prospect off the coast of Cameroon. The shares were then around 5p (nicely up from 2.17p at the bottom of the Covid-crash last year) but I wondered if they might be a stonking buy (with a few caveats!) Well, blow me down…..

Catenae – Another day, another deal “not expected to generate substantial revenues"

Published 272 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) – fresh from its fundraise announced Wednesday which added £1 million to its coffers at 2p per share – has announced a new pilot agreement for its Covid-bandwagon testing platform with an unnamed Fortune 500 American professional services and construction company. But if the BBMs think this is exciting, we are again warned that the deal is not expected to generate substantial revenues. Or, indeed, any revenues at all.

Tern – Wyld Networks upward revaluation on new money: more spoofs for tea vicar?

Published 272 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced a new injection of capital into investee Wyld Networks offered up by Tern and a third party investor which previously made loans of £400,000 to Wyld. In addition, the two investors have converted loans into equity which cleans up the balance sheet but the big point Tern trumpets is that its previous investment which carried a valuation of £1.2 million is now worth £4.1 million. So it looks a great job for Tern – but I refer readers back to Cynical Bear’s piece on fellow Tern investee Cryptosoft, now called Device Authority, on the merger between Cryptosoft and Device Authority Inc.

Eurasia Mining statement re Alexei Churakov shares dump – it makes no sense at all

Published 273 days ago

Yesterday, shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA) collapsed, by 50% at one point before closing 40% down at 18p, on news that board advisor Alexei Churakov had dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. Why do that when a bid is meant to be on the way asked the mug punters? Today there is a statement but it does not wash at all. It fails the smell test.

Letter to AIM Regulation – Verditek: there must be a formal enquiry into the pre-placing deceit

Published 273 days ago

Yesterday, Verditek (VDTK) finally ‘fessed that its 2020 revenues would be almost nothing. That is despite it announcing on June 30 that its Italian operation was now “in production and is generating revenue” and the announcement of no less than EIGHT separate orders from 30 June onwards. All of those “orders” were announced before a bailout placing on October 6. And it is not as if this company, chaired by Tory Toff Lord Willetts, has not got extensive form in announcing big orders before placings which then turn out to be bogus. The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation could have stopped this if they had heeded my calls in a letter to them about a full enquiry into past pre-placing deceits going back right to the IPO but they did nothing. There now needs to be a full enquiry into the company and into Nomad WH Ireland with public censures resulting. My letter is below:

Bombshell: Has Eurasia Mining been sitting on price sensitive information re shock resignation and is it leaking to “secret” chatroom members

Published 273 days ago

You would have thought that after the last scandal we exposed, where Zak Mir acted as a good German and posted on the private Telegram chatroom false ramps on the orders of a Eurasia Mining (EUA) director, the company would be a bit more careful about how it discloses information. Think again. Today the shares crashed by 40% as it was announced that M&A director Alexei Chukov dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. On the “private and secret” Telegram chatroom punters panicked as we showed you HERE.

Want to see some BB Morons shitting themselves - welcome to the Eurasia Mining "private" Telegram chat room as shares crash

Published 273 days ago

You will particularly enjoy one comment about yours truly. Shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA) crashed by 50% in afternoon trade before rallying to close just 39% down at 18p. The trigger was a release stating that Alexei Churakov, an adviser to the board heading its M&A effort, had dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p yesterday. He still owns 12.3 million shares and a shedload of massively in the money options. But for a company meant to be in a bid process this was not seen as a good signal given his rolde in the company. Understandably so. Anyhow, given how these folks have abused those of us who have questioned the shocking red flag behaviour at Eurasia over the past year, it is a delight to see them squirm!

More ouzo for me but not for Mike Walters & Tory Toff Lord Willetts as Verditek forced to ‘fess up to its deceit

Published 274 days ago

Twice in the past week, most stridently yesterday afternoon HERE, I have made it clear that Verditek (VDTK), the serial AIM sewer deceiver ramped by shamed tipster “old mother” Walters and chaired by Tory toff Lord Willetts, needed to come clean on yet another pre-placing deceit and its lack of revenues. I guess the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation were listening as this morning the company fessed up. It’s ouzo time for me!

Manolete – another massive victory for The Sheriff of AIM as bear dossier vindicated, shares collapse on warning – lies exposed!

Published 274 days ago

On 10 July 2020, I published a devastating and detailed bear dossier on AIM darling Manolete (MANO) with the shares at 515p valuing it at more than £250 million. The company and its odious PR firm Instinctif responded with a pompous and unconvincing denial. I’ve warned you repeatedly since then and yesterday in the late afternoon came a shocking warning. The shares closed at 200p but as lies are exposed, worse, including a bailout placing, will come. So let’s start with the lies.

Fleet Street Legend and serial NED Brian Basham writes to AIM boss Marcus Stuttard re Vast Resources & the AIM sewer in general with a novel suggestion

Published 274 days ago

Brian Basham has been a legend of journalism and PR for more than fifty years. He moves in the highest circles of the Labour Party, is a serial AIM NED and exposer of corruption, notably the HBOS Reading scandal, and is a man not to be ignored. He has written a letter to AIM Regulation boss, the fake Sheriff of AIM, Mr Marcus Stuttard which I publish in full below as it makes very strong allegations.

Expose: Mosman Oil & Gas lies to investors

Published 274 days ago

This is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is such a slam dunk and so easy that my cat could spot it. And best off, SP Angel the fraudster’s favourite Nomad has signed off on the lie. This morning, Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) has announced in a semi-literate release drafted by Justine James of Alma PR:

Yu Group – Very Positive Trading Update, BUT something is missing……

Published 275 days ago

AIM-listed alternative energy provider Yu Group (YU.) updated the market this morning with a trading update which reads extremely positively. The shares are up by a very impressive 40%, but something was missing in this morning’s release. Will investors piling in this morning come to regret it?

Bowleven: Etinde good news - a Stonking Buy, maybe

Published 276 days ago

I haven’t commented on AIM-listed Cameroonian gas play Bowleven (BLVN) for some time – the last being back on 27 March last year when I asked are you brave enough to buy in the face of a big sell-off in oil and gas prices as the severity of the Covid crisis started to become apparent. The share price then was 2.17p in the middle and today’s news sees the shares up at 5.3p. I wasn’t brave enough to buy more….but my then existing holding is still there.

Ridgecrest – now it is forced to make a statement but still the morons don’t get it. An RTO explained for morons including Zak Mir.

Published 276 days ago

I warned you on Friday that with the scoundrel penny share spivs at LSE Sharetalk, the house of Zak Mir, ramping away, the 3p share price of AIM shell Ridgecrest (RDGC) was insane and that even broker Peterhouse which has only last Wednesday raised £2 million (gross) at 0.6p would be vaguely embarrassed. Indeed, that seems to be the case as now the company has been forced to issue a statement.

Has Dragon's Den star Sarah Willingham lied to ramp her shares or just a journalist cocked up – market is now false - letter to AIM Regulation

Published 276 days ago

Shares in Ms Willingham’s AIM-listed Nightcap (NGHT) are the 3rd biggest riser on the Casino today, up 26% at 17p on the back of an article in the Mail on Sunday by Ms Harriet Dennys which, as I pointed out yesterday, is total bollocks and a deceipt. It quotes Ms Willingham and the question is has she told a monstrous lie or is Ms Dennys just making things up? With the shares roofing it, I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation as the company needs to comment urgently. This is a false market.

Breaking: Remote Monitored Systems – now set to give away its first masks

Published 277 days ago

I can reveal that the first 50,000 masks produced by Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) subsidiary Pharm2farm will be given away free to NHS staff. There is absolutely no evidence that NHS staff are short of PPE right now so this gesture, though it will be seen as laudable by many, is wholly unneeded. It may thus be a PR hit but what does it say about commercial reality? First things first, I hope it goes to the NHS staff who need it most, such as these folk.

I have sympathy for Neill Ricketts as he dumps Versarien shares & commend an unusual piece of honesty..but

Published 278 days ago

To misquote Mark Antony: “I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him”. Yesterday morning, it was announced that the odious boss of Versarien (VRS), Neill Ricketts, had sold 1.65 million shares at 53.919p. Normally you would expect me to say this was yet another red flag. But on this occasion, I do not.

Advanced Oncotherapy Rattles the Tin Once Again – This time for a £6m fundraise

Published 278 days ago

When I last wrote about AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy, at the end of October last year, it had just announced a placing at 30p per share to raise £7.7 million and my back-of-a-fag-packet suggested that despite the new money, it was placing ahoy. Well, yesterday that placing duly arrived with £6 million raised at a rather more impressive 40p. So will this be the last time the company passes round the hat? 

Ridgecrest Ramp – Sordid LSE Sharetalk & Peterhouse an axis of evil?

Published 279 days ago

I guess with shares in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) now suspended, the paid for penny share ramper Alex McKinley of LSE Sharetalk, employer of the Sith Lord Zak Mir, needs to find other shite to promote with ludicrous targets plucked from thin air. I flagged up one zero sales entity enjoying full on ABM pumping here, now have a butcher’s at Ridgecrest (RDGC) which this loathsome sewer dweller is pumping today.

Letter to AIM Regulation : Versarien needs to restate and reissue interims, they are deceptive

Published 279 days ago

The results were so shockingly bad that it is hard to see why Versarien (VRS) bothered to mislead investors. But it did and in a material way and thus I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation to flag this up and suggesting that odious Neill Ricketts and his disgraced Nomad, SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, be forced to restate  reissue a corrected version. The letter is below.

Versarien shares crash as interims are shockingly bad and misleading even by its own rotten standards

Published 279 days ago

You would need a Nomad without any morals whatsoever to sign off on junk like this. Luckily Versarien (VRS) employs SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy so that’s alright then. These, delayed, numbers for the six months to 30 September 2020 are just piss poor, and also deceptive.

Sabien – Truell-y, Madly, Deeply, this Peterhouse special stinks

Published 280 days ago

Sabien (SNT) has been around for years developing boilers that were going to revolutionise the world. Whatever. Floated at 52p per share in 2006, its shares now trade at 0.1p after more catastrophic news. Losses to date are in excess of £5 million but at least it has been providing a steady source of coke and hookers cash for London’s Nomads, brokers, PR fluffies et al. Today came a real shocker.

Ariana – Turkey permits for Corporate Action

Published 282 days ago

A bit more good news from AIM-listed gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) this morning: the Turkish authorities have approved the proposed corporate action which brings Ozaltin into the current joint venture between Ariana and Proccea and will see Salinbas taken on as well.

Devastating Dossier: St James House – time for the finance director & Nomad Allenby to face reality, the company is BUST!

Published 282 days ago

The pretence is that this company is not insolvent. It is. It is time for various folks to wake up and smell the coffee. On 31 December 2020 in a trading update, St James House (SJH) stated in an RNS:

Remote Monitored Systems: More delays, Still no sales and past deceit exposed – this is madness

Published 283 days ago

No wonder ex boss Trevor Brown again sold every share he owned (as a result of exercising 1.4p options), dumping 24 million shares at 2.7p last Monday.  Today Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) fesses up to more delays and lays bare more deceit from historic RNS’s. Brown is lucky in one respect.

URU Metals – A Case of Two Drunks?

Published 286 days ago

One of Tom Winnifrith’s more memorable descriptions in the stock market is one of two hopeless companies deciding to merge as being like two drunks trying to prop each other up. On Wednesday night, at no-one-is-watching o’clock (5.21 pm) – except ShareProphets was watching – AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) announced the potential disposal of its Zebediela project in South Africa to Canadian-listed (on the Toronto Venture Exchange) Blue Rhino Capital (RHNO). The shares shot up by 27% and are a little higher today at 290p, but I wonder whether anyone has actually considered what is going on here.

Octagonal interims & another fail for the worst FD on AIM and the worst Nomad in stab City

Published 286 days ago

Just a few hours before voting to delist Octagonal (OCT) from the AIM Cesspit earlier this week, shareholders in the company were presented with unaudited interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2020. With AIM’s worst FD, Nilesh Jagatia, in charge and London’s worst Nomad, Roland “fatty” Cornish, signing off, you will not be shocked that there were a raft of howling schoolboy errors.

Powerhouse Energy – massively discounted placing: more red flags than a May Day parade in Moscow

Published 287 days ago

How do you know when sleazy former Tory MP Tim Yeo is lying? Simple: his lips move. Let me give you an example as, the firm he chairs, Powerhouse Energy (PHE) today raised £10 million at 5.5p, a 35% discount, thanks to bucket shop broker Turner Pope. Whilst it is coke and hookers all round as Turner Pope considers its £500,000 commission, I want you to consider this statement from 9 September 2020:

Have you been screwed by Dragon Sarah Willingham today?

Published 288 days ago

If you have invested in the IPO of her Nightcap (NGHT) company on AIM, I suggest that you have been. This company could go bust by the summer and should never have been allowed on the Casino. What on earth have Nomad Allenby and AIM Regulation been smoking?

Sosandar – Christmas Quarter Trading Update - enough to turn a man to drink

Published 288 days ago

Warren Buffett famously told us that those who rely on telling us about EBITDA are either trying to delude you or are deluding themselves. The first line of AIM-listed online purveyor of ladieswear Sosandar’s (SOS) trading update this morning tells us of a record quarter and continued substantial reduction in EBITDA loss. Hmph – not a good start, then, and the shares are off by 12% in early trading. But is there better to come?

Tern – Meaningless Drivel, more jam tomorrow...

Published 288 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has delivered a Portfolio Update which appears to read well until you realise there are no numbers. As such, it is meaningless drivel and even the merry band of Tern’s BBMs couldn’t drum up enough interest: the stock is down 2% on the (non-)news. On the biggest investee, Device Authority – which is apparently worth the lion’s share of Tern’s portfolio – we are told…

Trafalgar Property – Director Share Purchase Spoof

Published 289 days ago

AIM-listed technically insolvent POS Trafalgar Property (TRAF) today announced a director share purchase: CEO Paul Treadaway has bought a million golden tickets. The stock is up on the news, but I fear that this is just a textbook spoof.

Octagonal – the innumeracy of Nilesh Jagatia exposed and can it fund its promises?

Published 290 days ago

Today’s RNS from Octagonal (OCTshows clearly that it tells lies and is thus run by a liar in John Gunn.  However, it also suggests that its FD, AIM’s worst FD Nilesh Jagatia, cannot do basic maths and that its promises of a dividend and share buy backs are reckless in the extreme. Ahead of a GM vote on delisting, how can it be allowed to make such pledges?

KERBOOM: Octagonal admits it told a massive lie via RNS and then tells another – how is boss John Gunn allowed to continue on AIM?

Published 290 days ago

Not only have Octagonal (OCT) and its boss John Gunn both been charged by the SEC with breaking Securities laws but both are now shown to have lied to investors in a massive way via RNS. Today they admit to that crime and then lie again. How on earth AIM Regulation think Gunn is fit to run not one but two AIM listed companies, Octagonal and Inspirit (INSP), defies belief.

Inspirit – Have you forgotten anything recently, and what about those GIS Debentures?

Published 290 days ago

With all the law enforcement hassles over at Octagonal plc (OCT), which shares the Chairman, CEO and Finance Director in the same roles as at AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) one might imagine that their attentions are rather taken up at Octagonal. After all, being charged by the SEC in the USA is a serious matter which could have devastating consequences. So I wonder if anything has been forgotten…….such as this:

Ariana – Watch out for January Sales on Monday!

Published 292 days ago

Some time in the next week or so we should hear from AIM-listed Ariana (AAU) with another quarterly report from the Kiziltepe gold production plant in Turkey. Ordinarily I would suggest that it will come next week, but given the amount that is going on – especially with regard to the partial sale of assets to Ozaltin – Kerim Sener and his team might be forgiven if it takes a little longer. But with the stock having closed at just 5.05p in the middle on Friday, what news might we expect?

Pires Investments – you is ‘avin’ a giraffe, share price insanity

Published 293 days ago

One of these days, folks are going to wake up and realise that it was all a dream, that prices they were paying for shares in some small caps in these early days of January 2021 were plain bonkers. You may think you know better but some of us old fools have seen it all before.

From Fake Sheikhs to begging letters from Nigeria: the latest comedy from Lekoil

Published 293 days ago

It can’t be very entertaining being a shareholder in Lekoil (LEK), but get your beer and popcorn at the ready for it sure is entertaining watching from the sidelines as this company goes down the plughole.

Vast Resources – The bank says Not on your Nelly! The shame of Prelea and Fatty continues…

Published 294 days ago

With London’s worst Nomad, Roland “Fatty” Cornish, advising it, we have time and again warned you that VAST Resources (VAST) is the sort of dog that even paid for hustlers like Zak Mir wouldn’t tip. Okay he probably would but you get the picture. Today we have a major disaster and the shares have crashed.

GCM Resources – the end or the beginning of the end or perhaps neither

Published 295 days ago

Gary Newman got much grief in times gone by for warning folks about this dog. Today, I imagine he will be enjoying extra ouzo with his fishcakes as the shares were suspended from AIM as the one month notice period of, now, former Nomad Strand Hanson came to a close. But what next?

25 years of fraud and failure at Eden Research & the Stock Exchange loves it up – I give up, I am a dinosaur

Published 296 days ago

In its 25 year history, Eden Research (EDEN) has only ever reported one six month period when it made a profit. And that was down to a Panama Pump accounting fraud involving Terpenetech. But today its shares are racing ahead thanks to an endorsement from the London Stock Exchange (LSE). I despair and ponder retirement.

5 Slam-Dunk Sells for 2020 – I look like a Chump! Undeterred, Here are my Five for 2021.

Published 298 days ago

Tom Winnifrith ate his hat over Red Rock Resources (RRR), so it is only fair I ‘fess up – my list of five slam dunk sells for 2020 was, ahem, less than successful – mainly down to the performance of AIM-listed Catenae Innovation CTEA) which put on a whopping 140%, and AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) rubbed my nose in it further with a rise of 54%. So was I wrong?

BREAKING: St James House New Year's Eve Red Flags in the Morning, Nomad Allenby should be struck off for this howler!

Published 301 days ago

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. AIM-listed and already suspended pending accounts St James House (SJH) has offered up a rose-tinted trading statement this morning…..oh, and by the way the accounts to January 2020 which were due for release at the end October and were promised in November and then in December will be out in January, honest guv’. It is different this time. But there is one tiny detail the company seems not to have mentioned…….

URU Metals – Red Flags Aplenty as Interims are Released

Published 302 days ago

The good news is that we did not have to wait until after-hours on New Year’s Eve for the latest set of Interim Results to September from AIM-listed John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU). But the numbers are, as predicted, truly awful – it is Red Flags ahoy from this technically insolvent joke company.

Inspirit – Pressure builds as a non-entity of a statement is released. SELL!!!

Published 302 days ago

At 1.25pm AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy (INSP) issued a statement relating to fellow AIM-listed Octagonal, where its CEO and Chairman John Gunn, and Finance Director Nilesh Jagatia also reside in the same roles,  whose subsidiary,  Global Investment Strategy is Inspirit’s sole broker – the very same subsidiary which has been charged by the SEC – alongside John Gunn, for aiding and abetting – with violating US broker-dealer registration provisions of the Securities Exchange Act 1934. Given that Jagatia and Gunn make up two thirds of the board of Inspirit, there clearly is a problem here!

Red Flags upon Red Flags at Night: Inspirit Energy

Published 304 days ago

The pressure must surely be mounting on Roland “Fatty” Cornish as he tucks into his fourth helping of spotted dick with extra lashings of custard this Sunday lunchtime. The shambles at AIM-listed Octagonal (OCT) where he presides as (London’s worst) Nomad is a shocker, as detailed by Tom Winnifrith HERE. But fellow AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) – same Nomad, same finance director, same head honcho in the form of John Gunn – is surely at risk of suspension this coming week, and it released diabolical FY results to June at 11.22 am on Christmas Eve.   

BREAKING: Inspirit shares MUST be suspended as SEC now files charges against Octagonal and John Gunn suggesting massive RNS lie

Published 304 days ago

On Christmas Eve Octagonal PLC (OCT) and John Gunn issued an RNS which is, with the document below, indicates to be a monstrous lie. The Nomad who signed it off, Mr Roland “fatty” Cornish is – as I showed HERE and HERE  – massively implicated in this mess and should be struck off by AIM Regulation asap. But back to the Christmas Eve RNS. It looks to be a massive lie, surely now shares in Gunn’s other AIM listed dog, Inspirit (INSP) must be suspended too.

Shareprophets share tips of the year – No 7 a buy from Nigel Somerville

Published 305 days ago

Between December 24 and January 3, the entire team here at ShareProphets is serving up our tips of the year (22 in total).  No 7 is a buy from Nigel Somerville..

The Great ShareProphets Christmas Red Flags Sweepstakes – The Result

Published 306 days ago

Unfortunately Boris Johnson is still celebrating his Brexit success, before sharing what is in the document with anyone else. What could possibly go wrong!? So he has asked me to help out with the final adjudication of this year’s ShareProphets Christmas Red Flags sweepstakes  – with, as ever, absolutely no prize at all beyond the immeasurable kudos involved. So here is my list of RNS Red Flags on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve BOMBSHELL: Octagonal is toast as SEC looking to bust company and boss John Gunn, FCA assisting

Published 307 days ago

At 8 AM on Christmas Eve, shares in Octagonal (OCT) were suspended on the AIM Casino. At 1.04 PM, with the market closed and everybody switching off their screens, came the bombshell. Assisted by the FCA, the SEC has charged Octagonal’s main subsidiary, Global Investment Strategy UK Ltd. (GIS), for clearing and settling billions of dollars of U.S. securities transactions without registering as a broker-dealer in violation of the federal securities laws. The SEC also charged John William Gunn, its founder and principal, with aiding and abetting those violations. Kerboom. You cannot say that I have not warned you for years that Gunn – who also runs uber dog Inspirit (INSP) – was a prize rotter.

SHOCKING EXPOSE: The twitter pumping of Trevor Brown in the days before and the day he dumped all his Remote Monitored shares

Published 308 days ago

Braveheart (BIM), the investment vehicle run by Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) boss Trevor Brown who is also a major investor in Braveheart, sold ALL of its Remote shares on 16,17 and 18 November at 2.9p-5p, netting it c£15 million. Not only did Brown sign off on ramptastic RNS statements by Remote on 11 and 16 November pushing the line that the company would, by the end of November, have a machine in Nottingham producing Covid stopping masks but he was also active on twitter pumping the stock. Of course the machine did not arrive in November, something Remote fessed to on 26 November. With more delays since, trial failures and a bailout funding the shares have collapsed to 1.22p. Now back to the pump.

2020 Tip Review: Tern plc (as a SELL)

Published 308 days ago

As we approach the end of 2020, it is time to take a look back at my Tips of the Year in the ShareProphets Christmas 2019 Tipfest. AIM-listed investment company Tern plc (TERN) was my first tip – as a sell, at 9.25p. So how have I done?

Remote Monitored’s disgraced board plays the victim and threatens their own shareholders: Brown and Ryan must go NOW!

Published 309 days ago

Okay, the pantomime at the theatre in Wrexham is cancelled this year along with Christmas thanks to the clinically insane leader of Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford. Instead, thanks to AIM listed Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), we are treated to a performance of a new pantomime. Chancer spivs Paul Ryan & Trevor Brown, your AIM Cesspit career is behind you! Oh no it’s not! Oh yes it is! Or it soon will be.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Versarien lying again

Published 309 days ago

How many letters have I written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation about the lies and market abuse committed by Versarien (VRS)? To their credit, the Oxymorons have, on a number of occasions, forced Versarien to issue a new RNS fessing up to various ghastly truths so they do heed my words sometimes. Anyhow, Versarien has told another porky today and so I have written again.

Remote Monitored Systems shareholder rebellion grows apace – spivs Paul Ryan and Trevor Brown look to be toast

Published 310 days ago

The advisor to Remote’s largest shareholder Gareth Cave, who wants to kick the chancers off the board, said on Twitter: “I started in the City almost 35 years ago. I have never seen anything like the shareholder revolt brewing at #RMS”. It does look as if Paul Ryan and Trevor Brown will be getting the order of the boot. Cripes, things are so bad that even fellow spiv and a long time promoter of this stock, the Sith Lord Zak Mir, has turned on the board. That is not a rat jumping ship. That is a flea on a rat jumping off the rat after it has jumped ship.

Versarien buys & lies (again) to cover up its monstrous cashburn

Published 310 days ago

Notwithstanding the receipt of an illegal Government loan from Neill Rickett’s Tory chums and the fact that it had one massive death spiral from Lanstead in place, the cash position of Versarien (VRS) has – as oft predicted here – become so grim that it has had to set up another death spiral to keep the lights on. There is also another daft acquisition which will only add to the cashburn and naturally all this bad news is wrapped up in a grotesquely misleading release which only a Nomad as bent as SP Angel, of the fraud MySquar infamy, could have signed off on.

BOOM: Tern – more Red Flags vicar as another investee files diabolical accounts

Published 314 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (or never) Internet of Things investment company Tern plc (TERN) has seen its shares continue to crater – the shares are now, at 6.7p, well below the last placing price of 7.5p. Meanwhile investee FVRVS Limited (Fundamental VR) has filed its 2019 accounts……and…..oh dear!

Verditek: Oops They did it again! Another pre-placing announced contract up in smoke

Published 314 days ago

In my detailed coverage of the POS AIM Company Verditek (VDTK) I have shown how in every year since its IPO it has announced contracts, ramped the shares and then having raised funds in a bailout placing or two, the contracts disappear. Sometimes it ‘fesses up, sometimes there is no ‘fess, other times I have to run articles and sheeplishly, Tory Toff Lord Willetts and his chums are forced into an RNS. Well here we go again.

Breaking: stale Telit bull committing market abuse?

Published 315 days ago

Dbay’s withdrawal from the battle to buy the overvalued junk floated by mortgage fraudster Uzi Katz, that is to say Telit Communications (TCM) has left stale bulls lookimng increasingly daft.  And at least one appears to be getting desperate as the shares slide – and will continue to slide as I explained HERE.

Lying James Draper and Bidstack – it is what is NOT said in today’s pre-placing ramptastic trading statement

Published 315 days ago

Sales are vanity. Profit is a matter of opinion. Cash is reality. But if you are trying to ramp your shares ahead of a bailout placing you do not want to talk about cash ( or rather lack of it) or even profits (or rather losses) so you just bang on about sales. That brings us to Bidstack (BIDS).

BREAKING: Octagonal – another departure from the AIM casino and more egg on face for Britain’s most useless FD Nilesh Jagatia

Published 315 days ago

You cannot say that I have not warned you all so many times that Octagonal (OCT) would end in tears. Corporate Governance and related party deals involving boss John Gunn were shocking and Nilesh Jagatia is, without doubt, the worst FD on the AIM casino. Today came news of a delisting and the shares have collapsed by almost 70% to just 0.7p. I do hope that the Bulletin Board Morons who knew so much better than useless old Tom Winnifrith, were well lubed up.

A partial ‘fess from Bahamas Petroleum but it is still breaking the law in the Isle of Man

Published 316 days ago

Following Monday’s bombshell expose on this site about a $20 million funding which clearly breaches Isle of Man Companies Law, Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) has today been forced into a partial ‘fess but still plans to go ahead with the illegal funding

Yu – hoo ……………why are the shares off 10% (with a placing surely imminent)?

Published 316 days ago

I have been flagging up for ages that AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) needs to raise money. After all, by its own admission it will run out of cash by the end of the year. Now, all of a sudden and with no news, the shares are off by 10%.

Catenae Innovation – some questions for Liam Murray of Cairn Financial Advisers

Published 316 days ago

On 9 December, Catenae (CTEA) issued a TR1 which indicated that Spreadex had acquired a 10.54% stake up from an apparently nil or a previously undisclosable percentage on 2 December 2020.  On 15 December, Catenae issued a TRI showing that Spreadex’s 10.54% interest had reduced to 8.23%

EXPLOSIVE SHAM EXPOSED: Catenae – Never Mind Father Christmas, what about TwoBob?

Published 316 days ago

Having been through this morning’s ramptastic announcement from AIM-listed Catenae (CTEA) and its joint venture with BHA Medical now known as Synovate Global Ltd, I thought I should take a quick trip to Companies House to have a butchers’ at Synovate.

Edison’s grossly misleading research on Dragon Sarah Willingham’s Nightcap – this is a monumental deception of retail investors

Published 317 days ago

Edison has served up a research note on Sarah Willingham’s NightCap group which will soon list on AIM and is trying to raise £6 million, including from retail punters via Primary Bid. Edison is paid to produce its research so, like a hooker who never tells her clients that they have bad breath, a microscopic penis or unpleasant fungal growths, Edison says only nice things. But this promotion is downright misleading. It is a shocker as you can see HERE Let’s start with the opening paragraph.

Catenae – Father Christmas calls, but no significant revenues in his Sack - all the money's gone!

Published 317 days ago

AIM-listed Covid-ramp Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced that its joint venture with BHA Medical, now renamed Synovate Global Ltd (today the world, tomorrow the universe!), has got two orders for its package involving BHAs Covid test kits and Catenae’s data management platform. Whoopie-do, let’s all pile in –this is going to take over the world. Or not…….there is a catch!

Ariana: Progress on Ozaltin deal as GM is called and cash starts to roll in - Buy.

Published 318 days ago

AIM-listed Gold-producer Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated the market this morning on progress with the Ozaltin deal which will bring Ariana’s ownership of its Turkish assets to 23.5% and result in a nice tasty $37.75 million cashpile before taxes and costs. The deal is conditional on shareholder and Turkish government approvals and Ariana has now published a circular, with a GM due on December 30 – and there was a pleasant surprise.

BREAKING BOMBSHELL EXPOSE: Is Bahamas Petroleum $20m disguised death spiral placing today ILLEGAL?

Published 318 days ago

As a loyal former citizen of the Isle of Man I feel that it is my duty to go to my good friends at its Financial Services Authority on Bucks Hill in Douglas to dob in Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) for apparently breaking the law with its disguised death spiral placing announced today. Crime should not pay. Have they abolished birching for naughty Nomads on the island yet?.

Intuitive Investments IPO – City pigs jump on the Covid and Healthcare bandwagon: smell the greed

Published 318 days ago

The time to invest in a sector is when everyone loathes it. Think oil earlier this year. The time to avoid it like the plague is when it gets so hot that crony capitalists float investment companies hoping that mug punters will overpay for shares in their vehicles which will then overpay for shares in actual companies. Meanwhile its snouts in the trough all round for the board and City advisers.

Shanta Gold and Ariana – Director Selling…..should you follow suit?

Published 319 days ago

I see that NED Robin Fryer at AIM-listed Shanta Gold (SHG) has dumped his entire holding of the company’s stock. And CEO of Ariana Resources has been cashing in on options – and selling. Should we read either as a cue to follow suit and sell?

Vast Resources – Director buy a Red Flag?

Published 321 days ago

I haven’t written about AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) since January, when I said sell  at 0.335p. Well, the stock is now 0.1375p so I guess it is time for an Ouzo – but a director share purchase announcement makes me think it is still a sell.

Trafalgar Property Interims – “a truly commendable performance”. You what????

Published 321 days ago

AIM-listed POS Trafalgar Property (TRAF) has this morning announced interims to September this year, claiming a truly commendable performance and looks forward to the immediate future with a degree of optimism and confidence not felt for a number of years. Goodness me – has Chris Akers missed out by selling then?

Shocking news at InVMA which Tern is not disclosing via RNS. Who cares about AIM Rules anyway?

Published 323 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (if ever) investment company have again been dribbling south, closing yesterday at 6.95p. With a load of freshly raised cash and a new investment to boast, surely things are going well for Tern……but alas the market seems to be taking a different view. Of course, Tern has a habit of keeping quiet when there might be something to clear up – such as the recent speculation (unfounded, as it happens) on the BBs about Wyld. And that brings me to its 50%-owned investee InVMA.

Ariana – Ozaltin Deal Conditional Agreement Completed, cracking news - last chance to buy?

Published 325 days ago

Cracking news this morning from AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU): the deal has finally been done to bring Ozaltin into the joint venture with Proccea and Ariana, subject to shareholder approvals at Ariana’s end and Turkish regulatory approvals. It has taken a fair old while, not helped by restrictions brought in as a result of Covid-19 but we are almost there now.

Five Slam-Dunk Sells for 2020 – December Update

Published 327 days ago

My five slam-dunk sells for 2020 have been all over the place. One headed for the exit as expected but as things stand two are still at bonkers valuations which will surely not last. Will gravity be defied to the end of the year?

Deepverge and that December 1 Presentation at Turner Pope – no wonder the shares are tanking: read it and weep

Published 329 days ago

Much ramped DeepVerge (DVRG) has very kindly put the presentation it gave on December 1 to lucky clients of its corporate broker, the esteemed house of Turner Pope, on its website. Have you read it? I have rarely seen a more compelling sell case in my life. No wonder the shares are tanking. Off another 10% today to 23.5p; I am slashing my target price from 10p to 5p.

Everything that is wrong with the City: as Westminster Group and sleazy Tony screw shareholders, the LSE lavishes praise

Published 329 days ago

Three announcements came this morning from Westminster Group (WSG), the cash-guzzling AIM promote run by sleazy ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy. All add to Tom Winnifrith’s 5th rule of investing: If the porcine piece of slime Tony Baldry is involved, sell.

Two questions Powerhouse Energy will not answer

Published 330 days ago

On November 12 AIM promote Powerhouse Energy (PHE) announced Heads of Terms with Hydrogen Utopia International Limited to license its IP in Poland. This seemed like a validation of its technology but it was not. This is a deception as I established HERE I have today asked Powerhouse two further questions about HUI and this deal. It has declined to answer by the very generous deadline served.

Ariana – sale of satellite gold projects

Published 330 days ago

Another little bit of good new today from AIM-listed Turkish gold-producer Ariana Resources (AAU) adds to the investment case here. It has agreed to sell the satellite projects around the Kiziltepe processing plant to the joint venture for $2 million, payable over 20 months, conditional on the completion of the dealt to bring Ozaltin into the joint venture currently involving Ariana and Proccea.

Sosandar – Interims and Trading Update - is that profitability down the track or a placing express train heading my way?

Published 330 days ago

The last time I looked at online ladies wear purveyor, AIM-listed Sosandar (SOS), my conclusion remained wake me up after the next placing. Will it be any different this time?

Prof. Conroy Red Flags at Night #2: Conroy Gold and Natural Resources FY Numbers at 6pm!

Published 331 days ago

Like its AIM-listed little sibling Karelian Diamonds (KDR), fellow AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has had six months to release its FY numbers and waited until no-one-is-watching o’clock on deadline day to admit the grizzly truth. But luckily once again ShareProphets was indeed watching.

Prof. Conroy Red Flags at Night #1: Karelian Diamonds - FY numbers at 6pm!

Published 331 days ago

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) has had six months to release its full year numbers to the end of May. For a company with no income and operating expenses of €447,000 one can only wonder why it took a full six months to get the numbers out – but the Red Flag of releasing them after everybody in the City has gone home is surely a warning. And so at 6pm last night came the results RNS – no-one-is-watching o’clock. But ShareProphets was watching…..

St James House – jam tomorrow (maybe) but no results until December

Published 333 days ago

St James House (SJH) on Friday admitted that it won’t be able to get its audited accounts for the year ended 31 January 2020 finalised in November 2020, a mere 10 months after its year end and as such its shares will remain suspended until the accounts are published.  It also stated that its interim accounts for the six months ended 31 July 2020 will also be delayed until the year end accounts are finalised.   

Haydale – A Triumphant Celebration of Missing the Covid Boat

Published 335 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale Graphene (HAYD) has announced the great achievement of its Functionalised Graphene Antibacterial Masks project going into production with partner IRPC Public Company. Put up the bunting, get the champagne ordered……or perhaps not, for surely it has missed the boat.

URU Metals – More Shares, but no Cash

Published 335 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU) has announced the issue of a stack of shares to settle directors’ fees and those of an adviser this morning. That to add to yesterday’s paltry subscription shares raising just £280,000  (before expenses). I would suggest that this latest splurge of confetti shows just how badly screwed the company is.

10 days of AIM infamy for Remote Monitoring Systems – surely a Stewards needed?

Published 336 days ago

Shares in Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) have crashed by 19% today to 2.05p. Just nine days ago mug punters were paying 5p as, unbeknown to them, the two main directors flogged all of the shares in which they had an interest. This is a massive scandal and surely even the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation will figure out that a Stewards is needed ASAP.

URU Metals – Subscription at 230p to Raise just £280,000

Published 336 days ago

Well blow me down: AIM-listed John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU) has rattled the tin and got someone to fork up at 230p per share. Apparently that is around a 10% discount, but given the paltry return for the company it says nothing that is good about the company. A few coins for the electricity meter and, er…..that’s about it.

BREAKING: Major Bear Dossier on Anexo – the road to nowhere!

Published 337 days ago

This is an impressive bear dossier, far too good for me to have compiled on AIM high flier Anexo (ANX). If the report is accurate – and it reads very well to me – then the shares should more than halve. Enjoy…

Breaking: Henry Gewanter thrashes Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer in Court

Published 337 days ago

After almost three years, heroic PR man Henry Gewanter finally had his day in Court with Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer. And it was a triumph. Praise the Lord! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Versarien: is this £1.95 million of revenue or yet another Government grant? Clarification Needed ASAP

Published 338 days ago

The bulls are creaming themselves. The shares up by 13% at 40p and the cult-like followers of shameless Neill Ricketts say there are now real revenues from graphene sales. But I think not. The RNS issued by Versarien (VRS) today is utterly disingenuous and no Nomad other than shamed and disgraced fraudsters fave SP Angel would have signed off on it.

Tern - contract for FundamentalVR fails to impress

Published 338 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced a contract for investee FundamentalVR (FVRVS) but it seems the market in unimpressed and shares in Tern have again fallen below the recent fundraising price.

Bidstack – do the maths as a lack of sales warning is about due!

Published 338 days ago

As at June 30, thanks to a grubby fund raise organised by Nomad and broker Stifel, Bidstack (BIDS) sat on £5.9 million of cash and bet current assets were only a tad lower. But as we approach Advent and the year end, that position has got much worse. When, I wonder, is the warning and official admission of that?

Ariana Resources – Stonking Q3 Numbers

Published 339 days ago

We have more good news this morning from AIM-listed Turkish gold-miner Ariana Resources (AAU) in the form of the Q3 numbers from the Kiziltepe joint venture. The Gold price may still be in a correction, but Ariana’s shares are showing some strength and it is not hard to see why.

Gareth Cave & his tweeting – not the real issue at Remote Monitoring Systems but a stinker none the less

Published 339 days ago

The Times newspaper today flags up a series of tweets which, almost certainly, break AIM Rules and relate to Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), a company rapidly becoming the poster boy for the AIM Cesspit. They are not the hanging offence but there is a hanging offence out there…

Red Flags At Night: Immunodiagnostic Systems Interims

Published 340 days ago

At 6.22pm on Friday – no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed Immunodiagnostic Systems (IDH) released its Interim results to the end of September. Getting the numbers out in November seems a decent enough effort, but why on Friday night when everybody has gone home for the weekend? My first thought was to wonder what they are hiding……

BOOM: Remote Monitoring Systems, the directors are screaming that this is a slam dunk sell

Published 341 days ago

At 2.98p mid Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) is capitalised at c£45 million and has net cash of c£500,000.  If the name does not ring a bell at once, this used to be Strat Aero a drone business where the directors repeatedly lied and deceived punters as they ran it into the ground. Now there is a new team in charge and a new bandwagon to jump onto.

WH Ireland screws private investors in Pantheon Resources

Published 342 days ago

Pantheon Resources (PANR) today completed a massive placing and Primary Bid offer at 31p. The shares were 33.7p bid (off 4.5%) yesterday but on the 13th they were 40p with some mug punters paying well North of that. On 11th November with the shares at 31p broker WH Ireland published a lengthy research note.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Versarien must clarify misleading RNS

Published 343 days ago

On 17 April 2020, worthless AIM promote Bidstack (BIDS) published details of an “independent” study that it claimed validated its technology. Following intense pressure from ShareProphets, AIM regulation forced Bidstack to ‘fess on 27 April that the research was not at all independent but was paid for. In that light, I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and to hapless and shamed Nomad SP Angel about the release issued by Versarien (VRS) yesterday.

URU Metals – Advisory Board Appointment: how will it pay?

Published 343 days ago

Shares in John Zorbas AIM outfit URU Metals (URU) are up today on the news of an advisory board appointment. The company announced the hiring of Mr Justin Cocharne to URU’s advisory board and the shares have motored by 6.4% to 250p but I just have one question: how will URU pay for his services, given that the company is quite clearly technically insolvent?

Letter to AIM Regulation: Powerhouse Energy must clarify investor deception & face formal censure

Published 346 days ago

Over the weekend, I revealed the second reason why the RNS issued by cash-guzzling AIM Casino promote Powerhouse Energy (PHE) was grossly misleading. I have now written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation urging them to force Powerhouse and its shoddy Nomad WH Ireland to issue a full clarification and to face formal censure.

Lekoil of fake sheikh infamy – so when did the Nomad quit and why?

Published 346 days ago

Lekoil (LEK) – the AIM casino company of fake sheikh infamy – has today announced that its Nomad, Strand Hanson, will quit with effect from 20 November, that is to say Friday. But fear not, discussions with another Nomad – one would assume the joint broker SP Angel which will act for anyone at all, no questions asked – are “advanced”.

Yu Spoof! Boardroom buying

Published 348 days ago

AIM-listed and due for an imminent placing Yu Group (YU.) released a Director Dealings announcement this morning. Given that it has already admitted it needs more cash, my spoof sensors were set ablazing.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Tern & shamed Nomad & Broker Allenby MUST be investigated after hat-trick of smash and grab raids!

Published 349 days ago

Another day brings yet another bailout placing for AIM listed sub scale investment company TERN (TERN). It will not be the last but AIM Regulation needs to investigate the circumstances of this placing for there is now a clear pattern of deception emerging. I have dropped the Oxymorons a letter today.

Tern – Discounted Fundraising Arrives as Predicted….where’s my Ouzo?

Published 349 days ago

On Tuesday I wondered whether AIM-listed Tern (TERN) was already conducting a discounted placing as its shares were again falling even in the face of yet more ramptastic news. Now we know that the company was again raising money on the back of fake news in the market which it has failed to comment on as the BBMs were frothing about tiny investee Wyld.

BREAKING: Powerhouse Energy Polish deal – this is a spoof by sleazy Tory Tim Yeo, its partner has just £100 to its name

Published 350 days ago

Powerhouse Energy (PHE), the AIM listed green energy ramp run by loathsome ex Tory Minister Tim Yeo of sleaze infamy, has today announced a deal to license its technology in Poland and its shares are racing ahead. But this announcement is a spoof. Do advisers WH Ireland, Turner Pope and Ikon Associates have no shame at all?

The Chronic Investor misquotes Muddy Waters on Manolete – fake news!

Published 350 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons are getting a bit excited about this but I am afraid it is fake news. My pal Carson Block slated the accounts of Manolete (MANO) rival Burford (BUR) and so his endorsement of Manolete’s accounts would be a coup. And that is what the IC claims today, stating:

Tern – More Questions than Answers from its Portfolio Update….and it is Placing Ahoy!

Published 352 days ago

I wonder if AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) is already working on a placing, for this morning’s ramptastic Portfolio Update offered as the market celebrates the vaccine news from Pfizer saw the shares come off 7% to 9.5p before a partial recovery. Are placees already selling, or has the market seen through the promise of yet more jam tomorrow?  But one thing is for certain: Tern needs more cash pronto.

Inspirit – An odd turn of events in the Boiler Room……or not!

Published 353 days ago

Chris Heminway has called for an EGM to boot off one member of the board of AIM-listed Inspirit and see himself and one other elected instead. In response to the onslaught, Inspirit has suddenly sprung into action, announcing two deals which saw the shares roof it.

Ariana update: shares up, stance downgraded to strong hold

Published 353 days ago

I offered my view 10 days ago on AIM-listed Gold producer in Turkey Ariana Resources (AAU) as the shares drifted in the wake of the correction in Gold and gold stocks, and anticipated news on its proposed corporate action saw another delay. The stock was then 5.2p and I reckoned it was a buy once again, at up to 5.5p.

A Golden Prospect with US Election out of the way?

Published 355 days ago

Well, not so fast, because Joe Biden hasn’t formally won yet but the writing is on the wall. Notwithstanding that minor detail, Gold has had a storming few days, rising to $1950 per oz having kicked off the week at sub-$1880. One very strong performer was fully-listed Golden Prospect (GPM), along with its subscription shares (GPSS).

URU – In Whose Interests?

Published 356 days ago

AIM-listed technically insolvent John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU) announced yesterday that it has for the second time extended the initial 90-day initial notice period on its convertible death-spiral loan by a further 90 days. With the shares at 260p, the initial deal to convert the loan is massively more attractive for the loan shark than the 35% discount that would otherwise apply – so why is URU doing this?

Tern – When Will the Cash Run Out as Another Loan Heads to DA? Placing ahoy as shares crash

Published 356 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) has seen its shares come crashing back down again: there is still no news from Wyld (quelle surprise) and another stack of cash has headed off to the great computer in the sky over at Device Authority – not that Tern has announced that either. Having raised £1.5 million back in July, I wonder how much cash will be left over by Christmas.

Elecosoft - not only has the main guy gone but also, for reasons unexplained, the auditor has changed. More Red flags vicar?

Published 356 days ago

As you know we  have been big bears of AIM promote Elecosoft (ELCO). There were so many red flags when we published a major bear report HERE including Stockopedia of Wirecard, Globo & Quindell infamy having it as atop pick, Vox Markets promotion and highly aggressive accounting. They mounted when ElecoSoft started threatening legal action. Since then the chairman and founder has walked and now this.

Tern – new investment…..but what about Wyld?

Published 357 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) has announced a new investment: it has spent £860,000 on 23.4% of Talking Medicines as part of a £1.1 million funding round. Whoopie do….but what about Wyld and all the speculation surrounding the meteoric rise of Tern’s shares over the past week or so?

Inspirit – pile up the beer and popcorn, it’s Entertainment time in the Boiler Room on ramptastic news of a "product update"

Published 359 days ago

Yesterday AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy conceded that Chris Heminway’s call for an EGM had been successful and that a vote on whether to bring Mr Heminway and one other onto the board at the expense of an existing NED will take place on 27th November. It was also announced that Mr Heminway’s holding had again increased, now to just over 9%. But Inspirit has now played its own hand with a “Product Update”.

Tern – Surely a Statement is Needed

Published 359 days ago

The question is more what it will be. Shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) have more than doubled in recent days but there has been no RNS to explain it. The speculation on the BBs is that one of its investees has got a big deal. But if there is no RNS……

Letter to AIM Regulation : Time for UK Oil & Gas to fess up about the Horse Hill disaster

Published 360 days ago

Over the weekend, I published data on the so called Gatwick Gusher which demonstrates that Horse Hill, instead of gushing, saw output more than halve in the four months to July to just 120 bopd  One assumes that UK Oil Gas (UKOG) boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson is now sitting on even worse data from the summer. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation:

Is output at Horse Hill collapsing and why isn't UK Oil & Gas keeping investors informed?

Published 361 days ago

If we do not get clarification from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson first thing Monday then AIM Regulation must surely act.

Neill Rickets rants as the Versarien cult members start to turn against their high priest

Published 362 days ago

Shares in Versarien (VRS) have plunged from 137p when loathsome boss Neill Ricketts last made hundreds of thousands of pounds dumping stock to just 29p today as the company heads full speed towards running out of cash and a bailout placing shortly after Christmas. And as the losses for some of the cult members, who believed Ricketts promises of jam tomorrow mount, they have taken to twitter to quiz the High Priest, Ricketts, himself. His response, below, is extraordinary.

Ariana – Oh Ye of little faith! Stance Upgraded to BUY.

Published 363 days ago

We were promised news on AIM-listed Turkish Gold-producer Ariana (AAU) and its proposed corporate action involving Proccea and Ozaltin by the end of this month. At 7am there was nothing and the shares started to slide sharply, especially because CEO Kerim Sener has been selling shares. But fear not…..

Tern – shares on the rampage, but no RNS?

Published 363 days ago

Shares in jam-tomorrow, next year, never investment company Tern plc (TERN) have gone on the rampage – emphasis on the ramp, for there has been no RNS. Are we again to see the company get a placing away whilst there is perhaps a misapprehension over its prospects in the market?

Haydale “Pleased to Announce” Interims – when’s the placing?!

Published 363 days ago

AIM-listed graphene outfit Haydale Graphene Industries (HAYD) was “pleased to announce” its interims to June this morning – I’m not sure why, for a £14 million market capitalisation company to offer up a pre-tax loss of £4.4 million in just six months is surely nothing to be pleased about.

Shorting even frauds is like pissing into the wind

Published 365 days ago

It is not just in mining juniors where some valuations are bonkers or among those stocks that have jumped onto the Covid bandwagon, madness seems writ large across the market. But perhaps there is a madness in valuations which cannot be justified on fundamentals and that is that the market is telling you that are living through another asset bubble?…

Inspirit – Boiler Room Battle takes a shocking new turn

Published 365 days ago

Suspicions that the shareholder register of AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) were not correct were confirmed yesterday lunchtime (the new no-one-is-watching o’clock) when the company admitted that CEO and Chairman John Gunn’s total interest was not 28% as previously claimed on November 25 last year, but 25.4%. Needless to say, the original announcement was signed off by Inspirit’s hapless Nomad, Roland “fatty” Cornish – the worst Nomad in town.

Randeep Grewal of suspended G3 Exploration again shown to be a proven liar - prepare for wipeout

Published 366 days ago

Randeep Gewal of G3 Exploration (G3E), formerly Green Dragon Gas, being shown as a liar comes as about as much of a surprise to me as the sun coming up in the morning.  An insolvent company run by a liar, what is not to like? You cannot say I have not been warning folks for years ( seven!)

Ariana – CEO selling millions of shares but all is not quite what it seems

Published 366 days ago

It was announced this morning that Kerim Sener, CEO of AIM-listed Turkish gold-producer Ariana Resources (AAU) has exercised 7 million options at 1.55p and sold five million shares at 5.9p, a further 1.5 million at 5.75p and his wife has sold a further 2.4 million at 5.75p. He subsequently bought 92,000 into his SIPP but that is a fair amount of selling. Should we follow the lead?

St James’ House – surely this should be suspended forthwith? SELL while you can.

Published 366 days ago

There is that old saying that when good management (although the jury is out on that) meets a bad company it is the reputation of the latter which survives. And that brings me to AIM-listed uber-dog St James’ House (SJH) – formerly Lib Dem grandee Lord Razzall disaster Boxhill Technology (BOX). We’ve had funding not arrive, vacuous trading statements and now this morning the company tells us it cannot get its accounts out on time. So why has AIM Regulation not suspended the shares forthwith?

Advanced Oncotherapy – Fundraise at 30p (apparently a 13% discount). Tell the truth!

Published 366 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has announced a fundraise at 30p to raise £7.7 million (before expenses) – as predicted HERE by yours truly. Time for another glass of Ouzo, methinks.

How should a cash-strapped enterprise spend its last pennies? ref. Verditek

Published 371 days ago

What would you do if you were running a PLC with almost no cash and which was burning cash? It is a position I have been in and it is not a good place to be. You cut costs perhaps? Or you just do whatever is needed to raise fresh equity whatever the cost involved in doing that…

BOMBSHELL: How much, or rather how little, has Versarien made from its Lanstead death spiral?

Published 371 days ago

In March, Versarien (VRS) announced a £6 million funding facility with a supposed institutional investor, Lanstead. Thanks to my work, AIM Regulation forced it then to ‘fess that actually, if the shares stayed at 53.3p, it would realise only £5.5 million net. But they have not. So how much has the Neill Ricketts promote actually raised?

Versarien: Today's AGM silence is deafening

Published 372 days ago

You know that if a board member farted in a positive way, shameless Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) would rush to issue an RNS stressing what good news this was for his company. And that brings us to today’s AGM.

Versarien, Neill Ricketts and sleazy death Spiral provider Lanstead – just who told the biggest lie?

Published 372 days ago

On 23 March 2020, POS AIM promote Versarien (VRS) announced “ subscription to raise £6 million”. Natch the headline was misleading and indeed Versarien was forced to issue a clarification at a later date.  On 16 October, the lies started to reveal themselves big time.

Photo article: a slimline Rob Terry of Quindell - crime DOES pay

Published 374 days ago

If you lost money on the £3 billion Quindell (QPP) fraud it might be better to look away now.  Welcome to Hampshire Life, a publication which describes the king of the fraudsters, Rob Terry, as an “entrepreneur.” The latest issue features an article with a picture of Rob, showing that it is not just his investors who have lost a few pounds, his charming young wife Tracey and their champagne producing vineyard.  Meanwhile the SFO Investigation continues…

Tern – the slide continues

Published 374 days ago

Evil Knievil always used to say that the best time to kick a man is when he is down. And so I return to AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, next year, never investment company Tern plc (TERN) where I see that the shares are once again down.

URU – Environmental Impact Assessment “progress”. What progress?

Published 376 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) – the one described by Cynical Bear as being happier mining its own shareholders than anything in the ground – has updated on its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) at the Zebediela Project in South Africa. Bear in mind that it announced in April that it planned to spend £250,000 it hadn’t got on this back in April.

Catenae Innovation: joint venture with BHA Medial and Issue of Warrants….nothing to see here, move along please

Published 377 days ago

This morning AIM-listed Catenae Innovation plc (CTEA) has issued two RNSs covering a new joint venture with BHA Medical – to which is it issuing 10 million warrants at 2.5p, and a further 2 million warrants at 2.5p to “other parties”….whoever that may be. Catenae’s shares are up to 2.8p on the news, so BHA and person or persons unknown are already in the money.

Does Versarien have one less Spaniard in the Works?

Published 377 days ago

Okay, I know that Neill Ricketts thinks that rules are for little people and since his Nomad is the disgraced SP Angel, which is quite happy to act for proven frauds, it probably does not care either. Maybe the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation need to whir into action?

Audioboom: no one wants to buy it, the cashburn continues & a new investor well versed in the ways of the AIM sewer arrives

Published 379 days ago

Well what is not to like? Having tried to find a buyer for this loss-making POS since February 19, the process has now been terminated and the adviser fired. But Audioboom (BOOM) would not wish you to think badly of it as a result.

Tern – Shares collapse to just 5.5p to sell as dire results come in: Keep selling!

Published 379 days ago

I have been warning about AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, next year, never investment company Tern (TERN) for years, but this year made it my sell of the year on the grounds that I thought this would be the year when investors finally gave up on the jam-tomorrow promises. Having hit a high point this year of 15.75p, this morning the stock is down to just 5.5p. But its (claimed) NAV per share is 7p – surely that makes Tern a buy? Er…..

BREAKING: Technically Insolvent Verditek – the questions Scott Evans answers and you will piss yourself laughing

Published 379 days ago

Verditek (VDTK), a company with negative net current assets and which is burning cash so is technically insolvent, has today announced the publication of a research report. Natch, the pathological liars at Verditek deceive investors even with this pathetic attempt to ramp the shares ahead of a placing.

Tern – Oh Dear….follow the man!

Published 380 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, next year, never, investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced a TR-1 and…….oh dear, oh dear!…

Catenae – when three weeks is seven……still a SELL

Published 382 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) is rapidly losing its Covid appeal. Having ended the pre-Covid period at around 0.26p per share, the company jumped on the Covid bandwagon and saw its shares roof it to peak at over 9p. But since the end of August Catenae’s lustre had dulled and now the shares are at 2.3p. It seems that what goes up must come down and as such there seems to be a long way to go. One reason could be related to its bandwagon Onsite-ID App, which we were led to believe would see some results as part of Newcastle Premier Health’s Access Planning Control. So what has happened? On 25 August we were told:

URU Metals – red flags abound as shares up, trading minimal…..when’s the placing for this technically insolvent POS?

Published 382 days ago

Tom Winnifrith hinted at a perceived problem in the last placing by technically insolvent POS AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) and I fear history is about to repeat. Back at the beginning of May the shares raced ahead to 200p and then a placing at 85p was announced. Now the shares have raced ahead again to 285p on minimal volume…..are shareholders about to be plundered again?…

URU Metals – placing under starter's orders as new Corporate Presentation is launched

Published 384 days ago

AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) – the company which drills shareholders as opposed to anything in the ground, according to Cynical Bear – has launched a new Corporate Presentation. That means its next confetti-fest is now under starters orders…

Sosandar – Half Year Trading Update sounds positive, but once again there are also questions...

Published 386 days ago

Once again AIM-listed online ladieswear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) has offered up a trading statement which at first glance looks extremely positive. But once again, there are also questions……

Yu Group – ignore the spoofery, keep selling

Published 388 days ago

AIM-listed energy provider Yu Group (YU.) has this morning announced a new ‘Long-Term Incentive Plan’ for directors and senior management. The terms, from a shareholder perspective, look OK but Yu’s balance sheet suggests to me that this is more about spoofing investors than rewarding management…

Tern: Device Authority accounts posted at Companies House……Yikes!

Published 389 days ago

Share in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) ended last week at 7.7p – a 10% premium to the last stated net asset value per share of 7p. It was a better week, having seen the share price hit a low point of just 6.25p at the beginning of September. Of Tern’s net assets of £20.1 million at the interim stage, its principal investee Device Authority (DA) accounts for £13.8 million – or 68.7% and last week DA’s accounts appeared at Companies House. Oh dear……

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Now Quindell (Watchstone) sues KPMG - this is bonkers, it should be thanking it!

Published 390 days ago

I start with a personal message as to why there may or may not be a break in bearcasts over the next few days. Then it is onto how Watchstone (WTG) – Quenron (QPP) as was – is suing KPMG. This is bonkers. KPMG has made Watchstone shareholders far richer than they should be. I explain that and then discuss how if I was in charge and had a time machine, we would have stopped this fraud ever happening. Without the time machine, what would I do now? 

Trafalgar Property – Another technically insolvent POS reports FY results

Published 391 days ago

At least we weren’t told anybody was pleased to announce these results on Wednesday morning, but the numbers offered up by AIM-listed Trafalgar Property (TRAF) were once again horrific. And something simply does not ring true.

Explosive: Time for Martin Hughes of Tosca Fund to shit himself: SEC prosecuting Akazoo, documents below

Published 392 days ago

In 2015 I exposed InternetQ (INTQ) as a fraud with my “From Athens with Love” dossier.  The FCA did nothing at all. And major shareholder both PA and via his fund, Martin Hughes of Tosca Fund, worked with the management to take the fraud private. Tosca took a seat on the board. They repackaged it as Akazoo and in 2019 floated it again on Nasdaq. Then my pal Gabriel Grego exposed it as a fraud all over again and this time the company fessed.  Gabriel made it clear in the opening paragraph of his report that we had exposed exactly the same fraud in 2015.

BREAKING: Verditek – now tell us the truth about Optimeyes, time to come clean Tory Toff Lord Willetts

Published 392 days ago

Spotting misleading and deceptive RNS statements made by technically insolvent AIM listed ramp Verditek (VDTK) is like shooting fish in a barrel. The skill is in finding one that is demonstrably true! Given that the company needs a placing pronto to avoid bankruptcy, AIM Regulation and the FCA should be investigating all its statements made via RNS to establish if ANY are true, given how many pre-placing lies I have unearthed. So here is yet another one… Optimeyes

Yu Group – Interims show it is indeed Placing Ahoy: SELL.

Published 393 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) announced its Interims to June this morning – deadline day, never a good sign – and the balance sheet shows it is in a mess.

Xtract Resources – Calamity Bird does it again: another forward sold placing with spiv bucket shop Novum plus dirty dealings by ex Beaufort boss and there was just no need!

Published 393 days ago

Having advised readers to bank big gains on Xtract Resources (XTR), I waited the requisite period and then dumped my own shares, disgusted by the way that Chairman Colin “Calamity” Bird seemed determined to dilute his mug punters in a shameless and un-needed fashion. Today, vindication.

URU Metals: A Massively Technically Insolvent POS “is pleased to announce” FY Results!

Published 393 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) has today released its FY20 results. It is “pleased to announce” them, as is Chairman Jay Vieira, but there is absolutely nothing here for shareholders to be pleased about. It is massively technically insolvent and the Going Concern statement is a hoot. And call me old-fashioned, but where has the Nomad signed off on this announcement? Maybe I am going blind, but I can’t see the Nomad mentioned anywhere: surely that it a breach of AIM Rules? Has the Nomad resigned? Should the shares be suspended?

Eddie Stobart Limited Interims: another bath for shareholders in view?

Published 395 days ago

This morning AIM-listed Eddie Stobart Limited (ESL) released its interims – the first reporting period following the accounting shambles which threatened to destroy the Eddie Stobart business and left the company with a (just under) half share of the business it used to own (less a load of 18% debt). So how are things?

Block Energy – rebel alliance appeased….for now

Published 395 days ago

AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) seems to have made a pretty decent effort at addressing the problems I raised HERE. On Thursday, an RNS appeared which seems a pretty good overview of where things are and announced the departure from the board of NED and former technical director, Mr Roger McMechan…

Five slam-dunk sells for 2020: update as Catenae’s Covid Bandwagon hits the buffers

Published 396 days ago

In August I noted that my list of five slam-dunk sells for 2020 was up, rather than down, by an amazing 41% – even though one is now a zero. Earlier this month the gains had been pared back to 25.5% but now, just two weeks later it seems that gravity is finally reasserting itself.

EXPOSED Versarien – Graphene sales remain tiny and the cash position is getting critical

Published 397 days ago

Now that Versarien (VRS) has finally published its annual report, I have had a look and drawn out a few highlights. As the subsidiary accounts are not yet filed at Companies House, it is not yet possible to perform the detailed analysis of the results to show exactly how little the Graphene sales were as I did for last year’s results showing that sales were just £26,000.  However, I show below an indicative analysis by analysing the elements that Versarien does disclose and it makes for grim reading for the deluded followers of Neill Ricketts.

Verditek – Tiny Oz order as I correspond with one of its lunatic shareholders, a case study in Winnifrith's first law of investment

Published 399 days ago

Of course the first order Verditek (VDTK) won in the land of high culture was way back in 2019. But that turned out to be a fake “take or pay” contract designed to ramp the shares ahead of three bailout placings. Having finally fessed that it made that one up, Verditek has today announced a real order from down under. But it is tiny and will do sod all to ease the financial woes of a company that is technically insolvent, having negative net current assets and which is still burning cash.

BREAKING: Shareholders call GM to oust Colin Bird from Tiger Royalties

Published 399 days ago

Seven years ago shares in Tiger Royalties and Investments (TIR) traded at 2p. Today they are 0.25p offer. As at June 30 2012 net assets were £4.4 million. Eight years later net assets were £360,000 and last week the company announced another £500,000 raise at just 0.21p. Enough is enough say shareholders owning just under 6% of the company who are now calling a GM to oust boss Colin Bird. Bird has yet to fess up to this via RNS but happily Winnileaks has seen the requisition letter and thus I publish it below. 

Verditek – now at the slow death or quick death point...

Published 399 days ago

I am told that you can get borrow in Verditek (VDTK) and that the stock is now shortable. For the avoidance of doubt I am not short, I never am since it would allow folks who own shares in frauds, engage in frauds or promote or enable them to accuse me as having a vested interest and thus compromise my status as an investigative journalist. But if you are into shorting here’s why this company is now at the slow death or quick death point…

Tory Party Bulletin Board Moron of the week: Verditek mug natch. PS I am not a banana

Published 401 days ago

I have now proved beyond any doubt that technically insolvent Verditek (VDTK) has misled investors grotesquely during five separate fund raises. If AIM Regulation was not staffed by such poltroons, the shares would already be suspended. They may still be. So what does that say for the integrity of the man at the helm, the chairman Tory Toff Lord David Willetts?

UK Oil & Gas – here’s the pointless pump, now when’s the dump?

Published 402 days ago

Notwithstanding a £4.2 million placing at 0.2p back in June, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is now running on vapours. The question is not if it will do another bailout placing but when? And “news”, I use the term in the loosest possible sense, today suggests that Lyin’ Steve Sanderson et al are preparing to pass the hat around, yet again, very soon. There are already 10.97 billion shares in issue but brace yourself for another tsunami of worthless confetti to be arriving shortly.

Tern – Interim Results show no progress: still a sell

Published 402 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) has released its interim results this morning and they show no progress at all. Indeed, there are a few little  Red Flags to be spotted.

Letter to FCA & AIM Regulation: Verditek- call for share suspension and review of every RNS issued by these proven serial liars

Published 402 days ago

Yesterday in a detailed bearcast I demonstrated industrial scale deception of investors in Verditek (VDTK) and of potential investors in a bond offering by the same company as massively price sensitive, and adverse, information was withheld in 2018.  It is now clear that the company, chaired by Tory Toff Lord David Willetts, has misled or actively lied to investors on a serial basis every year since its August 2017 IPO and on a broad range of price sensitive matters. I have proved 5 major cases of lying. But there may well be more and I have thus written to regulators urging them to suspend trading in the shares until they can independently verify the accuracy or otherwise of all statements made by this company. I wrote:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Explosive analysis of industrial scale fraud & deception at Verditek

Published 403 days ago

I have already demonstrated HERE and HERE and HERE how AIM darling Verditek (VDTK) has deceived investors in peace time and also in wartime, i.e the run up to placing after placing after placing. Now I turn to events from August 2017 to October 2018 which did not start to come to light until June 2019 and show, with regard to the WES operation, industrial scale deception by the company, before and during a fund raise which also involved misleading investors. The need for AIM Regulation to suspend these shares pending an independent investigation into every claim Verditek has ever made since the repeated nature of its deceptions is now just too great to ignore. 

Tern – Revolving Door for Advisers: should shareholders be concerned? Oh yes!

Published 405 days ago

Yesterday another adviser to AIM-listed jam tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) has departed the building. We have already this year learnt that Tern’s Auditor slipped out of the back door under cover of night, and it is not so long ago that Allenby took on the role of Nomad, leaving one wondering if the former incumbents jumped or were pushed, shortly after Redleaf had vacated the PR role. Now Broker Whitman Howard has jumped ship. Should shareholders be concerned?

Ouzo for Tom Winnifrith: Aquis Regulator acts on his specific complaint, fines Block Commodities run by Lyin' Chris Cleverly

Published 406 days ago

Oh dear, Lyin’ Chris Cleverley, the cousin of Tory party bigwig James, is in a spot of bother having been slammed by the regulators of the junior exchange Aquis for misleading investors in his POS company Block Commodities, formerly African Potash. Better still, Aquis acted on a specific letter from my good self sent on 18 November 2019.

Petra Diamonds Dissembles as the countdown to doom continues, 13 days to go

Published 406 days ago

Yesterday, Petra Diamonds (PDL) issued an RNS which sounded like good news: “Recovery of Five High Quality Blue Diamonds”. Feck FYB thought the morons and the shares jumped by 10%…but this was dissembling. For beneath the bullish headline was not such good news: 

Haydale – another RNS Reach, especially for the placees?

Published 408 days ago

AIM-listed graphene outfit Haydale (HAYD) has released yet another RNS Reach this morning, this time boasting of contracts for provision of services for the collaborative development of graphene and nano-particle enhanced products with Dowty Propellers. Woopie-do……

Eve Sleep – Interims from former Woodford dog pointing to a brighter future?

Published 408 days ago

Former cash-hungry Woodford dog, AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) has released its interims this morning. On the face of it there is plenty to cheer but a deeper look still offers plenty to worry about for shareholders.

Dr Michael Green at Align on Ascent Resources – now he really is taking the piss

Published 409 days ago

I have commented before on how Dr Michael Green should not be working in the City because of the role he played in the Sefton(SER) fraud which included launching a dirty tricks campaign against the heroic investigative journalists Mr Daniel Levi and er…me. A couple of months ago, he published a note on Bluebird Merchant (BMV) with a price target which, though I am a very supportive shareholder, especially after today’s RNS, I said at the time was quite utterly bonkers. It still is. Today he opines on Ascent Resources (AST) and his research makes that on Bluebird seem sober and considered.

BREAKING: Innovate UK – more taxpayer cash sent to a fraud: Environmental Recycling

Published 410 days ago

The criminal way that taxpayer cash is handed out by Innovate UK to companies that are either undeserving or can raise cash from share issuances in the private sector will, in the end, turn out to be a scandal running into the hundreds of millions of pounds. Yesterday I exposed the £4.6 million, wholly unjustified, spunk on Haydale Graphene and today I flag up £117,377 dished out to a total fraud, Environmental Recycling Technologies then listed on AIM.

Five Slam-Dunk sells for 2020 – September update as market madness continues

Published 410 days ago

As the saying goes, these are unprecedented times. But I’m not talking so much about Covid-19 as the manic state of the markets, with special reference to the AIM Casino. And that brings me to my list of five slam-dunk sells for 2020.

BREAKING: Another Innovate UK scandal - £4.6m spunked on Haydale Graphene for what?

Published 411 days ago

We have already exposed the cavalier way Innovate UK has spunked taxpayer cash on Versarien (VRS) with zero accountability. Next in line seems to be Verditek (VDTK). Now I turn to Haydale Graphene (HAYD).

Grim Reaper casts a long shadow over AIM as numbers continue to slump

Published 411 days ago

We are almost back to 2003. That is the message from the London Stock Exchange’s latest AIM Factsheet (downloadable HERE) which shows that the number of casino chips on the world’s most successful growth market was down to just 825 at the end of August, against a peak of 1,694 companies back in 2007. AIM has more than halved in size.

Hurricane Energy – surely the case against the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood is now beyond doubt?

Published 412 days ago

Today’s latest disastrous news from Hurricane Energy (HUR) is covered by Gary Newman HERE. Gary and Peter Brailey, having been bulls in the distant past, have both been warning you for ages that this was a disaster waiting to happen. But as the shares have collapsed from 60p to just 3p over the past 15 months, one man has been steadfast in his support. Just as he was until the bitter end with the fraud Frontera (FRR), churning out comment after comment after comment suggesting quite explicitly that the shares were cheap. I refer, of course, to Fat Bastard, the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood.

G3 Exploration – what on earth is boss Randeep Grewal smoking? (PS can I have some please)

Published 412 days ago

G3 (G3E) used to be known as Green Dragon Gas (GDG) and on 4th October 2013 I published an explosive dossier despite quite explicit threats to me if I did so. The shares were then 229p and, natch, the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation did nothing. Today the shares are 10.35p but after the latest RNS, that is 10.35p too high.

Verditek issues more confetti but for what PR exactly? Meanwhile what has happened at BBR?

Published 413 days ago

Can there be any more red flags fluttering over laughable AIM Company Verditek (VDTK)? You bet there are. First up is today’s news of a share issuance for PR services. What PR you say? Exactly.

Tern – Big News arrives….except it is not big and the Nomad hasn’t signed it.

Published 414 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced an initial purchase order for investee Wyld Networks. So is it time to buy, buy buy….£s not pence? Er….

Haydale Graphene – as warned, placing at 31% discount.

Published 414 days ago

I have warned and warned and warned that AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) needed more money and having jumped on the Covid-Bandwagon at the beginning of July and seen its shares slide from 8.45p on 20th August to last night’s close at just 5.1p, this morning the company announced a bookbuild at just 3.5p to raise £3 million. The only question is whether it should be Ouzo on my Cornflakes or my Rice Krispies.

Interims from Verditek show the lying mothers are more or less insolvent

Published 416 days ago

Welcome Lord David Willetts to the world of turd polishing on the AIM casino and your first interim results at Verditek (VDTK). It’s time for some more share ramping and lying to investors as you guys really do need a bailout placing asap.

Iconic Labs – More evidence of Toxic Dave Sefton’s close relationship with Iconic and about his new £1.45 million purchase

Published 417 days ago

Linton Capital LLP, an investment company run by Toxic Dave Sefton, has been busy putting in place the arrangements to buy the Joe Media businesses in the UK – even though Joe Media may, as I exposed a day or so ago, be going seriously off the rails.  A recently filed security agreement now to be found at Companies House dated 9 July 2020, indicates that Toxic Dave, Linton Capital LLP and Greencastle MM Limited have entered into an agreement with BPC Ireland Designated Activity Company not to exceed £3,787,000 and any interest due and payable.

Comedy Central on the Tern BBs! Does this win Bulletin Board Moron of the Year?

Published 417 days ago

With a hat-tip to Temptress on our own highly intelligent comments board, you just couldn’t make this up! Last week the principal investee of AIM-listed POS investment company Tern (TERN), Device Authority (DA), filed documents at Companies House taking away B-share rights of what appear to be former employees. It seems that these former employees left the building some time ago, but DA’s paperwork has been such a shambles that it is only catching up now. So the BBMs decided it was a tidying up exercise and that therefore DA is about to be sold……£s, not pence.

Tern – What is going on at Device Authority?

Published 418 days ago

Needless to say there has been no statement from AIM-listed POS investment company Tern (TERN), but the BBs are full of speculation that principal investee (by far) Device Authority is being sold. Quick, buy, buy, buy…..£s not pence! Or not.

Limitless Earth – AIM’s worst FD strikes again with accounts that are sheer fantasy

Published 420 days ago

Limitless Earth Plc (LME) has published its annual report for the year ended 31 January 2020 which was approved on 30 July 2020.  Readers might recall that in my previous article I called out a number of issues with respect to the accounts as prepared by Nilesh Jagatia, a man who is, without doubt, the worst FD on the AIM Casino. And the competition for that title is truly intense.

Block Energy – dissident shareholders gather forces: we back the rebel alliance

Published 421 days ago

Gary Newman was – quite rightly – never a fan of AIM-listed oiler Block Energy (BLOE) – despite its apparently large fan-base on the Bulletin Boards. Now, it seems as though some shareholders – apparently representing around 20% of the stock – have had enough. I gather they want to know what is going on, but can’t seem to get management to engage. Given the apparent shambles, it is hardly surprising.

Ariana – Cracking news from Arzu South

Published 421 days ago

We are still awaiting developments regarding AIM-listed Ariana’s proposed corporate action to bring Ozaltin into its Red Rabbit JV with Proccea along with Ariana’s wholly-owned Salinbas project in Eastern Turkey in return for $30 million, plus whatever Proccea ends up paying. We are told today that Ariana is focussed on finalising this in the coming weeks. While we wait, Ariana has popped up with some stonking drilling results from its Arzu South pit: it seems that there is more gold……

Drowning in a sea of red flags, a company built on lies – Verditek

Published 423 days ago

Just how many red flags do you need? Because at this AIM listed company, there are more than you’d see on the annual May Day parade through my old stomping ground of Clerkenwell. Let’s list the Verditek (VDTK) red flags:

BREAKING Scandal: The 16 other Innovate UK grants to Versarien exposed - what return has the taxpayer had on them? Nil!

Published 426 days ago

As things stand, Versarien (VRShas drawn down the first 40% of a £5 million low interest loan from taxpayer-funded Innovate UK despite demonstrably being ineligible for what is the body’s biggest ever loan - indeed admitting in its own annual report that it breaches the eligibility criteria. That is a scandal. But I can now show why this scandal is far worse and suggests that Innovate UK hands out cash to favoured companies on an utterly indiscriminate and un-monitored manner which no assessment of whether its funding delivers any return or benefits for taxpayers. What follows is shocking. A co-conspirator has raised the issue of the illegitimate loan with Innovate UK and has this response from a Matthew Oswin:

DISGRACEFUL SHOCKER: Tern – Debunking a gross deception over new CEO for investee InVMA

Published 427 days ago

You have to hand it to AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, sometime, never investment company Tern (TERN) – or, rather, its PR firm Newgate Communications – for today’s RNS which has polished a turd so well it looks like a multi-million pound diamond. But the deception is utterly shocking.

URU Metals – Ramptastic pre-placing RNS: you have been warned!

Published 427 days ago

AIM-listed but BVI-registered URU Metals (URU), which as Cynical Bear put it, seems more interested in drilling shareholders’ pockets than the ground, has announced a ramptastic pre-placing RNS this morning. Of course, we all knew it was coming as by my maths this John Zorbas POS is still technically insolvent and the clue is hidden in today’s announcement.

Trouble at t’ Mill brewing in Inspirit's boiler room as 6.5% holder launches blistering attack

Published 428 days ago

AIM-listed boiler-room Inspirit Energy (INSP) has been a long-term non-performer on the Casino ever since the reversal of its technology (having failed as a private company) was reversed into Kleenair Systems in 2013. Almost anyone who has had the misfortune of investing here will be nursing very heavy losses, and the company seems to have little or nothing to show for the last 7 years as an AIM Casino chip. But now the company is under attack from 6.5% holder Chris Heminway, who launched a scathing attack late on Monday via the RNS system.

Tern – Pathetic Q&A "News": Still a SELL

Published 428 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, some day, never investment company Tern (TERN) issued a very odd release this morning through the RNS system via the EQS Corporate News service, an investor communication service aimed at assisting listed and unlisted (including AIM quoted) companies to distribute media only/non-regulatory news releases such as marketing messages, corporate and product information into the public domain. We are further told that Information required to be notified under the AIM Rules for Companies, Market Abuse Regulation or other regulation would be disseminated as an RNS regulatory announcement and not on EQS Corporate News. In other words, it is the equivalent of an RNS Reach – and was not even signed off by Tern’s current Nomad, Allenby.

Three As: Asimilar, All Active and Akers seem to be coming out as Zs

Published 429 days ago

When I wrote about Asimilar (ASLR) back in February on its suspension, my last comment was that I sense a car crash coming this way…… This morning the car crash has happened, but it will surely get far worse…

Catenae Innovation – more ramptastic nonsense: SELL

Published 429 days ago

Yesterday we saw AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) try to dress up paying for a marketing deal in shares as a good thing when surely the truth of it was that it was out of cash, and worse still the grateful recipient of the shares has to wait for the AGM for approval of increase in headroom. In other words, Catenae is out of cash and out of share-issuance headroom. This morning we were offered a Business Update…

Letter to AIM Regulation and the FCA regarding Marc Boyan and Reach4Entertainment

Published 430 days ago

In yesterday’s bearcast, I explained why suggestions that Reach4Entertainment (R4E) CEO Marc Boyan was considering merging Reach with his private company Miroma should be investigated by the authorities.  Upon reflection, the scandal is potentially even larger than I originally thought. Notwithstanding the fact that two guests at my wedding (Messrs Wray & Yeoman), of which I shall be celebrating the 7th anniversary this coming weekend, are intimately involved with Reach and will be very pissed off with what I am doing, I have now written to the Oxymorons and the Chocolate Teapots and asked them to consider involving the Takeover Panel. The letter follows.

Photo Article: what to pour on my cornflakes as I consider the AIM demise of FastJet and its fascist bastard journalist smearing PRs at Citigate

Published 430 days ago

Shares in FastJet (FJET) have today left the AIM casino so are now untradeable, as well as essentially worthless. Remaining investors face mega dilution or administration or most possibly both. Having warned folks extensively over the years about an operation first set up to smuggle tobacco and which just could not turn a legitimate cent, I feel somewhat vindicated. But there is more… Citigate Dewe Rogerson and the half to £1 million of shareholders cash spunked on nothing!

Catenae – marketing deal with Markops paid for in to-be-issued shares. Hmmm

Published 430 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced a shares-for-fees deal with marketing consultancy Markops Limited. The shares, to be issued at 3.65p assuming the forthcoming AGM approves the lifting of the headroom available, will not hit the market until 28 September and are apparently worth £12,500. Now I’m sure that Markops are fine people, but……..

Advanced Oncotherapy – Draws down on Convertible Loan. Is it a Death Spiral or what’s the catch?

Published 433 days ago

It was announced this morning that AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has drawn down an initial $10 million on its secured convertible loan package totalling $30 million with Nerano Pharm – a financing vehicle wholly owned by significant shareholder Seamus Mulligan. So is this a death spiral, and what’s the catch?

Haydale – shares all over the shop…..could there possibly be a placing on the way?

Published 434 days ago

I have warned and warned that AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) would need more money and as ramptastic RNS after ramptastic RNS has been issued by the company as it has joined the Covid-bandwagon, despite a calamitous profit warning in April the shares have been rising and rising. Today, they stopped going up: is there a placing on the way? Do we need a statement from the company?

The Market is Bonkers: URU Metals – a SELL on steroids

Published 434 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has already laid out his concerns over the state of play with too many stocks being quite obviously overvalued to a massive extent. One such play I have been following is John Zorbas’ BVI-registered (and therefore not subject to the Takeover Panel’s 30% rule) and AIM-listed URU Metals (URU).

Eurasia Mining – so much for the dividend and asset sales: Placing at 22.5p to raise $10m...

Published 436 days ago

Well, you cannot say that you were not warned by Tom Winnifrith. So much for the dividend, so much for those much vaunted asset sales via Chinese CITC bank, so much for all the ramping by people apparently close to the company. This morning a bailout placing has been announced by AIM-listed Eurasia Mining (EUA) to raise £7.6 million, to “institutional” investors. So are we talking about Warren Buffett? I doubt it!

Directa Plus is insanely overvalued but does that mean its shares will fall?

Published 436 days ago

An early morning tweet comes to me from an investor in Directa Plus (DCTA) suggesting that, although the share is speculative it is “under the radar screens of AIM tipsters” and insanely cheap. At 83p the Italian-run company is valued at £51 million so I suspect it has already received a good bit more than zero coverage.

Karelian Diamonds – £0.42m placing at a whopping discount & still how’s it going to pay for any exploration?...

Published 436 days ago

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) – the junior sibling of Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) – has announced a placing to raise £420,000 at 4p per share, a whopping 24% discount to yesterday’s closing price. That’s all very well, but by my maths it still leaves the company technically insolvent…

BREAKING: Tory Sleaze - Confirmation that Versarien gets £5m of taxpayer cash to which it is NOT entitled

Published 437 days ago

I guess under the Tories it is about who you know, not whether you are qualified when it comes to accessing taxpayer cash. It worked for the pole dancing American bimbo who was a “close friend” of Boris when London’s Mayor and, as you can see below, with the blues in power, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) is a man well positioned to open the right doors. Today, his firm confirmed that it had received the first £1.96 million of a £5 million soft taxpayer loan from Innovate UK. Senior Tories such as Alok Sharma and Rishi Sunak were warned that Versarien did not qualify but the loan went ahead regardless. Let’s be clear this is the biggest ever loan by Innovate UK by a mile and this is pure and simple sleaze and here is why.

Letter to FCA & AIM Regulation: Verditek just how many lies told?

Published 438 days ago

Enough is enough. Two weeks ago, an article HERE forced Verditek (VDTK) to admit on August 12 2020 that the two big contract wins announced in 2019 had not gone through but it had raised money without telling investors of these massive setbacks. On Friday, I showed that it had actively misled investors ahead of placings in September 2019 and March 2020. Enough is enough. How many more lies have been told? I have written to the FCA & AIM Regulation asking for the shares to be suspended pending a full investigation into the company, its directors, and Nomad WH Ireland which, at best, has been asleep at the wheel.

Five Slam-dunk Sells for 2020 – August update

Published 438 days ago

My curate’s egg of slam-dunk sells for 2020 continues its strange performance. On the one hand, Walcom (WALG) has disappeared from view – a zero – and on the other we have two total POS at silly prices because the market is, in my view, just totally mad.

ANOTHER DEVASTATING WINNLEAKS EXPOSE: Verditek LIES to investors AGAIN in a 2nd placing - this time it's Project Star

Published 440 days ago

Earlier today, I published an email showing that Verditek (VDTK) had, via its brokers, lied to investors as it tried to raise money in a placing in February/March 2020. Okay, to lie to investors once is bad enough but what if it has lied before? Might that suggest that there may be more lies out there and that the shares should be suspended while the FCA and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation have a serious butchers? Well, as it happens, thanks to Winnileaks, I can now show below that Verditek also lied to investors as it raised money in late September 2019. Oops, two placings, two sets of lying… I sense a pattern here.

DEVASTATING WINNILEAKS EXPOSE: Verditek and Project Black – proof of active lying to investors ahead of a placing

Published 440 days ago

Last week I exposed how Verditek (VDTK) had misled investors in three placings by NOT informing them that previously announced contracts had not gone ahead and on Tuesday the company fessed up to this. But misleading by omission ahead of a placing is one thing. Actively lying is far worse and thanks to Winnileaks I can now demonstrate that Verditek has done that not once but at least twice.

Yu Group – appoints fraudsters' favourite SP Angel as Nomad/Broker……guess what comes next

Published 441 days ago

Yet another Red Flag was hoisted above AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) Towers this morning as it announced its pleasure at appointing SP Angel as Nomad/Broker. Whilst I have little time for any Nomad, surely ex-appointee Shore Capital carried a little more gravitas than the Nomad to Versarian (VRS) and Eurasia Mining (EUA) not to mentiuon the MySquar )MYSQ) fraud where it turned a blind eye to crime, and SP Angel’s broker side has been hit with the scandal at Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX). But did Shore Capital walk, or was it pushed?

Ooh Er MRS, C'mon Murray D'Almeida tell us about your links to Halcyon (part 2)

Published 442 days ago

On February 4 2018, I asked if Murray d’Almeida of Management Resource Solutions (MRS) would care to explain his links to an outfit called Halcyon as you can see HERE. Natch the FCA and AIM Regulation, the Chocolate Teapots and the Oxymorons, did nothing about this or numerous other matters we raised. Now Management Resource is no more but might the authorities care to reconsider looking at those responsible for its collapse, those who made money from it before the collapse, notably D’Almeida’s business partner, and those City advisors who enabled the sh*t show to run and run by turning a blind eye, or - in the case of legal tosser Peter Reynolds of Fladgate in threatening a journalist who exposed this scam (viz me) – I ask in light of the article below from the Australian press.

BREAKING: Verditek confirms Tom Winnifrith expose – it DID mislead investors twice in 2019!

Published 442 days ago

Verditek (VDTK) has been forced by my expose of last week to admit today that it DID mislead investors with regards to 2019 contract wins and revenues…

BREAKING: Versarien admits its UK taxpayer loan breaks the rules: Lucian Miers writes to Alok Sharma

Published 443 days ago

It appears that a second charge has been registered at Companes House by taxpayer-backed Innovate UK for its £5 million loan to Versarien (VRS). This means that if Versarien defaults, taxpayers may well not get all their cash back. That on its own seems a clear breach of Innovate UK rules and a reason why this loan should not be made. But there is worse. In its quite atrocious results today, Versarien itself gives a reason for why the loan application is illegal. Lucian Miers has written to Business Secretary Alok Sharma to flag this up.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – placing at 25p with warrants and warrants-on-warrants

Published 443 days ago

Good news this morning for AIM-listed jam- (or, rather, gold) tomorrow explorer Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) as it has raised a fairly decent amount of cash – £800,000 – at 25p. Heck, if this goes on for much longer the company will no longer be technically insolvent! It might not be already, although I wouldn’t be too sure. So are the shares now a buy?…

Yu Group – Now AIM Regulation says F*** YU!

Published 444 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has this morning updated on the investigation by AIM Regulation into the shambolic mis-reporting of profits/receivables etc which saw the company write off c. £10 million from its 2018 accounts. The result? A £300,000 fine – surely far too light – which has been waived for co-operating with the enquiry! The lesson from AIM Regulation for less than scrupulous AIM Directors is that fraud is no problem – just get on with it and we’ll do nothing at all. There is no moral hazard.

Letter to FCA & AIM Regulation: Suspend Verditek PLC NOW before more securities fraud committed

Published 445 days ago

Maybe having a Tory grandee, Lord Willetts, as your chairman means that you are allowed to commit securities fraud with impunity on the AIM Casino? As I exposed yesterday HERE, that is most certainly what Verditek (VDTK) has been up to. Given that it is currently technically insolvent and its shares are being ramped on an industrial scale by disgraced tipster Mike Walters of 3DM, Polly Peck, Minmet, etc etc infamy and others, another placing must be imminent. I have today written to the Chocolate Teapots at the FCA and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation asking it to try to, for once, stop fraud.

EXPOSE: Another AIM scandal involving a Tory grandee, Verditek – why is this not slam dunk securities fraud?

Published 446 days ago

Shares in Verditek (VDTK) have been pumped up to 18p, capitalising it at £52 million, on the back of supposed order wins. But this company is a serial liar in that regard. Its finances are shot so why does anyone buy into the nonsense?

Jew-hating, journalist-smearing, Quindell-owning moron David Dunham still trolling Tom Winnifrith 6 years on

Published 446 days ago

Someone who does not have a Shareprophets subscription (so cannot see what I write or hear what I say) has been in contact to abuse me. The name rang a bell. David Dunham, Daveycaferacer. His latest missive reads:

Tern – Ramptastic Rollocks!

Published 448 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, sometime, never investment company Tern (TERN) has announced a contract for principal investee Device Authority. Whoopiedoo – bring out the champagne…….or not.

R4E – shareholder screwing by Wray, Potts & Management - reasons to despair of AIM No 67

Published 450 days ago

On June 29 this year, just over a month ago, the management of Reach4Entertainment (R4E) told us that despite the lockdown of the London and New York theatres it serviced, it was sitting, as a result of prudent cash management, on net funds of £12 million – almost thrice the market cap. Today, 5 weeks later, we are told the company is leaving AIM and worse is to come. Shareholders, you are being screwed by management and big shareholders such as fund manager Katie Potts and Nigel Wray…

Tern takes a Turn for the worse

Published 450 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. Has AIM-listed jam-whenever investment company Tern (TERN) lost its biggest investor? Yesterday we learnt that Mr John Mahtani had reduced his holding in Tern from 5.02% to 4.65%. Mr Mahtani was the biggest shareholder and given the share price drop since the beginning of July from 10p down to yesterday’s closing mark of 6.55p it doesn’t exactly look like a total vote of confidence…

Tern – shares now trade below NAV: are they a buy?

Published 451 days ago

Of course not! The last reported NAV of AIM-listed jam-tomorrow- next year-never IoT investment company Tern (TERN) was 7.0p, as stated in its FY19 results. This followed a year during which the company raised £3.25 million at a premium to NAV, but still saw a reduction in NAV per share. I guess that is operational gearing at play!

Versarien cheerleader explains why it is okay to murder Tom Winnifrith for journalism

Published 454 days ago

It seems that some of Neill Ricketts’ biggest fans do not like my investigative probing into Versarien (VRS). This time they are not going after my heavily pregnant wife (as they have in the past) but after me.

AEX Gold lists on AIM because, of course, it will be different this time... Not!!!!!

Published 454 days ago

Up in the high woods of Montana, just below the snow line, today’s listing of AEX Gold (AEXG) will surely cause stirrings of unrest for our in house gold loon Nigel Somerville. Or maybe a grizzly has eaten the wires to Nigel’s satellite dish and he is blissfully unaware of today’s events.

Yu Group trading statement: never mind the cash……feel the placing coming this way and SELL.

Published 454 days ago

AIM-listed alternative energy supplier Yu Group (YU.) yesterday offered up a half-year trading statement ahead of interims on Wednesday 30 September (deadline day to avoid suspension – a bit of a Red Flag). Having always advertised plenty of cash but turning out to be running short in the net current assets department, is it any different this time? I fear not…..

See you in Court Bitchez! My message to Warren Buffett (not!) and the boss of Fraud Supply@ME Capital

Published 455 days ago

Earlier, I flagged up howone twitter moron, AIM Investor, blamed me for losing so much money on shares in the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME).  Oh dear, it seems as if he has reacted badly, changing his name to Warren Buffett and saying, as you can see below, he will pass my musings onto the boss of Supply@ME for him to assess. Go on fellows, please try to use lawyers to threaten the Sheriff of AIM as it always ends so well for CEOs who go down that path. Sell y’all in Court bitchez! 

Tern – when will the cash run out? Before Christmas?

Published 456 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investor in cash-guzzling unlisted dogs Tern plc (TERN) raised an impressive £1.5 million recently, and claimed it had £0.8 million of cash on the books as at the end of June. Sounds impressive, but I fear that the cash may not last long…

Novacyt – the desperate share-ramping continues: Reminder that October 17th is Noses in Trough day

Published 458 days ago

On my first weekly video show, I spelled out to you all why bosses at Novacyt (NCYT) will do absolutely everything they can to ramp the shares ahead of October 17. Every extra  penny on the share price on that day is worth more than ten thousand pounds to the CEO alone. In that vein, we have more ramptastic “news” today. But perhaps you are excited about a “second wave” of Covid deaths in Spain.

BREAKING: BDO Narrowly Avoids signing off on a 155 million Euro blooper & the war crimes of FTI Consulting – the Akazoo fraud

Published 458 days ago

Thanks to the good works of Gabriel Grego, Akazoo (InternetQ as was) has now been thrown off Nasdaq and the SEC are crawling all over it, its main backer and author of its corporate deals, Martin Hughes’ Tosca Fund and various advisors. One firm that has narrowly avoided a massive bullet, as I can reveal today, is auditor BDO Global.

URU Metals – Is lightning about to strike twice? SELL.

Published 458 days ago

They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place, but shares in John Zorbas vehicle, AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) metals have suddenly screamed higher on no news – just as they did while massively technically insolvent in early May, only for shareholders to be walloped with a placing at a whopping (mis-stated) 57.5% discount. With the shares back up again – and the company still technically insolvent –  is lightning about to strike for a second time?

An ice age blizzard of confetti for the weekend sir? Canadians learn about lubing up for Lenigas dilution

Published 460 days ago

If you are thinking in investing in Lenigas PLC, Big Dave’s soon-to-launch London listed mining investment company, before you open your cheque book, have a quick butchers at events yesterday in Canada. I do hope shareholders in Elixxer, formerly Lenigas Cuba, had vats of lube at the ready.

Doggie Corner – Tern

Published 460 days ago

I just can’t help but notice that shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow serial non-deliverer Tern plc (TERN) seem to be sinking fast. The latest move yesterday, with the shares closing down again at 7.9p, has taken out the issue price of the subscription shares announced last Monday of 8.5p – which was already a 21% discount. It is always a very bad sign if the share price drops below the placing or subscription price. Oh dear…….and it gets worse, for it is under the curse of the Sith Lord Zak Mir who gave it the kiss of death at 10p, predicting a rise to 18p. Oops – 21% down so far on that one!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Journalist-smearing motherfuckers Citigate Dewe Rogerson & FastJet Edition

Published 461 days ago

I have been waiting for this day for a long while. I hope that comrade Graham Neary has a glass (or seven) of Black Velvet over in Ireland tonight. I shall have an ouzo as I enjoy some karma heading to the journalist-smearing fascist PR bastards at Citigate. I should warn you that this podcast contains some bad language as I consider the AIM demise of Fastjet (FJET). I laugh at a rumour about Ascent Resources (AST) and the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood and I consider the laughable plans of the pathetic nanny state regime of Bojo to tackle obesity.  I also look at Cineworld (CINE), R4E (R4E) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME), three firms I fear are in the merde. And did I mention that Citigate Dewe Rogerson are a bunch of journalist-smearing motherfuckers whose comprehensive lack of ethics I shall toast with ouzo tonight?

Curtis Banks – Cash-Box Placing controversy, a clear sell for private investors.

Published 461 days ago

Controversy is putting it mildly! Yesterday morning at 7.25am AIM-listed Curtis Banks Group plc (CBP) announced the acquisition of Talbot and Muir Ltd , and fintech provider Dunstan Thomas Group Ltd for an initial consideration of up to £21.5 million to be funded through cash and an equity placing. Two minutes later a proposed Placing to raise £25 million was announced. The problem? Well, the company didn’t have the disapplication of pre-emption rights authority to raise £25 million in a placing. But that didn’t stop it.

Filthy Forty Walcom: So Long - and thanks for all the fish

Published 462 days ago

This morning it was confirmed that ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) had been quietly taken out in the middle of the night and put out of its misery. No witnesses, no inquest, no last statement from the prisoner: it was all silently done.

Avacta – so what?

Published 463 days ago

Even where the Government is testing like the blazes to cover its arse and con us into believing that its coronavirus response was sensible and proportionate, it is struggling to find cases. In the new 'hotspot' of Blackburn where there is mass testing, the cases are just 77 per 100,000.  Of those found posititve, nearly all of them are asymptomatic so would not have known they had Covid had they not been tested.  This testing is not saving any lives.

Would you Adam’n’Eve it? Eve Sleep turns cashflow positive, so shares a buy, right?

Published 463 days ago

Ex-Neil Woodford dog, AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE), has this morning updated the market with a first half trading update for this year – the highlight being that it has been trading ahead of expectations and generated a first positive cashflow. So all’s well – time to pile in? Not so fast……

Minoan – refinancing: expensive but a massive improvement

Published 463 days ago

AIM-listed Greek resort outfit Minoan (MIN) has released news this morning of the refinancing of its pre-existing debt which used to be held by Hillside. The old lenders have gone and, mercifully, so have the stranglehold terms that came with the deal and in comes a new lender in the form of a outfit called DAGG LLP. The cost has been high, but the end result makes this well worth it.

Conroy Gold & Natural Resources – deal with Anglo Asian Mining, now let's get serious

Published 464 days ago

Sometimes something comes out of left field and takes you by surprise. This morning, AIM-listed Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) announced a proposed joint venture with fellow AIM-listed Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) aimed at bringing Conroy’s Irish gold assets to production. Anglo Asian is a serious player, so this deal is a great achievement for Conroy – even if, as things stand, it remains heavily technically insolvent.

Karelian Diamonds – Vehicle access rights, but there’s no money to actually explore!

Published 465 days ago

AIM-listed Prof. Conroy lifestyle outfit Karelian Diamonds (KDR) offered up some good news this morning in that it it has secured vehicular access rights to its Lahtojoki diamond project. Well, it would be, but Karelian hasn’t any cash to spend on exploration so why the shares are up 24% is a mystery.

The share rampers love in, the great Lenigas & Akers bromance

Published 465 days ago

It is kind of sweet. The love big David Lenigas has for his fellow share ramper Chris Akers. Today it is Pires Investments (PIRI) where the dynamic duo are at play. the UK's top rampers of AIM listed dross are at it again.

Tern – yet another fundraise, £1.5 million at 8.5p (21% discount)

Published 465 days ago

Well blow me down! AIM-listed jam-tomorrow POS Tern plc (TERN) has announced yet another fundraise, this time to raise £1.5 million at 8.5p. Given that the announcement came at 9am and the price just beforehand was 10.75p, that’s a 21% discount. Ouch.

Trafalgar Property – Chris Akers ups stake to 9% as the ramp continues

Published 468 days ago

Things appear to be hotting up at the latest Chris Akers/Peterhouse ramp, AIM-listed Trafalgar Property (TRAF), with Chris Akers having upped his stake for a second time, now to 9.12%. Of course, at first glance Trafalgar is an utterly worthless POS but recently announced that the holding company was clean of debt – the expectation being that the subsidiaries will either be packed off to the administrator’s office or sold off for a traditional £1.

The strangest beast on AIM that you’ve never heard of

Published 469 days ago

A Hat-tip to B for alerting me to a company I have never heard of. The strangest beast on AIM is not a beast at all; it’s a wounded animal that went into the COVID-19 crisis leveraged long emerging market currencies and equities. It’s a wounded animal that you’ve probably never heard of: APQ Global Limited (APQ).

Ariana – Psst, I have a dirty little secret!

Published 471 days ago

Readers will know that I have gradually been top slicing my holding in AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana Resources(AAU)  – not because it was no longer cheap, but because having seen the shares roofing it over the past couple of years my holding had simply become far too big. It has been an awkward time as a ShareProphets writer as we have very strict rules about disclosure and selling tipped stocks, and whilst I have always retained my bullish view I have wanted to offload a few along the way. But I have a dirty little secret.

Manolete: attempted PR hit job on ShareProphets as company issues woeful attempted rebuttal of our dossier

Published 471 days ago

Last week I published a detailed dossier on Manolete (MANO) explaining why the shares, then 515p, were worth 80p. Today the company has published an attempted rebuttal which starts with upper class twit PR scumbags Instinctif trying to smear ShareProphets. The shares are off another 15p at 395p.  The PR men may find smearing journalists almost as entertaining as mutual masturbation behind the bike sheds at Eton, but the markets are not convinced. I shall deal witrh that smear in bearcast later. First why the rebutall is so weak.

Red Flags at Night – CentralNic Group: NED dumps £155k worth of shares... & look at the balance sheet!

Published 471 days ago

Last night, at no-one-is-watching o’clock (four minutes to six pm) it was announced that Mr Samuel Dayani, a NED at AIM-listed CentralNic Group (CNIC) has been dumping shares – the best part of £155,000 worth. We are told that he still has a boat-load of the stock (11.36% of the shares) but nonetheless that’s quite a bit of cash especially when the company has recently done a 'Capital Markets event' and seen paid-for researcher Edison produce a gushing note last month. Goodness me, that was good timing!...

Novacyt talking bullshit again

Published 472 days ago

Remember from episode 1, this is all about ramping the shares ahead of October 17. The higher the share price then the greater the size of the multi-million quid bonus pool for Novacyt (NCYT) bosses notably CEO Graham Mullis. Oink Oink. Ching. Ching.

Avacta, yet more Coronabollocks ramping but it is not working

Published 472 days ago

Our response to Coronavirus divides us ever more. I argue that wrecking the world economy will cause untold misery and was the wrong response to a virus that largely polished off fplks who were already on St Peter’s short list for a fairly imminent interview. For this I am  branded “irresponsible” by one reader today while others accuse me of callously wishing to deny many more years of happy and active life to their 95 year old grandparents or parents. So what if deaths across Europe are falling to sod all, the lockdown jihadists warn of an imminent second wave. But deaths, even in the US, are falling. This pandemic is tailing off which is a problem if you are Avacta (AVCT)

Eqtec – placing/Primary Bid offering Thursday, legal action announced today……..this stinks!

Published 472 days ago

On Thursday last week AIM-listed Eqtec (EQT) announced a placing and PrimaryBid offering which raised £10 million at 0.45p, a 33.8% discount. That will have hurt existing shareholders, but not as much as the new shareholders who today woke up to learn that the company is in receipt of a filing of legal complaint alleging patent infringement in California from Aries Clean Energy LLC. And the two are unconnected?...

Trafalgar – Ouzo for Tom Winnifrith as Akers takes stake: how high will the ramp take us?

Published 475 days ago

It is ouzo time once again at Tom Winnifrith Towers: just 15 days ago he suggested that all was perhaps not at it might immediately seem at AIM-listed Trafalgar Property (TRAF) in that its disaster of a balance sheet with piles upon piles of debt – and thus, ordinarily, a slam-dunk sell –was tempered by the debt not being held at parent company level, but within subsidiaries. He suggested that disappearing and reappearing broker Peterhouse might  have a plan involving Chris Ackers and so it has proved.

Eurasia Mining shares unsuspended & soar: pro tem ouzo for the morons, bears burned

Published 476 days ago

Eurasia Mining (EUA) shares were suspended months ago because it was unable to clarify speculation that Chinese Bank CITIC was engaged to try to sell its assets, something it first suggested was happening about nine months ago. Today it clarified, the shares were unsuspended and have rocketed. Its ouzo time for the Bulletin Board morons today but for how long?

Chariot Oil & Gas - a couple more emails from (rightly) disgusted shareholder Mo Majid

Published 478 days ago

Earlier today I flagged up an email t0o the great and the good from disgusted Chariot Oil & Gas (CHAR) shareholder Mo Majid which raises major questions. Now, thanks to Winnileaks I publish two of the 17 emails sent by Mo to the company and its evil PR spinners Celicourt wheich went unanswered. they raise grave questions about Chariot and also about its use of Fat Bastard, the whore blogger, Malcolm Graham Wood to ramp the shares. Enjoy. 

Sosandar delivers a Curate’s Egg of a Trading Statement

Published 478 days ago

AIM-listed online ladies fashionwear purveyor Sosandar (SOS) has released a trading statement covering its reporting Q1 from 1 April to 30 June. As per the trading and Covid-19 update provided last month, on the surface this morning’s statement appears reassuring, but is it?

Versarien: I have sent the letter below to my MP in Wrexham and urge you to send to your MP too

Published 483 days ago

I am gravely concerned about the soft loan given to Versarien (VRS) by Innovate UK. It seems to me that rules have been broken and taxpayers cash should not be used in this way. I have, therefore, written to my local MP here in Wrexham, Ms Sarah Atherton, asking her to raise this with the minister responsible, Alok Sharma as soon as possible. I urge you to copy this letter below, adapt it for your local use, and contact your MP too urging him  or her to act on this matter at once.

Just how close is Nigel Walker of Innovate UK to Versarien - more on that, arguably, illegal loan

Published 483 days ago

I pointed out yesterday that £5 million of your cash as a taxpayer is going to the serial liars at Versarien (VRS) via Innovate UK when Versarien quite clearly does not qualify for such funding.  I have asked Innovate boss Nigel Walker to explain this but he has declined to comment.  However, as his tweets below show, Nigel has been very close to Versarien and its corpulent boss Neill Ricketts for three years.

Why is Eurasia still suspended: letter to morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel & the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation

Published 483 days ago

The continuing suspension of Eurasia Mining (EUA) makes no sense at all, at least not without another statement from the company on why it is still suspended. What is happening now is in clear breach of AIM rules. Thus an upstanding and concerned citizen who is, I believe, short of the shares though that is irrelevant has written to morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, demanding that rules be adhered to. The letter is below:

Why is the Government breaking its own rules to bail out Versarien?

Published 484 days ago

I realise that Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts, pictured below, is well connected in Government circles but I simply do not understand how Innovate UK has today agreed to a £5 million loan to his company. Let us be clear, this breaches its own rules. I smell a rat and wonder if Her Majesty;s Loyal opposition might wish to pursue this matter.

Haydale joins the Covid Bandwagon - placing ahoy!

Published 484 days ago

Another day, another AIM dog jumps on the Covid bandwagon – Haydale (HAYD) has announced a new collaboration agreement between its Thai operation, Haydale Technologies (Thailand) Co. Ltd and IRPC Public Company Limited to develop Organic conducting-based printing smart fabric (Contract No. AL.0748/2563), by using Haydale's functionalised technology. Market madness is still apparent: the shares roofed it to 3.225p, up an impressive 57% on the news. So what’s the problem?

Crony capitalism in action: Pity the poor British taxpayer bailing out Versarien as Chinese walk

Published 484 days ago

It was in April last year that oily Neill Ricketts first announced that Chinese Investors were going to buy new shares giving them 15% of Versarien (VRS). The shares roofed it and he dumped vast amounts at 137p - today the shares are 42p. First it was BIGT, the CIGIU and finally YG, a newly established Hong Kong entity set up to source funds working with those other companies that had no websites or offices or phone numbers. Quelle surprise! Guess what?

Gold ends Q2 on a high, Centamin, Ariana and a breakout?

Published 484 days ago

The close-out of the quarter to June saw Gold post a high point going back almost eight years at around $1780. Futures troubles the $1800 mark and gold stocks have had a decent run over the past few days. So is this the big breakout we have all been waiting for?

Filthy Forty Walcom – No Nomad, and now just one director left as NEDs plunge the knife

Published 484 days ago

The Ouzo may have run out at Deputy Sheriff Towers, but the Wagnerian opera of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) took what surely is a final turn last night when at 4.22pm it announced that two directors were walking as of this morning, leaving just Mr Francis Chi on the board...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Pulling apart red flag-strewn results from thirsty Paul Scott's beloved TrakM8

Published 485 days ago

Jeepers he must have been sober to have fallen in love with this shite. In today's podcast I look at Versarien (VRS), TrakM8 (TRAK), ADM Energy (ADME), San Leon Energy (SLE) and Catenae (CTEA). Now go and have a butchers at MineProphets and book your ticket (just £2.99) now HERE.

Catenae: Interims and Finals day – what a dog’s breakfast!

Published 485 days ago

AIM-listed dog Catenae Innovation (CTEA) released its FY results to September 2019 and Interims to March 2020 this morning. What a dog’s breakfast! We have been saying for some time that Catenae was technically insolvent and this morning the hard numbers show that we were bang on the (lack of) money...

If you cant do, teach: Philip Letts of Blur infamy goes into executive coaching

Published 487 days ago

Blur Group (BLUR) floated at 82p and half a decade and a name change later delisted from the AIM casino at 0.23p. In its five years of AIM casino infamy led by CEO Philipl Letts and his ghastly Mrs, Kara Cardinale, who was the Chief Delivery Officer, it was slammed by the FRC for dodgy accounting, had numerous lack of profits warnings and bailout placings and was a case study in value destruction. As a reminder here is the track record during Letts' tenure as CEO: 

Redcentric- Today’s shareholders fined to compensate old shareholders but the criminal ex CEO pays nothing

Published 488 days ago

Wind back to 2016. Redcentric (RCN) overstated its cash position and understated its debts as a result of a series of accounting high jinks including a great payroll con straight out of the Rob Terry playbook which we exposed HERE. This pumped the shares up allowing CEO Frazer Fisher to make a killing as I exposed HERE. Finally, the FCA has acted but it has surely got it all wrong and its actions expose the current board to charges of gross negligence

5 Slam-dunk sells for 2020 – demise of Walcom edition

Published 488 days ago

My five slam-dunk sells for 2020 have been a wild ride in the face of the Covid-19 bandwagon, but this week saw the first casualty as ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) suddenly found itself on AIM’s Death Row when its erstwhile Nomad Allenby suddenly upped sticks and resigned. As discussed HERE there is surely no prospect of a replacement stepping forward and thus I have marked this one down to zero. As for the remaining four plays…….

Ouzo Time Again! Trafalgar Property – The Bailout Arrives at 0.08p but is it enough? Er……

Published 490 days ago

Technically insolvent AIM-listed POS Trafalgar Property (TRAF) has announced a bailout placing/subscription, courtesy of a Peterhouse special, to raise £750,000 at just 0.08p. Alongside that, there is a corporate loan restructuring which will see £600,000 of intercompany debt morphed into convertible loan notes issued to a director but still leave behind a further £1.4 million debt to said director. Well, you can’t say you were not warned…….

Massive new bear dossier on AIM "darling" Elecosoft

Published 490 days ago

A new research house specialising in AIM stocks launches today with a damning 100+ page report on Elecosoft (ELCO), a darling of the Casino. Shares in this company are rated highly by Stockopedia (always a red flag), and are being pushed aggressively to retail investors via outfits such as Vox. But the report from Ciphersense Research is damning. Related party deals, uber aggressive accounting, shocking corporate gvernance, executive greed, a rotating door of FDs, pointless acquisitions, failure to file subsidiary accounts. All is exposed.

Avacta: more non news on the Covid horse that has already bolted ahead of more spiv selling tomorrow

Published 491 days ago

With shares in Avacta (AVCT) ludicrously overvalued at 138p the company rightly fears that when the second tranche of stock from the recent placing at 120p is admitted to the AIM Casino tomorrow there will be a line of folks wanting to flip. What to do? Of course, get your evil morally bankrupt PR spinners at Yellow Jersey to issue complete non news and make it sound exciting. Heck Yellow Jersey managed to persuade suckers to pile into mega and obvious fraud Frontera (FRR) so they can push any shite uphill. For a while at least.

ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update – Walcom (finally!) suspended edition

Published 492 days ago

Nigel Somerville - the Deputy Sheriff of AIM - is currently conducting the ShareProphets national anthem as Walcom Group (WALG) Nomad Allenby Capital finally seems to have had enough of the farce of a non-arriving loan… and has “resigned… with immediate effect”. As Nigel enjoys an ouzo, how’s the ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' looking now?...

Ouzo Time!! Filthy Forty Walcom – Fat Lady bursts onto stage and sings her heart out: it’s all over!

Published 493 days ago

Somewhat  belatedly, this morning at 8.16 am ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) finally got around to issuing an RNS which was surely due last Friday to tell us that the bank had again blinked, that CEO/CFO still  hadn’t provided the bailout loan promised back in January and that he still intended to do so. The Nomad-signed RNS suggested that it was therefore business as (not so) usual. But then at 1.16pm the Fat Lady finally ploughed through the security cordon and before you knew it she had sung her heart out and the show was over.

Breaking: After last week’s insider dealing and pulled placing Tomco placing again but broker Turner Pope not on the case

Published 493 days ago

Shares in Tomco (TOM) have continued to race ahead even thought it is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy as those who broke insider dealing laws by forward selling last week’s placing, which had to be scrapped after it emerged the company had lied to investors, scuttled to buy back. That offers an opportunity and so I can reveal…

Filthy Forty Walcom – urgent statement needed ASAP: is it bust?

Published 493 days ago

Last Monday ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) offered up yet another statement saying that again its CEO/CFO Mr Francis Chi had failed to offer up a bailout loan, that he still intended to do so (as he has since January!) and that in the absence of further funding it would be a one-way trip to the corporate undertakers last Friday, June 19. There was no statement on Friday, and here we are on Monday and there still has been no statement. Is Walcom bust or not? We need a statement.

Tern: Zak Mir wants a shorting article - how can I refuse!

Published 495 days ago

Squiggles-in-the-sand specialist and all round Good German, the Sith Lord Zak Mir, noted yesterday that his bullish comments on POSs on the AIM Casino tend to trigger bear articles on this fine website in his lead-up to comments on AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN). Well I don’t want to disappoint him….after all, as you all know, I’m all heart.

On the buses for some insider dealing breaching activities on Gunsynd

Published 495 days ago

Hat tip to reader Steve for this remarkable tale involving a breach of the insider dealing laws and AIM listed Gunsynd (GUN) one of the kennel of dogs once associated with Aussie share ramper Big Dave Lenigas.  I should say that Big Dave assures me he is no longer involved. I have known Steve a long time and he is no fantasist. Enjoy.

Catenae - and the Covid bandwagon rolls on even as the company admits there may be no revenue!

Published 496 days ago

AIM-listed Catenae (CTEA) shares are up this morning in reaction to the latest update on its Covid-bandwagon ramp. This, of course, was a technically insolvent outfit before some clever clogs at Catenae Towers realised that the mug punters would pile into anything to do with Covid-19 and thus a project involving a consortium in which two companies which apparently had been working together for 25 years despite one of them only coming into existence 13 years ago was born. Catenae’s shares roofed it and now two placings later (at a whopping discount) sees Catenae funded perhaps to the end of the year. This morning there was an update on the consortium Covid-19 bandwagon project……

Tomco Bailout Rescue Placing Pulled but shares soar – call the cops, call the FCA I smell white collar crime

Published 496 days ago

Following the shocking revelation that Tomco (TOM) had lied to investors it has pulled the £1.5 million placing at 0.4p announced on Wednesday leaving it running on fumes. In fact, I’ll wager you a line or two of finest Colombian marching powder, direct from the City’s grubbiest dealing floors, that it is technically insolvent. Yet its shares, returning from suspension, have rocketed ahead to 0.775p, a gain of c75%. The FCA should be hot footing it to the offices of broker Turner Pope without delay. I smell crime.

More bollocks from Avacta excites Barry “The Tit” Gibb at Turner Pope but in the real world this is a bonkers ramp

Published 497 days ago

I see that Barry “The Tit” Gibb at broker Turner Pope has produced a gushing note on Avacta (AVCT ) today. Maybe that will help a few more Turner Pope clients to flip the stock they got in the recent 120p placing. Or maybe The Tit just wants a distraction from wittering an about Tomco (TOM), shares in which remain suspended although it has, today, been forced to admit that its RNS that accompanied a Turner Pope placing yesterday, contained a massive porky.  Back to Avacta, when your cheerleader in chief is “The Tit” you know it is right to be bearish.

Tomco shares suspended, will rescue placing be pulled as it appears company has been very naughty indeed in the truth department

Published 497 days ago

Oh dear,. Oh dear, this looks very grim for Tomco (TOM). Gary Newman slated the heavily discounted bailout placing at 0.4p announced first thing.  But it seems that Tomco has been telling porkies and at 2.52 PM its shares were suspended pending an announcement. What will that say “ We are scumbags and fucking liars!” would be my suggested headline.

Trafalgar Property - sale of Barnett Wood Lane, but…..

Published 498 days ago

AIM-listed serial property dog Trafalgar Property (TRAF) has announced the sale of land in Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead for £687,500 which has seen a stonking 40% rise in the share price this morning. Good news - or is it?


Published 499 days ago

On June 5th I flagged up that AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy (INSP) had again failed to file its Confirmation Statement – the Annual Return as was – to Companies House on time. It was due on March 30thOn June 8th I flagged it up again, suggesting that perhaps it hadn’t filed it because nobody cares over at Inspirit Towers. Well, here we are on June 16th and guess what……it still hasn’t filed it!...

Filthy Forty Walcom: bank blinks again, grim trading statement – and still the shares are not suspended!

Published 500 days ago

So ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) lives to fight on for a few more days after the bank blinked again and allowed Walcom to extend its payment plan, now with RMB 150,000 due on Friday but with CEO and CFO Mr Chi’s loan still nowhere to be seen, at some point the bank will lose patience and then either Mr Chi will have to cough up or it will be a one-way trip to corporate heaven.

Catenae – placing confirmed at 2p but this is still the most overvalued AIM stock

Published 501 days ago

Having warned the market on Thursday that a placing was on the way at a substantial discount, the placing duly arrived yesterday morning at two minutes to ten – 37.5 million bits of confetti at 2p to raise £703,000 gross and see off £47,000 worth of liabilities. In some ways one has to congratulate the Broker on a job well done, given that the shares closed Thursday night at 2.65p that amounts to a discount of just 24.5% - a big improvement on the last effort at a monster 77% discount. So where does that leave the company?

Filthy Forty Walcom – has the curtain come down at last? Where's the statement?

Published 502 days ago

The seemingly never-ending Wagnerian Opera of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty group Walcom (WALG) and its lack of a bailout director loan to avoid a one-way trip to the liquidator’s office saw the latest deadline yesterday pass without a statement. Oh dear: has the curtain finally come down?...

Bring it on Zaza you crook go ahead and sue me – Bulletin Board Morons in denial, Malcolm Graham Wood exposed again

Published 503 days ago

Yesterday I posted up court documents showing the extend of the fraud at Frontera Resources (FRR) the company slung off AIM after serial lying, which now has no assets, no cash and owes millions to its lawyers, former partners and suppliers. You would have thought that those dumb poltroons who ignored my serial warnings and still own the shares would have recognised that the game is up. But no.

Catenae – fundraise at a significant discount on the way, as predicted, and definitely no Insider Dealing

Published 503 days ago

AIM-listed Covid-19 uber ramp POS Catenae Innovation (CTEA) seems to have been forced to issue a warning RNS to its deluded loyal band of shareholders. We warned you here on ShareProphets that the last placing, done with the help of a spoof plan to get a Covid-19 tracking system going, would not be enough to last the company beyond the end of June. Now the company has warned that it is in discussion with its broker in relation to a fundraise at “a significant discount” to the current share price. Time for a glass of ouzo, methinks…..

Explosive: the Legal document showing how Frontera Resources defrauded investors for years & the chatroom morons threatening me with violence for exposing it

Published 504 days ago

The judgement which I publish in full below from the International Arbitration Court is damning. For those, such as scumbag PR advisers Yellow Jersey, the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood and Nomad Cairn which, for years, helped the, formerly AIM listed,  FRAUD Frontera Resources (FRR) to raise millions of pounds from mug punters, it is document demonstrating their wholesale moral bankruptcy. Those involved continued to push the shares even AFTER I had shown the company to be a fraud run by liars.

Catenae – 15 million warrant conversion = 15 million bits of confetti up for grabs

Published 505 days ago

AIM-listed POS Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced that the holder of a warrant over 15 million shares exercisable at 1.25p has decided to cash in its chips. With the stock currently at 1.6p to sell, you can see why….!

Avacta flogs a dead Covid horse to no avail

Published 506 days ago

When you have just raised £48 million of dumb money you cannot turn around a week later and scream SUCKERS! No. You have to pretend that the reason your shares raced away and that the fools piled in greedily is still valid. But it is not, and at some stage, Avacta (AVCT) will have to admit as much.

Inspirit – Bull**** Update from the Boiler Room

Published 507 days ago

AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) has today issued an Operations Update in response to my piece on Friday, when I pointed out that yet again the company had failed to file its Confirmation Statement to Companies House on time, and wondered whether the appearance of Mr Christopher Heminway on the shareholder list might presage yet more bad news for Inspirit’s lobster-potted shareholders...

Filthy Forty Walcom: bank blinks first

Published 509 days ago

They say that if you owe the bank a quid you’ve got a problem, but if you owe the bank a million quid – or in the case of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty group Walcom (WALG), RMB200,000 by the end of May, then it is the bank which has a problem – especially if Walcom can’t pay. And so the latest deadline came and went….and it was the bank which blinked first...

Lyin' James Draper puts up not a cent as Bidstack raises bailout cash at just 4p

Published 510 days ago

Having flogged £300,000 of shares at 20p last October 9 while sitting on a lack of sales and profits warning) Lyin’ James Draper, the CEO of Bidstack (BIDS) put not a cent into today’s £5.7 million bailout at just 4p. That tells you everything. Perhaps he is saving his cash for the next bailout due around Christmas?

Inspirit – what’s going on in the Boiler Room? And (oopsie) what is not….

Published 510 days ago

Share in AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) have been on a bit of a roll. On 22nd May the shares had been friendless at 0.025p per share when all of a sudden the stock started to rise – and they closed yesterday at 0.045p, having been as high as 0.065p. The excitement seems to have been the appearance of Mr Christopher Heminway on the shareholder list, who popped up yesterday with 3.32% of the company and the BBs went into a lather. Meanwhile, on Companies House, I see that the company’s Confirmation statement is once again late – by two and a half months. Oopsie……

UK Oil & Gas refocusses on its core business of issuing more shares

Published 511 days ago

After a brief period of allowing folks to pretend that its main business was in fighting Covid and saving the NHS by producing oil that nobody wants, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) has got back to what has always been its core business, that is to say issuing yet more shares. After raising £4. 2million at just 0.2p today there are now a stonking 10.84 billion worthless pieces of confetti in issue.

Catenae – Spreadex dumps and what this tells us

Published 512 days ago

AIM-listed worthless and Covid-bandwagon POS Catenae updated the market this morning with three Holding in Company RNSs. There are a few lessons to learn…..!

Gable Insurance Holdings Inc – the £120 million black hole revealed: we did warn, who ignored us?

Published 513 days ago

Between June and December 2016, I commented extensively in a series of article on the greed of William Dewsall, the CEO of Gable Insurance Holdings Inc, who extracted over £15 million in cash from the Group and its dire prospects, which to remind readers ended up being worthless when its insurance subsidiary company was placed into administration on 17 November 2016. Natch Nomad and broker Zeus and the oxymorons at AIM Regulation did nothing until it was too late.

Rurelec – FY19 Results: light at the end of the tunnel?

Published 513 days ago

AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR), the shambles of a carcass left behind by Peter Earle, has offered up its FY19 results this morning and the news is almost good. Actually, compared to the technically insolvent POS its current management inherited, it is something of a miracle just because it has survived so long...

BooHoo I take it all back - I can't see any reason to hold

Published 515 days ago

In yesterday's bearcast I discussed why Boohoo (BOO) did not move from the AIM casino to the main market. Some interpret this as me saying the shares are a buy. Au contraire on a PE of 60 the risk reward trade off looks dreadful.  Yesterday i recorded a video with Boohoo's greatest critic Matt Earl and that should go live within 24 hours and that will, I suspect, raise many more questions that bulls cannot answer. Now the Sunday Telegraph brings news of US legal action and I publish the Ciurt filings in full below. Ouch!

Filthy Forty Walcom – the Wagnerian opera continues, but for how much longer?

Published 517 days ago

AIM-listed Walcom (WALG), one of the handful of remaining members of our AIM-China Filthy Forty has once again updated the market over its grim financial position……and the CEO loan which has still not arrived. This melodrama has been ongoing since January – one wonders whether the company thinks that if it drags on long enough the Fat Lady, who has been well warmed up for months, will finally be too hoarse to sing. But I fancy the denouement is now on the way.

BREAKING: Tom Winnifrith yet again commended by regulator: The FRC thanks him on Diversified Gas & Oil

Published 517 days ago

Here is another commendation for me for my pig ignorant critics on the Bulletin Boards and supporters of fraud to ignore. One day, maybe even Roger Lawson and certain thirsty share bloggers from Brighton might actually be forced to admit that the folks who matter not only respect my work but act on it too. This tme it concerns what was the largest oil company on AIM before it moved to the main market, Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC). I complained about its accounts, the FRC thought I was correct and forced Diversified to make changes. The letter below makes that clear. Ouzo for the Sheriff of AIM tonight methinks.

Catenae – all hail the Covid Bandwagon!

Published 517 days ago

This morning AIM-listed Catenae Innovations (CTEA) revealed the next steps in its Covid-19 spoof: its joint venture to Covid-19 test status app is being rolled out… what looks like a single GP practice in Newcastle. That may appear small beer already – not that this stopped the BB loons from piling in first thing this morning – but this roll-out is in fact just a proof-of-concept pilot. 

Attis Oil & Gas – another Peterhouse dilute and ramp underway

Published 518 days ago

Attis Oil & Gas (AOGL) formerly Mayan Energy and Northcote Energy has long been a stain on the underbelly of the AIM casino. Today it enters a new chapter of infamy and once again the architect is broker Peterhouse Corporate Finance. Before today there were 3.9 billion shares in issue. Now, following a debt for equity swap and a placing at just 0.0115p, there are 14.7 billion and Peterhouse has been given enough warrants to take the fully diluted total to 15 billion.

Providence Resources - can lightning strike twice?

Published 519 days ago

As regular ShareProphets readers will know, AIM-listed oil explorer Providence Resources (PVR) somewhat blotted its copy book last year when a long promised and re-promised investment failed to materialise, leaving the company in financial dire straits – and CEO Tony O’Reilly eventually walked the plank. Surely it is not happening again?

Morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel signs up with Eurasia but shares still suspended: why?

Published 519 days ago

I have noted many times before that SP Angel is so utterly desperate for clients to fund the coke and hookers bills that it will act for any corporate even a brazen fraud like MySquar (MYSQ). It is morally bankrupt and, without doubt, London's worst Nomad. As such with WH Ireland having quit as Nomad to Eurasia Mining (EUA) over the lying and other matters there was only one Nomad to go to, only one that would act for a company like this.

EXPLOSIVE: Top fund manager Martin Hughes & Tosca Fund – what exactly were their role in the InternetQ/Akazoo frauds?

Published 520 days ago

In December 2015 I published an explosive dossier which showed that AIM listed InternetQ (INTQ) was a fraud, clearly fabricating its user numbers in its Akazoo operation. This was an operation that top fund manager Martin Hughes hads invested in firstly PA and then via the funds managed at Tosca.  InternetQ denied my claims but brought in no independent investigators, instead in a deal bankrolled by Tosca the company went private in early 2016. No scandal. It was all covered up.

Bidstack – surely statement needed NOW as its 4 days from tits up time

Published 520 days ago

AIM listed POS Bidstack (BIDS) ended 2019 with £3.1 million cash but burning it at a rate of almost £750,000 a month. It has already admitted that its revenues in H1 2010 will be as they were in GH2 2019 minimal. Even its lame paid for researcher admits that it will be out of cash by the end of May. Well chaps, it is now May 26. You have 4 days…

Novacyt shareholder commits market abuse impersonating Tom Winnifrith to keep the ramp going

Published 520 days ago

In yesterday's new video show I explained why Novacyt (NCYT) shares were 90% overvalued and presented damning new evidence of the management ramp. Yet immediately a raft of twitter fools - who clearly do not listen to what I have repeatedly said about this stock  - accused me of a volte face? And one particularly deranged individual showed "evidence" of me ramping the stock on May 18. Hang on Henry! This is market abuse. It's personation. It's fraud.

Tern – Open Letter to Aim Regulation ref "resigned" auditor

Published 521 days ago

Tom Winnifrith and I have covered the FY19 results of AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) and subsequent discovery of an unannounced change of Auditor is some detail already here on ShareProphets. But amid all our questions, in true Sam Antar style, Tern has remained stum so our questions go unanswered. Top of the list is why former auditor Grant Thornton stepped down – or was pushed – and whether the valuations on Tern’s balance sheet has anything to do with it. Indeed, one might wonder whether a breach of AIM Rule 11 has occurred.

Red Flag Alert: Iconic Labs – How strong is the Directors track record in creating shareholder value?

Published 522 days ago

Worthless new media POS Iconic (ICON) is promoted on the strengths of its three Directors John Quinlan, Liam Harrington and Sam Asante in social media as the extract from page 38 of the prospectus indicates:

Eurasia - will it be booted off AIM on Friday and is it worthless anyway

Published 522 days ago

If morally bankrupt Nomad of choice for fraudsters SP Angel has not agreed to act for it by Friday, Euasia Minining (EUA), whose last Nomad quit in disgust at Eurasia's antics, will see its shares slung off the AIM casino. I wonder if even SP Angel might find acting for this company, valued at suspension at a ludicrous £200 million, a step too far.

URU Metals – oh dear…….SELL (again)!!

Published 523 days ago

I see that shares in URU Metals (URU), a company run by John Zorbas which Cynical Bear observed seemed to be more interested in mining its shareholders than digging anything of value out of the ground, have dropped to just 80p to sell. This is in the wake of the disgraceful fundraise at a massive 57.5% discount (which was advertised as a 24% discount) to its previous 200p share price. That is bad enough, but there are implications of far worse to come.

Vindication for Tom Winnifrith (yet again): Ouzo time! Akazoo (InternetQ as was) admits it’s a total fraud: sales and users almost all fiction

Published 524 days ago

Those who read my From Athens with Love dossier on InternetQ (INTQ) in 2015 when it was AIM listed will have been in no doubt that its users and sales were pure fiction. Today there is final vindication for me, this is yet another massive fraud from Greece.

Tern – more disappearing Auditor questions, and what of the new auditor? Is this a major Red Flag?

Published 525 days ago

That monstrously overvalued jam-tomorrow AIM-listed investment company Tern plc (TERN) did not announce or explain why its Auditor disappeared is already a Red Flag. But looking through the Annual Report prepared under new Auditor Nexia Smith Williamson raises more questions – and a huge giant-sized Red Flag for this particular non-auditor.

Fuck Yu Group – unconvincing AGM piffle

Published 525 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has released its AGM statement to be delivered to an empty room at 11.30 today. Of course, the empty room is because of the continuing COVID-19 restrictions, but that is not my gripe. It is the statement, which offers absolutely no insight at all.

Tern – more cash to Wyld as a ramptastic deal is announced: when’s the placing?

Published 526 days ago

AIM-listed monstrously overvalued jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced a deal for its investee Wyld Networks, and the conversion of a cash loan into Convertible Loan Notes. Well, woopiedoo – but I suggest Wyld’s deal looks a bit questionable, and the loan conversion tells us that Tern has handed over another £250,000 from its depleted coffers to its cash-guzzling investee.

Catenae – another day and another serving of Covid spoof as a new wave of shares get ready to be dumped

Published 528 days ago

On 20th May (Wednesday this week) 32 million Catenae (CTEA)shares issued at 1p will be admitted to AIM. Given that this company is almost certainly technically insolvent and is burning cash and that the shares trade at 2p+ what do you expect the spivs who backed the last placing to do? Exactly. And when they have finished dumping those pieces of confetti there are 16 million warrants with a 1.25p strike to consider…

Explosve analysis: Tern puzzle, looking at its investment into Device Authority: is it really valued at £50 million?

Published 528 days ago

Looking at the FY19 Annual Report of grossly overvalued AIM-listed Jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc TERN) I am really puzzled by the valuation of its investment into its supposed jewel-in-the-crown, Device Authority (DA). I wonder what I am missing.

Ariana – exciting times!

Published 530 days ago

AIM-listed gold-miner in Turkey Ariana (AAU) looks to have finally taken out the 3.5p mark yesterday, having flirted with it several times over the past few days: the stock is now trading on a spread of 3.6p – 3.7p so I guess my target for a small top—slice for those who may want has now gone. But what might be behind the scenes which led to this rise?

Letter to AIM Regulation: The Time to suspend Bidstack shares is NOW pending clarification

Published 531 days ago

Despite incteasingly desperate attempts to ramp its share price, AIM dog Bidstack (BIDS)  sees its stock marooned at 6p. Interestingly, the spread is wide enough to drive a bus through, indicating market makers are aware that either one last ramp but also that a deeply discounted bailout placing may be imminent. But the bare fact is that the company cannot both meet May payroll and satisfy short term liabilities. As such, its shares should surely be suspended pending clarification of its financial position. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation today making this request.

Tern – six more red flags and another email from Lloyd Leckerman

Published 531 days ago

Tern (TERN) shareholder Lloyd Leckerman argued in his fan mail of yesterday that I penned an article on his beloved POS AIM stock every day. Not to disappoint Lloyd I serve up six more red flags for him to ignore. But first…

Minoan – FY19 Results...........still waiting for a deal

Published 531 days ago

Like AIM-listed Scancell which I finally gave up on as it joined the Covid-19 bandwagon, AIM-listed Minoan has been a disastrous tip. I suppose one reason I am hanging on is that whilst the shares have continued their downward path, there has been some progress – however painfully slow – towards monetising the Cavo Sidero resort in Crete and at the current 1p per share there seems little point in selling now. This morning Minoan served up FY19 results.

IQE and CEO Dr Drew Nelson – Missive to AIM Regulation and the FCA

Published 532 days ago

I have dropped a note to our good friends the Oxymorons and Chocolate Teapots, of AIM Regulation and the FCA respectively, with regard to AIM-listed IQE (IQE) head honcho Dr Drew Nelson and his recent dealings with Equities First Holdings. It seems to me to be a certainty that he has not come clean over his loan that isn’t a loan, under which he is “obligated” to repurchase the shares he sold yet these deals are non-recourse (so he’s not “obligated” at all), where we were told he had cash put aside to meet margin calls but settled one with more shares, and where his margin call appears to have been reported well after the fact – or it was not the first – when, if I understand the rules correctly, all margin call matters and any other developments in relation to his EFH loan which isn’t a loan should be reported to the market within a few days.

Today’s "fan mail" for Tom Winnifrith is from Tern owning Lloyd Leckerman

Published 532 days ago

Hmmmmm, the auditor quit for reasons unexplained and the company hushed it up. There is a cash crisis by Christmas. The NAV is utterly questionable. The last placing was a flop. Why wouldn’t a journalist ask the odd question about Tern (TERN). And that is what myself and Nigel Somerville do as you can see HERE. But for the shareholder there can only be one reason for our articles which are ALL really writen by me. Meet Lloyd Leckerman who has sent me an email:

MAJOR EXPOSE: IQE – more on Dr Drew Nelson’s EFH margin call(s): do you feel lucky, punk?

Published 533 days ago

We have heard nothing more from AIM-listed IQE over when head honcho Dr Drew Nelson received the dreaded margin call from Equities First Holdings (EFH) in relation to his non-recourse sale-and-repurchase deal involving (now) over 12 million shares. Yet as I noted on Monday, it seems pretty clear that we have not been told the whole truth and I shall be writing to AIM Regulation on that matter later today. But looking back, it seems there is something else which doesn’t quite match what we were told.

Tern – the sudden change of auditors. compelling evidence that it was not planned

Published 533 days ago

In Nigel’s article on Tern (TERN) yesterday he highlighted the change in auditors -a theme I took on in bearcast.  As one of our regular commentators pointed out there is no longer a requirement to file resignation letters at Companies House unless the auditor has concerns or is the company is listed.  However, the resignation does raise some concerns. Here is the proof something is very rotten in the state of Tern.

Karelian Diamonds – ludicrous ramp falls flat: is there an attempted placing on the way, perchance?

Published 534 days ago

AIM-listed lifestyle company Karelian Diamonds (KDR) has issued what must be the most ludicrously ramptastic RNS this morning. It is, and has been for ages, technically insolvent and yet this morning it has issued a statement telling the market that it has been granted new diamond exploration reservations in Finland. Given that it has no money, or at least it has negative net current assets last measured at MINUS EUR 1 million as at last November, what’s the point? It can’t explore what it already has!

BREAKING: Tern – Annual Report reveals new Auditor: why no notification (as there MUST be)?

Published 534 days ago

Grossly overvalued AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) finds itself if the dock today. The full Annual Report for 2019 has finally been published – and buried in the usual waffle we find that a new Auditor was appointed. Now according to the rules, this should have been notified at companies house– but there is no sign of that anywhere. Specifically, there should be a statement from the previous auditor as to the circumstances of its removal and it is a shocker to find no such notification. This raises all sorts of questions.

Carson Block of Muddy Waters launches shocking new attack & dossier on Burford

Published 534 days ago

At the ShareProphers shares show this weekend carson was a star happily explaining why Burford (BUR) could be a zero. If you have not watched the great man in flying form do so here. at the same event Matt Earl, the Dark Destroyer, also weighed in. Now Carson has savaged Burford in a new dossier which I publish in full below. Explicity he accuses the company of misleading investors, noting:

IQE – Equities First delivers a margin call to Drew Nelson – but when? Fess up Drew!

Published 535 days ago

AIM-listed IQE (IQE) boss Drew Nelson’s first deal with US loan-sharks Equities First Holdings (EFH), under which his non-recourse sale and repurchase agreement which was originally misrepresented, ended on a happy note and all ended well. So well that he did another deal last year. Unfortunatley, that seems to have become a little unstuck as today we learn that Dr Nelson was on the receiving end of a margin call. But when?

BREAKING: And here is why Catenae is worthless – its Covid project is a nothing

Published 535 days ago

Over the weekend I showed why the financials of Catenae (CTEA) made it the most worthless stock on AIM. But some folk think I ignore the Covid-19 project it is working ion. Au contraire, as a fascinating press release arrives in my in-box today I do not ignore the Covid hoo-hah I call, it out as a worthless promote.

Five slam-dunk sells for 2020 – early May update

Published 536 days ago

Markets in general have had an amazing upswing since reaching the bottom of the Coronavirus sell-off. I don’t think it will last, but there is one area where the market seems to have gone utterly bonkers – and that is where a company puts out news of anything to do with Coronavirus, whether it is a test, a potential cure, tracking technology or some other spurious news and my slam-dunk sells have been at it too, with two of the five riding on the back of speculation that they will suddenly make the big time.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources - £50k of February Placing dribbles in, still £100k to go

Published 537 days ago

Roll up, roll up – buy now, pay whenever you like! AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) seems to be behaving more like a cheap furniture shop, rather than a serious company when it comes to raising money. On Thursday afternoon it updated on the placing way back in February, under which (unbeknown to the market) most of the cash it said it had raised didn’t arrive. Updates last month detailed some cash which finally dribbled in and on Thursday we learnt that another £50,000 had arrived. Good news……just £100,000 to go out of a £302,500 fundraise.

BREAKING EXPOSE: More wickedness in the garden of Eden Research it is TerpeneTech again on the naughty step

Published 538 days ago

Eden Research (EDEN) published its final results for the year ended 31 December 2019 yesterday. They were dire. But that is not the issue that regulators should be looking at long and hard as they question whether this company is fit to stay on the AIM Casino.

So you need no guidance from Carson, Gabriel, Evil, Lucian and me on spotting frauds & ramps ?

Published 538 days ago

If you have not bought a ticket for the greatest ever investor show held in Britain, this Saturday May 9, I suppose the answer is YES!. Congratulations! You are a genius.  The best short sellers in the US and the UK have no guidance for you on how to spot disasters to either short or just to avoid, have nothing to teach you and you don’t want to hear any of their ideas as you know better. I bow to your wisdom.

Tern – convertible loan for investee… or is it a disguised death spiral/placing for Tern?

Published 538 days ago

As you all know, I think AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) still needs to raise cash to see it through to the end of this year, and I think its balance sheet valuations are pie-in-the-sky. Having offered up disastrous FY19 results on Tuesday which saw the shares crater by 25%, this morning we have news of a fundraise by one of its investees. Or is it….?

OUZO TIME! URU Metals – As predicted, fundraise and a stunning death spiral announced after-hours as company misleads. TIMBER.......

Published 539 days ago

What a complete and total POS. As I pointed out (yet again) yesterday, AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) was technically insolvent and for no apparent reason the shares had marched up to 200p, overvaluing this outfit by…….200p. Needless to say, the directors had a duty to raise money and at no-one-is-watching o’clock last night (4.56pm) we learnt that they had. But the company misleads over the massive 57.5% discount – and that is a best case scenario – and the company is STILL technically insolvent.

URU Metals – another POS rising ludicrously on the AIM Casino...

Published 539 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has already added to my comments yesterday about the ridiculous aluation of AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN), which even after yesterday’s 25% crash and a further 10% drop today is still monstrously overvalued. Tern is not alone, which brings me on to AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) which has been rising steadily from a low point of 90p on 27th April to the current 200p. So what has been the catalyst for this meteoric rise? After all, URU is – as I have pointed out before – technically insolvent!...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The dirty dirty dirty dog of an AIM shell that is Anglo African Oil & Gas - insanity runs riot

Published 540 days ago

Among others I interviewed this morning for Saturday's ShareProphets Shares show was Luke Johnson. It was another cracking video which I reflect upon. Suffice to say with 85% of the content now on tape it will be a great event so get your ticket now HERE. I look in today's podcast, inspired by Luke, at commercial property including Hammerson (HMSO) and Into (INTU) and how this all plays out. It is not quite as you may think. I also look at Catenae (CTEA) and the utter insanity at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG).

Tern Plc – at least 50% overvalued even if you believe its stated NAV ( which I don’t)

Published 540 days ago

Nigel Somervile HERE and myself HERE both took apart yesterday’s ludicrous and dismal results announcement from AIM dog Tern (TERN).  Neither of us believe its NAV is real but even if you are credulous enough to swallow that canard the shares should surely be 50% lower. Here’s why.

Shares take a TERN for the worse as FY numbers are released

Published 540 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow Internet of Things investment company Tern plc (TERN) finally got around to releasing its FY19 numbers this morning, at 8.15am. To me, the numbers were dire – and the market’s reaction was to mark the stock heavily down: they are off by 25% as I write.

Bidstack : Broker Stifel is ‘avin’ a Turkish with one of the crappiest notes in history

Published 541 days ago

The key phrase in today’s research report on Bidstack (BIDS) from broker Stifel is “Stifel does and seeks to do business with companies covered in its research reports. As a result, investors should be aware that the firm may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of this report. Investors should consider this report as only a single factor in making their investment decision.” Put another way, Bidstack runs out of cash in a few weeks, needs to get a bailout placing away with Stifel which will earn 5% commission on that. The report is truly dire.

On Results day I misquote Mark Twain: Bidstack – a hole in the balance sheet run by a liar

Published 542 days ago

Calendar 2019 results from Bidstack (BIDS) are predictably dismal but what screams out as the most massive sell signal on earth is not what is said but what the company and its boss Lyin’ James Draper does NOT tell you.

Tern – Doctor, heal thyself!

Published 543 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) have been on the rampage again. Having sunk to sub-4p in the wake of its last placing, which had been intended to raise £3 million but only notched up £0.8 million propped up by management support, the stock closed last week at 11.25p, having peaked at 15.75p on Thursday. What gives?

Ouzo for Gabriel Grego & Tom Winnifrith as Akazoo (InternetQ as was) admits its a fraud - Martin Hughes at Tosca, I'm coming for you!

Published 544 days ago

Back in 2015 I demonstrated, without any doubt, that AIM listed InternetQ (INTQ) was a fraud. I doorstepped it in Athens. I crawled all over its bogus websites in Greece.  The Greek management and fund manager Martin Hughes of Tosca - a shareholder PA as well as via his fund - responded by taking it private. They then rebranded it as Akazoo and listed it on Nasdaq, Earlier this week Gabriel Grego again exposed it as a fraud. On Friday, the shares were suspended, the CEO fired and investors warned that ALL historic financials may be fiction. The SEC filing below is damning.

Three AIM stocks monstrously overvalued where a placing is a certainty: I despair.

Published 546 days ago

We truly live in mad times. The printing presses are running full steam, the dole queues building at rates not seen for decades, the economy imploding and yet on the AIM Casino there are stocks trading at ludicrous levels. I offer three: Catenae (CTEA), Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) and Tern (TERN).

ValiRX the latest ramp from broker Peterhouse – the confetti issuance specialists

Published 546 days ago

Here we go again.  Grace Slick could have been thinking of Peterhouse’s antics – as exposed here -  when penning her most famous number “When logic and proportion, Have fallen sloppy dead” Exactly. So what is the ValiRx (VAL) white rabbit?

Good news: Watchstone PLC off the hook for the Quindell fraud, great news Rob Terry et al are not!

Published 548 days ago

Companies do not commit fraud, individuals commit fraud. Almost invariably in recent years this has been forgotten. Banks break the rules almost no-one is prosecuted and the banks pay a fine which hurts shareholders a bit but is regarded by the corporate as just another cost of doing business. But why should shareholders pay when they have probably suffered a direct pocket book hit from the fraud anyway? This brings us to Watchstone (WTG), the company once known as Quindell (QPP), a £3 billion fraud which I did so much to expose, getting two lawyers letters, a dedicated put-down company blog and numerous other dirty tricks against me for my efforts. Sound familiar Bidstack (BIDS) morons?

After 4 letters from myself to the regulator, disgraced Bidstack is Forced to admit to lying again

Published 548 days ago

Since April 17 I have written to AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Mark Brady of SPARK four times about the latest big lie to investors told by Bidstack (BIDS). At 4.20 PM on 27th April came an RNS ‘fess up but I smell no contrition. This is a company with a culture of deception. But without ShareProphets it would have got away with it.

An open letter to Mark Brady of Nomad SPARK about disgraced Bidstack, the hit job and CEO Lyin' James Draper

Published 549 days ago

I have today written to Mark Brady of Nomad SPARK Advisory urging him to take immediate action with relation to the weekend's exatraordinary events, the involvement or otherwise of CEO Lyin' James Draper and other matters from the week before. Natch I cc in my good pals at AIM Regulation. The letter is below.

BREAKING: The Bidstack smearer of Tom Winnifrith exposed as a gender fluid contact of James Draper

Published 550 days ago

Yesterday, ShareProphets discussed a defamatory website about, myself, Tom Winnifrith that was put online on Friday and appeared to be the work of a supporter of Bidstack (BIDS), the AIM listed company run by Lyin' James Draper.  We rebutted its clearly spurious allegations and condemned is appeal to anti-semitism. The author of the website claims to be a female investigative journalist. We can reveal that this is a,lie, who the real author is and how he (not she) is trying to hide his links to Lyin' James. 

Red Flags at Night: Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – the (rubber?) cheque is still in the post (honest guv’)

Published 551 days ago

Back on 2 April, AIM-listed jam-next-century gold play (apparently) Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) finally got around to fessing up that its much celebrated fundraise six weeks previously has seen a shortfall in that £188,000 of the £302,500 supposedly raised (ie well over half) had not arrived. The whole episode stank of AIM Rules breaches and a letter duly landed on Oxymoron-in-chief Marcus Stuttard’s desk. We were told a further update would follow as soon as possible and in classic Red Flags at Night fashion, yesterday at 4.51pm on a Friday evening – no-one-is-watching o’clock – the update duly arrived. Now if all the money had arrived, I reckon we would have found out at a more normal time like 7am……

Ariana – “Significant” Resource Update but is that a cue to bank massive profits on this share tip?

Published 553 days ago

This morning AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana (AAU) served up a resource update which looks very positive and the shares – like anything to do with gold – are up on the news to 3.4p last seen.

A personal letter to the head of AIM Regulation Marcus Stuttard re Bidstack and investor deception

Published 553 days ago

I have now written not once but twice to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation regarding the misleading RNS Reach issued by Bidstack PLC (BIDS) on Friday 17 April. The Oxymorons and indeed hapless Mark Brady at Nomad SPARK have yet to respond. So enough of monkeys, I have written directly to Marcus Stuttard, head of AIM Regulation, as you can see below.

Nostra Terra – deceiving investors with a misleading RNS yet again?

Published 554 days ago

I am not sure how Nomad Strand Hanson managed to sign off on today’s misleading RNS from Nostra Terra (NTOG) but maybe we have all just come to expect that Matt Lofgran et al are just allowed to say whatever they wan t with no comeback. This is the AIM casino after all.

Catenae - placing at 1p (77% discount). We told you so, and more equity issuance to come?...

Published 555 days ago

Last Friday I called the announcement by AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) that it was joining a consortium to track Covid data, an absurd spoof. The only questions were how partner fm2x had worked with fellow partner Z/Yen for over 25 years when it had only been in existence for 13 years and at what price the placing would be. Yesterday Tom Winnifrith was even more specific, naming the placing price and that there would be warrants attached in his Bearcast. By the time his dulcet tones transferred from recording to the internet, Catenae announced a placing. So much for not knowing how to play this Covid game!...

BREAKING: New explosive Gabriel Grego dossier - Akazoo, InternetQ as was, is a total Norfolk, has to be a zero!

Published 556 days ago

The latest dossier from Gabriel Grego is damning. I believe he has spotted a nailed down fraud that will go to zero. Grego is presenting in New York this afternoon - and of course at the ShareProphets show on May 9 -  but the dossier is below. We are mentioned at the front of Grego's dossier for exposing this as a fraud four years ago when it was known as InternetQ (INTQ) - as you can see HERE - . Our work saw the company delisted from AIM with management and Martin Hughes of Tosca Fund taking it private. They then renamed it Akazoo and relisted it in the US. Gabriel shows the company is still a total fraud. Enjoy. 

Tern – rinse and repeat….again! Surely it is Placing Ahoy once more

Published 556 days ago

AIM-listed Internet of Things jam-tomorrow play Tern (TERN) has seen  its shares miraculously rise from a low point of just under 4p last month to (last seen) today’s mark of 8.5p. So has Tern offered up a big contract from one of its investees? Er……no! I do know Tern still needs more cash, and that the BBs are full of a progress update from investee Wyld suggesting big things. But of course, there has been no RNS from Tern – something we have seen before ahead of placings which I would argue were on the back of wild speculation which remained uncorrected by Tern. Is it happening again?

Did Bidstack deceive investors – letter to AIM Regulation, statement needed

Published 558 days ago

Bidstack really should be clarifying its financial position. By my calculations it can meet payroll this month but will not be able to pay its bloated wage bill at the end of May. Its financial position is certainly perilous and that means that this company, run by a proven liar, Lyin’ James Draper, needs an urgent bailout placing ASAP. That is one issue it should clarify via RNS. The second is to clarify whether a statement it issued via RNS Reach yesterday was misleading. I believe it was, as explained HERE, and have now written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation suggesting that they force a follow up RNS. The letter is below.

Anglo African Oil & Gas: the curse of toxic Dave & Sarah (can’t) Cope – calamity strikes

Published 559 days ago

It was just three months ago that we warned repeatedly that Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) should not proceed with the offer from AIM uber dog Zenith Energy (ZEN) and instead refinancing proposed by Richard Jennings. Inept Chairperson Sarah (Can’t) Cope ignored our advice which would have seen past dealings by her pal toxic David Sefton opened up to public scrutiny and bullied through the deal.  Today her folly has been revealed in full and this company is surely toast.

Catenae – Absurd SPOOOOOOOOOOF: SELL SELL SELL at 1.5p

Published 559 days ago

That AIM-listed Catenae Innovations (CTEA) is in a state of technical insolvency is surely beyond question. Last night at 5.30pm – no-one-is-watching o’clock – the company announced the appointment of a new sole Broker in the form of Brandon Hill Capital and miraculously, this morning it has announced it has joined a consortium with the objective of building an identity documentation system to record an individual’s Covid-19 test status. Yes folks, this technically insolvent POS is trying to jump on the Coronavirus bandwagon! But this morning’s RNS has to questionable on at least one point…..

Breaking: Sound Energy Action Group 4 hour meet with Directors planned for Monday

Published 559 days ago

These days the Sound Energy (SOU) Shareholder Group (SAG) speaks for around 12% of the, almost certainly worthless, equity. As such it cannot be totally ignored by the discredited management and on Monday a 4 hour conference call with Graham Lyons, Chairman, and Mohammed Seghiri CEO is scheduled to take place at 10.30 AM. But what is the point?

Haydale – profit warning: when will the cash run out?

Published 560 days ago

After last week’s jam-tomorrow ramparoonie, today AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) offered up a calamitous profit warning. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…..

URU Metals – plans to spend £250k it hasn’t got on EIA. Has John Zorbas found the Fed’s Magic Money Tree orchard?

Published 560 days ago

AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) has announced an update on its mining right application as announced on 11 December 2019. Except it was first announced not in December just gone but at least as far back as May last year. Still, never let the truth get in the way of a good story with which to ramp the shares. We are told that...

The reasons why WH Ireland resigned as Nomad to Eurasia Mining

Published 561 days ago

Just before the long Easter weekend, Eurasia Mining (EUA), shares in which have now been suspended for more than two months, issued a partial ‘fess up. As I flagged up almost two months ago, Nomad WH Ireland has indeed resigned but why?

Only On the AIM Casino … just carry on trading shares in a company that doesn’t exist anymore: Goldstone Resources

Published 568 days ago

Oops... this is more than a bit embarrassing for Goldstone Resources (GRL), its boss Ms Emma Priestley, hapless Nomad Strand Hanson and indeed the wider AIM Casino, aka the world’s most successful growth market. Shares in Goldstone were suspended at 1.30 PM as it appears the company does not actually exist and has not done so for half a year.

Nostra Terra, the deception, the Dilution the stitch up. J’accuse Matt Lofrgran

Published 568 days ago

On April Fool’s day there was an upbeat statement from Nostra Terra (NTOG) promising all sorts of good things. What it neglected to mention was that trade creditors had risen to £230,000 as the cash burning enterprise had no cash and so imply could not afford to pay its bills. One of those owed cash (£60,000) was Nomad Strand Hanson, boy how it must have been hoping for a placing….

Haydale – jam tomorrow but what about cash today? This is a plain & simple ramp

Published 569 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has announced an initial four-year distributer agreement with Dalian Yibang Technology Co Ltd (DLYB) offering exclusive distributer rights to market Haydale’s electrically conductive graphene-enhanced masterbatch in China and Taiwan. All well and good – and it does indeed appear to be good news – but for all the jam tomorrow, what about cash today?

AudioBoom – as the cash runs out (again), when will the mothers accept that sales are just vanity?

Published 569 days ago

Audioboom (BOOM) may have dispensed with the services of free speech denying, relative hiring, value destroyer Rob Proctor but his successor Stuart Last is equally obsessed with sales at any cost, regarding cash generation (or lack of it) as seemingly irrelevant. As it happens today’s Q1 trading statement may be the last where he boasts about growing sales…

Tim Kempster beats me to it: Letter to AIM Regulation & FCA re Versariens' shambles of an RNS today & Neill Ricketts share deals

Published 570 days ago

As I noted earlier, the RNS issued by Versarien (VRS) is a shambles and opens up all sorts of questions about share dumping by boss Lyin' Neill Ricketts last April. I was set to contact AIM Regulation and the FCA about it but it seems that valiant Tim Kempster has beaten me to it. The Regulators really do need to act on this at once. Tim writes

Versarien forced to start to come clean on its dodgy death spiral & China financings – a stink regulators MUST investigate

Published 570 days ago

It is like extracting teeth. Getting the proven liars at Versarien (VRS) and the morally bankrupt evil PR spinners at Yellow Jersey, of the Frontera fraud infamy,  to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a nightmare. And we are still not there yet. Today, however, the company has been forced to start to clarify.

Feck Yu – FY19 numbers say sell but now it could be a zero

Published 570 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has delivered its FY19 results – this despite claiming it would defer them in line with the FCA’s moratorium (which did not apply to AIM companies)! CEO Bobby Kalar was pleased with the positive results so far as the company recovers from an accounting scandal but I’m not so sure that shareholders should be.

Filthy Forty Walcom – SURELY time for suspension as it cannot pay its bills

Published 573 days ago

Shares in ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) are STILL trading despite further warnings this morning that the company has insufficient funds to settle bank loan repayments due this month and in any case will run out of cash in a week. Surely we should have had a suspension pending financial clarification announcement by now.

Bagir Group – Ouzo time for Steve Moore as shares are suspended and company seeks insolvency advice

Published 573 days ago

You cannot say that you were not warned here on ShareProphets, this time by the excellent Steve Moore who described AIM-listed Bagir Group (BAGR) as a avoid/sell HERE; this morning the shares were suspended as a significant proportion of the Company’s previous order book is now on hold or cancelled and the company takeinsolvency advice whilst it scratches around for additional funding and the business is no longer regarded as a going concern. In short, it is bust.

Letter to Marcus Stuttard at AIM Regulation – Ref Conroy Gold & Natural Resources blatant rule breaches

Published 573 days ago

On 18 February 2020 AIM-listed lifestyle company Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) announced a successful placing to raise £250,000 and that it had undertaken a subscription to raise a further £52,500 all at 12p per share. Yesterday, more than six weeks later, the company ‘fessed up that a total of £188,000 was still outstanding. It seems to me that the “successful placing” was anything but at time of announcement, given that the cash was yet to arrive, and that the company had not “undertaken” a subscription to the extent originally advised for the same reason. “Undertaking” maybe, but not “undertaken”.

Tertiary Minerals – Spooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof

Published 574 days ago

Tertiary Minerals (TYM) seems to think that its investors are the dumbest folk going and with the shares up by 75% at 0.32p maybe it is right for today’s news of a £600,000 placing is just an almighty spoof. For starters this is not a £600,000 placing!

ValiRx – “illegal” GM? Controversy reviewed...

Published 574 days ago

A bit of a storm has been blowing up at AIM-listed cash-hungry biotech dog ValiRx (VAL). A General Meeting had been proposed for shareholders to agree to the issue of yet more confetti in order to keep the Grim Reaper from the door but the government decreed Covid-19 lockdown intervened and the meeting could not happen. Yesterday the GM was reconvened with shareholders unable to attend or vote – and two of the three resolutions were passed. But what of legality?...

Limitless Earth – yet more evidence of the utter incompetence of Nilesh Jagatia

Published 575 days ago

Limitless Earth (LME) is an AIM casino listed investment company which employs Nilesh Jagatia as its part chief financial officer at rate of £24,000 per annum.  By CFO standards this is a pretty low amount but based on our findings below Limitless shareholders are being overcharged. After all, there is compelling evidence we have provided, over many years, that Nilesh is the worst CFO in London.

Catenae Innovation – delays FY19 results in yesterday’s disastrous statement. Is it insolvent?

Published 575 days ago

Tom Winnifrith and I have questioned AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) several times over its solvency already, but yesterday’s admission that full-year numbers would be delayed to June and another thumping loss suggest that it is already well under water...

BREAKING: Tom Winnifrith accepts top job at AIM Regulation: Show Me The Money

Published 575 days ago

I am afraid it is true. I have today, April 1, given three months notice to ShareProphets as I have accepted an offer from the London Stock Exchange to head up a new unit tackling fraud on AIM.  I cannot lie, I am doing it for the money. Marcus Stuttard has been remarkably honest in today’s release announcing the hire.  The head of AIM regulation says:

Trafalgar Property gets its April Fool in a day early as surely the Grim Reaper books his appointment

Published 575 days ago

The AIM-listed property disaster that is Trafalgar Property (TRAF) was surely already at death’s door but yesterday’s update shows that its board is either deluded or trying to delude investors. The last set of numbers (released at 4.23pm on the Friday before Christmas) showed negative shareholder funds of £2.9 million (quite an achievement for a housebuilder in a housing boom!). Three weeks ago it tried to dress up a hoped-for bucket shop bailout by proposing to grow tomatoes in test tubes and now we have a disastrous statement which it thinks polishes the turd – but looks more like an April Fool to me...

News from the Boiler Room – Inspirit releases interims: how long ‘til lights out, and whose cash is it anyway?

Published 576 days ago

AIM-listed serial dog Inspirit Energy (INSP) released its interims yesterday at 2.33pm and it is same old, same old: the bills keep on coming in but where's the progress on its boiler? And when will the cash run out? – and why was its broker - a subsidiary of housemate Octagonal plc - holding such a proportion of its cash?...

Bidstack: Covid 19 trading statement bluster less than 5 weeks from bankruptcy

Published 577 days ago

The only metric you need to know about Bidstack (BIDS)  is how much cash it has left. Based on the likely run rate at the year end, on the fact that it has not laid off staff but has hired it is almost certain that by the end of April the number will be nothing at all and that, barring a bailout placing, it will be crash landing in Tits Up Alley. A trading statement today more or less confirmed that in what it did NOT say. Naturally CEO Lyin’ James Draper tries to spoof gullible investors.

Octagonal – why are there so many different audit firms involved?

Published 578 days ago

For a small company, Octagonal (OCT) seems to get through more auditors at a rapid pace with no less than 3 different firms of auditors for the listed entity in the last five years and two changes of auditors for each of the principal subsidiaries.  

Five Slam-Dunk Sells for 2020 - March update: Three Down by Easter?

Published 579 days ago

It is almost the end of March: time for a run-down of my list of five slam-dunk sells for this year. With the everything bubble well and truly popped by the pin that is Coronavirus the market backdrop has been inclement for cash-guzzling loss-making shares and the portfolio of Tern (TERN), Catenae (CTEA), Yu Group (YU.), URU Metals (URU) and Walcom (WALG) has reacted accordingly.

The Top 20 Rogue Directors on the AIM Casino & Standard List – Nominate now!

Published 580 days ago

I shall start the ball rolling with one nomination but feel you may be able to assist in compliing this list & the best nomination wins the usual prize to be sent one day. I seek men and women who are not only incompetent but also palpably dishonest, demonstrably using shareholders cash for theor own purposes or telling blatant lies to investors. A true Rogue director should be a serial offender & must still be a director or CFO of an AIM or Standard Listed company. So please nominate now with a name and the reasons why in the comments section below. I kick the process off by nominating…

Octagonal Plc – Nilesh Jagatia’s latest accounting fiasco and the cover up

Published 580 days ago

Octagonal (OCT)  CFO's is Nilesh Jagatia a strong contender for the worst CFO of an AIM company. No I lie. As we have demonstrated over and over again, he is not only useless but, almost certainly, bent as well.

Filthy Forty Walcom – surely this is the last rites, yet STILL the shares are trading!

Published 580 days ago

The Wagnerian Opera that is the death of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) took a further step this morning: the Fat Lady has done her warm-up, got onto stage and loosened up by joining in the final chorus before stepping centre stage herself. But still AIM Regulation has not forced a suspension!

Tern – non-entity of a statement on Covid-19 analysed by the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service

Published 581 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern (TERN) has offered the market a Covid-19 update. Emphasising its recent £0.8 million fundraise several times (but not mentioning it was trying to get £3 million and failed magnificently) Tern wants us to think the portfolio is well prepared…..let’s see what the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service thinks!

You is ‘avin’ a giraffe: St James House Plc – show me the money!

Published 582 days ago

On 31 January 2020 St James House (SJH) announced that:

Yu – Do I Smell a large Rat? Still a SELL.

Published 582 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has offered up a Covid-19 statement and delayed its results, mindful of the recent request from the Financial Conduct Authority. Except that the FCA’s request as per its RNS released ended with This statement does not apply to AIM companies. Do I smell a rat? You bet!

Neill Ricketts of Versarien takes to social media to tell lies again – how can AIM tolerate this?

Published 582 days ago

Canaccord quit as Nomad to Versarien (VRS) partly because of the social media antics of its CEO Lyin’ Neill Ricketts. Obviously, new Nomad SP Angel does not care about that as it was happy to act for proven fraud MySquar (MYSQ). Do John Meyer and his cronies have any standards at all? And how will AIM Regulation take Neill’s latest lies

Letter to FCA & AIM Regulation re potential Market Manipulation or Abuse at Versarien

Published 583 days ago

Yesterday Versarien (VRS) announced a death spiral on steroids which will only postpone bankruptcy and will see the share price shredded but the RNS was, I believe, an exercise in market manipulation and market abuse. Only a Nomad like SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, could have signed off on it. I have written to the regulators demanding that, again, they take action

Eve Sleep FY numbers: who would buy a bed now?!

Published 583 days ago

AIM-listed Neil Woodford dog Eve Sleep (EVE) released FY19 results this morning. My immediate thought is who would buy a bed right now, amid fears of Coronavirus, job losses and with the UK in near total lockdown? But these are last year’s numbers, before the invisible invader was around and it looks to me as though Eve will need even more cash, despite its laudy claims that the latest rebuild strategy has left the company operationally profitable. Let’s take a look at what that actually means……

Versarien & the £6m fund raise which provides not a cent upfront & will raise nothing like £6m - Ricketts lies about cash again

Published 583 days ago

Versarien (VRS) this morning announced “subscription to raise £6 million”. Folks looked at the headline and the shares soared to 31p. Ha! Mugged by Ricketts again! Then they read the release. It is bullshit. Death spiral provider Lanstead is not putting up a cent up front and the total amount handed to Neill Ricketts’ bag of shite company over the next two years could well be well below its monthly cashburn! Ricketts really is the most shameless bullshitter and only scumbags like SP Angel, who took over as Nomad after Canaccord resigned, would sign off on such misleading gibberish which contains one MONSTER lie.

Filthy Forty Walcom - Fat Lady on stage as director loan fails to materialise

Published 588 days ago

The Wagnerian Opera that is ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) appears to be heading at last to its inevitable conclusion for this afternoon it was announced that CEO and CFO Mr Francis Chi had been unable to provide the bailout loan.....but still intended to do so...

Advanced Oncotherapy – surely a statement is needed: is it bust yet?

Published 588 days ago

I cannot help but notice that shares in AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) have fallen below their par value of 25p. For some companies this would present a bit of an embarrassment but for cash-guzzling AIM Casino plays with zero income it is surely a disaster. Since it's hard to see how a GM could be called in the current environment, will Advanced simply run out of (other peoples’) cash? And then there is the small matter of construction at Harley Street, which must be a tad tricky at the moment. On 20th February I noted the following:

Sosandar – Coronavirus update: critical data missing will make this an automatic sell if not addressed

Published 589 days ago

Don’t laugh: having wondered if it was a spivvy buy following the placing last month to raise £5 million I did indeed nip in for a few shares. Thankfully it was not many, and this morning the company has offered up an update on the effects of the Corona Virus. As Tom Winnifrith said the other day, the question for many AIM Casino outfits is not whether they are cheap or not, but whether they will survive the pandemic at all – and the jury is out on that here because of missing data in this morning’s statement. Time to throw away the Adam Reynolds keyboard and answer my question!

G3 Exploration – it is what it DOES NOT say today that is the killer!

Published 591 days ago

Insolvent AIM dog G3 Exploration (G3E) promised us, on February 7 that it would have news for us on 13 March. The news came today and it is not was NOT said that is the killer. Good news travels fast, bad news is delayed. The shares have crashed  40% to 10p mid but a 20% spread tells you this is uninvestable. The target - for a company I first exposed with the bloody dossier at 260p - remains 0p.

When does Purplebricks go bust? Some maths for y'all

Published 591 days ago

We have warned about this Neil Woodford dog so many times.  Now, you may find this tasteless but I suggest that no-one in their right mind would actually buy a house right now as the grim Coronavirus reaper stalks this land. Do you want to have to sell your place with all sorts of strangers wandering around touching door handles, or more likely no-one wandering around? And why buy now when the grim reaper may well be freeing up a stack of houses and flats to come onto the market as a glut from anytime soon? Who has enough income security to take on a mortgage these days? This begs the question of when exactly will Purplebricks (PURP) go bust. Here is the maths.

Want to work for a liar running a company 6 weeks from going tits up? Here is your dream job!

Published 592 days ago

Sure, Bidstack (BIDS) is going to run out of cash in six weeks time and, with the stockmarket in meltdown, a bailout fund raise will be a nightmare. But if you fancy throwing in your current job and going down with the ship captained by Lyin' James Draper here is your chance.

Ex AIM casino posterboy Gate Ventures goes bust: £24m questions for Fergie, Lord Grade, Fatty Cornish & others

Published 592 days ago

It was slung off the AIM Cesspit after just a few months back in 2015 but not before Roland “Fatty “ Cornish, London’s worst Nomad, had made a killing from listing fees and cashing in warrants and dumping shares. Now the company has gone bust … readers of this website cannot say that they were not warned that this would end in tears.

G3 Exploration – where’s the goddamn statement you insolvent shysters?

Published 594 days ago

Tick Tock, tick tock. On February 7 insolvent G3 Exploration (G3E) said it expected to announce a refinancing by March 13 2020. Well Guess what folks it is March 13. So where is the Goddamn statement from the shysters?

St James House – is the cheque really in the post for this dreggie AIM POS?

Published 594 days ago

In the current climate, I would be very guarded over handing over a cheque to subscribe for shares in any company, let alone AIM-listed St James House (SJH) – the former Lord Razzall disaster that was Boxhill Technilogies (BOX).

Filthy Forty Walcom – fat lady delayed again, but CEO still hasn’t coughed up

Published 594 days ago

And so the Wagnerian opera that  is AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) continues. To recap, it is out of cash and dependent on yet more loans from its CEO for survival which as yet had not been forthcoming….

Trafalgar Property: you’ve got to be having a laugh with this!

Published 596 days ago

AIM-listed Trafalgar Property (TRAF) has made a total shambles of being a housebuilder in a housing boom. It listed on AIM in 2013 and at the last count was sporting just £14,000 of cash as at 18 December and recorded shareholder funds of MINUS £2.9 million at the end of September in its interims released at 4.23pm on the Friday before Christmas. Now it wants to utilise its property development skills to move into hydroponics – growing vegetables in test-tubes! Oh....

Tern – how long until the next placing? Not long, I fancy. Not long at all!

Published 599 days ago

With markets in turmoil over the corona virus, it is a terrible time to be rattling the tin for cash-guzzling AIM stocks. And that brings me to jam-tomorrow Iot investment company Tern (TERN): how much cash has it got left and when's the placing?

Filthy Forty Walcom - Fat Lady put off for another week but surely suspension is long overdue

Published 600 days ago

The Wagnerian opera of the eventual demise of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) continues, as we learnt today that the bailout rescue loan from its CEO is still not in the bank, but apparently more orders and perhaps more importantly measures from the Shanghai government in response to the corona virus mean that the company will survive until a week on Monday in the continuing absence of the CEO’s largesse.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Telit needs to make an urgent statement

Published 601 days ago

Shares in Telit Communications (TCM), the company founded by mortgage fraudster Oozi Cats, have collapsed from 170p two months ago and 150p a month ago to just 114p to sell. There are three possible reasons for this and I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation asking it to force the poltroons at Nomad FinnCrap to force Telit to issue a statement. The letter is below.

Updated: Versarien’s Ricketts IG Interview – Ive got to spend the next 6 years answering emails & I lied about the cash for the school

Published 602 days ago

Versarien (VRS) shares raced ahead yesterday as Doc Holliday pumped away, He has now admitted that he has sold most of his stock into that pump. Suckers! Today Neill Ricketts has done an interview with IG where the questions were blowjob soft and even so the bullshitter struggled as you can see below.

Diversified Gas & Oil results Monday – is something horribly wrong?

Published 602 days ago

On Monday, the largest oil company on the AIM Casino, Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) will announce annual results and give us an update on its proposed move to the Main market. The shares were 126p back in June when Oarfish Research kicked this off with a stunning four part dossier which has been followed by a series of accounting exposes on this website. The company is clearly in breach of IFRS and I have reported the company to the FRC, so what is happening. The shares are now 76p.

The AIM Casino – February 2020 the decline in market numbers continues

Published 602 days ago

AIM has released its market statistics for the period to the end of February 2020 and this saw the number of companies reduce from 851 to 847, a modest net reduction of 4.  Two new issues raised £23.5 million. The run rate of new issues in monetary terms continues at a much lower rate than last five years average monthly new issues and this includes the poorly performing 2019. 

Congratulations Flip Flop: Ben Turney triumphs at Nostra Terra

Published 604 days ago

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) is a basket case but at least flip flip Ben Turney has engineered a boardroom revolution which gives it a slim chance of not going bust. Well done to Ben who, you may remember, discussed Nostra Terra in a recent ShareProphets Radio free podcast HERE.

Tern – portfolio sale, but don’t get too excited as Warren Buffett doesn’t come to town!

Published 604 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced the sale of one of its investees, Seal Software. This is good news, and well done Tern…..but I wouldn’t get too excited if I were a shareholder, especially as this morning’s release is classed as the equivalent of an RNS Reach – in other words a marketing release...

Brexit “Bad Boy” Arron Banks slammed as a law breaker by Iofina as he tries to oust chairman - we back rebels 100%

Published 604 days ago

Get your beer and popcorn ready this is going to be fun. Iofina (IOF) has today issued an RNS via its morally bankrupt PR mothers at Yellow Jersey commenting on social media and press reports that the self-confessed bad boy of Brexit, Arron Banks, is calling a GM to oust useless chairman Lance Baller. Iofina says it has received no request and as such “ the Board believes that posting this type of information on social media, instead of by proper and legally permitted channels, to be wholly inappropriate and in potential violation of applicable law and regulation. Furthermore, the Board believes this action to be detrimental to shareholders of the Company as a whole.” Pompous knobheads.

Tern – more loans to the Device Authority: where is the RNS?

Published 605 days ago

It seems that AIM-listed Tern (TERN) has given up telling the market how much cash is flowing out to its supposed jewel in the crown, Device Authority (DA). This morning a filing referring to more wonga heading to DA was released and it seems to me that $400,000 has headed into DA’s coffers unannounced via RNS.

KERBOOM: Tern – what about that tax credit to Device Authority?

Published 606 days ago

AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) was one of my two tips of the year – as a sell – at 9.25p (mid). The shares are now just 7.25p  - down by 22% so I’m off to a very good start. But I want to ask a question of Tern regarding its ongoing loans and payments to jewel-in-the-crown investee Device Authority.

Five Slam-dunk sells for 2020 – February Update: which will keel over first?

Published 606 days ago

Yes folks, it is time for an update on my five slam-dunk sells for 2020 – and the writing is on the wall as the anti-portfolio slides. At the end of January the score was an overall drop of 9.8% on a bid to bid basis. One month on the slippage has accelerated amongst my five picks from the AIM Casino, namely Tern (TERN), URU Metals (URU), AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG), Catenae Innovation (CTEA) and Yu Group (YU.)

Karelian Diamonds – Damning Email to the company: I Smell a Rat

Published 607 days ago

I have already covered the Interims from AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) and the misleading statements within. But it seems I am not the only one who is concerned that investors are being led up the garden path with the acquiescence of Nomad Allenby, for an email has come into my possession which appears to question the validity of the statements offered up.

Karelian Diamonds – Interims from second Conroy vehicle…..guess what?! And what was the Nomad smoking when signing this B***S*** off?

Published 607 days ago

I covered technically insolvent Conroy Gold and Natural Resources’ (CGNR) interims and came to the obvious conclusion that it was technically insolvent. Yesterday its sister company (with largely the same management), AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) followed with its own half-year numbers and guess what. But the statements are just unutterable tripe which, I suggest, are intended to mislead.

Haydale – after the trading statement fiasco, Interims show Placing Ahoy. Sell!

Published 608 days ago

Having made a total shambles of its half-year trading statement to the end of December, contradicting itself the very next day, AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has offered up dire interim results. The company will need more cash – and given the fiasco last time, that spells bad news for shareholders.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – Interim numbers show it is still technically insolvent

Published 608 days ago

Of course there is insolvency as far as the law is concerned, and insolvent in that there isn’t enough cash to pay the bills but AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) had not the cash to pay its bills, but still goes on. The interims to last November 30 show that it clocked up a pre-tax loss of EUR 278,000 and had negative net current assets of a stonking MINUS EUR 3.7 million!  

Letter to AIM Regulation: After latest Versarien revelation, share dumping Neill Ricketts not fit to be PLC director, please act now

Published 610 days ago

I am not saying that Versarien (VRS) should be slung off the AIM Casino although it is a worthless POS heading rapidly for a cash crisis as it, again, runs out of other people’s money. However, the latest expose about the antics of its CEO Neill Ricketts makes it abundantly clear that he is not fit to run a listed PLC. Since Nomad SP Angel of MySquar infamy will act for any old fraud and does not care I have written to AIM Regulation, which yesterday- after communications from me – forced the company into a fourth fess up RNS in a little over a month - asking that it force him to stand down from the Versarien board.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Timber as Versarien is forced to start to come clean - Rejoice! Rejoice! and Fecking Rejoice again!

Published 610 days ago

Hey morons do you now realise that it does not matter how much you troll me, call me a peadophile or harass my wife at work it will not save you from my hard analysis, investigative journalism and from the reality that you have backed a wong 'un?. Versarien (VRS) has been forced to come partially clean and the news is utterly terrible. Even morally bankrupt PR firm Yellow Jersey - which spun for Frontera (FRR) AFTER I showed it was a fraud - cannot polish this turd. I also look at Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and Botswana Diamonds (BOD) and have a Welsh Hovel flood update.

Versarien owning loons produce a chart of my obsession...

Published 611 days ago

Nope, this is nothing to do with Cheryl Cole. Instead the chart below is intended to show how obsessed I am with the Versarien (VRS) car crash. The chart was published before today's shock warning and aims to show that I am obsessed or desperate and thus to be ignored. I fear those who have ignored me are rather poorer as a result. But fear not morons, when you have lost all your money and Versarien has been booted off AIM, a then 100% vindicated Sheriff will cease coverage... meanwhile I bet Neill Rocketts is glad he sold so many shares even if he was not 100% honest about the reason!

Tertiary Minerals – placing at 0.275p to raise just £275k. SELL.

Published 611 days ago

At eleven minutes past ten this morning AIM-listed penny-dreadful, to quote poor Malcolm Stacey, Tertiary Minerals (TYM) announced a placing of one hundred million bits of confetti at 0.275p to raise just £275,000 (before expenses) and a shiny new Broker in the form of Peterhouse, which arranged the issue and is set to receive five million warrants at the placing price. Nice work for the flippers – especially since the shares were 0.41p immediately before the announcement and thus the discount was a tasty 33%. And compared to the 0.87p the stock hit in the wake of the ramptastic announcement the day before (awful, as usual) results were released the placees must think it is Christmas.

Does SP Angel, Versarien's new Nomad think that CEO Neill Ricketts lied about share sales he made?

Published 611 days ago

This is an easy way for SP Angel to show it really is a serious Nomad. Does it think that Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts lied about share sales he made? If so will it issue a corrective RNS tomorrow and/or resign? Let me start with two tweets made by Ricketts after he dumped £153,750 of shares on 4 January 2018.

Letter to FCA – has Dev Clever committed blatant Securities Fraud, please investigate now!

Published 612 days ago

As Dev Clever (DEV) is not on AIM but on the Official List it is the FCA that bears sole responsibility for regulating its activities and which should now be investigating whether the company has committed blatant securities fraud. I have written to the chocolate teapots explaining why an urgent investigation is needed into the company and its directors.

Versarien Plc – why wasn’t the Goodwill for the plastics business impaired at interim stage?

Published 612 days ago

Are the CFO and NEDs at Versarien (VRS) up to the job? Is it storing up more bad news until the finals? Are its boasted net assets now effectively bogus? Compared to the looming cash crisis, the Nomad quitting, and the unravvelling of RNS lies these might seem less than critical issues but they do matter.

Ariana – storming Q4 numbers, director dealing and a surprise headline in the offing

Published 613 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold-miner Ariana (AAU) delivered storming numbers of Friday for its Kiziltepe joint venture gold production facility and followed that up with an interesting director dealing announcement concerning its chairman which suggests that discussions over the proposed part-disposal of Kiziltepe and Salinbas may be going rather well.

Filthy Forty Walcom – Fat Lady delayed by two weeks

Published 614 days ago

Another update from ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) shows that the Wagnerian Opera of the cash-crisis is still not over, but the fat lady has been sent from stage left to stage right to make her entrance and so the company has another two weeks to sort itself out.

BREAKING: Eurasia is fuelling its own rumour mill – how can the FCA & AIM Regulation tolerate this?

Published 615 days ago

An article has today appeared in the Russian press and has now been picked up on Bulletin Boards. It is damning evidence that Eurasia Mining (EUA) is itself the source of rumours that created a disorderly market and share suspension.  How on earth can the FCA and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation tolerate this? Surely a statement on various rumours detailed HERE, is needed now. The sixth and critical paragraph of the article with my underline and using google translate is below.

Advanced Oncotherapy – good news, so why are the shares down 6.4%?

Published 616 days ago

I suspect that ShareProphets readers already know the answer: that the news is really not all that great and thus it looks like a ramparoonie of the first order! Surely it could not be placing ahoy, could it?

After nine days Eurasia must make a statement and put the rumours to bed

Published 616 days ago

Nine days ago shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA), having rocketed to 7.3p were suspended following “social media” comments which we revealed to be a suggestion that after months of promising to sign an engagement letter with Chinese bank CITIC, that it had signed and was well on the way to making massive disposals. Since then amid a lack of news there has been nothing and he rumour mill is in overdrive. A statement on some of the rumours is needed now as some investors fear they may lose everything while others consider how many Porsches they will be buyng. So what are the rumours?

Calling all Sound Energy shareholders – it is time to sack the board, can you help?

Published 616 days ago

The Sound Energy (SOU) shareholder action group now has more than 300 members and speaks for 9.5% of the, in my view, almost worthless, equity. At 10% it can call an EGM and seek to oust the board. And if you own any stock in the company I urge you to contact me at NOW and here is why….

Letter to AIM Regulation: Ref Versarien & BIGT

Published 617 days ago

Yesterday, for the third time in less than a month, Versarien (VRS) was forced by an article on this website and then by AIM regulation to come clean on something, this time a founder director dumping all his shares. Let’s go for a fourth win, the relationship, or lack of it, with BIGT. My letter follows.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – raises just £0.3m at 12p: Slow Motion car crash unerway

Published 618 days ago

I had been wondering what was going on at AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR). At the turn of the year the shares were languishing at just over 5p and raced ahead to around 15p until last Wednesday when the shares staring slipping. Of course there is no insider dealing – this is AIM after all – and surprise surprise this morning we learn of a placing and subscription to raise a poxy amount of cash to feed the electricity meter.

Letter to AIM Regulation & the FCA – a Really simple Versarien question for you all

Published 619 days ago

Today we have the shock news that Versarien (VRS) has a new Nomad. Not a better Nomad, SP Angel is clearly massively inferior to Canaccord and this begs the question whether Versarien lied to investors on February 10. I have thus written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and to the FCA with a question so simple that even they should be able to answer it.

Chris Akers ramp Asimilar – suspended pending an investment in Sentiance. But I thought that was MESH Holdings…..

Published 620 days ago

Chris Akers ramp AIM-listed Asimilar (ASLR) saw its shares suspended on Friday after the company announced it was buying a stake in Sentiance, an AI company in Belgium. But hang on, I thought another Akers ramp, Mesh Holdings (MESH), was supposed to be buying that!

Filthy Forty Walcom – six days to the fat lady. Why is this not suspended?

Published 621 days ago

The forecast death of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) seems to be stretching out long enough for your average Wagnerian opera. But yesterday the company announced that the fat lady is, at last, on her way.

Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien & Nike, time to put the boot in

Published 622 days ago

Yet again shares in Versarien (VRS) have risen on a rumour which appears to come from the company itself. Once again there is a false market and so once again I have written to AIM Regulation urging it to force the company to come clean.

Ascent Resources – the new James “Dracula” Parsons spoof, all the usual snouts in the trough

Published 622 days ago

Shareholders in Sound Energy (SOU) have lost more than 95% of their cash thanks to the appalling ramping and hype and value destruction of just one man…James Parsons. The Sound fiasco would kill off the careers of most CEOs but Parsons is like Dracula, he leaves one rotting corpse behind moving to suck the financial blood from a fresh corporate. Today’s victim is Ascent Resources (AST).

Letter to Nomad Allenby & AIM Regulation: Has Advanced Oncotherapy not told us something?

Published 624 days ago

Nigel Somerville is too nice a guy to ask if a company has been a very naughty boy indeed. I am not.  I note his piece earlier on Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and it seems obvious that, while Nomad Allenby probably does not give a flying feck, the question should be asked. And so I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation asking them to investigate

Advanced Oncotherapy – classy polishing of a t***?

Published 624 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow cancer treatment purveyor Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced yesterday that it had signed up The London Clinic to run its Harley Street clinic proton therapy centre which is under construction. Well, sort of: the deal had reached a Memorandum of Understanding. This is course good news – except that it had already signed up Circle Health to run operations, and I fancy the real reason for yesterday’s RNS was revealed in CEO Nicholas Serandour’s comment where he reveals that the previous deal with Circle Health has lapsed. I wonder when Circle walked……

How did Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy sign off on this China junk from Neill Ricketts & Versarien?

Published 624 days ago

We know that Bobbie signed off on most of the untrue and fraudulent releases issues by Quindell (QPP) so perhaps he will sign off on anything? But the February 4 2019 RNS from Versarien (VRS)? Really?

Please will Versarien sue me for libel

Published 624 days ago

I have, for several years, warned that the valuation of Bulletin Board darling Versarien (VRS) was crackers. At one point it reached £200 million. As I write, ahead of the market open, it is still – with the shares at 49p – valued at c£70 million. Given that its core graphene business generated sales of just £27,000 last year and that the cash guzzling PLC is fast running out of cash, I am sure you’d agree the valuation is bonkers.

Bidstack: after yesterday’s insider dealing a dreadful trading statement today – bailout placing inevitable

Published 625 days ago

This is a total omnishambles clusterfuck and it is hard to know where to start. So let’s just note the strange coincidence that yesterday shares in Bidstack (BIDS) were marked sharply lower and today the company has served up the most godawful of trading statements. But this is AIM, supervised by those stormtroopers of propriety, the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation with assistance from the chocolate teapots at the FCA so there cannot have been any insider dealing.  No really. Stop sniggering at the back please.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Versarien Breaches of Rules 10 & 11 & sanction of Bobbie Hilliam

Published 626 days ago

Versarien (VRS) has today issued an RNS which suggests that its Nomad, Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord, has allowed it to drive a coach and horses through AIM Rules 10 and 11. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation asking that Versarien and Hilliam be sanctioned and that it force the company to issue a clarifying RNS.

Muddy Waters lashes Burford claiming second half results & big US legal setback validate its thesis

Published 626 days ago

My pal Carson Block of Muddy Waters has savaged Burford (BUR) this moring with a savage report on recent results. His golden prose is below.

Versarien says it comes clean but it does not! A scandalous RNS that stinks to high heaven

Published 626 days ago

Jeepers I know that Bobbie Hilliam signed off on most of the fraudulent releases made by Quindell (QPP) but how on earth has he signed off from today’s cobblers from Versarien (VRS) which may impress the morons but should set alarm bells ringing.  The issue is cash.

Versarien: now about that tyred old deal? Boom Boom Geddit?

Published 626 days ago

When forced to fess up on 21 January 2020 that its, much RNS vaunted,  US hub was in fact a serviced office with no staff, cash strapped Versarien (VRS) tried to sugar coat the pill by referring to discussions with a leading US tyre manufacturer. That rang a bell. For whom the bell tolls, etc, etc.

Red Flag Spoof Alert: Future plc Director share purchases

Published 628 days ago

One of the signs that all is not well at a plc is when directors pile in for share purchases of a poxy amount to try to show confidence. And that brings me to Future plc (FUTR) which has been on the receiving end of a duffing up by our own Tom Winnifrith and the Dark Destroyer Matt Earl at Shadowfall. Of course, as Tom Winnifrith points out, Future’s response would have made the US fraudster-turned-fraudbuster Sam Antar proud: the report and criticisms were totally ignored.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: the 7 stages of bulletin board madness & grief - ref the fraud at Versarien

Published 629 days ago

Yes i am calling out Versarien (VRS) for fraud and explain why. Feel free to take legal action Neill Ricketts, I shall see you bitchez in court and triumph. The meat of this podcast looks at the seven stages of madness and gref in the life of a Bulletin Board thread covering a Norfolk, with Versarien as my case study. Enjoy.

St James House – MAO the deal that makes no sense from the buyer’s perspective

Published 629 days ago

The disposal of Market Access Ops Limited (“MAO”) whilst a great deal for uber dog St James House (SJH) which sells a loss-making company with net liabilities for a £1 after stripping out the business it wants to keep does not appear to make a lot of sense from the perspective of the buyer Mr John Botros. 

This is so easy: here is another shameless promote of zero substance pushed by Neill Ricketts and Versarien: Zap & Go

Published 629 days ago

If you are an AIM listed company and want t tell lies via RNS your go to Nomad must be Bobbie Hilliam of Cannacord. Hilliam signed off on the RNS statements by Quindell that enabled Rob Terry to commit fraud. Now he is in charge of Versarien (VRS) which has also told repeated lies via RNS.

St James’ House rewards Lord Razzall for failure – twice over!

Published 629 days ago

AIM-listed St James House (SJH), formerly Lord Razzell’s harikiri exercise Boxhill Technologies (BOX), has announced a proposed capitalisation of liabilities, the disposal of MAO for just £1 and new articles. What is immediately striking, however, is the double reward-for-failure for good old Lord Razzall – oh, and the doubling of approved shares capital available to be issued (Placing, anyone?)

BREAKING: Versarien – so how is the launch of mobile phones and tablets with Phonedevil Ltd going? Another lie exposed

Published 630 days ago

As part of the ramp of Versarien (VRS) shares in the summer of 2018 ahead of the September bailout placing, the company announced a string of exciting deals. Hmmm.  Given that revenues from graphene are still negligible maybe it is worth hapless Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Canaccord asking a few questions. He would not want to get caught with his trousers down as he did with the Quindell fraud would he? Take the 18 June 2018 RNS “Collaboration agreement with MediaDevil."

AIM – the decline in market numbers continues & the size of the uber dog tail grows in relative importance

Published 630 days ago

The AIM Casino, a.k.a. The World's Most successful Growth Market, has released its market statistics for the period to the end of January 2020 and this saw the number of companies reduce from 863 to 851, a net reduction of 12.  If you ignore Open Orphan (ORPH) which appears as both a new entry and a cancellation there was 1 readmission and 1 new admission raising a grand total of £7 million in new money.

BREAKING Catenae: some creditors are more equal than others, how much of the £153,000 has already gone

Published 630 days ago

AIM dog Catenae Innovations (CTEA ) spent the latter part of last week contacting creditors persuading them to swap sums owed for equity in a truly shite deal for those owed cash. What it did not say is that at least one creditor was given a far better deal. Some, it seems, are more equal than others.

Filthy Forty Origo – oh dear: shares collapse again to almost zero after asset bidder walks

Published 631 days ago

One can only have sympathy for John Chapman, the chairman of AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo (OPP), who came in after the damage had been done by previous management and leaving a hospital pass for whoever followed. The full horror of what Mr Chapman inherited is detailed here in the FY18 Annual Report and this morning the bad news was that Origo’s investment (and I use the term in its loosest sense) had suffered another setback as a purported bidder (unidentified!) had apparently walked in the face of a demand for arbitration being served. Given that this was about the only asset of measurable (but questionable) value, Origo shares have slumped...

Versarien – just how very bad is the net cash position now? Did it pay Gnanomat in October?

Published 633 days ago

The question is not whether Versarien (VRS) will run out of cash but when? And that may well be within just a few part it depends on whether it wrote a cheque for 750,000 Euro last October1, conveniently a day after its half year period.

5 Slam-dunk sells for 2020 – January update, and off to a flier

Published 634 days ago

My little list of slam-dunk sells for 2020 from the aim Casino has got off to a good start. One month in to the year, Tern (TERN), URU Metals (URU), Walcom (WALG) of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty, Yu Group (YU.) and Catenae (CTEA) have already posted a collective 9.8% loss on a bid to-bid basis and at least two are already scraping the barrel to keep the lights on.

Haydale – Another letter to AIM Regulation, this time about AIM Rule 10

Published 634 days ago

Having sent a missive to AIM Regulation yesterday concerning AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) and its Trading Update which appeared to admit to contravention of AIM Rule 11, the company issued a clarification RNS which appeared to me to completely contradict the original one, and both were signed off by Nomad Arden Partners under the watchful eye of the fine upstanding Mr Paul Shackleton, of China-fraud Naibu (NBU) and Daniel Stewart infamy. Call me old-fashioned, but the two statements appear to me to be impossibly contradictory – and that brings me to AIM Rule 10. Thus I have written again to AIM Regulation.

Toople – now about that acquisition sloppily and misleadingy announced yesterday: is there really a £900,000 black hole?

Published 635 days ago

Yesterday I raised a number of concerns relating to the acquisition announced by uber-dog Toople (TOOP).  I fear there are more. We can start with the fact that the RNS needs to be re-issued as it refers to the wrong companies. Then there is a matter of a potential £900,000 black hole which could sink Toople completely…

Haydale – clarifies the unclarifiable by contradicting yesterday’s update! What will Nomad Arden do?

Published 635 days ago

Following my letter to AIM Regulation this morning, AIM-listed Haydale Graphene (HAYD) has attempted to quell the reaction to yesterday’s trading update, which appears to show that the company was allowed by its Nomad to breach AIM Rules by offering a clarification. But it is attempting to clarify the unclarifiable.

Vast Resources – let the death spiral commence, and a slam-dunk breach of AIM Rules

Published 635 days ago

One day short of four months on from its first announcement, AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) has at long last confirmed receipt of the first tranche of the death spiral funding it said it would not do. So yesterday’s announcement that the cheque really was in the post this time appears to have been true. Quite why it has taken so long remains a mystery, but whatever: let the death spiral commence. But how much actual cash does Vast gain from this charade?

Letter to AIM Regulation – Haydale & its useless Nomad Arden led by infamous Paul Shackleton

Published 636 days ago

Yesterday I showed that AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) appeared to have been breaking AIM Rule 11 upon the disclosure that a new line in the States had seen commissioning delayed until November, despite the company appearing to have told the market that it had been in commercial production since last June in an RNS dated 15 October – when one now presumes that commissioning was known by the company to be delayed.

Tern: a reader asks if it is playing fast and loose with revenue recognition

Published 636 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) issued a Portfolio Update the other day which I thought was impressive for all the wrong reasons. An eagle-eyed reader spots that buried in the text was that aggregate turnover across Tern’s principal investees was up by 27% over 2018 – but only on 12 November 2019 we were told that Tern hoped it would be up by 50% on 2018. Oopsie! And that leads to a question over revenue recognition.

Haydale – Grim Trading Statement means SELL; has it contravened AIM Rules?

Published 636 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale Graphene Industries (HAYD) offered up a pretty grim trading statement this morning showing that sales at its US unit were materially below those of H1 2019 during H1 2020. Oopsie. Meanwhile UK operations suffered from longer than anticipated lead times and sales fell short of directors’ expectations. Double oopsie. And the company has shuttered its Taiwan operation which will lead to a revenue shortfall in H2 of around £0.4 million. Triple oopsie – and now we are told that full year sales will come in below market expectations (whatever they are). What’s not to like?!

Vast Resources - the death spiral cheque is in the post. Honest! Fatty says it is!

Published 637 days ago

Only the laziest, stupidest and most credulous of Nomads would have signed off on the death spiral funding releases issued over the past few months by, almost certainly worthless, Vast Resources (VAST). Luckily Vast employs Roland "fatty" Cornish  and so today we get another update. You may remember... 

Tern – portfolio update: but what about the Elephant in the room, Device Authority?

Published 638 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (or never…) investment company Tern plc (TERN) has updated the market with a portfolio review. The news seems good (a big contract for one investee and a fair investment for another) but the elephant in the room is its investment in Device Authority Limited – on which we learn precisely nothing. Worse still, apparently Tern now has a genuinely diversified portfolio of…. companies, with each……having a disruptive technology in a global market. Oh dear: it's that word again, 'disruptive' – has the board not heard of what happened to Neil Woodford?!

Feck Yu Group – adjusted normalised bullshit trading statement doesn’t fool me!

Published 639 days ago

AIM-listed energy supplier with recent accounting issues Yu Group (YU.) has released a full year trading statement. Like its half year trading statement last year, it is again full of holes: it tells us about the cash, but what about payables? And whilst losses appear to have been reduced, references to adjusted EBITDA don’t fool me: the company is still leaking cash.

Winnileaks special: Vast Resources: Ex Director Brian Basham accuses Fatty Cornish of signing off on untrue statements

Published 639 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, London’s worst Nomad, Roland “Fatty” Cornish really does have a lot on his plate this morning. I refer not to his third portion of finest Manx Kippers dripping in butter, followed by a quartet of hot crumpets with lashings of strawberry jam. No, he is already in hot water over his advice to ADVFN (AFN) that it should break AIM Rules but now Fleet Street Legend Brian Basham has written to Fatty about another of his cash guzzling and worthless clients, Vast Resources (VAST) and, thanks to Winnileaks, I have that letter.

AFC Energy, another spoof, the legal claim and the track record of shame

Published 640 days ago

If you ask the bear community for its top 4 shorts on AIM certain companies seem to feature in almost every list….

Vast Resources: where is the cash, Nomad Roland “Fatty” Cornish? Do AIM Rules mean anything at all?

Published 642 days ago

Show me the money, AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST)! Eight days ago at 3pm the company slipped a small statement with regard to its long-awaited death spiral financing first announced way back on 1 October 2019 into its no-one-is-watching o’clock Interims to October 2019……and we’ve heard nothing since. Is the deal off? What is the problem? Was there ever a deal? Has the lender got the cash?

Catenae Innovation – the fat lady is coming on stage. And again: is the company trading whilst insolvent?

Published 642 days ago

There is no answer to the question as to whether AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) was trading whilst insolvent, as posed here. But what we do know is that the fat lady has finished her warm-up and is coming on stage: we learnt at 1.20pm on a Friday afternoon (AKA no-one-is-watching o’clock) that there is still no sign of the rescue bail-out funding hoped for on 11 January. And Catenae isn’t even sure whether the funds it hopes for will be in the form of equity or debt even if it does arrive. It doesn’t sound as though discussions have advanced very far, does it?

Versarien – I am sorry to be a LinkedIn pedant but the company really needs to come clean

Published 643 days ago

Versarien (VRS) insists that it has one full time employee in the United States, a Mr Brian Berney. But does it?

Plutus Powergen: as it hurtles towards insolvency how can Nomad Allenby justify the obvious untruth in the last RNS

Published 643 days ago

The par value of Plutus Powergen (PPG) shares is 0.1p. The shares now trade at 0.08-0.09p making it almost impossible for this £700,000 capitalised worthless piece of crap to get a bailout placing away which begs the question of how Nomad Allenby, how on earth did it verify the last RNS?

Breaking: The advice Roland “Fatty” Cornish gave to his client ADVFN to break AIM Rules

Published 644 days ago

Thanks to Winnileaks I now have in my possession a damning email sent by London’s worst Nomad, the restauranteurs saviour, Mr Roland “fatty” Cornish to his client ADVFN (AFN) advising it to take a course of action in direct breach of AIM Rules. I do not blame ADVFN for this at all but surely Fatty needs to be given an almighty bollocking by AIM Regulation for his latest crime?

Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien (again)

Published 644 days ago

Two days ago Versarien (VRS) was forced by AIM Regulation, following a complaint by me, to ‘fess up that its much vaunted US “hub” was in fact an empty serviced office where nobody works. But in that ‘fess up RNS it made another claim which may or may not have been verified by the hapless Nomad, Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy, now working at Canaccord. Thus, I have again written to AIM Regulation as you can see below.

The Biggest Clown on AIM: Roland Fatty Cornish warns Brian Basham who quit last week that ADVFN might now have to sack him

Published 645 days ago

It may well be that London’s worst Nomad, the Cambridge educated gourmand, Roland “Fatty” Cornish has, in between meals, invented a time machine. Or perhaps he is just not very bright but that the tutors at Pembroke College thought he was a jolly good fellow who had been to the right school and that the College VIII needed a bit of ballast in the middle? I shall leave you to decide.

Yet again Versarien forced by the Sheriff of AIM to ‘fess up to misleading investors & the love that dare not speak its name

Published 646 days ago

In May of last year uber ramp Versarien (VRS) proudly announced a major US move. Unfortunately what it said was grossly deceptive and after I wrote to AIM Regulation last week it has today been forced to ‘fess up to this. Neill Ricketts is increasingly like the naughty boy sat outside the headmaster’s study almost every lunchtime hoping it is just another beating not a letter to his parents saying he must leave the school in disgrace.

EXPOSE: Why has disgraced Sarah Cope again opted for a worse deal which costs Anglo African investors cash

Published 647 days ago

What is it with disgraced Ms Sarah Cope of Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) when she is faced with two deals for her shareholders she always goes for the worse option. Today’s news of a refinancing of the Riverfort funding facility is a case in point. It appears to be a shocking breach of fiduciary duty.

EXCLUSIVE: Versarien – even management or the auditors no longer believe a substantial growth in Graphene sales is credible in the near future

Published 647 days ago

The annual report does not lie. It is just a shame that the Bulletin board savants do not read them carefully. Like all companies, Versarien (VRS) is required to carry out an annual impairment test to justify the carrying value of goodwill recorded on the balance sheet which is £4,431,000 and comprised the following: 

Notes from Underground - Most read articles from the page week and The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns

Published 648 days ago

Palldium! That's the asset class that you should have invested in last year. Sorry, we almost renamed ourselves PalladiumProphets but then we got distracted and keep on harassing bad guys. But this chart of 11 asset classes over the past ten years is faciinating.

EXPOSE: Versarien – are graphene sales just a nano amount of group turnover? The hard and shocking data revealed

Published 648 days ago

Uber ramp Versarien (VRS) refuses adamantly to break out how much of its business is actually involved in graphene. It is the graphene hype which explains why the shares are at 79.5p valuing the company at £122 million. The legacy non graphene activities may generate real sales but will never be material cash cows and thus are fundamentally almost worthless. So how much does Versarien actually make from graphene? 

Good companies just do not behave like this – non financial red flags at Eurasia and Versarien

Published 649 days ago

Lucian Miers and I have covered Versarien (VRS) many times, looking at the maths as to why the shares, at 79.5p having fallen back a good bit, are still monstrously overvalued. It was one of Lucian’s sell tips of the year HERE and he, and I, reckon that fair value is sub 10p.  Eurasia Mining (EUA) is another AIM casino ramp which, on fundamentals, looks to be massively overvalued. I would not be a buyer of the stock even if it fell by two thirds from the current 4p.

Vast – Interims at 3pm on a Friday, no-one-is-watching o’clock? Uh-Oh…..where’s the cash?

Published 649 days ago

AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST), a company about which I have been a perennial bear and issued a sell call in the run-up to Christmas when the debt funding didn’t appear, has released interims to 31 October this afternoon. At 3pm on a Friday! What horrors do we find?

Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien again and another misleading RNS

Published 650 days ago

AIM Regulation has now acknowledged my complaints about the secret chatroom inhabited by Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts and his disciples where Neill told them what to post on Bulletin Boards and where the disciples discussed how to get around insider dealing rules and how to attack me. The complete radio silence from Ricketts since then suggests that investigations are very much ongoing. In that vein I have another matter to raise with the regulators, that of possible investor deception. My letter just sent is below.

Former Woodford favourite Mereo Biopharma: they marched it up to the top of the hill……

Published 653 days ago

……And they marched it down again. Woodford dog-pick extraordinaire, Aim- and Nasdaq- listed  Mereo Biopharma (AIM: MPH, Nasdaq: MREO) announced what appeared to be good news yesterday, sending the AIM-listed shares up from 33p as high as 45.5p before they fell back down to 38p at the close yesterday. Meanwhile the Nasdaq stock put on around 48% at the peak, before giving up almost the entire gain to close up just 7%. The news was not so good after all!...

Filthy Forty Walcom – limping on….and on. When oh when will the shares be suspended?

Published 653 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) updated at lunchtime today that after weeks of prevaricating its CEO and CFO, Mr Francis Chi, has finally signed on the dotted line to give the company a lifeline in the form of a further loan of HK$ 270,000. But as lifelines go, this is as short as it gets for even with further loans which may or may or may not follow we are told that the cash will still run out in early February.

Bombshell: The truth about the lawsuit that should sink Anglo African Oil & Gas & see its board and, Possibly, Nomad sacked

Published 654 days ago

On 8 January 2019, embattled and almost insolvent Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) admitted that it had received a legal claim from  Askell Limited but it told shareholders not to worry as “it believes the Askell claim is without merit.” Au contraire.. a City source has given me the full SP and the scale and nature of the claim are massive and should sink the company. As such the RNS was utterly misleading.

Versarien – another letter to AIM Regulation

Published 654 days ago

Neill Ricketts continues to operate an almost Trappist new media silence suggesting that my letter to AIM Regulation and his Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Canaccord about the private Versarien (VRS) Discord chat room is being taken very seriously indeed. However, over the weekend evidence emerged HERE of just how fragrantly Neill Ricketts breaks AIM Rules and so I have written again.

The Poltroon threatening Tom Winnifrith with legal action is exposed…

Published 655 days ago

Yesterday I asked you to guess who was daft enough to make this threat. There were a number of plausible candidates and, as you can see HERE, 77% of you guessed wrong.

BREAKING: The scale of Neill Ricketts AIM Rule Breaking is damning – that China deal again

Published 656 days ago

On 9th August 2019, following comments here and a letter to the authorities, Versarien (VRS) was forced to put out a statement relating to a twitter post a day earlier by its boss Neill Ricketts. But it gets far worse as I can reveal today.

ShareProphets Reader Poll: which poltroon has threatened Tom Winnifrith with legal action?

Published 656 days ago

I have not had a threat of legal action for some months so I knew there was something missing from my life. So can you guess which poltroon or poltroons has or have been daft enough to threaten The Sheriff of AIM with legal action? With a deadline of midnight tonight to guess I offer you six options. Do your best!

Red Flags At Night: Cloudbuy – Follow The leader and SELL.

Published 656 days ago

Having announced plans to depart the AIM Casino on Thursday, Cloudbuy (CBUY) slipped out a Director Dealing RNS at no-one-is-watching o’clock last night at 5.47pm showing that departing Chairman Ronald Duncan and his departing CEO wife Lyn Duncan have been dumping shares as fast as they can. If ever there was a signal to follow…….

Breaking: Versarien not the only AIM Company ramping via private chatrooms - shocking material from Eurasia Mining

Published 657 days ago

All the signs are that AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Canaccord is clamping down on the private Versarien (VRS)  chatroom inhabited by Neill Ricketts and his Versarien cronies after shocking revelations like this HERE. However Winnileaks now has material from a similar chatroom on the private Telegram platform where Eurasia Mining (EUA) boss Dmitry Suschov and his proxies are "at play".

UPDATED: Versarien – is the regulatory noose tightening on Neill Ricketts, Ulster & London no show

Published 657 days ago

Say what you wish about shameless ramper Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) but he is a man who would turn up at his local Women's Institute meeting if there was an opportunity to ramp his shares. He'd never turn down an opportunity, however small, for a spot of ramping. But right now he is embroiled in a regulatory tangle with his Nomad and AIM Regulation over the secret Discord Group exposed HERE and HERE. Ricketts was set to fly on Tuesday of next week to host a lunch in God's chosen lands of Ulster...

Cloudbuy – ouzo time as it proposes to depart AIM

Published 657 days ago

I have been bearish on AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) for an age and you have been repeatedly warned and warned. Today it has proposed to depart the AIM Casino to save money... and because it can’t raise any more cash. Oh, and business isn’t so good. And most of the directors are off too. Time for an Ouzo: it is thank you and goodnight...

BREAKING: Expose Part 2: That Private Discord Versarien chat forum, Neill Ricketts orders his men what to post on BBs

Published 658 days ago

Yesterday's shocking expose of how Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) was using a private chat room to pass unverified and price sensitive information to select investors should have forced AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Canaccord to act. So far nothing. So thanks to Winnileaks I have more screen shots, maybe this will finally see order restored...

Twitter Moron of the decade - and yes he owns Bidstack & hates @tomWinnifrith and @ShareProphets

Published 658 days ago

Folks at the FCA say they love my work, the FRC commends me for exposing fraud, even the BBC reccognises the heroic fight we engage in against white collar crime, but there will always be critics who somehow thing the team at Shareprophets and me in particular are the bad guys. Meet one of the bigger morons on twitter....

BREAKING: Neill Ricketts & Versarien – private chatroom with shareholders & rampers exposed

Published 659 days ago

Last year I forced Versarien (VRS) to issue a clarifying RNS after Neill Ricketts made unverified and it seems untrue claims on twitter. Nomad Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord read Ricketts the riot act and his twitter outpourings have been greatly diminished. But I can reveal that he has a new conduit on a private chat group on Discord. I doubt his Nomad or AIM Regulation are aware of it but thanks to Winnileaks they will be soon and will be horrified as I have a series of screenshots to share.

Will latest Chris Akers ramp prove Asimilar to the previous ones?

Published 660 days ago

As followed on ShareProphets, AIM-listed Yolo Leisure proved a damp squib and reformed itself into Asimilar (ASLR), a Chris Akers – backed vehicle. As before with Concha (CHA – and now booted off the Casino), EVR Holdings (EVR) and Red Leopard Holdings (RLH), where it seems the involvement of Mr Akers brings the ability to ramp hot air to at least £100 million worth, Asimilar’s shares have been rising. But when the music stops, will this prove Asimilar to the others or will the shares collapse back down again?

ValiRx – petty cash placing to keep the lights on. How many Brokers does this £0.9m company need?

Published 660 days ago

When I first commented on AIM-listed cancer drug developer ValiRx (VAL) back in 2016 the shares had just seen a pump’n’dump which pushed the stock up to 21p before a placing at just 12p. Now the stock is just 0.1p and on a market cap of £0.9m (source: ADVFN): never mind the 90% club, this is a fully paid up member of the 99% club. And now we have a placing for just £200,000 gross…..and Broker number three joins the fray, although as Tom Winnifrith points out the RNS will have to be reissued. How on earth can you justify paying three broker retainers for a company worth less than a million pounds?

AIM Market – another year of decline: fewer companies in total but more bad ones among them, the real data...

Published 661 days ago

The statistics for AIM for December 2019 show that the market contracted to 863 companies its lowest number since 2003.  The real concern for the LSE should be the shockingly low number of new listings a derisory 23, the lowest number of new issues ever since the market as formed in 1995.  The quantum of new monies raised was also very low by historic standards at £489 million and this figure is not adjusted for the impact of inflation.

ValirX: Open letter to Nomad Cairn Financial - time to reissue RNS

Published 661 days ago

I do not wish to be seen as a pedant but an RNS statement is meant to be, you know, like, er, accurate. And thus as an upstanding member of the AIM Casino community I have penned a quick email to my pal Liam Murray at Nomad Cairn Financial about today's RNS from ValirX (VAL) which appears to fail the accuracy test. I write.

Cc’d in on the most bonkers email thread in history – Anglo African Oil & Gas is grotesquely mismanaged

Published 664 days ago

For some reason I found myself cc’d in on an email thread last night between Sarah Cope the utterly useless chairperson of Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Richard Jennings, the company’s advisors and some investors. It was bonkers but it is clear that Ms Cope is doing all she can to steamroller through the crap deal with Zenith Energy (ZEN) without giving shareholders the chance to consider what looks a far better deal from team Jennings. For that and for many other reasons Cope should be fired and cast into the corporate wilderness. The thread starts with Jennings responding to an RNS issued late in the day by Anglo:

Filthy Forty Walcom – still in discussions with CEO over bailout as another rat deserts the sinking ship, but surely suspension is now overdue?

Published 666 days ago

Two days before Christmas AIM-China Filthy  Forty play Walcom (WALG) announced the departure of Yong Tian Chan from the board as of 1 January (ie today). Now the deputy CFO, Jessie Chan, is off, from the end of February. Meanwhile, the company is still teetering on the brink of insolvency as discussions with the CEO regarding another bailout sticking plaster continue.

Red Flags at Night – URU Metals delivers (Ooh Er MRS) Red Flag strewn Interims at 4.23pm on New Year’s Eve Eve

Published 667 days ago

Last week AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) released results at no-one-is-watching o'clock, on Christmas Eve Eve. It seems the trick of avoiding ShareProphets scrutiny by releasing bad results the day before good days to bury bad news is spreading, for yesterday – New Year’s Eve Eve - at 4.23pm came interims from AIM-listed URU Metals (URU). Except ShareProphets was watching, always keen to highlight news that companies don’t want you to see. And oh dear, oh dear…..

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2020 - No 12 a sell from Tom Winnifrith

Published 667 days ago

During the first seven days of Christmas each of the team will serve up two share tips (buys or sells). I will serve up 4. That makes 20 in total. Enjoy our share tips of the year 2020. Twelfth up is a SELL from myself, Tom Winnifrith, who has no position in the shares in both of the companies mentioned below.

Anglo African Oil & Gas – crap deal and management again hides inconvenient truths from you

Published 671 days ago

How often do I have to force the shits who run this compamny to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth by revealing things they don't want you knowing? Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) has today announced a quite diabolical deal with AIM uber dog Zenith Energy (ZEN) which is guaranteed to destroy value and may well be a prelude to an AIM delisting.  That chairperson Sarah Cope is pushing for the deal is yet another indication of just how useless she is. Ms Cope may tick the diversity boxes but is not fit to tun a public lavatory or a whelk stall let alone a public company.

A final £15 million Christmas kick in the bollocks from Neil Woodford to unit holders

Published 673 days ago

Merry Christmas Neil Woodford. Having made c£100 million from Woodford Investment Management you are planning a new Chinese venture as those Brits who backed you lick their wounds and count their losses. You are a crook, a spiv and should be in jail and facing a lifetime ban from financial services. If folks were not angry enough already, at 11.41 AM on Christmas Eve came another £15 million kick in the gonads. Cheers Neil, seasons greetings to you, your wife and your array of show jumping ponies.

Filthy Forty Walcom – rat deserts sinking ship as insolvency looms

Published 674 days ago

To be fair to ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) it has made no secret of its financial woes since its formerly best customer defaulted on payments owed, plunging the company into crisis, even if the initial announcements suggested mis-placed confidence that the default would be resolved. 

Another Gotcha for the Sheriff of AIM: Anglo African Oil & Gas forced to ‘fess up

Published 674 days ago

Following my article yesterday morning HERE, Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) was forced by its Nomad into a full ‘fess up. And the admissions are damning.

Catenae Innovation – positive GM result but a rat deserts the sinking ship, finances dire. Still a SELL.

Published 674 days ago

Following last week’s admission that despite deals signed with Bradford City FC and Southend United Community and Educational Trust last Thursday but by Friday (after-hours) a profit warning had to be issued, AIM-listed Catenae Innovations (CTEA) has announced that the proposals put to a GM yesterday were passed…….and its sole NED (apart from the Interim Chairman) has resigned with immediate effect. Oh, and its financial position continues to be dire. The shares are off by 23% since my last warning over the weekend, but it seems there is more to come.

News from the boiler room: Inspirit Energy – 2.35pm Christmas Eve Eve results show what a POS it is

Published 674 days ago

If you know your results are so poor they will be an immediate sell signal to even the most diehard of investors, the best time to release them is at no-one-is-watching o’clock. In theory, peak no-one-is-watching o’clock lies on Christmas Eve, especially after-hours, but with our annual watch on such matters perhaps Christmas Eve is not quite the best time to tell investors what a total POS your company is. And so AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) released its full year numbers to June 2019 at 2.35pm yesterday: truly the behaviour of pedants. But ShareProphets, always eager to share what companies do not want you to know, was indeed watching and the numbers were truly dire.

Gervais Williams & the Miton Smaller Company Fund – what was he thinking?

Published 674 days ago

The fact that the Miton Smaller Companies Fund has collapsed in value by around two thirds since the start of 2018 is pretty remarkable. It must be a real embarrassment to City grandee Gervais Williams who runs the fund.  But his real shame should be in how the money was lost.

BREAKING: Anglo African Oil & Gas from Bad to Worse but a sack the board GM call on the way

Published 675 days ago

Having parted company with toxic David Sefton and Lyin’ James Berwick could things get any worse for Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG). With cash very tight and the Fat Lady already gargling in the wings surely not? Well actually yes.

Red Flags at Night: Catenae Innovation offers up another profit warning at 5.02pm Friday after ramptastic effort Thursday– SELL!

Published 676 days ago

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) snuck out another profit warning on Friday at 5.02pm – truly no-one-is-watching o’clock, telling the market that its trading performance continues to be below management expectations as notified on 11 September and its financial position remains weak. Oh dear, of dear – things aren’t getting any better for the former Milestone Group (MSG) showing once again that Warren Buffett’s adage that when a bad company meets good (or only slightly better) management, it is the reputation for the former which prevails.

Letter to AIM Regulation: Formal Request to investigate Bidstack PLC and Nomad Spark for clear breaches of Rule 10 & 11

Published 678 days ago

Bidstack(BIDS)  has a CEO who is prepared to lieu to investors as he demonstrated on August 8. That the company’s Nomad SPARK Advisory and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation have not ensured that Mr James Draper is fired shows you what a joke the Casino has become. Now we have clear evidence of a double breach of AIM Rules. I have written to the Regulators today, demanding a full investigation. My letter follows:

Red flags at (nearly) night: Trafalgar Property delivers interims at 4.23pm – and what happened to Peterhouse?

Published 678 days ago

AIM-listed property company Trafalgar Property (TRAF) has been a serial deliverer of bad news since it came to AIM and yesterday was no exception as it served up yet another round of disastrous results as it reported interims at 4.23pm in the run-up to Christmas – truly no-one-is-watching o’clock. And what happened to its sole broker, Peterhouse?

Good news Steve O'Hara but surely Optibiotix is taking the piss on AIM Rules?

Published 679 days ago

Don't get me wrong, what Steve O' Hara said in an interview with Proactive today is great news for Optibiotix (OPTI), truly great news which makes the shares a compelling buy, but surely this is the stuff for an RNS? Surely it is price sensitive?

Bidstack Spoooooooof!

Published 679 days ago

After yesterday’s shock lack of profits warning from Bidstack (BIDS) the next question is when will a bailout placing be needed. To that end the company has announced today what appears to be an almighty spoof designed to ramp the stock ahead of the placing. Even the company’s PR Buchannan has just admitted to me that the release is not clear. This is your £10 million spoof of the day.

Verseon: Another Woodford Dog goes to the great kennel in the sky

Published 679 days ago

This morning yet another AIM cancellation was announced: that of Neil Woodford uber-dog Verseon (VERS). Having failed to raise cash from a placing, failed in its bid to jump on the crypto-currency bandwagon and having failed with its fatally flawed proposal to do a sale-and-leaseback of its headquarters because that would have left the company with no cash, no income and no assets, shareholders voted through its AIM cancellation as from 7am this morning.

Bidstack: New Video the shame of Justin the Clown and Vox Markets

Published 680 days ago

A kind reader sends me a video Justin Waite, aka the Clown, posted on December 8. I say kind but having had to watch it that is probably the wrong word as it is sheer torture. None the less it is below and I advise scrolling through to 21 minutes 30 seconds where the Clown discusses Bidstack (BIDS) and incriminates him and Vox in the process.

Plutus Powergen - just 1 table which shows why you must vote to sack the board

Published 680 days ago

On January 10 2020 those mad enough to own shares in Plutus Powergen (PPG) have the chance at an EGM to vote to sack the board. The table below is damning and shows why the board must be sacked. Plutus should be for the many not the few. Right now it is not.

Vast Resources – Convertible funding delay: SELL

Published 680 days ago

AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST)  has, to say the least, a chequered history when it comes to raising convertible funding, with a string of highly dilutive deals in the past which often were then binned and in the past it told shareholders it would not do any more. But it did. Or, rather, it announced a deal on 24 October but almost two months on, no cash has appeared. Except that the deal was first announced on 1st October.

Bidstack finally fesses to dire trading up but this shows CEO James Draper to be a crook as well as a liar, shares worthless

Published 680 days ago

I ramped up the pressure at the weekend and today Bidstack (BIDS) has finally issued a dire lack of sales warning. This admission shows that share selling CEO James Draper is a crook as well as a liar and the next bad news will be a bailout placing. For the morons who own these shares (40p+ just a few month ago and now sub 9p) the pain is far from over.

Breaking Exclusive: Sound Energy £2m placing underway – 48 hours or its too late

Published 680 days ago

I guess things are getting rather tight at Sound Energy (SOU). A source close to the situation tells me that former boss turned consultant James Parsons is trotting around the City trying to raise cash and telling folks he has just 48 hours to complete the bailout or it’s too late. So: what’s the price? It gets worse...

Breaking: Muddy Waters goes short NMC

Published 681 days ago

I see that some plonker at the Evening Standard has just dismissed Carson Block of Muddy Waters as a "ridiculous, conspiracy theorist". Au contraire Carson is a serious bear raider who is almost always right with his bear calls. Today he has announced that he is short of NMC Health (NMC). Carson writes:

YU Group – new facility, but I don’t think we are being told the whole truth. Still a SELL

Published 682 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) released an update this morning detailing in part a new hedging facility with SmartestEnergy Limited. On the face of it, it is good news but I rather suspect that when the dust settles it will be seen as not so good. As ever, on AIM, it is not what is said that matters: it is what is unsaid.

Another scalp for the Sheriff of AIM: James Berwick the Anglo African Oil & Gas CEO is toast but £50k is still missing

Published 682 days ago

In July of this year I forced Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) to fess up to the fact that it had spunked £300,000 on due diligence on a deal it was not doing but which a company largely owned by and run by Anglo’s then boss toxic Dave Sefton and its CEO until today James Berwick was going ahead with. At that point the two men said if it completed the deal, Tunisian would repay the amount in full.

Sound Energy – Now 179 shareholders demand the head of James Parsons

Published 684 days ago

On Wednesday I revealed here how 174 shareholders in Sound Energy (SOU) had written to actong chairman Marco Famagalli with perfectly reasonable questions which he declined to answer because he views the peasants with contempt as you can see HERE. The group of livid owners of the company is now bigger, at 179 out of the money folks who Marco thinks are irksome oiks, and they have written again demanding the immediate sacking of ex boss the shameless ramper James Parsons. Thanks to Winnileaks I bring you that letter 

Bad News Buried on Election Results Day: Anglesey Mining

Published 685 days ago

Not content with leaving burying bad news on polling day to the likes of Purplebricks (PURP) or Versarien (VRS), this morning – election results day – AIM-listed Anglesey Mining (AYM) joined the fray with its Interims to September. They are truly horrid.

Versarien buries bad news on Election day – shocking interims and the cash is running out

Published 686 days ago

At 4.30 PM today Neill Ricketts, the shameless ramper and boss of Versarien (VRS) will meet with his dwindling band of core disciples at Bangers in the City of London to spout more bullshit, the sort oif bullshit that even his limp dick Nomad Canaccord would not allow him to include in today’s atrocious interims. Surely even the disciples can now see that they have been spun an almighty yarn.

Another FinnCap Triumph as Toxic Dave Sefton reneges & worse: Anglo African Oil & Gas, the Fat Lady is warming up

Published 686 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear! There is so much bad news to bury on election day for pariah stock Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), a company we have exposed so many times on this website. Let us start with its former boss, toxic Dave Sefton who is not a man of his word.

Letter to AIM Regulation re Remote Monitoring Systems & Shamed Nomad SP Angel of MySquar infamy

Published 687 days ago

I have today written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation with regard to Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) and its disgraced Nomad SP Angel of Mysquar (MYSQ) infamy, asking if monthly management accounts can be produced to justify statements made just three weeks before the last bailout placing on October 18. If they cannot be produced the regulator needs to take severe action against the company and its Nomad. I write

174 livid shareholders write to Marco Fumagalli at Sound Energy and his “feck you peasants” reply

Published 687 days ago

Those who ignored me and bought Sound Energy (SOU) at up to 92p are, with the shares at sub 3p to sell, livid with the company and also with James Parsons the former boss whose ramping of this stock was shameless and reckless. 174 out of the money investors have now written to acting chairman Marco Fumagalli with a series of questions which really should be answered. Mario responds with a limp dick "can’t say anything because of AIM Rules" e-mail which is, with reference to many of the questions posed simply not true and shows he does not give a flying feck about the owners of his company, regarding that as peasants without rights. Both letters have found their way to Winnileaks and are published in full below:

Following my intense pressure Big Dish only half apologies for May 30 lie - not enough

Published 687 days ago

A stream of articles on this monstrous lie was followed by lunch with Big Dish (DISH ) founder Aidan Bishop and his PR spinner the Sith Lord Zak Mir here at the Welsh hovel. I urged the company to make a full apology and to make serious boardroom charges. Today it has gone only half way there. It is not enough to make the shares investable.

Karelian Diamonds – is this the most bonkers deal ever?

Published 687 days ago

As has been pointed out on numerous occasions on the website, AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds has a balance sheet in a complete mess and I reckon it has been techinically insolvent in that it has negative net current assets for an age. Not only that, like Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR), it is run by the goodly Professor Conroy, has money owed back and forth between the two, used to be part of Conroy anyway, shares its head office, has been under attack from disgruntled shareholders (twice) and has little to show for its existence. So today someone has ponied up £240,000 to keep the lights on. Nothing surprising there – this is AIM, after all – but the price is surely bonkers!

Another triumph for AIM: Labour Lord Alli’s Koovs goes bust

Published 688 days ago

Well you cannot say you were not warned about Koovs (KOOV) by this website numerous times. This Bearcast from January 11 2016 (Koovs disgusts me) is pretty explicit. The City Crony capitalists loved the Indian retailer as its momentous losses meant it was a fee cash cow. I dread to think how much coke & hookers cash this company generated for the City.  Our full list of warnings are here and should be preserved as, today, the administrators were called in, the Nomad quit and the Fat Lady moved centre stage. What is the Hindi version of “All the Money’s gone?”

St James House: when a bad company meets (perhaps) better management……PLACING AHOY!

Published 691 days ago

You can’t say you were not warned on this website, but the old adage that when a bad company meets (perhaps, or perhaps not) good management it is the reputation of the former which prevails has once again proved true for AIM-listed St James House (SJH), formerly Boxhill (BOX), the past home of Lord Razzall. This afternoon we were treated to a 1pm Trading update: Friday lunchtime – definitely no-one-is-watching o’clock! Uh-oh…………

Filthy Forty Walcom – the Fat Lady is warbling stage left

Published 691 days ago

In my last update on the sorry saga of AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG), I commented that having been teetering on the brink for an age….I wonder if the company will survive into the new year. This was in the light of a bank loan due for repayment in the second week of this month (and no cash to pay it with)...

Neill Ricketts of Versarien in bizarre twitter spat - his Nomad must be livid

Published 692 days ago

Neill Ricketts has already had one bollocking from his Nomad after his twitter comments forced, thanks to my efforts, his Nomad to force Versaien (VRS) into issuing an RNS "to clarify". But the poor old Nomad must be livid after this spat last night. Remember that results are on bury bad news on General Election day. It started when Neill did not like a tweet from a chap called EasyBrent to which the shameless ramper responded...

What is Charles Tatnall trying to hide with legal threats ahead of sack the board GM at Plutus Powergen?

Published 693 days ago

The board of Plutus Powergen (PPG) has now conceded that it has received a valid request for a GM to sack current directors Charles Tatnall, James Longley and Tim Cottier and to appoint Nicholas Lee, David Horner and Dr Nigel Burton to the board of the Company. This should be entertaining but it could be more so.

Red Flags at Night: Conroy Gold & Natural Resources FY results

Published 693 days ago

Why would a company which claims to have had a year….of highly encouraging progress sneak out its results at approaching quarter past five in the evening – no-one-is-watching o’clock? Let us turn to the auditor’s report for AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) in its Annual Report for the year to May 2019 – in particular the Going Concern section. Here we are told:

Video: Bear raider Carson Block and President Trump's favourite porn star Stormy Daniels to honour financial scumbags, did anyone say Burford?

Published 696 days ago

Hey Carson – why aren't you flying me out, all expenses paid, to LA for the Fidouchies event below? I'd love to meet you and be even keener to meet Stormy. What would a celebration of financial misdemeanours be like without a Brit there to represent the AIM casino?

Filthy Forty Walcom – is the Fat Lady finally preparing to sing?

Published 697 days ago

The death throes of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) seem to be going on even longer than your average opera. Having encountered problems last in getting its largest customer to pay up (still no progress there despite a court win) and hits to its business by disease, Walcom has been teetering on the brink for an age. But with the Christmas and New Year break coming up, I wonder if the company will survive into the new year following Friday's intra-day update.

Meet The AIM Clown - additional evidence that the biggest morons on AIM now own Eurasia

Published 699 days ago

@THeAIMClown is long of Eurasia Mining (EUA) though he doesn't declare as such as he drones on ad nauseam about how cheap its shares are. But he demands to know on twitter of, the wrong, Gary Newman and myself if we, our families, friends or associated parties are short. Where to start?

Inspirit – loan conversion from the boiler room but when’s the (yet another pump-and-dump) placing?

Published 703 days ago

This morning AIM-listed Inspirit (INSP) offered up a cheerful RNS stating that £804,000 worth of convertible loan notes were being converted at 0.07p (the minimum price possible) and that thus the Company has substantially reduced its debt close to zero and we hope that this reduction in debt will provide the right base from which the business can now grow. The implication is that all is well…..until you look at its last stated results, the interims to way back last December. "Growth" my foot!...

ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update, November and another is set to fall...

Published 705 days ago

Following our previous update September – another has fallen…& yet more to follow?, how’s the latest developments with the (few) remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'?...

Kicking myself hard in the gonads: DO NOT take part in today’s Primary Bid offer for Infrastrata

Published 708 days ago

Any time someone registered via this website takes part in a Primary Bid offering we earn a few quid and so for that reason I urge you ALL to sign up HERE as, now and again, Primary Bid has some good offers. Today’s offering to raise up to £1 million at 0.3p from Infrastrata (INFA) is not such an offer.

Vindication 2, Verseon – Neil Woodford dog to leave AIM, his investors losing 99%+ in 10 months, announces bonkers plans – are the directors on Acid?

Published 708 days ago

`Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); `now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!' (for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off). `Oh, my poor little feet, I wonder who will put on your shoes and stockings for you now, dears? I'm sure I shan't be able! I shall be a great deal too far off to trouble myself about you: you must manage the best way you can; --but I must be kind to them,' thought Alice, `or perhaps they won't walk the way I want to go! Let me see: I'll give them a new pair of boots every Christmas.'

After whacky placing, is AFC Energy the biggest short on AIM? It must be close…

Published 708 days ago

I want to get in there before my colleagues and flag up that the valuation of the ramp du jour AFC Energy (AFC) is absurd and that the company is drowning in red flags. Reading some of the Bulletin Board posts this smells just like Cloudtag although obviously it is not a Norfolk. Natch. I want to makle that clear.

Mercantile Ports & Logistics – how do AIM and Nomad Cenkos put up with the stench?

Published 709 days ago

Okay AIM is loathe to boot off any company given how the World’s Most Successful Growth market is shrinking and Lagos Securities just wants retainers so will act for anyone, I answer my own question. But even by the standards of the AIM Cesspit, surely there comes a point where one says “enough is enough.”

Formal Request to FRC to investigate PWC, Purecircle and ex CFO Rakesh Sinha

Published 710 days ago

Shares in PureCircle (PURE) remain suspended as it struggles to publish its June 30 2019 accounts. But we are already warned that there will be restatements of 2018 and possibly 2017. But these restatements, which relate to the carrying value of inventory, were repeatedly predicted by ourselves for many years as you can see HERE.  My good friends and keen admirers of my work, The Financial Reporting Council must launch an urgent and full investigation. I have written to the FRC today as you can see below.

IQE – yet another profits warning? Told y’all: ouzo time!

Published 710 days ago

I lose count of how many warnings cash guzzling chip producer IQE (IQE) has now issued in its current sequence but, as I predicted, another one has arrived.  The worry must be now that iby Q2 2020 it will find itself right up against the limits on its new £57 million bank facility.

Letter to NEX Regulation & the FCA: Time to delist Block Commodities for 3 lies and strike off its enabler Alexander David Securities

Published 710 days ago

On Friday I demonstrated that Lyin’ Chris Cleverley’s NEX listed Block Commodities (BLCC) had told material lies to investors, lies tantamount to fraud, since March 27 this year. I have today written to NEX Regulation and the FCA demanding that action be taken against Cleverley and Block, starting with its delisting but not ending there, and that corporate adviser Alexander David Securities lose its NEX license for enabling this mendacity. The letter follows.

EXPOSE: Lyin Chris Cleverley, the fraudster cousin of Tory party chairman James, caught Lying (monstrously) again – why is he being protected?

Published 713 days ago

In the years 2015-17 I demonstrated numerous times with articles such as African Potash (AFPO), No No No you are lying bastards and African Potash - now let's look at the lies in the RNS 6 days before the bailout placing in January, that then AIM listed African Potash run by Lyin’ Chris and Labour peer Lord Hain of sleaze had told industrial scale lies to ramp their shares and get away placings.  This was fraud plain and simple….

BREAKING: Has Scotgold Resources misled investors on an industrial scale?

Published 714 days ago

I have never been a fan of this dog from the AIM Casino kennels as my scathing coverage on this website demonstrates. But now a shareholder appears to show that Scotgold Resources (SGZ) has committed market abuse. I'd go further, I believe that it has deceived investors on an industrial scale as to its cash needs, ahead of an equity refinancing. After publication of the company's annual report the shareholder has written to regulators flagging up the issue. I will now be contacting regulators and also the company's shameless and disgraced Nomad SP Angel of MySquar and BlueJay Mining infamy, to pursue this matter. The shareholder, Mr C, writes:

Plutus Powergen fesses up to misleading investors – why is this not a hanging offence?

Published 715 days ago

We live in a world where lying and deceiving of others is now deemed acceptable. Whether in politics or business, sport or indeed any aspect of life, the ninth commandment is now seen as something that need not be obeyed. I do not regard this as progress and that brings me to AIM Casino dog Plutus PowerGen (PPG), its colourful directors James Longley and Charles Tatnall who have featured here many times and its pliant Nomad Allenby which will sign off on almost anything...

Tern – portfolio update from Adam Reynolds’ Keyboard screams SELL! Tits up by Christmas!

Published 715 days ago

I stress that as far as I know Adam Reynolds has nothing whatsoever to do with AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT Investment Company Tern (TERN) but it seems that Tern has borrowed his keyboard to offer up this morning’s portfolio update – where there are no meaningful numbers. More to the point, there is still no comment on the apparent $10 million fundraise by its principal investee, Device Authority (DA), which suggests to me that the whole story was utter poppycock and the market should have told so. But instead, Tern got a placing away – for the second time in its history. However, the few numbers offered are truly alarming.

Brady – the scale of the “modest” black hole becomes clear, £4m – will the FCA take action on investor deception?

Published 717 days ago

AIM dog Brady (BRY) will shortly be taken over by PE firm Hanover at 10p a share. If the deal is not supported by shareholders the company will go bust. I have already twice written to the FCA and AIM Regulation demanding that they investigate how Brady and its Nomad Cenkos mislead investors. Today the scale of that deception has become clear.

BREAKING Analysis Neil Woodford AIM dog Mereo Pharma, another body blow – insolvent by end January

Published 717 days ago

For some reason, Britain’s most disgraced fund manager held this AIM dog in his Equity Income Fund though the chances of it paying a dividend made my chances of getting lucky with Cheryl Cole look like a nailed down sure fire certainty.  Today there is another body blow, clinical failure, but the real issue, if you do the maths, is looming insolvency.

Optibiotix – not my preferred measure of disclosure

Published 720 days ago

Do not get me wrong. I am a big fan of Steve O’Hara. I think he is doing a cracking job at Optibiotix (OPTI) where – as a loyal and very material (for me) shareholder – I expect to see the shares more than double from 62p within the next year. However, I’d be a hypocrite if I did not hold O’Hara to the same standards as obvious scallywags like Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) when it came to the disclosure of material information.

WH Ireland – Excuses are like Arseholes…but repitition of them is boring

Published 722 days ago

On March 5 this year struggling, cash guzzling, pensioner mugging & free speech denying, Nomad and Broker WH Ireland raised £4.9 million at 45p saying that “Following a broad review of the Group's likely future regulatory capital requirements and in particular, the Group's regulatory capital buffers, the Directors believe the Placing will ensure that the Group has sufficient resources in place to satisfy the FCA's present capital adequacy requirements.” Wind forward just 8 months and 1 day and….

As Bidstack shares continue to tank CEO Lyin’ James Draper takes to LinkedIn for an unofficial trading statement

Published 722 days ago

Of course what Bidstack (BIDS) should be doing is issuing a trading statement via RNS. Does it still expect to have 24 games live by December 31 as forecast by Peterhouse. Or to have FY revenues of £5.75 million (having managed £26,000 in H1) or to achieve FY losses of just £500,000 (having lost £1.5 million in H1). The answer of course is No, No and No which is why the company should be issuing a formal profits warning and if Nomad Mark Brady at SPARK was not such an utter poltroon he’d be forcing the issue. Instead Lyin’ James Draper has issued a trading statement on LinkedIn. My guess is that his nose is just that bit longer as a result.

Bidstack doles out options like confetti – this is not a cost-free exercise it’s a distraction

Published 724 days ago

I remember long ago doing a seminar with some CEO or other. I cannot remember who it was but it was one of the slugs operating at the lower end of the AIM Cesspit. I pondered whether his interests were aligned with those of ordinary shareholders: how many shares do you own? I asked.

Charlie Wood of Mayan Energy infamy – an era ends for AIM

Published 725 days ago

News last week that AIM diluter in Chief (and that’s saying something!) Charlie Wood of Northcote Energy/Mayan Energy/Attis Oil & Gas (AOGL) reincarnations has departed stage left at Attis brings to a close a quite unprecedented record of dilution on AIM. This individual raised more than £15 million over the last few years and, in the final analysis, produced the grand sum of just over £100,000 cash at the last set of interim results and a de minimis amount of oil from the company’s Texan oil fields. If ever there was an abject illustration of how AIM is run for the cosy cartel of Nomads, brokers, PR companies and inept management rather than shareholders this is it.

Xeros - revolutionary washing machine rinses Woodford away: placing at just 1p but shares down to 0.93p. Grim Reaper time.

Published 727 days ago

Neil Woodford Uber-dog Xeros Technology (XSG), the great man’s revolutionary washing machine outfit, announced a rescue bailout placing at just 1p at almost lights-out yesterday – 3.46pm, just two minutes after announcing the appointment of FinnCrap as its Nomad and Sole Broker. Times must be really tough for FinnCrap, I guess any retainer will do when you have bills to pay. But forget's Finncap's abandonment of claims that it only acts for quality companies, the real story here is that the losses for Neil Woodford’s former investors at WEIF and WPCT are staggering – and now look set to hit 100% as the stock is trading below the placing price.

Tern – size does matter

Published 728 days ago

AIM listed purveyor of jam tomorrow Tern (TERN)  is effectively operating as a technology fund investment business.Its major issue, other than its repeated ability to play fast and loose with AIM Rules, is a lack of scale which creates a number of challenges.

Tern, Allenby Capital & Whitman Howard: Another request to FCA & AIM Regulation for formal investigation

Published 729 days ago

This morning we discover that AIM listed jam tomorrow purveyor Tern (TERN) has again passed the hat around with a discounted placing raising £1.75 million at 11.15p. But it was only able to get a placing away at that share price because of spurious rumours which the company and its advisors must have been aware of and which it did nothing to quosh. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and to the chocolate teapots at the FCA requesting an urgent investigation into the company, its Nomad Allenby and broker Whitman Howard. It is not as if Tern does not have form in this respect.

Tern….…..and there’s the placing. Told y’all!

Published 729 days ago

Well done to Al Sisto and his team at AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT Investment company Tern plc (TERN) – a great job raising c. £1.75 million at 11.15p per share, a discount of 19%. No matter that there are unanswered questions over an apparent $10 million fundraise at its principal investee Device Authority which seems not to be a fundraise at all. No matter about the webinar with Microsoft or the tweets about a visit to Microsoft HQ – the main development appears to be a fundraise at new-ish investee FundamentalVR, which has closed a £4.3 million fundraise which includes the conversion of a loan note by Tern at a 20% discount. So what about Device Authority?......

Bidstack: Still sitting on a lack of profits warning, the CEO who lied to investors sells shares

Published 731 days ago

As if those folks who do not mind that CEO James Draper lied to them on August 8 about H1 results do not need another reason to sell their shares in Bidstack, Draper has provided it by dumping stock himself. Smart move.

Haydale – Chief Financial Officer to slip out of the back door after just 11 months in the job

Published 731 days ago

I still reckon AIM-listed graphene outfit Haydale (HAYD) needs to get a placing away pronto but today comes the bombshell that the CFO – who has only been in the job for 10 months – is stepping down. Do I detect a case of rats and sinking ships?

Notes from Underground - Thanks for the pageviews, Panorama

Published 732 days ago

It's pretty gratifying that Will Panorama credit the folk who exposed Neil Woodford on Monday: here are our top 50 exposes since 20 is the number one story this week. The Panorama effect has been slow, but real, in increasing readership to ShareProphets. 

Tern – What on earth is going on at Device Authority and when’s the placing? $10 million question mark demands RNS

Published 733 days ago

It has been a completely extraordinary few weeks for AIM-listed jam-tomorrow IoT investment company Tern plc (TERN). The stock bottomed out at 7.25p at the start of this month, after the Interims had been released showing (once you look through the numbers) the company in the middle of yet another cash-crisis. But they closed last week at 14.25p – yet there has been no news, apart from yet another tranche of cash being handed to principal investee Device Authority. There may be no news, but there sure as hell needs to be a statement.

If Vast Resources had a proper Nomad there would be a full steward’s into its placing disclosures

Published 734 days ago

But it does not. Its Nomad is Beaumont Cornish, run by Roland “Fatty” Cornish who only acts for companies that are the dregs of the AIM Cesspit. They can say what they want in an RNS, fatty will sign off on it before waddling off for a four course breakfast, luncheon or dinner. Bad companies use Fatty as he will sign off on anything. Good companies do not want investors assuming they are dodgy so use another Nomad. And that brings us to Vast.

VAST – it’s mega dilution time as finance facility is revealed as a Death Spiral with bells on

Published 734 days ago

Amazing. Yesterday, having promised news on a $13.5 million finance facility at regular intervals since 1 October, AIM-listed VAST Resources (VAST) essentially told us it didn’t know when it would come through. This morning and bingo, its arrived. Its nice to feel the board is fully in control of things. But having told us in December last year that it would not do any more death spirals, guess what! And worse still, the previous clientele of this fine upstanding finance firm appears to consist of the fraud MySquar (MYSQ), and Bushveld Minerals (BMN) back in the days when it was a penny stock dreadful gasping for cash.

Neil Woodford uber dog Verseon – uh oh, comedy shit show

Published 735 days ago

Yesterday Neil Woodford backed AIM listed uber dog Verseon (VERS) announced the sale and leaseback of its HQ in Fremont California, bringing in a net $9.5 million which would still have left it insolvent. Today, uh oh the deal is off. This is a shit show of the highest order.

BREAKING: AIM-listed Neil Woodford Dog Verseon – polishes calamitous news but it looks like toast

Published 736 days ago

AIM-listed Woodford dog and wannabee computer-generated drugs developer Verseon (VERS) has announced the sale and leaseback of its headquarters in Fremont, California. It says the sale will provide working capital but in case the $34.7 million price tag looks like good news, it is most certainly not. This is a calamity and by my calculations Verseon could be technically insolvent even upon completion.

VAST – and another question: about that £1.8m subscription…..

Published 736 days ago

One of the problems, when you catch a company with its trousers down, is that you begin to question everything. We now know that AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) announced a $13.5 million funding facility on 1st October has not been signed off as was promised within a week on 1st October, updated on 8th October and then promised again on 11 October – and that it seems to have been kicked into at least slightly overgrown grass on the back of laughable excuses offered yesterday. But what now of the subscription which was announced also on 1st October for £1.8 million?

VAST – laughable excuses, SELL!

Published 737 days ago

AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) has responded to my jibes this morning over the non-appearance of Mr Godot three times (beating Samuel Beckett) in that its finance facility has still not been signed and the Chiadzwa diamond project has still not been signed off. We are told:

One chart that shows the true failure of Neil Woodford CBE better than any other

Published 737 days ago

This one chart shows the true failure of Neil Woodford better than any other.

Vast Resources – where, oh where is Mr Godot? Statement needed – time for Nomad Fatty to act!

Published 737 days ago

AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) announced a mega-funding on 1st October and said it would be signed later that week. Then on 8 October we were told it was in the process of being finalised and a further announcement would follow. On 11 October it said it would be signed later next week. It is now October 22 and there is still no sign of it. Surely a statement is overdue.

Haydale – YAWN! Another day, another RNS Reach…….when’s the placing?

Published 737 days ago

Having suggested that AIM-listed graphene outfit Haydale (HAYD) was once again a slam-dunk sell, partly in view of there being no sign of its results, the company finally delivered them last Tuesday. But I had also pointed to the preponderance of RNS Reach announcements, one of which accompanied the FY results. And this morning there was another.

GOTCHA! Another win for the Sheriff of AIM: Peter Shea of Daniel Stewart, Quindell & China fraud infamy no longer in financial services. Its official!

Published 738 days ago

Before it went bust, City advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN) was one of the firms that made the grave mistake of sending me a fascist lawyers letter. Natch I told it to get stuffed. The brother of boss Peter Shea threatened to beat me up but when I pirched up outside his firm's Christmas Party a few weeks later he scuttled away like the coward he is. Daniel Stewart floated the mega fraud Quindelland numerous China frauds, covering up for firms like Naibu even after it knew it was a fraud.  Our extensive coverage of this company and of its boss Peter Shea continued even as he tried new dodgy tricks this year as you can see HERE. But now we have good news, as you can see below...

Oooh Er MRS… its death or mega dilution by Christmas: Yet another win for the Sheriff of AIM

Published 738 days ago

You cannot say that you were not warned repeatedly by this website about AIM uber dog Management Resource Solutions (MRS) as you can see HERE. The latest news is grim indeed and raises the spectre of a complete wipeout for shareholders as opposed merely to being diluted to oblivion. I think we can score this as yet another win for The Sheriff of AIM.

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced Neil Woodford vetoed delisting of RM2, source

Published 738 days ago

A source has come forward to Deputy Sheriff Towers in relation to the Woodford catastrophe that is AIM-listed (for now) RM2 (RM2), the maker of disruptive non wooden pallets. Firstly, I am told that RM2 was forced to list when everyone at the company knew it really was not ready: the product (those revolutionary trackable pallets) was still in development and the company was still guzzling cash. But roll forwards to 2016/17 when it had run out of cash and needed yet more funding, and a proposal was put to delist and take the company private – which was vetoed by Neil Woodford.

Expose: AIM Casino listed Amur Minerals and the great director share buying spoof

Published 738 days ago

On 17 April 2018 AIM wannabee miner Amur Minerals (AMC) announced to great fanfare a scheme whereby directors and other senior managers would collectively buy £5000 worth of shares a month for a year. At the time, wityh the shares at 4.5p to sell,  I wondered if it was a spoof. But as each monthly announcement of director share buying came out some folks were encouraged. Today, with the shares at 1.65p to sell, I demonstrate that this whole scheme was a spoof.

Ariana remains my conviction buy in the junior gold space, but watch Turkey in Syria

Published 738 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Ariana (AAU) have been a wild ride this year, ranging from around 1.45p at the start of the year to a peak of almost 2.6p at the peak in June. The stock has been helped along by the rising price of gold and the impending settlement of the bank by its Joint Venture at Kiziltepe come April, which will transform Ariana’s income profile. But more recently a correction set in amongst gold stocks, and then came President Erdogan’s foray into Syria after Donald Trump cleared the way by withdrawing US troops.

VAST – Mr Godot now three times absent: still being careful out there

Published 739 days ago

It is now 12 days since my piece on AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) telling readers to be careful out there. At the time, a promised $13.5 million finance facility due to be signed the previous week hadn’t yet appeared and there was no sign of its much-vaunted Chiadzwa joint-venture project which was supposed to have been signed off in the first week of October actually being signed either. Well, here we are – is there any news, or is Vast to be put in the same camp as those chumps as Providence Resources and Lansdown who were waiting….and waiting for cash for their Barryroe well which never came?

Neil Woodford out-of-cash dog Verseon – proposed sale of HQ buried in AGM notice: the Grim Reaper approaches

Published 740 days ago

It is surely now only a matter of time before this AIM-listed Woodford Dog is taken out and shot as an act of mercy. Out of cash, piled up with bills to pay, with no income, a failed ruse to play the crypto-currency game and with benefactor Neil Woodford now out of play, AIM-listed revolutionary drugs-from-a-computer generating machine Verseon (VERS) has announced it is looking to sell its HQ, the research, development and operations facility in Fremont, California. There is a slight snag, however, in that it is already mortgaged. What will the forced seller get for it?

Brady: back to the FCA & AIM Regulation, please do not brush this scandal under the carpet

Published 741 days ago

Individuals not companies commit fraud, lie via RNS and break securities rules. And it is individuals not corporates who must be punished for their crimes.  Otherwise getting caught for white collar crime becomes simply another “cost of doing business”. In that vein I have again written to the FCA and AIM Regulation about Brady (BRY) where I do not accuse anyone of fraud or lying but I do accuse them of heinous rule breaches.

Screwed by Neil Woodford’s demise : NEX listed Rutherford & its £400 million joke valuation, statement needed ASAP

Published 744 days ago

The IPO of Rutherford International (RUTH), formerly Proton Partners, only happened because Neil Woodford was prepared to commit £100 million of other folks cash to it on a ludicrous valuation. That move increased the management fees he banked materially but will cost his investors a packet as I explained, again, in bearcast earlier. But now Rutherford is utterly fecked by Woodford's firing by EIF and needs to issue an RNS asap.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A day of complete vindication as Neil Woodford is ruined

Published 744 days ago

How I remember being singled out by name by Neil Woodford at the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) AGM as a purveyor of fake news on May 16 this year. Neil was adamant: he was doing brilliantly I was making thisngs up. Today he was fired by his flagship fund and his City career is in its final weeks and will end in disgrace. Investors who ignored four years of warnings on this site will have lost billions. I reflect on all of this, where it leaves various parties including Neil's other vehicles, disgraced Hargreaves Landsdowne (HL.) and other disgraced promoters.  I also comment on another vindication, the mercy takeover of Brady (BRY) at just 10p after I forced it to fess up to its finacial woes, with the shares at 26p just three weeks ago.

Video: Neil Woodford fired & disgraced today, here is Tom Winnifrith predicting it all in April 2018!

Published 744 days ago

Neil Woodford, Britain's best known fund manager, has today been fired by his flagship Equity Income Fund which is to be wound down. Some in the corrupt deadwood press, like the Mail on Sunday, were still praising Woodford up to the date before EIF was gated in June. Others have turned bearish over the past few months having previously drunk the cool aid. But we first warned about Woodfoird in 2015 and 1000 articles and podcasts later, we were clearlty first and our journalism has been utterly vindicated as you can see HERE. Site Editor Tom Winnifrith gave a keynote address at UK Investor 2018, in April of that year, predicting exactly what would happen and highlighting numerous red flags. You can see that video below

Haydale – once again a slam-dunk sell? Oh yes!

Published 748 days ago

My most recent call to sell fashionable graphene promote Haydale (HAYD) was on its full-year trading update back in July, an update which told readers very little: I said sell at 1.775p and the shares are now just 1.125p. More ouzo for me!

IQE Plc – the Singapore joint venture implodes

Published 749 days ago

IQE PLC (IQE) has today announced that it is buying out its partners in a JV in Singapore. Quite simpoly this JV has been a financial disaster, not that this was ever reflected in IQE's accounts.Now it seems to have imploded with IQE's partners walking away. Amazingly the shares are up on the deal at 62p. This is madness and this remains a stonking short.

Nomad & broker Strand Hanson 2018 Results - just how grim is it on the AIM casino?

Published 749 days ago

As the recently published ( just days before deadline)  Strand Hanson accounts for the year ended 31 December 2018 show,  life was tough in 2018 for AIM Casino Nomads and brokers. But it could get much worse as the annual report, below, makes clear...

EXCLUSIVE: The “tax efficient” greed of London’s worst Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish again exposed

Published 749 days ago

At tonight’s crony capitalist black tie AIM awards dinner paid for by you, long suffering AIM investors, I suggest there should be a special award honouring the rapacious greed of the man who floats and represents the bulk of the shittiest companies on the AIM Casino, Mr Roland “Fatty” Cornish.  The annual report for calendar 2018 for his company Beaumont Cornish, has just been posted on companies house having been submitted three days before the nine month deadline (like client, like advisor) and is shocking as you can see below.

ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update, September – another has fallen…& yet more to follow?

Published 751 days ago

Following our previous update May & another suspended, how’s the latest developments with the (few) remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'?...

Sirius Minerals utterly roasted in superb SP Angel note - well done John Meyer!

Published 751 days ago

Chris Frazer, the knobhead who runs Sirius Minerals (SXX) is today calling for bulletin boards to be shut down and again saying that private investors should only buy shares after seeking advice from regulated folks (Neil Woodford perhaps?) The blame for his company’s shares crashing by 90% and being a potential zero must lie elsewhere. Au contraire. I have lambasted John Meyer of SP Angel many times but his analysis of Sirius, its ghastly errors and dire position is superb. Meyer opines in his morning note today:

Vast Resources – be careful out there!

Published 751 days ago

On 26 September AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) released an update on its Chiadzwa Community Diamond Concession in Zimbabwe. The market reacted very positively, marking the shares up from 0.118p the previous close to end the day at 0.2p and the rise has continued to the current 0.345p. In addition, a subscription at 0.2p was announced alongside news of a finance facility worth $13.5 million which was due to be signed last week….except it hasn’t as yet. Oh dear – on the principle that bad news is always delayed I am a little nervous of the recent share price strength already.

Letter to AIM regulation and FCA re Bidstack – request for investigation into market abuse & more

Published 752 days ago

My comrade Evil Banksta has today exposed how AIM listed Bulletin Board darling Bidstack (BIDS) has misled investors and is also clearly sitting on a lack of profits and sales warning. For the former naughtiness the FCA should open an enquiry at once into possible market abuse, for the latter AIM regulation must force a statement. Being a fine upstanding citizen I have today written to the regulators. My missive follows:

Top broker Andrew Monk of VSA defends Shareprophets for doing its job & exposing discounted placings

Published 752 days ago

As Andrew Monk of VSA, rightly, says in his morning email, Shareprophets and I do not need defending but he does so anyway. Punters are pissed off that we reveal placings such as that of Reabold (RBD) last week. Would they honestly prefer that companies just ramped shares via ramptastic RNS's and podcasts with Justin the Clown so they overpaid in the secondary market ahead of a discounted placing to City insiders and spivs? Really? Do my critcs really enjoy such financial flaggelation so others can prosper?  Anyhow Monk goes on thus: 

Five Slam-Dunk sells for 2019 – October update

Published 753 days ago

My slam-dunk sells for 2019 are looking better and better (if you are a bear). In my last piece (in September) the average had got almost back to flat but the interim results season took its toll on one of the portfolio and I am now in profit.

BREAKING - Brady - its time to suspend (collapsing) shares & come clean

Published 755 days ago

Eleven days ago I exposed the funding crisis at AIM casino dog Brady (BRY) which it, and its Nomad Lagos Securities, had hidden from investors for a long time, The shares were then 26p.  Thanks to my correspondence with AIM Regulation it was forced to, at least partially, ‘fess up to its problems. As I write the shares are now 4.05p having crashed another 46% today. Time for an urgent statement and share suspension methinks. Specifically we need to know:

Six days to the obscene swine-fest you fund, the AIM Awards: so how is the casino doing?

Published 755 days ago

Now in its 24th year the annual obscenity that is the AIM Awards Dinner is now just six days away. Tickets cost £200 a pop and Nomads, brokers, lawyers, accountants and PR firms snap up all 1200 of them. It is an osbcene beanfeast for the crony capitalists.

The joke that are TR1 rules – Yu group

Published 756 days ago

If you cross certain percentage ownership of a listed company you are meant to submit a note to that company, a TR1, within days. The company then alerts investors via RNS. But the system is a joke as we see again today with Yu Group (YU.)

Bahamas Placing pulled as it fails to raise $25m & the excuses are outright lies

Published 756 days ago

In scoop after scoop this week starting HERE and ending HERE I detailed how Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) was trying to raise $25 million, first at 1.4p, then at 1.2p and finally at 1p. Those who signed up at 1p were told it would be announced Wednesday then today. In fact it has been pulled as the company could not, even at 1p, get close to $25 million. But today Bahamas has quite simply LIED.

EXCLUSIVE: I’m 100% vindicated (yet again) Bahamas Petroleum to announce placing Wednesday at just 1p

Published 757 days ago

On Monday I revealed HERE that Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) was trying to raise $25 million and had already had to cut the price from 1.4p to 1.2p. Bahamas tried to deny there was a placing afoot via RNS but I published an email in response calling that out as a GREAT BIG FUCKING LIE HERE. Oh dear, it seems that things have gone from bad to worse.

FRC Opens Thomas Cook Enquiry - the poison at the heart of auditor client relationship

Published 758 days ago

The Financial Reporting Council has announced that it is to open an enquiry into the accounts of Thomas Cook (TCG) for the year ended 30 September 2018. Too little too late you say. Well perhaps, but what is at stake here is the poison at the heart of capitalism, the incestuous relationship between auditors and PLCs.

Cash Hungry Neil Woodford Dog Verseon releases interims – when will this mutt be taken out and shot?

Published 758 days ago

AIM-listed Woodford dog and purveyor of revolutionary computer generated drugs Verseon (VERS) released its interims results yesterday – deadline day. A look at the balance sheet says it all as the company bleats that its Magic Money Tree (ie Neil-Knows-Best Woodford) is barren. It has no income, is piled up with debt and nobody wants to invest.

Winnileaks Exclusive: Bahamas Petroleum responds to ShareProphets & dissembles

Published 759 days ago

Earlier today I revealed that Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) was trying to raise $25 million. It could not do it at 1.4p so is now trying at 1.2p and that it has had to rope in bucket shop brokers such as Novum and Cornhill shows that it is struggling. The company has responded but, thanks to Winnileaks, it has dissembled as I demonstrate  with an email that has fallen into my hands as you can see below.

Feck off Rob Proctor – Mr Audioboom walks the plank: did he jump or was he pushed?

Published 759 days ago

Saying that he wished to pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities,  the founder and CEO of Audioboom (BOOM), free speech denying Rob Proctor has quit the company with immediate effect. Feck off Rob, the only question is whether other family members on the payroll (employed on merit natch) will be going too. And what, or who, prompted the departure of Proctor pere?

Oooh er Mrs… you are naughty but I (don’t) like you

Published 759 days ago

Okay I mix and match with my 1970s camp humour but one needs to seek something of joy if you are a shareholder in Management Resource Solutions (MRS), the AIM Casino dog whose shares are currently suspended as it works to get its operating subsidiaries of out the hands of  the administrators in Oz.  Things have just got worse. Much worse…

Tern – jewel in the crown Device Authority releases FY18 results. Yikes!

Published 761 days ago

AIM-listed Tern (TERN) has come in for a bashing in these parts, especially following the release of its half-year numbers which I think show there is a monster cash-crisis in the making. Today its jewel in the crown - or perhaps more aptly the thorn in its side - major investee Device Authority released its FY18 numbers and they are not pretty. For starters, it boasts net assets of MINUS £923,294. If that is the best Tern has to offer, then its shareholders had better brace for a crash-landing...

Woodford Dog Eve Sleep releases Interims….oh dear, Neil, got any cash?

Published 762 days ago

Neil Woodford’s revolutionary bedding company, AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE), has released its interim results and whilst the company boasts of the halving of EBITDA losses (bullshit losses), revenues are down and it reported losses of £6.7 million on revenues of £12.9 million. Of course, Neil Woodford knows best and has thrown ever more good money after bad into this one-way ticket to financial oblivion and now sees net current assets of £13 million as at 30 June, which the mathematicians of you will see is less than twice the H1 loss – and that was almost three months ago. Eve Sleep needs yet more cash…..and Neil hasn’t got any.

Filthy Forty Walcom – death postponed again, this time by director loan to subsidiary

Published 762 days ago

Yesterday ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) announced that its death, due to lack of funds, has again been postponed – to the end of October. This time the saviour was its CEO, Francis Chi, who has offered up a loan of HK$ 350,000 (around £36,000) to Walcom Bio-Technology Chemicals Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary. It is unsecured, but suggests that the plc will be heading for the knacker’s yard and the choice parts will end up owned by someone else.

Tern spends its last pennies – when’s the placing/fleecing?

Published 762 days ago

Yesterday on the back of interims from AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) I showed that despite the headlines of the interims, it is running out of cash. This morning, right on cue, it announced yet another quarterly convertible loan has been issued to its supposed jewel in the crown, Device Authority. If my maths is right, Tern will be totally skint by Christmas unless those fine chaps at HMRC hand over a bunch of cash to Device Authority and it hands it over to Tern...

Tern – Interims finally arrive and they are truly awful. SELL

Published 764 days ago

Jibed by me yesterday, AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) has finally got around to releasing its interims and as suggested the numbers are truly awful. Indeed, without a placing or a disposal it looks set to be out of cash by Christmas despite the placing to raise £1.5 million (with 10% costs!) shortly after the FY18 umbers were released. So much for being fully funded to the end of this year, as we were being told last year. When’s the placing and what will be the discount demanded by the bucket shops? Or will Tern just go bust?

Formal Request to AIM Regulation and FCA to investigate Brady PLC and Nomad Cenkos

Published 765 days ago

Yesterday I revealed, HERE, the shocking way that Brady PLC (BRY) had withheld damaging price sensitive information from the AIM Market and investors, in part with the collusion of Nomad Cenkos. With the company now having to raise £3 million in just six weeks simply to meet November payroll but needing far more to be viable, it and Cenkos are still dissembling about the nature and scale of its problems. I have today written to AIM Regulation and the FCA asking for a formal investigation and to force Brady to come clean. The letter is below

Bombshell Expose: Brady – material non disclosure as it seeks urgent funding

Published 766 days ago

Following a dire sales and lack of profits warning on 21 August, AIM Casino listed software outfot Brady (BRY) has today served up interim results which are both piss poor and fundamentally misleading. Quite simply, as things stand, a reliable source tells me, the company will not be able to meet payroll in November. Worse still there has been  massive material non disclosure of the mess this company is in.

Would you Adam’n’Eve it – ANOTHER DIRE profit warning from the Neil Woodford Kennel

Published 769 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It is a recurring nightmare for Neil Woodford’s disruptive play on all things sleep related as AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) has announced yet another profit warning as the company also announced that merger talks with Simba are all off. It is enough to disrupt even the heaviest of sleeps and the shares have opened 28% down – and are still falling.

BCA Marketplace – a tale of all that is wrong with capitalism & yes Neil Woodford is involved

Published 770 days ago

This story is about grubby nepotism, egregious compensation schemes, and aggressive business strategies, with an old-fashioned, car auction house at its heart.  It threads together the microeconomics of executive incentives with the macroeconomics of the credit cycle.

Neil Woodford dog Xeros Interims – a "disruptive" wash-out

Published 770 days ago

Neil Woodford dog, AIM-listed revolutionary washing machine purveyor Xeros Technology (XSG) has released its interim results this morning and the news is grim: revenues of £1.6 million led to a pre-tax loss of £9 million. Ouch.

Told Yu!

Published 771 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) released its interims this morning. For all the hope and bluster, as predicted, the balance sheet says it all for me and the shares are currently down 17% to 122.5p.

Eddie Stobart: interims still delayed, strategic review, discussions with lenders and dividend scrapped. Oh dear… looks utterly grim for shareholders, including Neil Woodford

Published 773 days ago

The old stockmarket adage that delayed news is always bad news held true this morning when AIM-listed Eddie Stobart Logistics (ESL) updated the market on its accounting review and the lack of interim results – which are still not ready. It is all bad news – and very bad news for Neil Woodford who holds about 23% of the equity: the dividend has been scrapped and we had the announcement of what amounts to a strategic review. Of course, strategic reviews are themselves a red flag of more bad news to come. It is grim.

Eddie Stobart Logistics: Where, oh where, are the interims? Statement needed Monday.

Published 774 days ago

AIM-listed Eddie Stobart Logistics  (ESL) was spun out of Stobart Group (STOB) is, of course, a Woodford Dog – Neil holds about 23% of the stock. When the shares were suspended last month in the wake of an accounting scandal because the interims would be delayed, we were told that the numbers would appear in early September. Well, they haven’t appeared and the next opportunity for release falls on Monday – the sixteenth of the month. According to my maths, that will therefore be the second half of September. Where are the numbers?

Diversified Gas & Oil plans move from AIM to Main market… so did Avanti & Quindell

Published 777 days ago

Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC), the largest oil company on AIM and an enterprise whose accounts are being scrutinised by the FRC for a wholesale breach of IFRS guidelines, has announced it plans to move from the Casino to the Premium segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange in Q1 2020. Both Avanti (AVN) and Quindell (QPP) made similar promises to try to keep their shares afloat. Neither actually made it off AIM as promised although, several years later, an almost bankrupt Avanti will be delisting altogether.

An Open Letter to Begbies Traynor - please don't make me go to your AGM, just answer my damn questions

Published 778 days ago

I have serious questions relating to corporate governance and related party deals at Begbies Traynor (BEG). I have communicated these to the company today and hope for answers. If I do not get them by next week I shall have to attend the AGM in Manchester and kick up a stink. None of us want that so over to Begbies...answers please. The letter is below.

Eddie Stobart Logistics – what about that interest free £475k related party loan to subsidiary company directors?

Published 779 days ago

Looking through the accounts of AIM-listed Eddie Stobart (ESL) to establish who the possible bidder is, in the wake of the company's suspension from trading on AIM on late accounts and an accounting scandal, something caught my eye. The FY17 accounts note a £475,000 interest-free related party loan to directors of a subsidiary company!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a statistic that damns the AIM Casino as the failure it is

Published 779 days ago

Fake Sheriff of AIM Marcus Stuttard and colleagues what a shit-showeryou preside over. Thanks to Adept Technology (ADT) we have a stat that damns you. I discuss this, the comedy/tragedy that is Providence Resources (PVR)/ Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP) and their Chinese pals. I look at IP Group (IPO), its results, its balance sheet and its association with the stench of Neil Woodford. Apologies to the fragrant Lizard for my words. And I chat about chatting to Carson Block of Muddy Waters about Burford (BUR) and other matters.To get the Carson Block podcast downloaded to your phone register HERE

Filthy Forty: Walcom warns of potential liquidation – time to get the Ouzo on ice, more China shame for AIM

Published 779 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play and member of my slam-dunk sells for 2019 Walcom (WALG) has warned again about its financial position – but this time the warning is more direct than before. If you hold shares, now really is just about the last chance to get out for suspension and a trip to the corporate undertakers could come pretty much any time. The company tells us it expects to have enough cash to mid-October, but "expects" and certainty are two different things...

The Court papers showing how Quindell lied to investors ahead of the Slater & Gordon deal

Published 781 days ago

I have already covered the laughable claim made by Watchstone (WTG), Quindell as was, against Slater & Gordon (SGH). Watchstone has made great hay about the conterclaim which ithe gophers of the deadwood press have swallowed hook, ine and sinker. But the actual court papers, below, are damning for Watchstone/Quindell. 

Oooh Er Mrs – the comedy shit show continues at Management Resource Solutions ( shares suspended)

Published 782 days ago

AIM Cesspit Posterboy Management Resource Solutions (MRS) served up another dollop of comedy on Friday. On Thursday it had waited until someone had had plenty of time to dump shares with the price tonking, before suspending its shares because of bad news it has known about well before the UK market opened. That news was that Voluntary Administrators had been appointed to 5 Australian subsidiaries. Now we learn more…

BOOM: Neil's Woodford Patient Capital Trust: Banks now calling the shots, this is grim

Published 783 days ago

Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) has today issued a shocking statement “Debt facility”. It shows that its banks ae now getting nervous and pulling all the strings. Boy, Neil Woodford must be glad that he has already sold most of his shares. The news also has grim implications for the Equity Income Fund.

Letter to FinnCap: Your client Altitude is talking rubbish, please ask the FCA to investigate £2.2m director share sales and other possible market abuse

Published 783 days ago

Yesterday AIM Casino listed Altitude (ALT) served up a very nasty lack of sales and profits warning relating to the six months to June 30th as Steve Moore described HERE. What absolutely stinks to high heaven are three share transactions made by founder and NED Martin Varley. Those trades would have had to be cleared by the board and the Nomad, hapless FinnCap, to whom I have written in today, copying in the regulators. There is another big issue that needs investigating too...

Oooo Er MRS, the comedy shit show continues – shares in Management Resource Solutions suspended

Published 784 days ago

Shares in this posterboy for the AIM Cesspit fell in morning trade. Pure coincidence natch! Nothing to see here officer, move along quickly please. At 2.20 PM the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation suspended trading in a company we have pointed out is drowning in debt and red flags and is almost certainly worthless on many occasions as you can see HERE. At 4.01 PM Management issued a statement. You cannot make this shit up. Only on the AIM Cesspit.

Modern Water: bullshit packed RNS, placing at 1.25p to raise just £141,696 - prepare for a GM and more confetti!

Published 786 days ago

Since my Easter Red Flags at Night piece things have got progressively worse for AIM-listed Modern Water (MWG). At the time of my Easter piece the shares were 5.75p but it has been a ski-slope downwards ever since and this morning the company announced a placing at just 1.25p to raise just a few 50p coins for the electricity meter: £141.696 – and that was before expenses!

We are told that:

IQE Interims – look at that shiny new debt facility: sell

Published 786 days ago

Bulls claim to be delighted. Having issued a shocking profits warning on June 21, IQE has served up half year numbers which reconfirm full year guidance. There is no follow up profits warning. Well not yet. But bears have real reasons for cheer. Having stated in June that it could operate within its existing £27 million overdraft into Q1 2020, we see today that the company has secured an additional £30 million asset financing (expensive debt). Ok, no bailout placing pro tem but a sign that cash continues to be burned.

Boom! Very awkward indeed: Burford Client Epicenter sues it for $200m – more questions on revenue recognition and ethics leap out

Published 786 days ago

Yesterday Burford (BUR) served up a risible response to questions about the Napo case as I detailed HERE and Drunken Sailor took apart HERE. Today the case in question is that of Epicenter which begs all sorts of questions, notably about a $200 million claim against Burford by its own client!

The man who discovered the Glenmark case takes apart Burford's risible Napo Explanation

Published 786 days ago

Bear raider Muddy waters credited ShareProphets reader Drunken Sailor for his work in discovering the Glenmark case fought by Napo and funded by Burford (BUR). Yesterday Burford released a report which tried to explain the seemingly bogus profits booked on Napo in 2013. I tore that release to shreds in a special Tom Winnifrith bearcast HERE. Now Drunken Sailor has posted his response which is devastating. The great man writes:

Are you a shareholder in Begbies Traynor and can you do me a favour?

Published 787 days ago

For reasons that will become apparent I wish to attend the AGM of Begbies Traynor (BEG) in Manchester on September 19 as I have a few questions for its esteemed chairman. If there is a shareholder out there would would be willing to make me a proxy might they drop me an email at - thanks in advance. 

Karelian Diamonds – it’s beer and popcorn time again as requisitioners return for round 2

Published 787 days ago

I’ve made no secret that I view AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) as a lifestyle company, as per its big brother (and under largely the same management), AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR). Both have achieved very little, both have balance sheets in a total mess and shareholders in both have endured massive shareholder value destruction over the years. In July a group of shareholders forced a sack-the-board EGM but as per CGNR last year, the vote went against them. Now they are back for round two.

Breaking: Rob Terry has now been interviewed twice by SFO – the five Quindell names in line for probable arrest soon

Published 788 days ago

A source acquainted with the Serious Fraud Office Investigation into Quindell (QPP) now known as Watchstone(WTG)  has confirmed that the fraudster in chief Rob Terry has now been interviewed by the Serious Fraud Office twice, the most recent time being in late July.

Burford: Formal request to Guernsey Financial Services Commission to join FCA and FRC and Investigate misleading accounts

Published 790 days ago

As I revealed yesterday, the FCA and FRC are both investigating Burford (BUR) following a letter I sent requesting an investigation on August 8. But Burford is Guernsey Registered so there is another regulator which needs to have a butchers. As such I have today written to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (the tax dodger’s equivalent of the FCA) asking it to launch an enquiry. The letter is below::

BREAKING: FRC says that following Tom Winnifrith letter it and FCA now investigating Burford

Published 791 days ago

PR spinners for Burford (BUR) have responded to the Muddy Waters dossier by getting their poodles in the deadwood press to suggest that the bear raider was up to no good and was being investigated by regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. Oh dear..I have shocking and bad news for Burford...

Muddy Waters credits ShareProphets and Drunken Sailor as publishes new Burford dossier

Published 793 days ago

To his credit, Carson Block has credited us fully in his new dossier covering the Napo scandal. The contents will be familiar to our readers having been published here 2 weeks ago. But it has aroused the deadwood press. I have already had one hack on the trombone seeking further clarification. The citical point is that without a Napo win fee, Burford (BUR) would have reported a 2013 loss, not a profit, shortly before getting away a big bond issue. As I noted in a letter to the Nomad Johnny Allison ten days ago "name that case!"  Burford's failure to do so is telling. The new Muddy Waters dossier is below:  

Letter to Nomad Cairn Financial re ADM Energy: why were you party to deception and are you contacting the FCA

Published 793 days ago

Shares in ADM Energy (ADME) are almost certainly, more or less worthless, as Gary Newman explained here. Those who paid c20p at peak “Sheikh on the Make hype”  for the shares must be spitting nails. The object of their anger should be Nomad Cairn Financial, of Cloudtag infamy, to whom I have written today cc’ing in AIM Regulation and the FCA. The letter follows.

UPDATED: URGENT Request to the FCA & AIM Regulation to investigate First Derivatives for a clear breach of AIM Rules and possible market abuse and insider dealing

Published 796 days ago

UPDATED: Earlier today I revealed that AIM superstar First Derivatives )(FDP) had been sitting on highly damaging and adverse price sensitive information since Tuesday of last week and had not disclosed this to the market. But it could be far worse. Far worse. I have thus written to both the FCA and to AIM Regulation demanding an immediate formal enquiry into a range of possible offences. It now emerges the case settled on Friday (terms unclear). That does not mean that on Tuesday/Wednesday it should have not been announced.. The letter is below:

UPDATED: BREAKING: First Derivatives drives coach & horses through AIM Rules as it fails to reveal a $100m law suit that could sink it - but then case withdrawn

Published 796 days ago

UPDATED: This begs all sorts of questions about First Derivatives (FDP), an AIM casino listed "superstar" about which we have repeatedly warned (and been vindicated by regulators acting on our complaints). The company faced a lawsuit that could bankrupt it and has failed to notify investors, a clear breach of AIM Rules.

Eddie Stobart shares suspended, dividend under review, accounting probe, CEO "resigned" – more disastrous news for Neil Woodford

Published 797 days ago

It never rains when it pours for Neil Woodford. This morning we were told that his investment into the breaking of the laws of physics has been revalued downwards and at 7.30am we learnt that shares in AIM-listed Eddie Stobart (ESL) have been suspended, the accounts will be late, the dividend is under review (ie going to be chopped) and the CEO has walked (ie been pushed). This is all in relation to an audit review. Apart from that everything is fine…..oh, apart from the profit warning – and dear old Neil's funds holds 22.89% of the company, as at 2 August worth, at last night's close, £62 million. Oh Dear.

Cloudbuy – Interims underline my sell stance - corporate knacker's yard surely beckons?

Published 798 days ago

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) reported its interims to the end of June yesterday and the news seems to me to be utterly grim: revenues of just £0.5 million, a loss of £0.7 million and a balance sheet showing net assets of MINUS £6.5 million complement the accumulated losses of £16.7 million. At least the company seems to be consistent! The statement at least refrained from telling us it was pleased to announce the numbers but my sell stance is thus far vindicated: last offered at 3p, the shares now stand at just 2.4p.

Blackmore Bond Plc – is the next domino in the mini bond scandal about to topple?

Published 799 days ago

In early 2019, I wrote a series of articles on what has become a widely known minibond scandal.  On 6 January 2019, I flagged up a swathe of red flags at London and Capital Finance Plc (“LCF”) (now in administration).  On 3 February 2019, I asked whether Blackmore Bond Plc was another minibond disaster in the making? Well it looks increasingly like that was yet another incredibly prescient call, the latest warnings signs are:

Avanti to delist its AIM casino shares – shareholders lose 99%, founder makes close to £20m

Published 800 days ago

I was once a believer as shares in the satellite company Avanti Communications (AVN) soared to 800p+. But I saw the light many moons ago. Today they languish at 0.5p as the company has announced that it is to delist from the AIM Casino. For six years this website has been warning about this disaster in waiting now we are 100% vindicated. Are there lessons to be learned? You bet....

Burford – was there Insider Dealing by the Deputy Chairman?

Published 802 days ago

Drunken Sailor has made another point about AIM-listed Burford (BUR) in the comments boards – this time in response to my story about the recently announced corporate governance changes and listing of Burford which Muddy Waters attacked and Burford said there was nothing wrong. Except it now seems to think there was. Apart from the jibe of panic, Drunken Sailor seems to be wondering about insider trading. Let’s take a look at the facts.

An Open Letter to Jonny Allison, Nomad to Burford re Material non disclosure on Napo

Published 803 days ago

Burford (BUR) does not have to prove it is innocent of the Muddy Waters allegations but the longer it opts NOT to give full disclosure the more suspicions will grow. And perhaps the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation or my friends at the FRC, who I have asked to look at the accounts, may force its hand. In that vein I have written to the Nomad, Jonny Allison at Macquarie asking him to force Burford to come clean. I have cc’d in the Oxymorons and the FRC. The letter is below

Video: A former Purplebricks employee gives you the hard numbers that show it will fail

Published 803 days ago

I have always believed that Purplebricks (PURP) stiffs both staff and customers and that is why it will eventually ru out of cash so stiffing shareholders too. This video below validates my thesis with a former employee giving hard numbers on that stiffing. Enjoy.

Muddy Waters new dossier: ex CIA spooks called in to show Burford (BUR) is, allegedly, misdleading investors

Published 804 days ago

Bear raider Muddy Waters has issued a new dossier on Burford (BUR) which we publish in full below. It is a bit different. It is a report by ex CIA spooks QVerity Inc analysis the response of Burford to the original dossier and it concludes that the response was designed to mislead investors. Enjoy.

Burford – Muddy Waters was wrong about joke corporate governance……so we’re changing it, and MW’s response

Published 804 days ago

AIM-listed Burford (BUR) has acted apparently with undue haste to the accusation from Muddy Waters, which is short, that Burford’s Corporate Governance is a joke. Of course, Burford dismissed the claims but seems to have acted anyway. No accusation of panic, then…..

Ooh Er MRS – is this a record for TR1 non disclosure

Published 805 days ago

The responsibility for submitting forms relating to changes in percentage ownership lises not with a listed company but with an investor. Thus though Management Resource Solutions (MRS) is a worthless piece of crap which should have been booted off Aim for numerous wrong-doings, as we have detailed HERE, this is not its fault.

Reader Post of the week: Burford and that other Napo case - this reads badly for the AIM company

Published 805 days ago

A cornerstone of the Muddy Waters attack on Burford (BUR) is that it booked 2013 profits on a case its client Napo lost and, as we showed here lost before the accounts were finalised. Burford’s defence is that this refers to a different Napo case but it failed to say which one. Well, reader Drunken Sailor has – I think found it. Sadly this second case fails to substantiate the Burford rebuttal at all, it makes it look even weaker. Over to Drunken who posts…

Filthy Forty Walcom (and a slam-dunk sell for 2019): yet another profit warning - The Fat Lady is warming up…..

Published 806 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear – an intra-day Company Update….not a good sign. ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) – one of a handful left – has updated the market on its position. We learn that African Swine Fever continues to affect most of the company’s domestic customers (so another profit warning), its former best customer still hasn’t paid up and it is unclear whether it will, the company has only funds to see it through to the middle of next month and absent alternative funding it will be a trip to the corporate undertakers. Apart from that, everything is fine!

Woodford revolutionary washing machine cash-hungry dog Xeros announces an attempted related party fundraise as predicted. So much for the Going Concern – it’s Ouzo for breakfast

Published 806 days ago

Only last Friday I predicted a fundraise by AIM-listed Neil Woodford backed cash-hungry dog Xeros (XSG), pointing out that Neil hadn’t any cash, in the wake of news that Xeros had sold its US washing machine business. Amazingly, the shares went up even though it was clear the company needed cash and was still haemorrhaging money faster than your average washing machine drains water. The passing of this crock as a going concern by the auditor as a Going Concern only at the end of April will have shareholders all in a spin (that’s enough washing machine gags – Ed). Well blow me down with a feather – its Ouzo time.

Woodford Dog Eve Sleep announces RTO talks with rival Simba – but would you Adam and Eve it, has it got the RNS wrong?

Published 807 days ago

Neil Woodford’s revolutionary bed project at AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) took an unusual turn as the company announced this morning that it is in very early stage discussions regarding the potential merger of Simba Ltd, ("Simba"). I’m confused – I thought the company was called “Simba Sleep Limited”. Some people might see this as a triumph for Neil Woodford, but I think very differently...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the PR bird for Seedr tries to bully the wrong sort of journalist into printing falsehoods

Published 808 days ago

In today's (long) bearcast I look at Burford (BUR) asking questions of bulls and bears, at Thomas Cook (TCG), surely a slam dunk short at 8p, at Cabot Energy (TOAST), ADM Energy (ADME) and finally at Seedrs where the PR bird is trying to bully me into publishing a falsehood. She is picking on the wrong man. maybe she confuses me with the spineless financial illiterates and PR cocksuckers at the deadwood press?

Breaking: We publish the Gotham City Dossier on Burford - it is a damp squib

Published 808 days ago

We said on Friday that our fellow Quindell (QPP) exposers Gotham City would publish a Burford (BUR) Dossier this weekend. Limp dick deadwood press PR cocksucking journalists, notably at the Sunday Times, published exactly the same story as "news" on Sunday. And they wonder why serving up very sloppy seconds, copied from internet sites,  sees their readership numbers continue to fall? Anyhow the Gotham dossier is live and we republish it in full below. To be honest it is a bit pompous and self praising but when it comes to hard analysis it offers little new.

Five Slam-Dunk sells for 2019 – August update

Published 809 days ago

It is just over a month since my last update, when my portfolio of five sells was actually showing a profit of 19.5% to anyone who bought as opposed to sold. Egg-on-face time! So how are things looking now – is it still sackcloth and ashes for me?

Versarien: Letter to Nomad Canaccord and AIM Regulation re share dealing by boss Neill Ricketts

Published 810 days ago

Yesterday AIM uber-ramp Versarien (VRS) was forced to issue a statement about a tweet posted by its boss Neill Ricketts the day before as a result of Thursday's bearcast and an email I'd sent to regulators that day. But the response itself is nonsensical and raises the very real question of whether Ricketts sold shares in April while sitting on inside price sensitive information. I have thus sent another email to regulators at AIM Regulation (the Oxymorons) and to Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy who acts as Nomad to Versarien at Canaccord.

Advanced Oncotherapy – fundraise via equity and debt ( bit more needed by Christmas, headline misleads)

Published 810 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced a fundraise on Wednesday – great news! Or is it? I wonder how much cash it will actually have when all the money comes in – and why, AFTER the fundraise, did researcher-for-hire Hardman produce a report telling us all what a bargain the company is? Then there are loan and outstanding salary conversions and the total – £18.4 million – is still short of a year’s spending, and won’t all arrive until the end of September. It looks a bit desperate – especially when the loan to top up the equity raise will cost up to 15% a year in interest.

Today's Primary Bid Offering is ADM Energy - avoid like the plague

Published 810 days ago

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today's offer, ADM Energy (ADME) is a total dog so. though it hurts us in the pocket book to say so, we urge you to pass. The emails sent out by ADVFN and others urging folks to pony up fail to mention one significant fact...

BREAKING: Gotham City set to issue Burford short dossier this weekend

Published 810 days ago

Welcome to the party Daniel Yu and Gotham City, such valuable allies in our takedown of the Quindell (QPP) fraud.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Lucian Miers is a spiv but is Neill Ricketts now a self-confessed insider dealer?

Published 811 days ago

Yesterday I raised issues for Versarien (VRS) HERE which forced a statement today. But that statement itself now begs the question of whether Neill Ricketts is an insider dealer. Another email to the shamed Nomad Bobbie Hilliam (of Quindell infamy) at Canaccord and to AIM Regulation is on the way. I also look at Burford (BUR), Kier (KIE) and Verseon (VERS).

Xeros sells washing machines business - but when's the placing, Neil?

Published 811 days ago

AIM-listed Xeros (XSG), Neil Woodford’s cash-hungry revolutionary and disruptive washing machine play, has sold the majority of its portfolio of its Hydrofinity US commercial laundry customer portfolio of leased machines to Eastern Laundry Systems and Wash IQ for $109,000 is cash up-front and on-going license fees. The contracts had offered up an adjusted loss (gross loss before exceptional cost of sales items) of $376,000 in 2018 so this is hardly a win – more a case of off-loading a loser.

FRC asked to investigate Burford Capital and auditors E&Y over 6 years of accounts - formal enquiry needed

Published 812 days ago

As you know the Financial Reporting Council are big admirers of my work most recently thanking me for nailing First Derivates (FDP) HERE but inter alia, commending me for my work in exposing the Quindell (QPP) fraud HERE. As such I have been in touch asking that the FRC open a full investigation into the accounts of Burford (BUR) which, I believe, require a material restatement.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Burford became uninvestable with a deranged RNS at 7 AM, Neill Ricketts is bonkers & Neil Woodford is finished

Published 813 days ago

Once again this website stands 100% vindicated in l'affaire Burford (BUR) where our coverage for months has been ahead of the game. Natch the deadwood press will ignore all of that as well as our brave call of yesterday. I look at Burford, its insane reaction, which was a red flag in itself, and then the equally insane reaction of Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) and where this all leaves disgraced Neil Woodford...

Inspirit – anything to tell us?

Published 813 days ago

SVS, which is now in special administration, was the sole broker to AIM-listed Inspirit (INSP) so it is now operating without a broker – contrary to AIM Rule 1, which technically means it should be suspended forthwith. You might think that a little harsh, since there is no way Inspirit could have known its broker would have the lights turned out for it by the FCA all of a sudden. I daresay AIM Regulation is allowing a grace period for former SVS clients to sign up with another spivvy bottom-end of AIM broker. Inspirit announced on Monday that it would make a further announcement in due course, noting the demise of its (now former) broker. But here is the thing...

Video: Carson Block of Muddy Waters explains how Burford cooks its books

Published 813 days ago

The report on Neil Woodford's second biggest holding, AIM Casino cdarling Burford (BUR) from Muddy Waters is - as you can see here - damning. Now here is a video where Carson Block explains the accounting tomfoolery that is at play. Enjoy.

UK Oil & Gas buys another 35% of Horse Hill – do the maths morons

Published 813 days ago

Folks like Lyin’ Steve Sanderson the boss of AIM casino listed UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and his shrinking band of chat-room cultist supporters still dream that Horse Hill will really turn out to be a Gatwick Gusher, not just another small scale UK onshore play. Today they should be doing some basic maths as UK has increased its stake in the asset from 50.6% to 85.6%.

Burford Capital is an "accounting fiasco" - Muddy Waters publishes damning report

Published 813 days ago

We warned our readers yesterday that Muddy Waters was on the case. In fact we've been warning about Burford (BUR) for months on this website. The company responded with a pathetic RNS this morning which caused the shares to spike. Now they are tumbling as the Carson Block report is out and its damning. Carson opines:

IQE – In the dock as the Equities First scandal re-emerges with an incomplete and therefore misleading statement

Published 814 days ago

We have not heard from Equities First Holdings (EFH) for a while, but regular ShareProphets readers may remember the scandal which emerged five years ago whereby directors of AIM companies announced they were buying shares when, if fact, they were selling vast numbers of them to EFH with the right, but not the obligation, to buy them back. Such fine enterprises as Rob Terry fraud Quindell (QPP – now Watchstone), Igas (IGAS, under Andrew “piggy” Austin), Cloudbuy (CBUY), Angle (AGL), Optimal Payments (OPP) and, of course, IQE (IQE) were all dragged in. Well now Drew Nelson, CEO of IQE has done another deal with EFH – and the announcement stinks. Has the company learned nothing from last time, when all of the above companies had to restate and restate again?

Muddy Waters set to destroy London company at 8 AM Wednesday - is it Burford?

Published 814 days ago

Legendary bear raider Carson Block, aka Muddy Waters Research, is set to publish a bombshell dossier tomorrow at 8 AM GMT. Given the tweet below there is fevered speculation that it is a London listed company and speculation is centring on Neil Woodford dog Burford (BUR) shares in which are off by 15% as I write. Two things to note:

Neil Woodford Dog Verseon joins his 90% club. Is it insolvent and when is the crash landing due?

Published 815 days ago

Neil Woodford is in the press for all sorts of things – bashing by the Daily Mail (another one today), his partner selling his house -The Times which also tells us that he is moving out of biotechs. And on that score, I see that AIM-listed Verseon (VERS) has more than halved in price over the last few days. We’ve not had a statement from the company, although I fancy it is running out of cash quickly, but it seems that someone was very keen to get out last Thursday.

SHOCKING Court Documents show Frontera bosses being sued by their own lawyers

Published 817 days ago

Is the whore blogger, fat bastard Malcolm Graham Wood still insisting that the late Frontera Resources (FRR) will come good and that its bosses Steve Nicandros and Zaza Mamulaishvili were top bananas? Or is the fact that he is no longer receiving, undeclared, brown envelopes prompting a change of tune?  Meanwhile the court papers I publish below suggest that Steve & Zaza lied to their own lawyers about paying bills and other matters. Having offered up personal guarantees for Fronter's bills and also not paid it seems the lawyer is now seeking to reclaim c$800,00 plus costs. Enjoy...... 

Goals Soccer Centres – the scale of the fraud starts to emerge, staff must surely face jail time

Published 818 days ago

If the Quindell fraudster Rob Terry is, this morning, wondering who his roomie will be when he goes down, perhaps he may be able to discuss accounting fun and games with a member of staff from Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) which has today fessed up to the scale of its problems as it admits its days on AIM are almost over.

You could not make it up – look who is sponsoring the crony capitalist beanfeast that is the AIM Awards

Published 818 days ago

Each year 1200 crony capitalists dress up in DJ’s and party frocks to attend the AIM awards dinner. Of course, ultimately, it is shareholders like you, ordinar investors,  who pay for this obscene bean feast. They put up the cash the companies pay the advisers who then book the tables at thousands of pounds a pop. Shareholders lose money on AIM, fat cat directors and crony capitalists swill champagne at their expense. What is not to like? So which fine firms are sponsoring this year’s event? You could not make this up…

BREAKING – Rob Terry walks away from public life – did the SFO pounce on the Quindell fraudster last week?

Published 818 days ago

 We know that the Serious Fraud Office investigation into the Quindell (QPP) mega fraud is well advanced. Is this a sign that it is about to get really interesting?

Notes from Underground - Opti, Gold, a Grego short, Woodford, and Atlantic Carbon

Published 823 days ago

You could not dream up a more perfect weekly reader's top five articles than what we got this week.

Woodford Dog RM2 – catastrophe as Neil is snookered

Published 828 days ago

After bailing out the ridiculous AIM-listed RM2 (RM2) over and over again with other people’s money before his own supply ran dry, Neil Woodford finds himself completely snookered this morning as RM2 has announced a bailout fundraising without Woodford and he faces the choice now of being diluted to oblivion or watching it go bust. Of course, readers of this fine website have been warned and warned and warned. But Neil always knew best.

The Curse of the Sheriff of AIM – Atlantic Carbon goes bust, it's ouzo time

Published 828 days ago

You may remember how Atlantic Carbon claimed it was worth a fortune based on “analysts reports” produced by SEC indicted crooks and then planned a London listing after Reversing into Peter Shea’s Daniel Stewart.  Mr Shea and former Atlantic Carbon boss Adam Wilson should not have threatened the Sheriff with a fascist lawyer’s letter over at Daniel Stewart. That guaranteed my wall to wall coverage and exposes and now the curse has struck… Atlantic Carbon, as you can see below is worth not $86.8 million but NOTHING. It has gone bust. Crack out the ouzo.

Reader Poll: IQE appoints new Nomad and broker so what price is the bailout placing?

Published 829 days ago

We warned you two days before the most recent profits warning from IQE that one was on the way, HERE,  and when it arrived it meant that the company was a slam dunk cert to need a bailout placing. Today we discover that Canaccord has been axed as Nomad and replaced by Peel Hunt while Citigroup joins the party as co broker. This can only mean one thing, that bailout placing is imminent. So with the shares at 52.4p on Friday (and overvalued at that) at what price do you think the placing will be at? Vote below with a deadline of midnight tonight.

Telit, FinnCap, the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation – the endemic problems of the Casino

Published 832 days ago

Telit Communications (TCM) is a case study on why the AIM Casino is such a casino. Not only does it claim to be running at a cash profit while c$20 million of cash disappears in the first half of the year. But rules are broken and the folks meant to stop that, Nomads such as FinnCrap, do nothing to prevent it happening. And the regulators then do nothing about it. So other folks feel free to offend.

Audioboom – the scale of the pre placing cash fudge is revealed by shocking interims

Published 833 days ago

I have noted on this website several times how Audioboom (BOOM) has real form in giving a misleading indication of its cash  position and cashburn ahead of a bailout placing. I warned you that it was up to its old tricks again in the final months of 2018 and early 2019 ahead of two placings which came along as predicted. Now the scale of that naughtiness is revealed with dismal interims out today. Here is your timeline.

Karelian Diamonds – settlement issues: more shenanigans on the AIM Casino

Published 833 days ago

I noted yesterday that AIM-listed Karelian (KDR), of the Conroy stable, had issued £100,000 worth of equity following a subscription. Since then, two directors bought in the market but word has reached Deputy Sheriff Towers of settlement issues. With a sack-the-board EGM coming up next Friday this looks a mess: will the shares have to be suspended?

TRIUMPH: Financial Reporting Council says Tom Winnifrith complaint saw £800m First Derivatives have to alter its accounting policies

Published 835 days ago

To those who say that ShareProphets is a joke site run by a fool or a knave, stick this letter below from the Financial Reporting Council where the sun don't shine. Yet again the FRC is marking my homework with A*s.  To those cretins on the Bullettin Boards who abuse me daily I ask: when was the last time you got a regulator to force an £800 million market cap company to change its, overly aggressive and misleading, accounting policies? Ouzo time yet again for the Sheriff of AIM. 

Shenanigans at Conroy Gold and Karelian Diamonds

Published 835 days ago

Two RNSs yesterday from AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) and its under-fire little brother, AIM-listed Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR), raised my eyebrows...

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: More dissembling from the bullshit merchant David Sefton of AAOG

Published 836 days ago

There is a new RNS out today which begs massive questions which the company refuses to answer. And there is still the matter of the placing at 5.2p and more questions about whether Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) will get that away in light of what it claimed on Friday. This stock is now utterly toxic and uninvestable at 4p. Enjoy.

PWC Leeds office in the soup for a third time – PTSG and the £540k payments to CEO

Published 836 days ago

The other day the Leeds office of PWC was fined heavily and slammed by the FRC for professional negligence in the case of not spotting accounting fraud at Redcentric (RCN). It was the second such notice in two years for PWC Leeds and the office is on a warning. Thus I am sorry to say but it is in the soup again over the massive undeclared payments going, over many years, to the CEO of Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG), Mr Paul Teasdale, which I exposed in full on Saturday HERE. Now here is why PWC is in the soup…

EXPOSE: Premier Technical Services Group - now about that material undisclosed related party deal involving your CEO

Published 837 days ago

I am worried that Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG) may have accidentally failed to make appropriate disclosures regarding a very material related party transaction involving Paul Teasdale, the CEO and a monster annual dividend he seems to have been receiving from one of the subsidiaries. 

Haydale – when a trading update doesn’t update anything: Still a SELL

Published 840 days ago

I’ve been a bear of AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) all the way down from 120p, and saying sell at 78p, to today’s miserable 1.775p but this morning’s trading statement gives me no reason to change my stance. I may have closed out in my five slam-dunk sells for this year but even then I warned that  I would still be inclined to sell and I certainly wouldn’t buy here. Well, we’ve had a trading statement this morning – more remarkable for what it does not say rather than what it does, and that is never a good sign.

St James House (formerly Boxhill Technologies plc) – still a dog as results show, accounts breach IFRS and mislead big time

Published 840 days ago

Lib Dem grandee Lord Timmy Razzall may have changed the name of Boxhill to St James House (SJH) but this company which has been mired in so much corruption and fraud remains an uninvestable uber dog even by the standards of  the AIM casino. Results earlier this week were covered in bearcast yesterday but perhaps merit further scrutiny. They are shocking, breach IFRS on numerous counts and quite simply aim to decieve. Nomad Allenby should be walking.

Redx Pharma – great news, but…..

Published 841 days ago

AIM-listed Redx Pharma (REDX) has released great news in that it has sold one of its products for $3.5 million upfront plus up to $203 million in milestone and royalty payments, plus a cut of any sales. That’s a lot of cash – or it may be, if all the hurdles are passed successfully – but of course, those hurdles may not be quite so easy to clear, and it certainly won’t be any time soon. The shares are up heavily by 124% at 14p on the news, but I just wonder if the market is suffering from over-enthusiasm.

Expose: TrakM8 needs to restate results announced yesterday thanks to PWC Screw-up

Published 842 days ago

The critical point about yesterday’s full year numbers from TrakM8 (TRAK) is that they show a company with zero earnings visibility, burning cash and with a drowning in debt balance sheet which is thinner than an Ethiopian super model when it comes to tangible net asset backing. I do not wish to sound like an accosting pedant and geek but there is another issue: auditors PWC Southampton have screwed up and the numbers need to be corrected and re-issued. Let me explain:

Anglo African Oil & Gas Disgraced boss David Sefton misleads investors again – SACK THE LOATHSOME BASTARD NOW

Published 843 days ago

After intense pressure from ShareProphets and from those who were signed up to take part in a £2.7 million placing at 5.2p and are threatening to pull out, disgraced David Sefton and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) have made a statement. But the turd Sefton has misled investors again. How is Nomad FinnCap putting its name to this? Does FinnCrap have no shame? As Sefton dissembles I have some new revelations below....

Anglo African Oil & Gas Disgraced boss David Sefton P45 watch – Day 7, FCA Now Contacted

Published 844 days ago

On July 1 we revealed that having raised cash in a placing he said was not needed just a few days prior at 10p a few months ago, David Sefton was trying to raise £9 million more at c5p for AIM promote Anglo African Oil & Gas, HERE. By Wednesday we exposed the undeclared related party company screwing nature of that fund raise HERE. On Thursday we flagged up that the placing part of the fund raise was in trouble HERE. Now on day seven of the David Sefton P45 watch I have written to Mark Steward at the FCA demanding he act. The letter follows....

LSE AIM Statistics for June 2019 - these truly are awful stats for the “worlds leading growth market”

Published 845 days ago

The joke management of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) continues to insist that the AIM Casino is the world’s leading growth market. But the hard data from June 2019 shows once again that the fat cat LSE bosses are ‘avin’ a giraffe.

Anglo African Oil & Gas shares tumbling - urgent statement needed on two matters

Published 847 days ago

Having announced a £2.7 million placing at 5.2p and a shockingly bad undeclared related party death spiral to bring in another £5.5 million yesterday shares in Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) are tumbling are are now just 4.4p to sell. An urgent statement on two matters is needed. Firstly:

Purplebricks just a few more bearish observations

Published 847 days ago

For a company that will have net current assets of somewhere between SFA and £30 million by Christmas and which will again burn cash this year the valuation of Purplebricks (PURP), £314 million at 103p, is bonkers. In light of that I revisit full year numbers from Wednesday and ask you to consider a stack more red flags.

EXPOSE: Anglo African Oil & Gas placing - the worst form of death spiral financing in all but name, undeclared related party deal - this stinks

Published 848 days ago

News this morning, as I predicted on this site on Monday HERE of an £8.25 million raising by Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) looks to be a disaster for existing shareholders once again under David Sefton's watch. 

Telit – has its broker quit and the company neglected to mention it?

Published 849 days ago

On May 22nd  2019 Telit Communications (TCM) issued an RNS with co broker Berenberg as one of the contacts. From the RNS of June 6 onwards Berenberg’s name has been missing from all releases. So is there, yet again, something that this company, founded by mortgage fraudster and fugitive from justice Uzi Katz, is not telling us?

Patrick Abbott (ex Versarien) in unhinged twitter meltdown against Tom Winnifrith - what sort of company would employ this nutter?

Published 850 days ago

Patrick Abbott clearly does not like the fact that I reveealed and published the fraud charges against him that could see him to a 20 year stretch and which AIM uber-ramp Versarien (VRS)  finally responded to by, eventually bowing to my pressure, and parting company with him last week. Last night he went into a twitter meltdown as you can see below. I ask you what sort of company employs a nutter like this in the first place?

Notes from Underground - A Visual History of the Largest Companies by Market Cap

Published 851 days ago

I decided to spare everyone my annual paen to Canada, as it is Canada's National Holiday tomorrow, and stay within ShareProphet's wheelhouse. This chart, from shows the conversion of the worlds largest companies from providing a wide-range of goods and services in 1999 to being tech (and Johnson + Johnson) in 2019.

BOMBSHELL: Versarien is its US oil graphene order a total spoof? A hard look at the maths – what it won’t tell you

Published 852 days ago

Yesterday, shares in Versarien (VRS) raced ahead by 10% as it announced an order with an (un-named, natch) US oil and has explorer for 12 kg of its high purity graphene nano platelets (GNP-HP) integrated into a polymer masterbatch by Neill Rickett’s great British Company. But the RNS did not spell out the value. And doing his, almost, weekly ramp on Justin the Clown’s promotional limp dick podcast he again refused to say. So here is some hard maths: I suggest this order may be a spoof.

AIM fraud Origo Partners – hero John Chapman puts the boot in to ex board, crooked advisors, ex Nomad in excruciating detail

Published 852 days ago

Fraud Origo Partners (OPP) is one of the few remaining stocks of our AIM-China Filthy Forty. One might wonder if there is hope given that it is still here but Chairman John Chapman has offered up its FY18 accounts which are truly dreadful (again) and his chairman’s letter is pretty explicit as to why. In short, Origo shows everything that is wrong with AIM: the transfer of wealth from the many (shareholders) to the few. Read it and weep Marcus Stuttard, the head of AIM and Sham Sheriff – this is your system.

Shock ‘em at Brockham – disaster for Angus Energy, Catastrophe for UK Oil & Gas, The Weald basin promote died today

Published 853 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  This is a bleak day indeed for the Weald basin, Horse Hill, and all the fools who believed Lyin’ Steve Sanderson and shameless ramper Big Dave Lenigas. The dismal results first thing, from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) were enough to justify ouzo on my cornflakes at Sheriff of AIM towers but mid morning saw news from Angus Energy (ANGS) and its Brockham site which is disastrous for those who disseds me and believed Lyin’ Steve and Dave. It is the death knell of the shameless and morally repellent, Wield basin (bigger than Saudi Arabia) promote.

Union Jack Oil & Chris Oil, share trades and placing – questions that need answering

Published 853 days ago

I suggested that Union Jack Oil (UJO) was planning a placing in yesterday’s bearcast. And lo and behold the Sheriff of AIM is right again, £2.25 million has been raised at 0.17p.  But this raises big questions about the share trading activities of Mr Chris “Uranium” Oil, a man who has featured on this website often enough.

The Sheriff of AIM gets yet another scalp – Patrick Abbott & Versarien: GOTCHA!

Published 853 days ago

The demented Bulletin Board and twitter followers of Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Rickets claimed the court documents I published HERE covering two fraud charges were false. Or that I had the wrong Patrick Abbott. Or that I was just making it all up to please my masters in the global shorting conspiracy.As ever the morons were wrong. Versarien has finally bowed to our pressure and let Abbott, who was only appointed a few months ago, go as head of its US operations.

SCANDALOUS: 67% Neil Woodford owned dog RM2: I demanded a statement, it’s here and its grim

Published 855 days ago

On Monday I demanded that RM2 (RM2) make a statement to cklarify its (grim) financial position. Today it has obliged and this maker of “disruptive” pallets where Woodford Investment Management funds have a 67% stake looks to be utterly fecked.

Today's Primary Bid offer is Sareum - No thanks it's a dog

Published 855 days ago

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today's offer, Sareum, (SAR) is a total dog, as I have noted often enough on this website, so since we have integrity, we advise you to make us no money and avoid this hound like the plague.

Trafalgar Property – 3.11pm update….uh-oh – PLACING AHOY!! Sell

Published 855 days ago

have been a bear of AIM-listed Trafalgar Property (TRAF) ever since I first wrote about it way back in 2015, when I noted that in the middle of a housing boom the fact that the company had again lost money. In April of this year I noted that it had only delivered one set of profitable accounts out of five since it listed on AIM, after the company had claimed to be well placed to deliver and claimed it was exciting times. With that background, we had an update at 3.11pm today. Of course,as Steve Moore has often noted, intra-day updates are rarely good news…..

Neil Woodford dog RM2 shares collapsing – statement needed ASAP

Published 857 days ago

A week ago shares in “disruptive pallets” Neil Woodford dog RM2 (RM2) were 38p. Today they are off by almost 20% at 28.5p and surely a statement is needed. It cannot be good news. And this is why.

Ariana – share price surges though next target, time to cash in a little more (but hold the majority strongly)

Published 860 days ago

Well that was quick! A few days ago, having been hoping to offload some AIM-listed Ariana (AAU) at 2p for months and months the shares finally gave me the chance, so I moved to strong hold with a next target of 2.5p. All of a sudden the gold price surged – and so did Ariana’s shares: we have reached 2.5p. Hooray! But now what?

Ouzo O’clock in North Wales, misery in the valleys as IQE warns (as predicted)

Published 860 days ago

The Sheriff of AIM is surely entitled to a celebratory breakfast ouzo at his hovel in North Wales? On Wednesday I flagged up a profits warning from the Krauts at Siltronic and suggested that IQE (IQE) was likely to follow. Less than 48 hours later the Cardiff dog duly barks. As a long term bear I have repeatedly warned silly sell side analysts, Thirsty Paul Scott and others that this company is a crock…once again I stand vindicated. And so to detail….it is grim.

Big Dave Lenigas ousted from Doriemus...a prophet is without honour

Published 862 days ago

And he went out from thence, and came into his own country; and his disciples follow him. And when the sabbath day was come, he began to teach in the synagogue: and many hearing him were astonished, saying, From whence hath this man these things? and what wisdom is this which is given unto him, that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands? Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. And this brings us to Big David Lenigas.

Liar, and alleged fraudster, Patrick Abbott of Versarien - exposed with two new court documents

Published 862 days ago

Last week I revealed that the man who was to take Versarien (VRS) forward in the USA, Patrick Abbott faced two new charges of fraud which could see him going to jail for 20 years and that his lawyer had quit. Abbott, a man whose skills will be "invaluable" to Versarien according to boss Neil Ricketts, responded on twitter saying this was fake news from TW. Oh dear. The indictments are below, Patrick you are a liar.

Bluejay Mining – Show me the money!

Published 862 days ago

News yesterday from BlueJay Mining (JAY) continues to underscore my view that the company needs to carry out an extensive capital raising exercise in order to progress on its Dundas field in Greenland. The word on the street is that it is sounding out mugs about a placing at 5p a pop.

New Big Short Dossier - are Neil Woodford's pals at IP Group running out of money & its opaque accounts

Published 863 days ago

In a bearcast last Thursday I discussed the complex relationships between IP Group (IPO) and disgraced Neil Woodford. They stink and IP, at 74p capitalised at £784 million, will be dragged into this scandal and that alone makes it a toxic investment. But there is a bigger reason why this company is a compelling short...

A Letter to Bobbie Hilliam at Versarien’s Nomad Canaccord

Published 864 days ago

In light of Saturday’s bombshell revelation HERE I have written to the Nomad of Versarien (VRS) suggesting a statement is needed pronto. The letter is below.

BREAKING: Versarien Patrick Abbott update – oh dear he now faces up to 20 years in jail, lawyer quits

Published 866 days ago

Oh dear, oh Dear. You may remember how on March 21, Versarien (VRS) announced with great fanfate that it had appointed Patrick Abbott to spearhead its US expansion. Lucian Miers then pointed out that Mr Abbott faced a few legal problems. And so on April 4 Versarien stated:

Karelian – the sack-the-board battle hots up

Published 868 days ago

I noted a couple of weeks back that it was beer and popcorn time at Prof Richard Conroy’s smaller lifestyle enterprise, AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR). The battle is hotting up nicely...

He’s ‘avin’ a giraffe – king fraudster Rob Terry wants to sue Watchstone (Quindell as was) for £14.7m

Published 868 days ago

You could not make this stuff up.  Watchstone (WTG), Quenron as was is trying to sue its founder, the king of the fraudsters, Rob Terry and others for breach of the share purchase agreement entered into by the Company with Mr Terry and others on 28 April 2011 in respect of the sale and purchase of shares in Watchstone Limited. But now Terry is seeking to counterclaim for £14.7 million. His claim is utterly ridiculous but will waste more of Watchstone’s dwindling cash pile.

BREAKING: Neil Woodford begs IFAs to stick with him in an email which is just not true

Published 869 days ago

Disgraced fund manager Neil Woodford has sent an email to IFA's begging them to not only stay with him but to send a templated email to their clients urging them to do the same. The Woodford email is below and, sadly, scores low on the veracity front.

Diversified Gas & Oil: investor lunch, FRC update and chapter & verse on massive looming restatements & interims

Published 871 days ago

I am delighted to say that my good friends at the Financial Reporting Council have acknowledged receipt of my dossier on Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) and are now looking at accounts which clearly need massive restatements. Meanwhile I see that the company is hosting a lunch for private investors on June 26 in London. Sadly I’m busy that day, as it is the day major renovations start at my Welsh hovel but if you want to attend email James Husband . More pressing are the forthcoming interims….

The Corruption of the Deadwood Press: The Mail on Sunday, Jim Mellon and Agronomics

Published 871 days ago

Agronomics (ANIC) is an AIM listed firm which knew full well on Friday that it was set to raise £4.5 million at 5p - as against a 5.5p mid. So here is what to do. Leak the story to the fraudsters fave journalist, Ben Harrington, who will give it an utterly misleading write-up in the Mail on Sunday in return for the "scoop." MoS readers fill their boots on Monday and the shares move higher - they are now 6.5p. So Harrington and the Fail on Sunday get another "scoop", the Spiv clients of broker Peterhouse get to flip the stock and thank Peterhouse which earns 5% to pay for the coke and hookers and the company is cashed up.  The only folk who get screwed are readers of the Fail on Sunday who are buying shares on the basis of completely fake news.

Who exposed Neil Woodford - laughable fake news from the Sunday Times cocksuckers

Published 872 days ago

The first article where we warned about Neil Woodford was in 2015. By 2017 our coverage was detailed and on an industrial scale taking aparty every aspect of the Woodford empire. As Bloomberg stated yesterday, we  at ShareProphets, were first. The deadwood press, including the Sunday Times just blew the great man off. But today we learn , as you can see below, that it was a Sunday Times investigation on March 3 2019 that FIRST exposed what was going on. FAKE NEWS!!!!

Fat Bastard Malcolm Graham Wood & the Bulletin Board Morons time to apologise – Frontera Resources officially a zero

Published 874 days ago

Oh dear. All the abuse I got from folks who insisted that I was wrong in calling out the fraud that was Frontera (FRR). All those folks who quoted the whore blogger, fat bastard Malcolm Graham Wood who took undeclared payments from Frontera to say how cheap its shares were. Will the whore blogger apologise to those who believed him? Will the morons apologise to me?  For today IG is paying out on short positions valuing Frontera shares at 0p. Its bust.

Diversified Gas & Oil - over to PWC to explain why its accounts must be restated

Published 874 days ago

As I noted in my earlier bonus bearcast, Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) or its agents at Cenkos, Stifel and Mirabaud are almost certainly briefing the dumb fucker insitutions who own this stock that I do not understand IFRS 3 and so my claim that its accounts grotesquely overstate "profits" and must all be restated are hogwash. Au contraire...I now refer you to PWC.

Watchstone (Quindell as was), a Canadian legal body blow and the £18 million claim it is hiding

Published 874 days ago

In the dismal annual results for calendar 2018 published on May 9 Watchstone (WTG), Quindell (QPP) as was, claimed to go into great detail on the various legal cases it faces thanks to the activities of its former boss, the King of the Fraudsters, Rob Terry. Except it didn’t. On April 11 it suffered a massive blow in a C$30 million (£18 million claim if faces in Canada from Aviva. This it omits to mention in its finals but luckily I can bring you full court documents and a release from Aviva’s lawyers below….

Another after hours utter Neil Woodford SHOCKER – Worthless Proton calls him for £25m, so who will pay?

Published 874 days ago

I have flagged up repeatedly that one almighty headache for Neil Woodford is that NEX lobster pot listed joke company Proton Partners International (PPI) has a legally binding right to demand up to £70 million in equity investment from Nei Woodford’s funds. Given that its shares have traded once in the 3 and a half months since its scandalous IPO this is a real nightmare.  At 5PM today we learned Proton has called Woodford for £25 million…questions, questions…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Diversified Gas cannot respond - is it the best short on AIM?

Published 875 days ago

I start with a few reflections on D day from my own family history. Then I look at Neil Woodford and what needs to happen.Then at unfolding events at Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) which make it, arguably, the most compelling short on AIM. Do folks understand the scale of what is going on here? Then I cover Motif Bio (MTFB), Cabot Energy (CAB)  and finally Blue Jay (JAY) another truly compelling short.

An Open Letter to Susan Searle at WPCT No 2 – Neil Woodford must be fired now to save our company

Published 876 days ago

Susan Searle, the fragrant chairwoman of Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), where I am a loyal owner of 10 shares, has yet to respond to my polite letter demanding she suspend the shares, fire Neil Woodford and undertake a strategic review. But events now force me to write again in light of Woodford’s incoherent video of earlier.  That suggests WPCT now faces a full blown crisis. The letter follows:

Diversified Gas & Oil Reported to FRC – IFRS 3 why its accounts are a joke and need mammoth restatement

Published 876 days ago

Yesterday I highlighted the numerous issues which make Diversified  Gas & Oil (DCOG) the most overvalued oil stock on AIM.  The crux of the issue is that its freported profits since IPO have been generated almost entirely from aggressive accounting as opposed to producing hydrocarbons. I believe its accounts breach IFRS 3 and must therefore be completely restated which will wipe out nearly all of its retained profits. Let me explain. 

Diversified Gas & Oil – surely a stonking short – I guide you to some amazing research

Published 877 days ago

I take my hat off to a chap who has created the blog Oarfish Research for he is a truly talented individual who has produced some spectacular research on £878 million capitalised ( at 126p) AIM listed Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC).  Reading Mr Oarfish’s truly spectacular analysis I can only conclude that this company is monumentally overvalued. It could be the most overvalued stock on AIM.

Letter to WPCT Chair Susan Searle – suspend the shares, fire Neil Woodford for misleading us at AGM & strategic review asap

Published 877 days ago

As you may recall I invested £8 to become a loyal shareholder in the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and attended its AGM on May 16 to give Neil Woodford a right duffing up. Woodford misled that meeting and for that, as well as gross incompetence, he should be fired at once. I have written to our great leader, chair Susan Searle with calls for immediate action. The letter is below:

Beer and Popcorn time at Karelian Diamonds

Published 880 days ago

Oohhh goodie! It was announced on Friday morning that AIM-listed insolvent POS Karelian Diamonds (KDR) had received a EGM requisition to sack the board……but due to a technicality the requisition received was not valid. However, on the expectation that another is on the way minus any technicalities causing problems, it looks as though the Prof Richard Conroy soap opera is set to take another turn.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: who has been daft enough to send me a fascist lawyers letter

Published 880 days ago

Someone wants to gag the free press and has sent me a fascist and ludicrous lawyers letter. But who wants to suffer the curse of the Sheriff? make your guesses in the comments section below. It is not Neil Woodford but I discuss his woes, I look at Karelian Diamonds (KDR) and offer to back those wanting to sack the board, comment again on BlueJay (JAY) and its porky pie and look at results from Audioboom (BOOM). Finally, my cats are now showing their teeth as trained vermin killers.

Live Company – another AIM Casino POS caught lying

Published 881 days ago

And clueless Marcus Stuttard at AIM Regulation wonders why the AIM Casino is regarded as such a joke? How about because companies are able to lie to investors without sanction? I flagged up BlueJay earlier for telling a monstrous porky, now here is another, Live Company (LVCG).’

Pieter Totte is the crook, why are the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation sparing his blushes and panning Real Good Food?

Published 882 days ago

Individuals not companies lie, deceive, cheat and break the rules. If you want to stamp out white collar crime you hammer individuals not companies. Natch the Oxymorons really do not get that at all. Today AIM Regulation has fined Real Good Food (RGD) £450,000 (reduced to £300,000 for co-operating with enquiries) for some monstrous crimes committed largely by its former executive chairman Pieter Totte, but also by two other former directors. The full shocking notice is below.

St James House – trading update as Razzall tries to dazzall (but fails)

Published 882 days ago

AIM-listed St James House (SJH) is not the investment house which gave Neil Woodford the dreaded vote of confidence – this is the old Boxhill run by Lord Razzall. It may have a swanky upmarket new name but it still looks like the disaster of old...

Cloudtag – Wot, no countdown clock? The Fat Lady sings again...

Published 882 days ago

As we all know, Cloudtag (CTAG) was a former darling of the AIM Casino which had a few problems with nasty people like us pointing out that it was a total POS in every way until it was booted off the Casino when the Nomad resigned. It now seems that a part of the Cloudtag empire has bitten the dust as Companies House has announced the Final Gazette notice for Cloudtag Active Limited...

Westminster 2018 results – the ghastly truth, the fudges to stop it being marked insolvent

Published 888 days ago

And so having promised us 2018 sales of £7.2 million and an EBITDA profit on January 29, simply to get a bailout placing away on February 8, the ghastly truth now emerges. Westminster’s (WSG) 2018 results are shite and bar an accounting fudge they would have shown the group as insolvent. Let me explain.

Redhall – suspended pending clarification, but when did it get into trouble?

Published 888 days ago

Back in 2014 Tom Winnifrith described AIM-listed (for now) Redhall (RHL) as a zombie company….dead money but that it supported an army of crony capitalists, directors and various City parasites. This morning the shares were suspended pending financial clarification yet although there had been a profit warning on 1 May there had been no indication that the company was at death’s door.

Norwegian E24 goes after Chris Rynning (formerly of F40 Origo) - part 6: now Danske Bank's due diligence comes under the microscope

Published 889 days ago

E24 in Norway has been having a right old go at Chris Rynning, the former boss of AIM-listed Origo Partners (OPP), having found that large amounts of cash disappeared into tax havens and investors in Origo were left wth almost nothing. In this latest episode, E24 looks at Danske Bank, which went in with NOK 0.9 million to Rynning’s venture fund, Nhack, to help entrepreneurs in China. But this year, like Innovation Norway, Danske Bank terminated the relationship.

Sound Energy – is that noise the screams of Bulletin Board savant agony? It will get worse

Published 890 days ago

I warned folks time and time again that the valuation of Sound Energy (SOU) was a monumental joke as the shares were pumped up to a peak of 82p. But the savants of the Bulletin Board Moron community knew better and hurled back abuse. Today the shares are just 11.62p but that is still way too high.

Westminster clarifies on its 2018 “profits” – surely it over-egged before bailout placing?

Published 890 days ago

If Westminster Group (WSG) was regulated by the SEC not the weedy poltroons at the FCA and the Oxymorons at AIM regulation, shamed ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy would this morning be sweating like the dirty pig he is. Let me explain.

Accesso shares have more than halved – who is to blame? Natch it is Tom Winnifrith says Roger Lawson who wants me closed down

Published 890 days ago

Shares in Accesso (ACSO) have more than halved so who is to blame? I warned folks on numerous occasions about aggressive accounting, weak cashflows, lack of timely disclosures and hefty boardroom share sales, notably in a detailed piece HERE. And you might have thought that those were all very good reasons why the shares have tanked. Oh no…step forward loyal shareholder Roger Lawson of Sharesoc reporting back on the AGM which he attended.

Ariana – another cracking set of numbers from Kiziltepe

Published 892 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold producer Ariana has offered up the latest full production numbers for its Kiziltepe joint venture. As I had expected, costs were up a little due to the Turkish Lira strengthening, but the gold price had a good quarter (sadly not sustained…..) so income was up.

Thomas Cook: bad News for Andrew Monk and Chris Bailey, this is going to 0p

Published 892 days ago

I did warn my pal Andrew Monk, as he greedily filled his boots with Thomas Cook (TCG) shares and for a time he looked smart. Now the stock has collapsed to just 10p but that still values the company at c£150 million. The bad news for Monkey and Chris “three brains “ Bailey, a fellow bull, is that this is likely to be a zero.

Rose Petroleum – your RNS share issue statements are a farce & contain blatant lies

Published 892 days ago

On 11 April Rose Petroleum (ROSE) announced that Mr Robert Bensh was buying £275,000 of shares in the company at 1.1p to take a 14% stake and would become chairman with immediate effect. Er….

Woodford Equity Income Fund – Red Flags in the end-April numbers

Published 893 days ago

This week saw a bit of a landmark as Neil Woodford’s Equity Income Fund (EIF) crashed below £4 billion in value. It was £4.7 billion at the of February, and £4.4 billion at the end of March – but it peaked at over £10 billion. It is an astonishing collapse of confidence in Woodford. But the end-April numbers revealed a few surprises.

Woodford – buys 2 more falling knives (AGAIN) as EIF crashes through £4 billion. Good job he’s not a forced seller!

Published 895 days ago

Let it never be said that Neil Woodford is a forced seller of anything, for yesterday we learnt that once again he has topped up with yet more shares in Kier Group (KIE) and a few more Redde (REDD). Except that as at yesterday’s close, his Equity Income Fund had dropped through the £4 billion mark, according to Morning Star. Only at the end of March the fund was worth £4.4 billion. I wonder what he has been selling…..completely voluntarily, natch.

From 82p to 0.4p in seven years …its all a bit of a Blur as Maistro prepares for AIM Casino exit

Published 895 days ago

Retained losses are £27 million and counting, the shares have collapsed from 82p at IPO to just 0.4p, Blur (BLUR), now rebranded as Maistro (MAIS), has been a disaster for investors but at least its founder Phil Letts and his ghastly wife who was also on a fat salary have been able to buy and upgrade a Country mansion, as we noted HERE.  Today as it issued another lack of profits warning and warned of another cash crisis, Maistro says it is going to delist from the AIM Cesspit.

Norwegian E24 goes after former Origo boss, Chris Rynning – parts 4 & 5: conflicts of interest?

Published 895 days ago

We have a double edition today of further articles released by Norwegian E24 as it continues to dissect the activities of Chris Rynning, the former boss of ShareProphets AIM-China Flithy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP). First up we have part 4, which looks further into his role as an adviser to Investinor (Norwegian state-owned) which seems to unearth a massive conflict of interests. Then we move on to Rynning’s lawyer who offered a reply...

Fecking YUseless Chocolate Teapots discontinue investigation

Published 896 days ago

Never mind that a £10 million (or thereabouts) black hole was found in the accounts of AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) and it raised £11.6 million in a placing last year on the back of dodgy accounts, the chocolate teapots at the FCA have discontinued their investigation, according to the company this morning...

Yu Group – FY18 results and a lack of cash (despite the headlines)?

Published 897 days ago

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has posted its much awaited results for the year to December 2018 – much awaited because during the year it ‘fessed up that its previous numbers had been less than believable. The opening lines make good reading – and the market has reacted well, marking the stock up by a whopping 67%, last seen, to 155p but I wonder about that.

Norwegian E24 goes after Chris Rynning (formerly of F40 Origo) - part 3: due diligence?

Published 897 days ago

Chris Rynning, the former boss of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP) can rest a little easier today as we continue to follow the fine work of Norewegian E24 as the scandal of Rynning and Origo continues. Today we learn that having left Origo, Rynning was helping Norwegian entrepreneurs get a foothold in China as Innovation Norway referred them via its own website to Nhack, another Rynning company, based in Shanhai. Of course, Innovation Norway had checked him out.....hadn't they?

Management Resource Solutions – another shocking admission from the recent investor lie-fest

Published 897 days ago

On 2 May Management Resource Solutions (MRS) held an investor lie-fest at the offices of its uber expensive PR posh-tards FTI Consulting. It was recorded so hapless Nomad Arden has full access to what was said. I have already detailed, here, a stunning admission by boss John Zorbas which would have seen any normal Nomad resign on the spot. But there was more….

Ariana – more positive news as we wait for more numbers

Published 898 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold-play Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated the market on its Salinbas exploration target and forestry permits this morning. Coinciding with a bit of a China-USA spat spike in the price of the yellow stuff, Ariana’s shares have reacted positively and I suspect there is still more short term upside as we await the full production numbers from Q1 which are due any day.

Norwegian E24 goes after Chris Rynning (formerly of F40 Origo) - part 2: the company credit card

Published 898 days ago

This gets worse and worse for Chris Rynning, the former boss of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP). Having discussed how a billion Kroner disappeared to tax-havens under this self-styled China expert, today E24 looks at the company credit card. If you thought Nilesh Jagatia of Teathers (TEA), Insprit (INSP) and Octagonal (OCT) was, ahem, generous (to himself), this appears to take the biscuit.

Winnileaks Special: explosive Singapore Court Docs - MySquar boss Eric Schaer a liar and guilty of theft and fraud

Published 899 days ago

I demonstrated clearly that AIM listed MySquar (MYSQ) was a fraud, founded and run by a lying fraudster Eric Schaer way before it finally folded. The great and the good at AIM Regulation and Nomad SP Angel did nothing about it despite explicit warnings Self important PR fucktard Piers Pottinger stayed on as chairman, standing by his man and ignoring me. PR spawn of Satan Damian McCrystal banked his cheques and carried on spinning. The fraudsters fave journalist  (and ADVFN blogger of the year) Ben Harrington ran bogus stories in the Sunday Papers to get bailout placings away. No-one cared about the lies Schaer told. You guys are the establishment and it is far simpler to bank fat salaries and dismiss me as failed fund manager, pizza restaurant employee, yak, yak yak. Well gents you, 1% er bastards who are complicit in a transfer of welath from the many (shareholders) to the few (yourselves), please now read the Singapore Court Documents below branding Schaer a liar, a thief and a fraud. Read, weep and apologise to the Sheriff of AIM and to investors who have lost everything. You were all warned. You are complicit.

GLI Finance tries to hide admission of unacceptable management reward for failure at no-one is watching O’Clock

Published 899 days ago

I guess that GLI Finance (GLIF) thought that sneaking out an AGM statement with a ghastly admission of management reward for failure at 4.52 PM on a Friday evening might go un-noticed. It reckoned without the stockmarket anoraks who run this website. Its attempt to bury bad news thus deserves, and will now get, a wider audience.

Norwegian Investigative journalism alive and kicking as E24 goes after F40 Origo’s former boss Chris Rynning

Published 899 days ago

I have covered the scandal of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP) in some detail – see HERE. To cut a (very) long story short, it raised a pile of cash and seems to have lost almost the whole lot – apart from the generous remuneration and related party dealings – and the management paid itself a stack of bonuses just as the icing on the cake. New boss John Chapman has been forthright with what he found out on getting his feet under the table and now Norwegian outfit E24 has been looking into the original brains behind Origo, Mr Chris Rynning.

Open Letter to Paul Shackleton: Given the latest massive John Zorbas Alerion lie will you resign as MRS Nomad now?

Published 899 days ago

China fraud specialist Paul Shackleton is trying to restore his soiled reputation and personal finances as head of the Nomad team at Arden. But this is proving hard given the activities of Arden client Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Over the weekend, thanks to Winnileaks, we exposed the biggest lie yet told by Management boss John Zorbas over the dodgy as hell related party nest of snakes £1.32 million acquisition of Alerion. In friendship, I have written to Mr Shackleton asking if Arden will quit as Nomad now and explaining exactly why they must. I have cc’d in AIM Regulation.

Winnileaks Expose: Is John Zorbas of Management Resource Solutions lying again?

Published 899 days ago

At the investor presentation on 2 May at the offices of uber expensive PR posh-wits FTI Consulting, which was attended by over 20 sceptical and angry investors, Management Resource Solutions (MRS) boss John Zorbas again showed he was, quite possibly, a liar.

The Curse of Daniel Stewart strikes again – management fallout at Atlantic Carbon

Published 901 days ago

Thanks largely to the work on this website, the ludicrous proposal to reverse drowning in debt POS Atlantic Carbon into worthless Daniel Stewart Securities ahead of a Standard List came a cropper in early April as noted HERE. But the curse of doing business with Daniel Stewart and its toxic boss Peter Shea is now becoming clear for all to see.

Reckless Neil Woodford gambles with other people’s money on Induction Healthcare IPO

Published 901 days ago

Induction Healthcare is coming to the AIM market in only the third IPO of the year on AIM. That kind of tells you now ain’t a great time, but leaving that aside, Neil Woodford has signed up for IPO shares (with no previous investment) in a company which seems to be a very long way from profitability. So is it his Equity Income Fund buying a company with no income? Maybe it is his Income Focus fund – although no matter how hard I focus, I still can’t see any dividends. Or perhaps it is Woodford Patient Capital (which has no cash)? I’ve no idea.

Mirriad Advertising Results – Told y’all cash crisis ahoy

Published 903 days ago

You have been warned so many times by myself about the uber dog Mirriad (MIRI) which listed on the AIM casino at 62p per share in December 2017. The shares are now 6.25p so shame on Nomad and broker Numis for this hound. Today we have calendar 2018 results and a warning that it needs a bailout placing within a year. I should cocoa. - a website dedicated to how a company screws its employees and customers

Published 905 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) is notorious for sending fascist lawyers letters to folks who criticise it. But in the US libel laws favour free speech not heavy handed corporates keen to gag whsitleblowers.  Ultimately a business model that is predicated on screwing both staff and customers is doomed to fail and I shall turn to the latest lack of profits warning from Purplebricks later today. However, for now, I inveite you do enjoy the world of  - read at your leisure and having done so I am sure you'd agree that only a true moron or Neil Woodford, would want to own shares in this company.

Gotcha – Bidstack completes placing at just 12.5p: feel that cashburn

Published 905 days ago

Finally, after almost three weeks of trying, and after I forced them to ‘fess with a scoop HERE, Bidstack (BIDS) and tawdry broker Optiva have managed to complete a placing. They were aiming to raise £5 million at 15p. Then it became 13.25p. The placing was completed at just 12.5p.

Neil Woodford Dog Mereo collapses further and spoofs the market (at least, I hope it was a spoof)

Published 906 days ago

Woodford dog Mereo Biopharma, with its “value-enhancing” (according to 31% holder Neil Woodford) merger with Nasdaq’s Oncomed all delivered, has continued to slide: the shares, having been 325p at IPO on AIM in 2016 and having been over 160p up until completion of the merger have now collapsed to just 81p.

Red Flags at Night – Novacyt death spiral: SELL

Published 906 days ago

AIM-listed diagnostics play Novacyt (NCYT) announced a death spiral deal on 23 April 2019 and at 6.23pm on Friday evening it slipped out details of the first two rounds of conversions – at no-one-is-watching o’clock….except ShareProphets was watching. It is also listed on the Euronext Growth market (ALNOV), and joined AIM at the back end of 2017 – since when it has been heading heavily southwards, as you can see from the chart below.

Redx Pharma – much improved cashburn, but is it death spiral ahoy?

Published 908 days ago

Since the scandal of its administration, AIM-listed biotech company RedX (REDX) has had a much better run of things under the new leadership of Exec Chairman Iain Ross. But today’s statement, issued intra-day at 11.34am, suggests that a death spiral may be on the way. If it is, then this is an automatic sell for me...

Stephen Hope & Outrider hit back at Frontera in US case - court filings below

Published 909 days ago

It really does look like the last days of Frontera Resources (FRR) the formerly AIM listed fraud and purveyor of lies which was so beloved by the Bulletin Board morons. The latest court papers filed by Stephen Hope and Outrider as it battles to seize the assets of the company in lieu of debts on which Frontera has defaulted make for grim reading for promoters such as the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood and for the morons on the shareholder list. Read and weep Malcy, this is going to end badly for your boys. 

Burford Capital – a screaming short?

Published 910 days ago

I have been receiving a few comments and concerns from a number of sources regarding AIM-listed Burford Capital (BUR) – a player in the highly lucrative litigation funding space, and a major part of Neil Woodford’s investment empire. If those concerns prove to be correct then Burford Capital is massively overvalued, based on hocus-pocus accounting and is an accident waiting to happen...

Westminster – a French farce of an acquisition by fatso Baldry and accounting mayhem

Published 911 days ago

On 29 January 2019 Westminster Group (WSG) the dog chaired by ex Tory MP Tony “fatso” Baldry of 3DM infamy issued a ramptastic trading statement to ramp its shares up to 12p allowing it to do a bailout, keep the lights on, placing at 10p a few days later. Now, as it prepares for its next bailout placing we have more grim news marking the company out as utterly uninvestable. First the mess of its accounts.

More bad news for Neil Woodford as BBVA misses deadline to exercise Atom Bank takeover option

Published 911 days ago

For all the positive vibes surrounding Spain’s second largest lender, BBVA, perhaps landing a bid for Woodford unlisted banking startup dog Atom Bank, it seems that at least for now the deal is off the table: BBVA has missed the deadline to exercise its option. So no big payday for Neil Woodford’s beleaguered investors, then...