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Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 31 July 2020

Published 3 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Why Tiziana Life Sciences is such a compelling slam dunk short by Evik Banksta is at a sensational number one or number five including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 24 July 2020

Published 10 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Synairgen – Why I bought, continue to hold and an apology by Peter Brailey is at a fantastic number four or number 11 including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 17 July 2020

Published 17 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Ariana – Psst, I have a dirty little secret! by Nigel Somerville is at a thriiling number three or number seven including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 10 July 2020

Published 24 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Rockrose Energy – I got this one wrong and cost Tom £9000 – sorry! by Peter Brailey is at solipsistic number seven or number 14 including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 4 July 2020

Published 31 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Gold ends Q2 on a high, Centamin, Ariana and a breakout? by Nigel Somerville is at fantastic number four or number 11 including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 27 June 2020

Published 38 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Copper is showing strength and Asiamet finally look to have a project partner onboard - speculative buy by Gary Newman is at a stunning number one or number three including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 20 June 2020

Published 45 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Possibly the Most Difficult Decision in Shareland at Present...Avacta by Malcolm Stacey is at a fulfilling number five or number 12 including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 13 June 2020

Published 52 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Commercial property update: Intu's on standby, Workspace believes by Chris Bailey is at a thrilling number three or number nine including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 6 June 2020

Published 59 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Two Old Timers: Hochschild and Hertz... by Lucian Miers is just on the leaderboard at number ten or  way down at number 18 including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 30 May 2020

Published 66 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Gold – a correction? What to do with Centamin and Ariana? by Nigel Somerville at a sensational first place or  number four including Bearcasts and Tom's new shareshow.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 23 May 2020

Published 73 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 29, the most read non-Tom article this week is To Buy or To Sell Avacta? That is the Question… by Malcolm Stacey at a enviable number eight or  number 15 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 16 May 2020

Published 80 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 29, the most read non-Tom article this week is Gold: Some takeaways from the ShareProphets Shares Conference by Nigel Somerville at a terrific number two or  number three including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 10 May 2020

Published 87 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 29, the most read non-Tom article this week is Another Thursday another reality pill, this time for BT Group...? by Chris Bailey at a fantastic number five or  number 13 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 3 May 2020

Published 94 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 29, the most read non-Tom article this week is How Many Investors Own Gold Stocks? by Nigel Somerville at a sensational number seven or  number 14 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 25 April 2020

Published 101 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 28, the most read non-Tom article this week is The man who predicted minus prices for oil asks where to next? Lower the only option?... by Peter Brailey, at a fantastic number four or  number 11 including 

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 19 April 2020

Published 108 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 28, the most read non-Tom article this week is Block Energy has proven why you shouldn't believe the hype - especially from the company itself! by Gary Newman, at swell number three or number eight including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 12 April 2020

Published 115 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 27, the most read non-Tom article this week is Gold: Dislocation, dislocation, dislocation! It is all going only one way by Nigel Somerville, at number four or number 12 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 5 March 2020

Published 122 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 27, the most read non-Tom article this week is Imperial Brands & Royal Dutch Shell - tell us about the 'd' word (please) by Chris Bailey, at number four or number 11 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 29 March 2020

Published 129 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 27, the most read non-Tom article this week is Rockrose Energy – A week is a long time by Peter Brailey, at number five or number 14 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 22 March 2020

Published 136 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 27, the most read non-Tom article this week is Gold falls off a cliff. Anything to worry about? by Nigel Somerville, with a rare number one on the leaderboard or number 9 including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 15 March 2020

Published 143 days ago

This is a fantastic tweet from restaurant entrepreneur Jonathan Downey. It's a picture taken ten years ago this month (possibly ten years ago this week, I can't be sure) of his restaurant burning down. It's of interest to us because the fire that started in his restaurant also burnt down the offices of Rivington Street Holdings, one T. Winnifrith, CEO.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 8 March 2020

Published 150 days ago

Even on Shareprophets, you cannot escape the media going on about the Corono Virus. Excluding ShareProphets Radio 26, the most read non-Tom article this week is COVID 19: Lessons from 1918 for 2020 by a up-and-comer named Richard Poulden. He took the number one spot on the leaderboard this week, number seven if you include Bearcasts.. 

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 1 March 2020

Published 157 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 26, the most read non-Tom article this week is Is it Better To be Short A Stock Promotion Or A Total Fraud? by, um,  TweetingCEO. No, I don't know who that is, either. He or she is in 7th place, or number 15 if you include Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 23 February 2020

Published 164 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 25, the most read non-Tom article this week is A persistent seller of illiquid Pharos Energy shares is providing a buying opportunity at a knock-down price  by Gary Newman in second place or number seven including Bearcasts.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 16 February 2020

Published 171 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 24, the most read non-Tom article this week is ITM Power – a great 5 bagging share tip... but where’s the share price going now? by Peter Brailey for the second week. He's off the leaderboard at #11 or #18 if you include Bearcasts. 

Notes from Underground - Most read articles from the past week for Sunday 9 February

Published 178 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets radio 23, the most read non-Tom article this week is Hurricane Energy – More bad news by the new boy, Peter Brailey.He's on at a respectable #4 or #12 if you include Bearcasts. 

Notes from Underground - Most read articles from the past week

Published 185 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets radio 23, the most read non-Tom article this week is Avacta - It Gets Even Better by Malcolm Stacey,back on the leaderboard at #11 or  #18 if you include Bearcasts. 

Notes from Underground - Most read articles from the page week and I rant pointlessly about Craft Beer

Published 192 days ago

Chris Bailey's article Has Fevertree (FEVR) completely lost its fizz? by Chris Bailey (spoiler alert: it's the top non-Tom story) made me think about the wider drinks industry.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles from the page week and The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns

Published 199 days ago

Palldium! That's the asset class that you should have invested in last year. Sorry, we almost renamed ourselves PalladiumProphets but then we got distracted and keep on harassing bad guys. But this chart of 11 asset classes over the past ten years is faciinating.

Notes from Underground: The most-read articles and Bearcasts this week, and those Telegrams are a sign of trouble

Published 206 days ago

Oh dear, ShareProphets has exposed Versarien rampers getting all excited in private chatrooms. I suspect that this is going to be something we get to mine for quite awhile until the deadwood press catches on. 

Notes from Underground: The most-read articles and Bearcasts this week, plus: Did we really run a story called the Vomit List?

Published 213 days ago

Okay, the Festive Break is a difficult time to for page view as you should be making Merry and faking human relationships with your family. But we do have some results.

Notes from Underground: The most-read articles and Bearcasts this week, plus the major stock markets compared against the US

Published 219 days ago

Before we get to the most-read articles and listen-to Bearcasts of the week, let's look at how the worlds indexes did againts the S & P. Oh, dear.

Notes from Underground: This week's most-read plus it's time for photos from Readers’ Windows

Published 227 days ago

Get ready for the event most anticipated every year by ShareProphets readers. Of course, I mean the Sixth Annual View from Readers' Windows.

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and the dramatic rise and fall of Cannabis stocks

Published 234 days ago

I must be a glutton for punishment. After a few weeks of being battered by readers for supporting legalisation of marijuna, here I am with a chart about how cannabis stocks fared.

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and what shares do you think we should be covering?

Published 241 days ago

This is another situation where I ask for valuable feedback from our readers and Tom will add an editor's note reading something like "Darren is being utterly mad."

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and an animation putting $110 billion in perspective

Published 248 days ago

Last week, Bill Gates once again became the world's richest person at $110 billion. Here's a short animation that shows what your £5.99 per month could do.

Notes from Underground: Last week's most popular stories and a question about Hong Kong

Published 255 days ago

This column is mostly about the most read articles and most listened-to Bearcasts of the week.  But I have a question for you unrelated to that today: do you think that the governments of the world—especially the UK—have abandoned Hong Kong?

Notes from Underground: Last week's most popular stories and a horrifying chart on the world's debt

Published 262 days ago

This chart, from Visual Capitalist, visualises the debt the countries of the world hold. Now, I'd be the first to say that if you issue your own currency, then so what? But you may beg to differ. 

Notes from Underground: Last week's most popular stories and I respond to a reader about cannabis

Published 269 days ago

Last week, ShareProphets reader Mark Smith tore a strip off of me for my blasé attitude towards cannabis stocks and drug legalisation. I mean, read that comment: Mr Smith thinks I'm basically Pablo Escobar with a laptop. 

Notes from Underground: Should ShareProphets go global?

Published 277 days ago

After you have looked at the most-read articles and listened-to Bearcasts this week, answer me this question. How much foreign market companies would you like to see ShareProphets cover, in particular US, Europe, Oz, etc?

Notes from Underground - Thanks for the pageviews, Panorama

Published 283 days ago

It's pretty gratifying that Will Panorama credit the folk who exposed Neil Woodford on Monday: here are our top 50 exposes since 20 is the number one story this week. The Panorama effect has been slow, but real, in increasing readership to ShareProphets. 

Notes from Underground: Mapped - Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World

Published 290 days ago

This regular Sunday feature of the most-read articles of the week has fallen to number 42, so I have pulled out my go-to feature to pull it up for next week: a charticle about cryptocurrency.

Notes from Underground: Video - The World's Largest Megacities by 2100

Published 298 days ago

In a mere 80 years, neither Europe, nor the Americas, nor China will have any cities in the top ten by population, according to this video. Where is the growth? Africa.

Notes from Underground: Let me ask you a question about our podcasts

Published 304 days ago

Tom has been doing Bearcast for something like five years now, and the ShareProphets Radio Show is going gangbusters. What I need to know is how do you listen to them?

Notes from Underground - More fun with my favourite company, WeWork

Published 318 days ago

In yesterday's Bearcast, Tom talked about some of the outlandish claims in this article covering my favourite company, We Work. WeWork (actually known as the We Company) is attempting to IPO in the US. Let me highllight some of choice bits of the article that Tom didn't get into.

Notes from Underground - The World’s Largest 10 Economies in 2030

Published 325 days ago

Right now, we're number seven by GDP in the world economy leaderboard. By 2030, we'll be far down the list and number seven will be taken by Egypt. This is a prevocative prediction for only 11 years.

Notes from Underground - The real, actual, top 11 articles - unvarnished

Published 332 days ago

I've broken up these lists into articles and Bearcasts for the past year so readers can get a more rounded sense of what is popular each week. But I think that I need to show you the actual, merged, top 11 for this week.

Notes from Underground - The 25 Best Warren Buffett Quotes in One Infographic

Published 339 days ago

Sure, this column is merely about the 10 most read articles and listened-to Bearcasts, but when I can squeeze in something sexy, like Bitcoin or graphene or Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice futures, I get all the page views. This week, I have the big dogL Warren Buffett in graphic form. Look to me on top next week.

Notes from Underground - Visualising the history of the world

Published 346 days ago

Lord knows that I love charts and videos in this column and this week is a doozy. A history of the world from 185,000 BCE to now. 

Notes from Underground - We Work so you don't have to

Published 353 days ago

The story that I have been returning to this week is this one, about the US IPO of coworking company, We Work. It is completely bonkers.

Notes from Underground - Burford runs the length of the leaderboard

Published 360 days ago

Wow. if one excludes ShareProphets radio, Seven out of the top 10 stories were Burford, including the top four. If this stories isn't worth your monthly subscription fee, I don't know what is.  Our number 2 story was a Friday scoop for Tom. The Sunday Times today reports it as big "news"....only two days off the pace at the deadwood press..

Notes from Underground - Are we in a Commodity Super Cycle?

Published 367 days ago

This week is another chart, from Visual Capitalist, on commodity trends, for what it is worth. Are we in a new Supercycle?

Notes from Underground - Opti, Gold, a Grego short, Woodford, and Atlantic Carbon

Published 374 days ago

You could not dream up a more perfect weekly reader's top five articles than what we got this week.

Notes from Underground - Shout it loud, shout it proud

Published 381 days ago

The ShareProphets Radio Show is the most popular item on ShareProphets this week. Which is great, but we want it to go so much farther.

Notes from Underground: There's gold in them thar joints

Published 388 days ago

Having spent the week in Canada, I was tempted to put up another Visual Capitalist chart about Cannabis, but the latest one was clearly sponsored and had a logo all over it. We at ShareProphets are purer than that.

Notes from Underground - Nothing to worry about Nothing to worry about.

Published 395 days ago

I'm writing this column from beautiful British Columbia, on Canada's West Coast. You have, of course, heard about the earthquakes in California. You probably didn't hear about the earthquakes, which happened around the same time, in northern British Columbia. That puts yours truly right between the two.

Notes from Underground - A Visual History of the Largest Companies by Market Cap

Published 402 days ago

I decided to spare everyone my annual paen to Canada, as it is Canada's National Holiday tomorrow, and stay within ShareProphet's wheelhouse. This chart, from shows the conversion of the worlds largest companies from providing a wide-range of goods and services in 1999 to being tech (and Johnson + Johnson) in 2019.

Notes from Underground - Sell me this pen

Published 409 days ago

I took this picture on the plaza at Kings Cross Station in London last night. What is an immersive experience of 'The Wolf Of Wall Street?' Hell if I know. Maybe you get to crawl across the floor on a 10 year old qualude or get arrested by the actors wearing FBI jackets to the music of Simon and Garfunkel.

Notes from Underground - To the mainstream media, Neil Woodford just fell into their laps

Published 416 days ago

You, dear reader, know that the Neil Woodford story has largely been driven by ShareProphets (in particular, Nigel Somerville, Cynical Bear, and Tom Winnifrith) over the past two years so I hope that you are shocked by the lack of recognition we get from the Mainstream Press now that they have discovered the story.

Notes from Underground - Top 20: It's Woodford all the way down

Published 423 days ago

So, did my plan to zoom this column to the Top of the Pops by putting in a pandering Bitcoin infographic work? No, it did not.

Notes from Underground - Bitcoin on a bull run?

Published 430 days ago

This column exists to highlight the most popular articles and Bearcasts from the past week, the introductory paragraphs are merely what's on my mind on a Sunday morning. But this column has dropped in popularity to the #40s, so I will have to pull out the big gun: Bitcoin. 

Notes from Underground - Totally worth it, please put me out of my misery

Published 437 days ago

I only did the final third of yesterday's Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks but, man, what a trek. Lucien Miers plotted the course and it took us through rolling fields, crumbling estates, over bubbling rivers, and deep (for England, anyway) forests. 

Notes from Underground: How billionaires prepare for bear markets

Published 444 days ago

I was going to give the Visual Capitalist charts a rest for a few weeks, even though they are popular, because we don't make them ourselves. But I noticed this morning that they are produced in my hometown of Vancouver. So I looked at their site to see if I knew any one who worked there. I don't - but I saw that they literally occupy the old office space of my last business there. If that's not a reason to run another one, I don't know what is.

Notes from Underground: You oughta be in pictures

Published 451 days ago

I had a good response for reprinting a chart from Visual Capitalist a few weeks ago, so I'll do it again. Today is Movie Franchise Earnings Over the Last 20 Years.

Notes from Underground: We have a new true number one

Published 458 days ago

This column is being compiled in North East Scotland, where for a fine early May bank holiday, ihave brought my winter coat, long underwear, and waterproof boots. Such is spring in Aberdeenshire.

Notes from Underground: The best and worst-performing wealth markets in the world

Published 465 days ago

Before we get to the top tens of the week, here's an interesting chart from illustrating the winner and loser wealth markets around the world.  

Notes from Underground: By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

Published 472 days ago

Do we have any readers in Margate? My wife and I spent yesterday in your fair town for the first time and enjoyed it immensely. However, to get there from London, we needed to use the SouthEastern Trains service and that is a train operating company that should be fired into the sun.

Notes from Underground: Roll 'em if you got 'em

Published 479 days ago

The story that I think truly shows the value of ShareProphets this week is: SHOCKING: ADVFN promotes an insolvent mini bond ponzi - welcome to Burrito Bonds by Tom.

Notes from Underground: My Master Investor recap

Published 487 days ago

The question that I am sure that many of you are asking today is: what happened to me at the Master Investor show? Did they use my head as a door opener as they threw me out? Did they have a meeting of the Car Park committee? Was I tossed in London Design Centre jail?

Notes from Underground: As a remainer, I can only be happy about utter chaos

Published 494 days ago

If you had told me last year that 48 hours after Independence Day we would still be in the European Union, I would ask you have a glass of the same thing that you were drinking.

Notes from Underground - Of course I understand our readers

Published 501 days ago

Tom always tells me that I don't really understand our readers, which is bollocks. So, I assume that most ShareProphets readers were all out in London yesterday demanding a new Brexit referendum, right?

Notes from Underground: This week's most read articles

Published 508 days ago

Yikes, it's getting worringly close to UK Investor Show time. Two weeks today, I'll be once again decompressing after the myriad speakers and exhibitors from this year's show. This will be the sixth UK Investor Show since its modest beginnings at the Excel Centre. (And don't go to the Excel Centre - it's at the much more convenient QEIICC in Westminster.). Incredibly it will be the nineteenth show organised by Tom Winnifrith.

Notes from Underground - Subscribers find a way

Published 514 days ago

Nigel and Tom's steady dissection of Neil Woodford's empire is clearly the driver of traffic on the site this week. But I think the story Tom Winnifrith is an irrelevant dinosaur says cheapskate "guru" on Twitter is the most quintessential.

Notes from Underground - I am big, it's the pictures that got small

Published 521 days ago

The top ten most-read stories this week, the most popular Bearcasts this week, plus a bonus chart: World Stock Markets: 1899 v 2019.

Notes from Underground - Global brands: pour one out for those who have passed

Published 528 days ago

If it is a week when Chris Oil is again in the news, there is very little I can add. So I present this amazing animated chart showing the change in global brands since 2000. It's wild.

Notes from Underground - Those who forget the past are doomed to bookmark it

Published 536 days ago

I was looking at our web stats and noticed that not a lot of people use ShareProphets' archive, at least compared to the new articles. So I'd like to highlight it.

Notes from Underground: To the spivs on AIM, they probably date the world BS / AS (before ShareProphets and after ShareProphets)

Published 542 days ago

I just realised that we are coming up on our sixth year of publishing ShareProphets. (The actual date is in April).

Notes from Underground: When the Guardian is on our side, what is to be done

Published 550 days ago

ShareProphet's least favourite newspaper points out that digital-only news disrupters, which have raised billions of dollars in venture capital, have made around 2,000 staffers redundant this week. Those publication are names liek Buzzfeed, VICE, and Huffington Post.

Notes from Underground - Have you ever seen George Soros and Tom Winnifrith in the same room?

Published 556 days ago

A reader this week suggested that we look at a specific bulletin board conversation this week as background to a story. ShareProphets writers rarely look at the boards, and I'd be shocked if any have ever participated, but I took a gander. 

Notes from Underground: Why read when Bearcast is around?

Published 563 days ago

Since I broke up the leaderboard into stories and Bearcasts—as a way of shoehorning in more stories—readers don't really get to see the domination of Bearcasts on the leaderboard, much to Tom's irritation.

Notes from Underground: reminiscing about 80s high streets that I have never seen

Published 570 days ago

When I look at the high streets today, I don't see a significant difference from high streets in Canada or the United States, aside from shop names and even those are tending to be global now.

Notes from Underground: For 2019, we promise more of the same

Published 577 days ago

I was reading the Most Read ShareProphets Articles of The Year piece posted on New Year's Day and a throught stuck me: not one of the top 20 stories was a tip.

Notes from Underground - Still Bulletin Board Moron free for 2019

Published 585 days ago

It's been well over a year since ShareProphets went members-only, and there is no looking back for us. We're thriving and we don't have to prostrate ourselves to Google ads or anyone else.

Notes from Underground - Thoughts before hurling through the clouds

Published 592 days ago

By the time you read this, I may be whizzing through the air to Vancouver, assuming the authorities are able to keep the airports clear of toy helicopters.

Notes from Underground - Wash your window and prepare your camera

Published 599 days ago

Get ready for the event most anticipated every year by ShareProphets readers. Of course, I mean the Fifth Annual View from Readers' Windows.

Notes from Underground - Mainlining it

Published 606 days ago

Last week, ShareProphets member Phil suggested that in the comments that we'd sell more subscriptions if we covered more main market companies.

Notes from Underground - Giving the gift of ShareProphets

Published 613 days ago

Something that we have been thinking about here in the underground Shareprophets bunker is gift subscriptions. We can't process these yet but we could. The question to you is: should we?

Notes from Underground: In today's news, people who don't subscribe get bad information

Published 620 days ago

I was amused to see some ShareProphets detractors on Twitter comment on Lucian Miers' correction to a detail on his Versarian (VRS) short. (Myself, I'm long with Versarian with around ten entire shares in my portfolio.)

Notes from Underground: It's not often we say it's better to be more like the Guardian than The Scotsman

Published 627 days ago

Some meta thoughts here. This week, the Guardian reached one million paid readers and claims it is months away from break even. Crowdfunded Dutch media outfit De Correspondent has moved into the US market and is on target to raise $2.5 million. Meanwhile, dead tree news provided Johnston Press has been given over to its debtors.

Notes from Underground: Why not Quindell 2.0 if no one cares about MySquar

Published 633 days ago

Once again, I stand awed that great work by ShareProphets on identifying bad eggs is largely ignored by the mainstream media, in this case MySquar.  It's no wonder that Rob Terry has the new to saddle up with Quindell 2.0.

Notes from Underground: Chris Bailey is #1 three weeks in a row (misleading headline)

Published 640 days ago

What are your Sunday rituals? The most reliable one of mine is a phone call from Tom demanding to know where this column is.

Notes from Underground - Is it an opportunity or a retreat?

Published 647 days ago

Looking at the leaderboard this week, I find it interesting - after a few days of plummeting share prices - that the most read articles are on prosaic things: clothing, hotels, real estate, and minerals.

Notes from Underground - Cake, will you do the honour of making my stomach the happiest bag of acid in the world?

Published 654 days ago

Clearly, the topic that brought loads of people into ShareProphets this week was  Patisserie Holdings (CAKE). It makes you wonder why this alleged fraud captures the interest of the mainstream media but the Globos and Folly Follies and Quindells do not. Is a high street presence what stops a scandal from being reported or not?

Notes from Underground - Would you like some pepperoni on your Nanny State?

Published 661 days ago

When I was a child in the 70s, my family had a Vauxhall Envoy (You could buy British cars in Canada, then.) The distinguishing feature was that the back doors had a tendency to fling open when it rounded a corner. My dad told my brother and I to make sure we sat in the middle of the back seat.

Notes from Underground - Thanksgiving again

Published 668 days ago

Long time readers of this feature know that around this time of year I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with other ex-pat Canadians. But, you may ask, what does it actually involve? We've all seen films showing Americans celebrating their lesser Thanksgiving held in November, is it the same?

Notes from Underground: Fraud Follies

Published 675 days ago

Part of the problem with the mainstream press these days is the lack of follow-up. Sure, they love to blow the latest scandal out of all proportion but weeks or months later when the authorities have delivered their reports, they have moved on to the next thing.

Notes from Underground: The hell with it, subscribe to a completely different newsletter

Published 682 days ago

Tom and I do not agree on Brexit on any level, but I do like this assessement from him:

Notes from Underground: Oil's well that ends well

Published 689 days ago

It was a few days in the old country this week. Bundled up in layers, running the heater at night even thought it is still Summer, code switching from London English to a completely different way of speaking. No, I wasn't back in Canada, I was in Scotland.

Notes from Underground: How I parlayed £100 to £7,000,000 in Bitcoin. Did I say parlayed? I meant, missed out on.

Published 696 days ago

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2010, when it was it was about 5 cents per coin. At the time, I thought that maybe I should buy £100 of it to see what it's about. Things being what they were at the time, I never bothered. My back of the envelope calculation says that £100 in 2010 would have been worth around £7,000,000 today, and that's after a recent crash. 

Notes from Underground: What bad answers have you given?

Published 703 days ago

When I arrived in the UK over a decade ago, I was asked what football club I supported, over and over. 

The answer to that question was far more important than I understood at the time: it would determine, in the questioners' eyes, if I could be trusted, who my friends would be, how hard I was, and a zillion other things. I thought I was being asked what football club I supported. 

Notes from Underground: What itches would you like scratched?

Published 711 days ago

The question that I am wondering about this week is what companies or sectors are we not covering? ShareProphets writers are free to follow their passions and write about the companies that interest them. But what about you? Who would you like us to cover? Either companies or sectors. Of course, I promise nothing(TW Note becuase the writers will write about what interests them not under diktat!) Answers in the comments, please.

Notes from Underground: Help me with some blurbs about ShareProphets so we can entice more subscribers

Published 717 days ago

What I am looking from you this week, dear reader, are blurbs that I can use to promote subscriptions to ShareProphets. If you have found ShareProphets valuable, would you be so kind as to write a one-liner in the comments that I can put on the subscription page to knock over those on the fence?

Notes from Underground: Blockchain and bitcoin or bitcoin and blockchain

Published 724 days ago

Some house business: bulletin board moron of the week has returned. We ceased this long-running column earlier in the year when we had successfully cleared all bulletiin boards of all morons. But they have oozed back and it is time for you to take out the trash.

Notes from Underground - Sure we lose money on each item, but we make it up in volume

Published 731 days ago

I'm a fan and user of Uber. I call up an app on my iPhone, tell it where I want to go, and five minutes later someone will come by and take me there at a price less than the cost of a Black Cab. This can happen because Uber has billlions from investors and loses money on every ride that it provides. I didn't say I was an investor of the service.

Notes from Underground: The roof is on fire

Published 738 days ago

Some of you are reading this in fantastic parts of the world. Places on the edge of blue waters or beneath the caopies of rainforests. Cosied up in rooms with constant ambient temperatures.

Notes from Underground: Investor Favourites

Published 746 days ago

Two investor favourites, Optibiotix (OPTI) and Versarien (VRS) comprised four of the top ten stories.

Notes from Underground: Steve O'Hara v Kylie Jenner

Published 752 days ago

There was a lot of huffing and puffing this week as Forbes magazine published this piece on the business fortunes of 20 year-old American reality TV personality Kylie Jenner. Forbes declares Jenner the worlds youngest self-made billionaire based on the success of her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics.

Notes from Underground: Who do you trust?

Published 759 days ago

This week, I just wanted to run a little poll of which news outlets that you find most trustworthy. Not for City news: that'd be Shareprophets vs everyone else. But from which news websites do you trust their news stories?

Notes from Underground: Celebrate legal pot stocks

Published 767 days ago

I'm certain that all of you have today risen your morning tea in a toast to my homeland, Canada, on its 151st anniversary of existance.

Notes from Underground: Apparently there are other websites out there. I do not entirely believe this.

Published 774 days ago

Here's my question for you this week: what non-shares-investiing site do you look at every day that your fellow ShareProphets members may be interested in. 

Notes from Underground: Cold secrets

Published 781 days ago

Here's my question for you this week: do you tell anyone about subscribing to ShareProphets?

Notes from Underground: Newfangled devices

Published 788 days ago

I'd appreciate it  readers would tell me whether you read ShareProphets on a phone or on their computer.

Notes from Underground: The lessons from Howard Stern

Published 795 days ago

Tom yesterday spoke on his Bearcast about his life six years after Rivington Street Holdings, the listed company that he had founded in his Shoreditch flat.

Notes from Underground: The disappearing notes

Published 802 days ago

I don't know what this means. I'm just thowing it out there as something for you to ponder in your investment strategy. This lightning bolt of thought? People are using significantly less cash now, and the tipping point has been the past three months. 

Notes from Underground: It's all about me

Published 809 days ago

As the winner of the 2017 Dragon's Den – grand prize, a free trip to anywhere the #73 bus goes, bus fare not included - I have a a reputation to protect. So there would be absolutely no reason to do a check in on how the 2018 leaderboard is doing.

Notes from Underground - Do you prefer your news now or 48 hours ago?

Published 816 days ago

I have the same conversations with people all of the time: why should I read ShareProphets, a muckraking, little-known website, when I already subscribe to the FT?

Notes from Underground: My brush with Julie Meyer

Published 823 days ago

The most memorable First Tuesday to me was the one, where the Swedish founders of the site attempted to explain to the room why their website selling clothes needed £135 million to burn through. It was a massacre.

Notes from Underground - Me vs the Internet

Published 830 days ago

Unless you need high speed Internet, wherein we revert to the Victorian times. I swear, I don't know how Charles Dickens and Jules Verne got anything done with the poor Internet we suffer in the Capital.

Notes from Underground: Meet and greet

Published 837 days ago

Thank you to the many ShareProphets readers who came by the stand at yesterday's UK Investor Show. It was terrific to meet real, live, readers and to hear how they enjoy and profit from the site. I tried to thank each one personally for subscribing, as those subscriptions keep ShareProphets thriving.

Notes from Underground: If a Bear casts in the woods...

Published 844 days ago

Five of the top ten articles this week are Bearcasts. I have mentioned innumerable times my belief that we should just dump the text and have all writers record their stories instead. But the powers that be never see my vision, man. 

Notes from Underground: Bottom's up

Published 851 days ago

The story of the week is EXCLUSIVE: When Conviviality said it had scrapped its dividend - the proof it lied. Did anyone else other than ShareProphets have this story? Of course not...that we break so much news here when newspapers have editorial budgets that are 10 or 20 times ours is pretty impressive is it not. A very good reason to stump up £5.99 a month to gain complete access to all our material.

Notes from Underground: Meet me in Westminster

Published 857 days ago

In just under three weeks, I'll be very pleased to meet readers of this website at the UK Investor Show. While the analysts of this site are up on stage, I'll be holding down the fort at the ShareProphets booth.

Notes from Underground: Photo finished

Published 864 days ago

I'm pleased that  UK Oil & Gas - the photo that demands a statement now! is the #1 story of the week, it certainly made me laugh on the day. To wit: a photo was taken of a lorry being loaded up with equipment to take away from the UKOG site at Broadford Bridge.

Notes from Underground: Malcolm's other horrors

Published 871 days ago

It's been an ongoing trope on this site to note when mainstream media ties itself into knots trying to avoid mentioning the word ShareProphets. Instead, they tend to refer to our dozen writers as a 'blogger' or, in more convoluted cases, as 'an Italian newspaper.' But finally! We have a brave newspaper, the Western Telegraph, in Haverfordwest has referred to our name in full. No wonder that they were named the best weekly newspaper in Wales.

Notes from Underground: There are no fads in business

Published 879 days ago

Dear readers of Notes from Underground, prepare to invest in my new venture, Blockchain Cannabis Bioceuticals Plc,

Notes from Underground: Chocolate teapot

Published 885 days ago

The number one story this week is the FCA forcing Beaufort Securities into administration. It is notable both because it was published only on Friday, yet it is the number one story this week but also it is a rare example of the FCA actually doing anything at all.

Notes from Underground: Sweep week

Published 893 days ago

It's harder to wake up this morning as I was up late watching the Gold Medal Olympic Women's Curling last night between Sweden and South Korea. Sweden won, but there is no shame in South Korea's performance.  For the unitiated, curling is life-sized shuffleboard (or bocce), but played on ice, and there is a pub at the end of the building. Also, brooms are involved somehow. My curling experience has mostly taken place at the aformentioned pub. TW Note. You are a truly sad man.

Notes from Underground: Earworms

Published 900 days ago

Bearcasts again dominate our top 10. Podcasts are dominating the iTunes chart. The daily NY Times podcast is now being syndicated to radio. There is something happenening in this space. And really, when you consider it, is there much conceptually different between a broadcast station and a webpage. Webpages have heretofore been static, but they are not regulated and much more freedom of subject matter.

Notes from Underground - They call them the Flash

Published 907 days ago

I was reading the home town newspaper online ahd have found the securities commission that is far more effective than the living statues at the FCA. After a mere ten years, the British Columbia Securities Commission has decided to act and seize the assets of fraudsters that they identified a decade ago. You can just imagine that discussions at the FCA: Are they on drugs? How is such speed even possible?

Notes from Underground: How about a top 30 for once?

Published 914 days ago

I'm looking at the top ten most read stories below and it occurs to me: have you seen most these stories covered anywhere else? Other than publications picking up on our coverage?

Notes from Underground: I have a bad feeling about this

Published 921 days ago

Tom brings up crytocurrency fraud here - The Anatomy of CryptoCurrency Scams (tweaked) - but I get the sinking feeling that cryptocurrencies is going to be the next step in ShareProphets' fraud busting path.

Notes from Underground: Cord cutters of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your, um, cords

Published 927 days ago

It's been 18 months now since I cut the (virtual) cord with Sky TV (SKY) and I can't say that I have missed anything, except a £50 per month-ish bill. It's been replaced by Freeview, at the impressive price of free, and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) at £6.99 per month. 

Notes from Underground: Feeling tired and emotional

Published 935 days ago

I've picked up this week's Private Eye and noted that they have chosen the Telit/Oozi Cats/Uzi Katz scandal for first place in their 2017 awards. And who do they credit for breaking the story? Quote: an Italian newspaper.

Notes from Underground: don't bogart that share, my friend

Published 942 days ago

In the UK, cannabis stocks are fever dreams of bulletin board morons. Here in Canada, it's respectable news in the quality newspaper financial pages.

Scandal! Profits! Cats! ShareProphets most read stories of the year

Published 948 days ago

In the last year, ShareProphets has produced 3733 articles from the scandals of Telit's Oozi Cats to the scandals of African Potash to the scandals of Cloudtag. Here are the 100 articles and 25 Bearcasts that were most read by ShareProphets readers.

Notes from Underground: As you get older, three things happen. The first is your memory goes. I don't remember the other two.

Published 949 days ago

I'm midway through my Christmas holidays in my home town of Vancouver. Today, my wife and I walked around the central business district and we came across Vancouver's oldest building, marked with a blue plaque and everything. It was built in 1899. Behold the nearly 128 years of history that this city encompasses. 

Notes from Underground - Give the gift of ShareProphets

Published 956 days ago

If you are looking for that perfect gift for yourself this Christmas time, a subscription to ShareProphets is the one thing that you'll find illuminating, edifying, amusing, and profitable. If you are not a subscriber, this brief except is all you get, click here to join us.

Notes from Underground: Get ready for your closeup

Published 962 days ago

One of the many arguments that I have lost with Tom is over the number of readers who reader ShareProphets on bank holidays and weekends. I always argued that the market is closed, so we should be too. Tom has argued that you guys are so obsessed that you'll sneak away from the Sunday dinner to listen to a Bearcast.

Notes from Underground: Do you hear what I hear?

Published 970 days ago

Another week where 7 out of 10 of the top articles are videos or Bearcasts. That's fine by me, it's a USP of ShareProphets membership and I'm glad that people are using one of the defining things of our site in such numbers.

Notes from Underground: Putting your portfolio up in smoke, willingly

Published 977 days ago

This week, ShareProphets writers presented seven tips to buy for Christmas, including one from me. My original suggestion was vetoed by Tom as being 'not on AIM' and 'too weird.' But I'll share it with you now.

Notes from Underground: You'd better not pout, Chris Oil is coming to town

Published 984 days ago

Whelp, my letter to Father Christmas is in the bin - I have everything I want now. Chris Oil is back. If the UK's most successful B&B Operator's son/Oil Baron is truly back, we'll have clicks and pageviews for months to come. If someone is looking for Hanukkah gifts, then please please please, a Rob Terry IPO for me. I've been good.

Notes from Underground: 7 out of ten readers prefer listening but what about the sociology students?

Published 991 days ago

A fortnight ago, I had some fun suggesting that quoted companies could goose lackluster share prices by adding buzzworthy words to their corporate name, just like ADVFN parent On-line Plc did by becoming On-line Blockchain Plc.

Notes from Underground: the problem with programs

Published 1005 days ago

I stiill read the occassional comment and email that wonders why the economics of advertising on a website doesn't work - advertising pays for ITV and the Evening Standard, both of which are paying real salaries to real staff.

Notes from Underground: Here's the pitch: Windpower, Bandwidth, Chinese Market

Published 1012 days ago

Clem Chambers was no idiot when he renamed ADVFN's holding company from On-Line Plc to On-line Blockchain Plc. The only way better drive it home would be to have renamed it On-line Tulip Plc.

Notes from Underground: I can see 50% profit in my future

Published 1019 days ago

Finally, after all these years, I have hit upon a 50% profit system, and it was discovered when I was buying almond milk. (I DO live in Islington.) So I am at Sainbury's, and they have posted signs all over the tills: "We do not accept the old £1 coin." Yet some poor sod was trying to buy his kale smoothie (Islington, right?) but the cashier was denying his coins.

Notes from Underground: The Real Underground

Published 1026 days ago

For those of you that lived through the 60s, I met a living embodiment of that era the other day: Barry Miles, co-founder of the International Times and friend to Paul, Yoko, and Floyd (Pink). He has fascinating stories.

Notes from Underground: Bearcast, king of the leaderboard

Published 1033 days ago

That fact that Bearcast is popular is not surprising, but consider that it underreported: hundreds of ShareProphets members that use their private feed to download Bearcasts to their smartphones and computers, which don't show up in the page views.

Notes from Underground - Spare a thought for the poor global shorting conspiracy

Published 1040 days ago

When we changed to reader-supported journalism three weeks ago, I stopped reporting the weekly page views because common sense says that page views would drop precipitously. Of course, since we no longer rely on advertising, the page views are no longer of importance. 

Notes from Underground - The commentariat

Published 1047 days ago

It's week two of the reader-supported ShareProphets and everything is going better than planned, which is a very disconcerting feeling. Hundreds of readers have joined and we have far exceeeded what we were previously receiving on the advertising and free access model. At this rate we will be covering our current cost base and be able to contemplate the first pay rises in 4 years, for your writers, by November.

Notes from Underground - Pay to play

Published 1054 days ago

We're four days into the reader supported ShareProphets and I'd rate it a stunning success. But what lessons are to be learnt are less clear.

Notes from Underground: We now return to your regularly scheduled programme, already in progress

Published 1061 days ago

Tom has returned from his sabbactical and the stats speak for themselves: you people like Bearcasts. I can only imagine the plight of our readers for the past five months, fetal position on the floor, listerning to a skipping Victorola or the snow of an untuned wireless waiting for the return of Bearcast.

Notes from Underground: The Summer Wind, came blowing in, from across the sea

Published 1068 days ago

The summer silly season is now over, and over 77,000 individual readers read ShareProphets during the past week. That's 77k readers who came to read real analysis and honest opinion. ShareProphets doesn't aggragate stories, we don't do clickbait, and we don't coddle our readers. You should be proud that you're one of them. 

Notes from Underground: We interrupt your regularly scheduled programme

Published 1074 days ago

Usually I comment on the most popular stories of the week, and the ones that were not read as much as they should have. But today I was going to tell more lies about President Trump and then smear Robert Lee like every other brain dead liberal Metropolitan elitist and finally the patience of Tom Winnifrith has snapped. If Darren wants to write fake news he can fucking well quit and go work for the fucking Guardian.

Notes from Underground: Telit to the hand

Published 1082 days ago

I had an oniine conversation with an FT reporter about the Telit affair over how the FT would rather credit some Italian newspaper than your obd't one stop source for free breaking news, expert analysis, and videos on AIM and LSE listed shares. They had to credit somebody given that the FT did not break the story themselves. How convenient for them. CityAM and other publications went with credititing nobody at all. The story broke itself!

Notes from Underground: Here's a buy recommendation: invest in moped shares

Published 1089 days ago

London has a real table problem. At least the outdoor ones, and I don't see Mayor Sadiq Khan putting any effort into it.

Notes from Underground: They're not saying Boo, they're saying Booo-urns

Published 1096 days ago

The story of our week has been our turmoil with generic file hosting PLC, Audioboom. It's a sad fall for them. Created in 2013 as Audioboo, the service was intended as a resource for journalists (and musicians) to create audio clips as easiily as taking a picture. Founder Mark Rock talks about how instrumental Audioboo was during the Arab Spring uprisings here.

Notes from Underground - NISA to see you, to see you NISA

Published 1103 days ago

A business story that I have found facinating is the attempted takeover of NISA (the food shop people) by Sainsburys. We don't cover it because there is no investor angle. But the human angle is, always, unpredicable.

Notes from Underground: Walk like a man

Published 1110 days ago

The top story this week (and several others in the top ten) is regarding former ShareSoc chairman Roger Lawson's threat to sue Tom Winnifrith over Tom's writings. 

Why I'm Happy to Make More Mistakes than Beginners Do

Published 1116 days ago

Hello Share Scramblers. The distinguished Darren Atwater’s Notes from Underground inform us that 62,000 individual readers graced this wonderful website last week. Which suggests that huge numbers are ignoring that hoary old advice about ‘Going away in May’ and are still currently active.

Notes from Underground - Hey! You! Get off of my (Sound)cloud

Published 1117 days ago

Considering that Tom is on leave and won't be returning to Bearcasts in September, it's interesting to note that two items on the top-10 leaderboard are Tom's Bearcasts. We look forward to their increased popularity when he officially returns to them.

Notes from Underground: There must be some kind of way outta here, said the joker to the thief

Published 1131 days ago

By far, the most read article of the week was Exclusive: The full Slater & Gordon High Court Claim against Watchstone for £537m - damning on Rob Fielding, David Curry & the lies Quindell told, an excellent example of the journalism that that ShareProphets conducts and that you cannot find anywhere else at any price. 

Notes from Underground: On fire but not getting burnt

Published 1138 days ago

The standout story of the week is Tom Winnifrith - the shares that are my 18 holdings: the non dirty dozen and a half which not only takes the top spot, it only went up yesterday and easily blew past every other story as it was Tweeted and passed around the bulletin boards. It can be crazy when a story catches fire like that.

Notes from Underground: Um, go Quindell?

Published 1145 days ago

Ha ha. We've been waiting for this for weeks, but now Slater & Gordon (who were given all the relevent ShareProphets articles when there was still time to back out) has actually filed suit against Watchstone, nee Quindell, claiming breach of warranty and/or fraudulent misrepresentation for a total amount of up to £637 million plus interest. It almost makes one want to root for Quindell this time.

Notes from Underground: All politics are local, even from Greece

Published 1152 days ago

Not that anyone wants to hear more about the election, but I find it facinating that the majority of our top 10 articles were not about the markets but about politics. Not that ShareProphets is going to swing that way, but it's always refreshing to see that our readers don't have one track minds.

Notes from Underground: Help stamp out disco in our lifetime

Published 1158 days ago

The first non-Tom article is #1, The explicit signs that a stockmarket crash is on its way... soon, by David Scott. This bodes well - the snakes and frigana may actually be drawing Tom's attention away from the market and back to his sabbatical.TW note you missed out this article which was actually the most read, modesty prevents me from saying who penned it. More Labour vote rigging!

Notes from Underground: Devil is in the details

Published 1166 days ago

Well all right, this is more like it. The first non-Tom article is #1, Infrastrata – cash crunch & sack-the-board General Meeting ahoy… so it’s strategic review time!, by Steve Moore.

Notes from Underground: Greece is the word

Published 1173 days ago

So, considering that Tom Winnifrith is away with his wife and his in-laws, away from the Greek hovel, and spending time at some Greek luxury resort, the first non-Tom story is CloudTag – Some great news, Amit Ben-Haim is all yours now by Cynical Bear at number 9.

Notes from Underground: In the year 2117, if man is still alive...

Published 1180 days ago

Well, the first non-Tom article is by me, at a lofty #4: Leavers are either nuts or hiding what they're really on about. There, I said it. To be honest, I still haven't received a satisfying answer in the comments.

Notes from Underground: All's quiet on the ShareProphets front

Published 1187 days ago

The first non-Tom Winnifrith (and non-house) article is #1, Sepura – The rollercoaster deal continues: could this be the first Brexit-related deal implosion? by Cynical Bear. We may have turned a corner, folks.

Notes from Underground: All creature great and small, Tom poisons the lot

Published 1194 days ago

In the past seven days, 43,154 unique readers read 70,771 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground: Well, that was quick

Published 1201 days ago

After all the fussing and moaning about Tom leaving the site to pick olives or raise snakes or whatever it is he's doing, and following a spectacular week where the most popular story was written by yours truly, we have come to what we all expected in the first place. The number one story this week is General Election June 8th - Surely there is no doubt as to the outcome, there is no uncertainty now, written by one Tom Winnifrith.

Notes from Underground - Jumping Jack Lenigas

Published 1208 days ago

In the comments, some people have asked why David Lenigas was asked to present at the UK Investor Show when ShareProphets was just so beastly to him. There are two answers.

Notes from Underground: Same Apple, different Steve

Published 1215 days ago

In the past seven days, 49,498 unique readers read 82,876 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground: Money ties

Published 1222 days ago

The column was delayed today as your humble correspondent recovers from yesterday's UK Investor Show, easily the biggest and best of the 15 years that Tom has been organising these things. This would be my tenth.

Pizza HardMan Darren Atwater to make main stage debut at UK Investor - shock!

Published 1226 days ago

This is our fifteenth show and, I think, that this is the 6th that the Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater has been involved in. But at last he has agreed to make a main stage debut and it is not to talk about pizza. For what you may not know is that Darren is a trained journalist and, as those who read Notes From Underground every Sunday know quite a funny writer when he wants to be. And so he is on stage.

Notes from Underground: Bon Vivant

Published 1229 days ago

The picture below is of my ticket to yesterday's Master Investor show, the show that specialises in crank theories like living forever and making everything from 3D printers just like in Star Trek.

Notes from Underground: The Teddy Bears picnic

Published 1236 days ago

ShareProphets readership increases every week - we can tell because we're a registration site and if you unsubscribe, you are kicked off the site. We don't have a dead subscription list like other, lesser, sites.

Notes from Underground: Show of Shows

Published 1242 days ago

It's with a sharp sense of horror that I realise that it's only three weeks until the the UK's most interesting investing event, the UK Investor Show. Not that the show will be a horror - it'll be terrific - but I'm suddenly jolted into all the last minute things that need to be done on my part and, well, general horror.

Notes from Underground: It's called crowdfunding when we do it

Published 1250 days ago

Some of the bulletin board morons have mocked ShareProphets for asking for donations to the Fighting Fund, accusing Tom of having the begging bowl out. The truth is: it works and the alternative is terrifying.

Notes from Underground: The Fighting' ShareProphets

Published 1257 days ago

In the past seven days, 61,990 unique readers read 87,097 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground: Born to be baaad

Published 1263 days ago

In a week where ShareProphets tore into Peter Landau, rolled it's eyes at another Darren Winters own goal, and can still find even more to report on about Cloudtag, I did not think the headlines could be exceeded. But Tom delivered. I give you the headline of the week:

Notes from Underground: Think Differently

Published 1271 days ago

Those of us in the Cult of Apple (PBU Steve Jobs) may have lost Brexit, may have lost the United States, but at least we know our choice of computer platform is not just technically but actually morally superior to others. Therefore, when it was tantelising within our grasp to covert one of our most vocal heretics, one Tom Winnifrith, to our side, our ruliing body, the Council of Smug rejoiced.

Notes from Underground: Ban in the USA

Published 1284 days ago

My apologies for the lateness of the UK's favourite website stats/sketch column but I was up late watching last night's comedy from the US, Let's Randomly Ban Muslims!. 

Notes from Underground: May and Trump be with us

Published 1292 days ago

Well, this is awkward.. Prime Minister Theresa May will be visiting newly minted US President Donald Trump next week and hopes to initiate some sort of trade deal, a mere 48 hours after Trump told the world of his plans: “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.” But I am sure that he'll make an exception for us. TW Note - Does Darren actually bother to check what Trump says on Trade deals? More fake news from remoaning liberal losers...

Notes from Underground: It's the end of the world as we know it

Published 1299 days ago

In a mere five days, Donald Trump becomes president of the United States. In 90 days or so, Theresa May promises to pull the plug on the world's largest trade bloc.

Notes from Underground: People are making money on AIM, thanks to this one old weird trick

Published 1306 days ago

One of the comments made by bulletin board/Twitter morons that I always find mystifying is: "Oh, you guys are just trying to get page views."

Notes From Underground: Happy New Year

Published 1313 days ago

As today is New Year's Day, there is nothing to do but reflect on our activities of the past year and anticipate the adventures of the next. Starting Tuesday, we'll be back full time, although we have a few surprises planned for Monday, Quixotically jousting the windmills of AIM but for today, Happy New Year to you and your familes. 

Notes from Underground: 'Tis the Season

Published 1320 days ago

As this feature falls on Christmas Day, there is nothing else to write other than Happy Holidays and a Great Winterval to All! TW Note: You are a Godless liberal and Santa will not be rewarding you with anything at all this year.

Notes from Underground: It's beginning to feel a lot like higher page views

Published 1326 days ago

The week that follows Christmas Day is the slowest of the year on ShareProphets reader views - but we'll still be here. The two weeks before Christmas always seem to be some of the highest rated weeks. I don't know whether is some sort of reality avoidance action or ShareProphets readers are actual embodiments of Scrooge - a personal hero on Tom's as he has explained today HERE.

Notes from Underground: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria

Published 1334 days ago

Well, well, well. The Cloudtag (#CTAG) saga has not just whipsawed through the wallets of slackjawed investors, it has upturned this weekly feature. A feature, for the first time since the creation of this list, has made it to #4 without being written by Tom Winnifrith. Behold Is CloudTag sitting on a price-sensitive conversion notice? by Cynical Bear.

Notes from Underground: Popcorn time

Published 1341 days ago

Well, it's time to sit back, put one's feet up, and watch how the Cloudtag events unfold. Will the company avoid the terrible fate of the death spiral? Or will it, as the bulletin board morons suggest, suddenly demonstrate a viable and desirable wearable product at the CES 2017 trade fair in, oh, five weeks.

Notes from Underground: The sound of me pulling out my hair

Published 1348 days ago

Le Sigh. Another week where six out of ten leaderboard articles are Bearcasts, and the other four are fan-favourites Cloudtag, Worthington, and African Potash.

Notes from Underground: Get out the popcorn out

Published 1355 days ago

Admittedly I have been slow to get tickets to the circus sideshow that is Cloudtag (CTAG), yet another company in the little device that monitors your health consumer space. Team ShareProphets has been writing about this company for months now, commenting on its lack of product in stores and its RNSs promising sales in 2016 that have been damp squibs.

Notes from Underground: It can't happen here. Or there. Oh, I give up.

Published 1361 days ago

Last Tuesday's US election results was my worst nightmare. Not that a demagogue has won the White House. Not that said demagogue has surrounded himself with an array of nutcases and god botherers. It's not even that electoral success depends on lies and false promises and facts mean nothing.

Notes from Underground: All change

Published 1368 days ago

"The judges know nothing about any will of the people except in so far as that will is expressed by an Act of Parliament". So said alleged-remainer and well-known British-way-of-life-hater AV Dicey in 1897.

Notes from Underground: Wearables will fly out the door this Christmas, unless they are Cloudtag branded

Published 1383 days ago

There are two stories that you should be reading this week: one from the top 10 - Cloudtag and the guaranteed $5.2 million order that is not going to happen - think Christmas which is as big a slap to the noggin to the morons as can be given.  The other is READ THIS NOW: Give Woodlarks a few quid today to transform someone's Christmas. Whether you had a profitable year or a lamentable one, read this and make your own Karma account will get a bonus.

Notes from Underground: Hip to be Square

Published 1390 days ago

Tom accuses me all the time of being a hipster. But I think it's actually projection: Tom is the real hipster. 

Notes From Underground: Giving thanks

Published 1397 days ago

Dear reader, it's one of the most important holidays on the calendar today, Thanksgiving. The real one. The Canadian one. Oh sure, next month we'll hear all about the US holiday and where to buy turkey and it's related treats, but remember who did it first.

Notes from Underground: Sinko de Mayo

Published 1403 days ago

I see the  nutters on Twitter going on about as the share price of some company or other that ShareProphets investigates continues to rise, we're obviously idiots who don't know how to do the only important thing in life - fill yer boots.

Notes from Underground: Bear with us

Published 1411 days ago

You'll notice that Tom has written the top 23 articles this week and recorded a Bearcast daily plus several Postcards on his personal site. This is what Tom calls 'paternity leave.'

Notes from Underground: I'm in! Where's my free money?

Published 1418 days ago

Earler this week, I had an appointment with the Home Office in beautiful Croydon to determine if I may stay in the country. Tom immediately set out a call to readers to convince Amber Rudd that I should be deported immediately.

Notes from Underground: Drop the Dead Donkey

Published 1425 days ago

In the next 11 days we will be in Court at least once (snake oil salesman Darren Winters Round 5) but perhaps more of African Potash makes Tom a happy man and sues him for libel. He says he really does want to "see the Potash bitchez in Court!" For those company executives who consider legal letters journalists as a way of dimming pesky sunlight, I'd like to quote a bit of an article ShareProphets linked to last week. It's regarding Theranos, the once sky-high medical diagnostics firm that has had quite the fall to Earth.

Notes from Underground: The last days of Hackney

Published 1432 days ago

This is the final Notes from Underground written from the red republic of the London Borough of Hackney. 

Notes from Underground: Reader, I passed the test

Published 1439 days ago

In my bid to take encourage slack and take jobs that rightfully belong to hard-working Brits, I was forced to take a 'Life in the UK' test last Monday to measure my knowledge of the patron saints of the constituent countries, the voting system used in Wales, and which Roman emperor built a wall in a vain attempt to keep ancient Scots from glassing ancient northerners.

Notes from Underground: Proof of knowledge on how to queue

Published 1445 days ago

As one of those terrible foreigners who have come to steal jobs from hard done by Brits, I'm already subject to a fingerprint check every time that I cross the border. Also, I have to use the terrible foreigner line-up instead of the whizzy EU/UK passport line.

Notes from Underground: Oh what a tangled web we weave

Published 1452 days ago

Just a reminder to those who love reading the shares bulletin boards, this is the difference between them and us: bulletin boards have crank opinions, ShareProphets have the documents.

Notes from Underground: Rickaayy! I mean, Avaanti!

Published 1459 days ago

We are spending the weekend north of the border, in Aberdeen, and considering that it is the height of summer in Scotland, we have brought appropriate clothing: wooly jumpers, thick socks, rain gear and dressed in layers. It turned out to be prescient and we have stayed warm and dry on an August day.

Notes from Underground: Cenkos, for the memories

Published 1467 days ago

The story of the week is at #2, Vindication for Tom Winnifrith: Cenkos to be fined up to £700,000 over Quindell fraud - not enough, as the work of several years worth of ShareProphets reporting come to fruition. Don't think for a moment that the FCA would have acted here without our unyielding coverage of Quindell.

Notes from Underground: Worth it

Published 1474 days ago

Ah, Worthington tops the leaderboard again.It's a brings back those halcyon days of yesteryear: Nick Clegg was deputy prime minister in a coalition; Boris Johnson was mayor of London and stuck on ziplines rather than being told to zip it; Brexit was a funny old idea that no one would be crazy enough to begin and Worthington was producing videos like this.

Notes from Underground: Malcolm in the Middle

Published 1480 days ago

I have only question this week - and that is what does Malcolm Stacey think of the Caption Contest run in his absense when he went on holidays. Some of you guys were just cruel. Hilarious, sure. But cruel.

Notes from Underground: King of the North

Published 1488 days ago

Oy vey. It's been a week since Tom has walked away from editing the site, and yet five out of the top-10 stories are Tom's Bearcasts. And he didn't even record them every day.

Notes from Underground: Dy-No-Mite!

Published 1495 days ago

Week after week I complain that readers choose the soap opera story lines on ShareProphets over the hard journalism, or, at the very least, press play on Bearcast and zone out to the bliss of Tom's outrage. But this week, at the beguinning of the summer silly season, readers have chosen a real ShareProphets investigative story, Dynamite: Highlands Natural Resources: Tell us all about Mendell Energy Technologies LLC, as their number one read of the week. I'm proud of you.

Notes from Underground: Remains are the day

Published 1502 days ago

Several weeks back, I assured readers of this column that 'remain' would easily win the vote. (To which Tom added, 'why not let the people of Britain have their say first'.)

Notes from Underground: Show Me the Money!

Published 1509 days ago

Two hard days in the pizza business gave me a roaring headache on Friday, so I crossed Clerkenwell Road to the Sainsbury's for some pain reliever.

Notes from Underground: Scam capital of the World

Published 1516 days ago

Today's story by Cynical Bear regarding Leni Gas Cuba's move to the TSX Venture Exchange from the ISDX brings back some old memories.  The TSX Venture Exchange is the successor to the wild west run Vancouver Stock Exchange, which Forbes magazine called "The Scam Capital of the World." 

Notes from Underground: Who are the real rats and snakes?

Published 1522 days ago

Over on, Tom writes about the latest person who has annoyed the Daily Mail (and thus, Tom), drinking ouzo down the Kambos pub, and waging the WW III against snakes and rats.

Notes from Underground: The Circle Game

Published 1530 days ago

OMG. This week's top 10 literally contains of Chris Oil, Brexit, Globo, Paul Scott, Quindell, plus Bearcasts. It's a perfect storm of ShareProphet's reader fantasies. At our next staff retreat/Global Shorting Conspiracy meeting, I'm going to suggest to Tom that he just dedicates his Bearcast each day to one of those topics: Monday: Chris Oil, Tuesday: Quindell, etc.

Notes from Underground: Yes we Khan

Published 1537 days ago

Last week I promised you a love letter to new London mayor Sadiq Khan. Actually, I don't have much to say about him other than if he drives Tom so mad, he must have some redeeming qualities. TW Note, I said I was glad Khan won, check your facts beardie,

Notes from Underground: Four Strong Winds

Published 1544 days ago

In a more perfect world you would be looking at a picture of yours truly gladhanding the governor of the Bank Of England, Euro loon Mark Carney, in this space.

Notes from Underground - Sobriety

Published 1551 days ago

The Old Bill got back to me regarding last week's tag-team event, Lucian Miers & Paul Scott vs some drunk. As the gentleman in question had no prior entalglements with the police, and was shocked by his behavior when he sobered up, he was given a caution and cut loose.

Notes from Underground - Colour Me Interested

Published 1557 days ago

You will all be pleased to know that nobody escorted me out of yesterday's UK Investor Show, but then again, Tom was pretty occupied.

Notes from Underground: The Farce Awakens

Published 1565 days ago

Some readers may roll their eyes at Tom's Rebel Alliance vs the Empire meme that he has adopted the past few years. My adventure at yesterday's Master Investor show demonstrates that Tom isn't just bloviating. 

Notes from Underground - Happy Belated Birthday

Published 1571 days ago

It shows the lack of sentimentality of the ShareProphets team that we let the third anniversary of the founding of this site pass without notice. 6 April 2013 financial journalism covering the City was reinvented. 

Notes from Underground - Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Published 1578 days ago

Good God, what is it that really interests you, dear ShareProphets reader? Look at these topics: Homophobic phrasing, alleged David Lenigas smears, ShareSoc's Roger Lawson talking bollocks, and pewter-circle law firm Pinsent Masons partner urging Sefton to smear Tom and Brokerman Dan are all making the top ten. Why aren't you readin Don't Short The Big Short. This Film Is A Master Class in How Top Traders Work.? That's a good piece of financial commentary.

Notes from Underground: Try it, you'll like it

Published 1586 days ago

The top 10 slowly opened up to new entrants - then boom: it's Tom all the way down. Should we talk about the fifth most read (heard?) article is the Easter Day Bearcast? I'm always pitching Tom that the markets aren't open weekends and holidays, so why should ShareProphets be putting out 10 new fresh stories on each of those days? But the stats don't lie: you're reading ShareProphets in droves when you could be down the pub or painting the shed or finally getting that weird patch on the cat's fur looked at.

Notes from Underground: Bear Takeover

Published 1593 days ago

This may be a first: two non-Tom stories have made the top 10. Lucian Miers continues his trek up the leaderboard with a fine spot at #3, I am Deadly Sirius - I have gone short. And squeaking in at number 10 is Vast Resources – an absolute shocker of a funding deal (unless you’re Crede!) by Cynical Bear. 

Notes from Underground: We are (still in business), Are you (Indy?)

Published 1599 days ago

The first non-Tom story this week, way outside the top ten natch, is by Lucian Miers, representing the mysterious hedge fund billionaires/illuminati who fund ShareProphets with Can anyone help me get shares to borrow on UK Oil & Gas?. If you have some UKOG shares, please contact Lucian now, please don't take food out of his kid's mouths.

Notes from Underground - Other voices, other rooms

Published 1606 days ago

Maybe it's because it's a big US stock, or maybe because the world just hates working with Microsoft, but Nigel Somerville's Hey! Microsoft! Fuck you and fuck you some more - re Windows 10 comes in at an easy number 16, which is extremely high for a non-Tom story. Particularly one only written yesterday. It apparently has got under people's skin.

Notes from Underground - The Gutter Press

Published 1614 days ago

The old media loves picking up on our investigations, like Quindell or Chris Oil's oil empire, or Globo, which we love, except when they don't credit us, which we don't.

Notes from Underground - Black gold, Gatwick tea

Published 1620 days ago

This has been a huge week for ShareProphets traffic. Of course, our registered readers have reached an all time high but I suspect that much of our traffic may be coming from offices in the Horse Hill region and from a Castle-cum-B&B up north pressing refresh on their computer over and over and over. 

Notes from Underground - Float like a Lenigas company, sting like a Chris Oil tip

Published 1627 days ago

Let's call Chris Oil the postman because he really delivers. For some unfathonable reason, Chris Oil challenged Tom to a charity boxing match on Twitter and, before anyone really noticed he had done this, crowed that Tom had not taken up his offer. When Tom did accept his challenge later that morning, Chris Oil immediately tweeted that, so sorry, he's leaving for Dubai. Which is a problem,

Notes from Underground - Always look on the bright side of life

Published 1634 days ago

For those who say that Tom is never positive, but always trying to destroy great British companies with thousands of employees, they should feel gratified that the number one story this week is so positive that is is practically glowing: Tom Winnifrith's top 11 AIM stocks to buy.

Notes from Underground - Three legs good, four legs bad

Published 1641 days ago

Tom can relax once again. I picture him in his garage lair, leaning back in his chair, and stroking his  morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley with a knowing smile on his face. Tom has once again taken all top 10 on the leaderboard.

Notes from Underground - A rose by any other name

Published 1648 days ago

Another week that shows a crack in the facade of Tom's Top 10 Dominance: Cynical Bear's Is Neil Woodford's Halo slipping? makes the list at number 10. For the avoidance of doubt, Tom did contribute 23 of the 25 most read articles.

Notes from Underground - Flat cat photo update

Published 1655 days ago

Readers of yesterday's Notes from Underground may recall that one of the NFU cats was flattened by a toppled dresser and was sent to the animal hospital with expected severe trauma.

Notes from Underground - Counting down from nine lives

Published 1656 days ago

Notes from Underground rarely gives advice regarding money but today is a different story. The Notes from Underground cat is currently in Wanstead Animal Hospital in serious, but stable, condition after being flattened by a dresser, which fell upon on the moggy as it climbed up the front and pulled out a drawer, creating an imbalance.

Notes from Underground - Kids Today. They dress like bums. And their music is just noise.

Published 1662 days ago

Come on, people, give me something to work with here. Six of the top ten reads were Bearcasts. What am I supposed to say?

Notes from Underground - Opposite coloured ducks

Published 1669 days ago

Who does it take to stop Tom's domination of the Top Ten most-read articles? Only Richard Bloody Poulden. Poulden's Black Swan newsletter clocks in at number 9.

Notes from Underground - That's a wrap, 2015

Published 1677 days ago

In the past seven days, 42,201 unique readers read 76,973 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground: Boxing Day Rebellion

Published 1682 days ago

Today's edition comes from the banks of the Ottawa River in the bucolic Gatineau region of Canada. Unusually for this date, there is no snow and the river is unfrozen. Ciimate change denier Tom Winnifrith will probably put the blame on Canadian pot-smokers warming the air in anticipation of looming legalisation.

Notes from Underground - the Farce Awakens

Published 1691 days ago

This is unusual. Not only is there a non-Tom story in the top ten, it is not written by one of the usual suspects. No, it's the Sirius Minerals presentation at Gold & Bears 2015. This means something. Although, your obd't correspondent has no idea what. Oh, I have just notice, It was Tom who wrote this up too. So as per normal no non TW stories appear in the top 30. Perhaps it wil be Happy New Year here is your p45 for some people. Maybe TW will start a sweepstake on that?

Notes from Underground - Santa Rally, Non Tom only makes number 35

Published 1697 days ago

Oh my stars, the weirdest thing that you will view all week is our #9 most-viewed post, Chris Oil Video - how he makes 1000% a trade, his night with the ladies and more. It's made all the more special by the tacky pop music playing in the background and the sounds of the dishes being collected. Also, does Chris Oil refer to himself in the third person sometimes?

Notes from Underground - New Members

Published 1704 days ago

Unsurprisingly, this was a banner week for ShareProphets page views, and we can chalk it up to Internet Q (INTQ). The little company that didn't took four of the top 10, including the top three. 

Notes from Underground - Venus ascending, Zak is in the fifth house

Published 1711 days ago

In the past seven days, 52,112 unique readers read 88,906 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground: Revenge of the Sith

Published 1718 days ago

Stop the presses! After months of crowing that he not only took every spot on the top ten list, he took most of the spots on the top 20, it seems that Tom Winnifrith has met his match. And Tom isn't going to like it.

Notes from Underground - A ticket, a tasket

Published 1725 days ago

ShareProphets should be sending David Lenigas (pictured left) a thank you basket of mini-muffins as stories regarding his companies have clearly dominated the top 10 this week. Yet he didn't didn't take every slot, the top non-Lenigas stories were covering our old pals Sefton and Quindell. 

Notes from Underground - Black Magic

Published 1733 days ago

Here is an interesting twist on the week. The number one article of the week was the poll  on whether ShareProphets, a data driven site of investigative corporate muckraking should continue running the articles of technical analyst Zak Mir. Yet, the highest ranked non-Tom Winnifrith article this week was written by none other than the UK's best-known technical analyst, Zak Mir. (At #21, Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Armadale Capital, Atlas Development, Camco Clean Energy, MySquar, Northcote Energy, Sareum)

Notes from Underground - Happy Samhainn

Published 1739 days ago

As we celebrate the Celtic New Year, ShareProphets asks the old gods to bestow a special blessing upon Globo, who allowed ShareProphets to have a record-breaking week. Manannán mac Lir is probably none too happy about being asked to give a thumbs up to a big fraud like Globo, but I imagine that work is hard to come by as a Celtic deity these days.

Notes from Underground - It's all Greek to us

Published 1746 days ago

It was a photo finish between the Globo (GBO) bear report and Tom's victory at the High Court for most-read story this week, but, ultimately, the Greeks win out. Possibly not so much for their shareholders.

Notes from Underground - Here comes the judge

Published 1754 days ago

Unsurprisingly, the top stories this week are those that involve the regulators thanking Tom for his investigations into the market, the BBC using Tom as an expert witness on the market, and Tom getting called into High Court again for an injunction hearing by participants in the market in attempt to get him to stop.

Notes from Underground - As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

Published 1761 days ago

Thank you for taking time out from your turkey, your cranberry sauce, your tortierre puck, and your maple snowballs to read ShareProphets today.

Notes from Underground - Never say never again: a Perfect 19 for TW

Published 1768 days ago

I though that we had reached peak Tom when he had written 8 out of the top-ten articles last week on his sabbatical. But no, Fortuna always rolls for the big win, and this week the Sheriff of AIM has actually written 10 out of the top-ten articles. On. His. Sabbatical.

Notes from Underground - Dividing by zero

Published 1775 days ago

As this site as mentioned several times, Tom Winnifrith is on a sabbatical, planning to spend time with family and write a book or two. He intends to come back in the new year. Which makes this top 10 completely perplexing: all 10 are Winnifrith related. (He wrote 8, he co-wrote with Nigel Somerville on the ninth, and the 10th was a Paul Scott riposte against Tom's view on

Notes from Underground - Ireland defeats Canada - at least I'm not sacked

Published 1782 days ago

Unfortunately, Canada lost at the rugby yesterday and thus everything this morning seems dull and lifeless but we persevere. As they lost to Ireland, speaking about it to Tom can only be a lesson in humiliation. But at least Tom will not sack me as he threatened to do should Ireland lose.

Notes from Underground - When the moon hits your Eye like a big .... ....

Published 1789 days ago

The spiciest story this week, as spicy as a calabrese pizza with diabola sauce, is Ben Turney's response to Brokerman Dan's allegations that Ben has been a very naughty boy. Compare that to the cheesiest, as cheesy as a Quattro Formaggi with extra gorganzola, is Chris Oil's demand for an EGM at Sefton Resources.

Notes from Underground - Crime does Pay. For us, at least.

Published 1796 days ago

I'm constantly amused by bulletin board morons who wonder why we keep following stories. Why does ShareProphets keep writing about Quindell? They must be paid by hedge funds! and Why write about Worthington? They're suspended! ShareProphets must have invented a time machine then got back and shorted them before they were suspended and now want them to never come back so they can pay for their time machine development costs.

Notes from Underground - At Sixes and Sevens

Published 1803 days ago

In the past seven days, 41,499 unique readers read 73,252 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again. Here is what you read last week..

Notes from Underground - Game over man, game over. (Maybe.)

Published 1810 days ago

In the past seven days, 44,995 unique readers read 78,273 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground - Follow Follow

Published 1817 days ago

The launch of the ShareProphet's China Filthy Forty is the kind of thing that shows why the financial press fear ShareProphets. Clear and devastating. It sums up ShareProphets as a whole. It also demands an informed readership. Your average reader isn't going to come across a chart of 40 Chinese companies which IPO'd on AIM, shares in which  are almost all underwater, and understand the relevance. This sometimes puts ShareProphets in a bind, where we seem to be wonks speaking to swotters.

Notes from Underground - When your girlfriend says go to the GP, go to the GP

Published 1824 days ago

In the past seven days, 50,555 unique readers read 91,679 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again. And here ae the ten most read stories. It is not just Quindell..

Notes from Underground - It is. Are you?

Published 1830 days ago

Looking at this week's top 10 actually made me laugh: five stories out of the top 10 were about Brokerman Dan's (now long past and regretted) days as an armed robber. Stories how ShareProphets tracked down the information. Stories about Brokeman Dan's silly associates. Stories making fun of the whole story. All good, hard earned, enterprising journalism.

Notes from Underground - When Irish eyes are smiling

Published 1837 days ago

In the past seven days, 42,864 unique readers read 77,162 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground - Caledonian sleeper

Published 1845 days ago

In the past seven days, 45,424 unique readers read 81,517 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground - Giz us a raise

Published 1852 days ago

In the past seven days, 48,645 unique readers read 87,657 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again. And this is what you are reading with Greece & Quindell at the fore

Notes from Underground - Vote Ouzo

Published 1858 days ago

In the past seven days, 49,934 unique readers read 89,803 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from Underground - Golden Anniversary

Published 1865 days ago

In the past seven days, 54,254 unique readers read 100,575 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from the Underground - Paris Edition

Published 1873 days ago

This edition of Notes from Underground has been compiled from Paris, where your ob't servant writes from the finest two-star hotel in Marais. It is nothing if not convenient - need the lavatory? It's right there at the end of the bed. And who really needs enough room to stand in the suite and open the closet door at the same? We're not Marie Antonette.

Notes from Underground - It's like a magazine. But on the Internet.

Published 1880 days ago

Why would you go onto the Internet to read a magazine? I haven't the faintest - but thousands of you have done so and clicked here to read the first edition of UK Investor magazine. We've being podcasts, so I guess that's like radio on the Internet and we've do videos since the beguinning, and that's a little like television on the Internet so I guess that I should not be surprised that putting print on the Internet is a success.

Notes from Underground - Rail of Shame

Published 1887 days ago

In the past seven days, 48,853 unique readers read 90,453 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Notes from underground - Quindell's chocolate rations have been raised from £6 to £1.30

Published 1894 days ago

Now here in the underground, we merely stoke the ShareProphets boiler - sourcing frigana poisons for Tom, inventing new Technical Analysis terms for Zak, flipping coins for Ben's opinion of the day, and oilling up Malcolm for his next Mr Cornwall bodybuilder defense - we serve the machine, but don't provide comment on the markets.

Notes from underground - Print is Dead

Published 1901 days ago

 B Anderson has commented on this item several times with this same argument: 'How can you compare Investor Chronicles with ShareProphets when IC charges and you don't? Start charging, then compare the stats. You have to compare like for like.'

Notes from underground - Great White North

Published 1908 days ago

The most satisfying link on this week's Top Ten is Sajid Javid replacing Vince Cable as business secretary. The morons spent a lot of energy a) attempting to get Javid to drop his UK Investor Show introduction (he resolutely did not) and b) cheering on Vince Cable's lame attempt to pander to Quindell's victims. The howling could be heard over here in rural Ontario.

Notes from underground - The Great Chris Oil

Published 1915 days ago

This week's No-prize for services to ShareProphets goes to the mighty Chris Oil whose efforts to become a dandy David Lenigas gave us nine of this week's top-ten most-read stories. And it was across all our mediums: web, podcast, and video. That's a triple-play that we've never seen before.

Notes from underground - J'accuse!

Published 1921 days ago

By this time next week, barring a succession-snafu like last time, a new government will have been installed. And ShareProphets will be complicit in that farce.

Notes from underground - Kill your darlings

Published 1928 days ago

In the week since the UK Investor Show, what have we learned a number of things - meanwhile this website continues to draw in the crowds and this is what you were reading last week

Notes from underground - Horses of Courses

Published 1943 days ago

Posting nearly 2,000 UK Investor Show tickets over the past week, I have marvelled at the wondeful place names that populate the UK. Names like Beehive Yard, Smock Alley West, Egg Pie Lane, Ynysmeudwy, and 123 Fake Street. 

Notes from underground - what you are reading this week ( it ain't Shares Magazine!)

Published 1956 days ago

To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.A week after moving servers, everything seems right with the world. Everything is speedier, nobody is complaining about databases not being found to me at 4 AM, and using the EPIC search is a breeze now. I hope that everyone is getting an improved experience.

Notes from Underground - Upgrades and what you are reading

Published 1963 days ago

You are now enjoying a ShareProphets that is running on a much more powerful server. For those of you who are more visually oriented, this is what ShareProphets was running on last week and this is what it is running on now. This price difference is commensurate as well. (Let's hope the Global Shorting Conspiracy's cheque isn't late!)

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