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Rangers boss Dave King slammed by Takeover Panel for numerous rule breaches - 4 year cold shoulder imposed

Published 181 days ago

FCA regulated institutions will still be able to deal with Rangers FC, should they want to associate themselves with the financially toxic soccer club, but as of today they can have no dealings at all with its chairman Dave King. The cold shoulder ruling was imposed by the Takeover Panel today.

Don't worry Daniel Stewart - someone still loves you...

Published 433 days ago

Following my revelations yesterday the deadwood press have their knives out for Daniel Stewart (DAN) today. Maybe the CEO's younger broker did not threaten tol beat them up and they did not get fascist lawyers letters for exposing this POS, but the firm is almost friendless as it prepares for administration. I say almost...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Hell's teeth Lucian says it is actually 33 miles! IQE - I smell panic & Rangers' Dave King Court date

Published 625 days ago

Brokerman Dan has been replaced as the maps man on our Woodlarks Charity walk on Saturday. Perhaps we now know why in his former career he did not always get away. For it turns out that the walk is not 32 miles but 33. Lucian has mapped it out in full. Cripes. We now need just over £2,000 to reach our £20,000 target so if you hav e not yet sponsored me please do so HERE. Get us to target & I will shut up about it. In the podcast I look at IQE (IQE), Rangers FC and another date in court for Dave King, Thirsty Paul Scott not understanding what research means & wanting me not to cover Sosandar (SOS), Cenkos (CNKS), ADVFN (AFN) and Online Blockchain (OBC), Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) and Fishing Republic (FISH) which, I think, is AIM toast in waiting 

Scandal! Profits! Cats! ShareProphets most read stories of the year

Published 830 days ago

In the last year, ShareProphets has produced 3733 articles from the scandals of Telit's Oozi Cats to the scandals of African Potash to the scandals of Cloudtag. Here are the 100 articles and 25 Bearcasts that were most read by ShareProphets readers.

Darren Winters, David Williams at Avanti, Eden Research – is there any point in carrying on crusading?

Published 1033 days ago

As I noted in the bearcast special yesterday I am not going to launch any more new business ventures, if anything I am on the retreat and working towards calling it a day. I am gratified by the response both in the comments section below that bearcast and in numerous private emails. It seems that I am far from alone. Whichever bunch of career politicians gets to run the UK I think it makes no odds. We entrepreneurs are saying “enough is enough” and are not only preparing to pack up but are already starting to do so, The implications for the UK economy are clear and are serious. The Golden Geese are preparing to take wing. But all week I have been wrestling with another issue: what is the point of writing as I do?

Notes from Underground - Jumping Jack Lenigas

Published 1090 days ago

In the comments, some people have asked why David Lenigas was asked to present at the UK Investor Show when ShareProphets was just so beastly to him. There are two answers.

Takeover Panel not backing down – Rangers FC Rule breaker Dave King being taken to court

Published 1092 days ago

A month ago, Tom reported the Takeover Panel’s decision that Dave King should make a 20p offer for Rangers International Football Club (RFC) (HERE) and also commented on King’s ridiculous response (HERE). Well, King has point blank refused the request to make a bid but the Panel is not backing down without a fight.

Notes from Underground: The Teddy Bears picnic

Published 1118 days ago

ShareProphets readership increases every week - we can tell because we're a registration site and if you unsubscribe, you are kicked off the site. We don't have a dead subscription list like other, lesser, sites.

Dave King on the hook for £14m - forced to bid 20p for Rangers FC and caned by Takeover Panel

Published 1124 days ago

The Takeover Panel has today slammed Rangers (RFC) supremo David King for breaching the UK Takeover Code as well as being a prize arse in not co-operating, indeed appearing to obstruct, its enquiry. The upshot is that he has now been told that he must launch a 20p per share offer for the 85.43% of Rangers he does not own by April 12. That will cost him up to £14 million if everyone accepts.

Today's Advent Reading is from The Book of Earley Chapter 11 Verses 2-7

Published 1207 days ago

Lo and it came to pass that Jesus and his followers were travelling in the land known as Norfolk to the small town of Banstead. And as they entered the town they encountered a man who told all that he was of great faith.

Worthington drops Rangers claim, 5 PM Friday 22nd is ouzo time as UKLA will wake up then

Published 1363 days ago

The farce that is the fraud Worthington (WRN) continues apace. The chocolate teapots at the UKLA are still publishing twice daily updates claiming that Worthington is considering an RTO with NunaMinerals, a company that is not only in administration but is also to be delisted in Denmark. its aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! all round at UKLA where the chocolate teapots still reckon that the deal is viable.

Worthington is now Officially fucked - "merger partner" Nuna declared bankrupt: time for the Rozzers to move in?

Published 1378 days ago

The former CEO of Danish listed NunaMinerals was owed cash by the company and yesterday managed to get the company formally declarred bankrupt in a court in Greeland - see HERE. That means that Main market listed fraud Worthington (WRN) can no longer procrastinate and claim to be in talks about an RTO. So it must be game over for Aiden Earley, Craig Whyte and Doug Ware.

The 28 Most-read stories of 2015 on ShareProphets - guess who wrote them all?

Published 1562 days ago

For your consideration. Pick and choose if you like...the 28 most read stories on ShareProphets from the past year. Not wishing to be accused of sucking up to Tom Winnifrith but it almost goes without saying that the author of all 28 is er...Tom Winnifrith. All our pals are in there: Quindell, Worthington, Gate Ventures, Jon Stretton Knowles, Rangers FC, Slater & Gordon, Aiden Earley, Globo, InternetQ...the list goes on an on. It has been a cracking year for this website.

As Predicted: Rangers FC postpones ISDX stockmarket listing – King et al to bail it out (at a price)

Published 1621 days ago

Rangers FC (RFC) has announced that it will postpone its ISDX stockmarket listing until the criminal cases against Charlie Green, Imran Ahmed, Craig Whyte and others are concluded. Pro tem Dave King and associates will bail the club out with short term loans. This is all to do with who owns Ibrox.

The Most Amateurish Annual Return in Corporate History – Rangers, Worthington and the knitting patterns

Published 1645 days ago

Hat tip to a reader for flagging up this gem from Companies House, an Annual Return submitted for The Rangers FC Group Limited, part of the Worthington Group (WRN) which thinks it can extract £10 million from creditors of Old Rangers. This is sheer genius mickey-mouse stuff thanks to clown Richard Spurway.

Notes from Underground - Never say never again: a Perfect 19 for TW

Published 1650 days ago

I though that we had reached peak Tom when he had written 8 out of the top-ten articles last week on his sabbatical. But no, Fortuna always rolls for the big win, and this week the Sheriff of AIM has actually written 10 out of the top-ten articles. On. His. Sabbatical.

EXPLOSIVE EXCLUSIVE: Why the £10 million claim by Worthington on Rangers is bogus and how Doug Ware tried to line his pockets with Rangers cash

Published 1652 days ago

One of the joys of being in London is that folks come to see me from the Square Mile bearing documents of great interest. I shall not name my City Source. But I have obtained documents showing why the £10 million claim by Law Financial against Rangers (RFC) is utterly bogus, that Worthington (WRN) knows it is bogus and how Worthington boss Doug Ware tried to line his own pockets in an obscene fashion at the expense of Worthington going behind the back of poor Aiden Earley and Craig Whyte.

Sefton – Victory for Team Market abuser Chris Oil. Or is it?

Published 1655 days ago

We all knew that at the October 6 EGM, team Chris Oil would win and that the current directors – bar Jossy Rachmantio would be booted out to be replaced by ADVFN’s (AFN) Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges.  Sefton (SER) has now thrown in the towel but the drama is far from over.

Tom Winnifrith Rangers FC Special - Is there any chance of a stockmarket flotation?

Published 1656 days ago

Featurng all your favourite players in this mad old tale: Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Aiden Earley, Paul Shackleton, WH Ireland, Dave King, Mike Ashley, Old Mother Worthington (WRN) et al. The big question is whether Rangers FC (RFC) can get a stockmarket flotation away and if so when? It is that which I try to answer in this podcast

Worthington - yet more questions raised by Companies House Filings

Published 1658 days ago

Hat tip to one of our readers who I know works in the small cap area and thus knows his onions for today's bit of Sherlocking on Worthington (WRN). For any Worthington investors this is yet another Red Flag 'fest. For any Rangers (RFC) fans scared that the claims of Law Financial & Craig Whyte may make against the club have any grounds, read this and LOL.  Enjoy. 

Notes from Underground - Ireland defeats Canada - at least I'm not sacked

Published 1664 days ago

Unfortunately, Canada lost at the rugby yesterday and thus everything this morning seems dull and lifeless but we persevere. As they lost to Ireland, speaking about it to Tom can only be a lesson in humiliation. But at least Tom will not sack me as he threatened to do should Ireland lose.

Rangers FC Group Limited – frantic filing, Worthington stink grows in this alleged fraud

Published 1669 days ago

Mr Craig Whyte has been a busy boy. When not being arrested over a second set of fraud allegations concerning Rangers FC (RFC), our boy had been frantically filing away at Companies House, a series of returns showing the intimate links between himself and Doug Ware and the chaps at Worthington PLC (WRN)

Worthington & the Court Order – what is going on? And another deadline looms

Published 1670 days ago

Followers of worthless Old Mother Worthington (WRN) have been intrigued by a filing at Companies House on Friday “S1096 Court Order to Rectify” -  oh dear perhaps we should not mention the word “court” to Worthington shadow director and ex Rangers FC (RFC) boss Craig Whyte. What is going on?

Bank Holiday Bulletin Board Moron of the week (and last week's winner)

Published 1677 days ago

Is there no limit to the stupidity of some folks who post comments about shares on Bulletin Boards? And why do the morons all appear to own the same stocks in their portfolios of death? Worthington, Afren, Daniel Stewart, Quindell - will they all pile into Rangers FC when it relists? Probably only if Rob Terry takes a stake. In this shortened week I invite you to post the daftest and most inane comment you find about shares on twitter or on a Bulletin Board in the comments section below. The deadline is Sunday at midnight.

Notes from Underground - Crime does Pay. For us, at least.

Published 1678 days ago

I'm constantly amused by bulletin board morons who wonder why we keep following stories. Why does ShareProphets keep writing about Quindell? They must be paid by hedge funds! and Why write about Worthington? They're suspended! ShareProphets must have invented a time machine then got back and shorted them before they were suspended and now want them to never come back so they can pay for their time machine development costs.

Craig Whyte in custody, Worthington claims against Rangers now surely worthless

Published 1682 days ago

A day of drama in the soap opera Rangers FC (RFC) – a nest of vipers, saw Charles Green arrested and Craig Whyte re-arrested, the latter now held in custody. This surely makes the Law Financial/ Worthington (WRN) claim utterly worthless.

Rangers payout delayed – this is back to the Worthington scam

Published 1684 days ago

Oh what a tangled nest of vipers is Rangers FC (RFC). I refer not to the club in its current incarnation but to scandals past. It is scandals in the plural and at the heart of them is Craig Whyte, business partner of Aiden Earley – the driving forces behind Worthington (WRN).

A New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Competition & last week’s winner: The power of Tom

Published 1698 days ago

The Bulletin Board Morons are noted sometimes for their denial (Afren delisted today, is there hope), sometimes for their sheer stupidity (Worthington Golden ticket holders) and sometimes for their ability to come up with conspiracy theories which are just the other side of insane (Quindell) and sometimes for letting bigotry or a blue mist overcome reality (Rangers FC). And that brings us to last week’s winning Bulletin Board Moron of the week.

Rangers Coming back to the stockmarket, er sort of it's ISDX – Good News

Published 1715 days ago

We had rather missed the comedy show that was Rangers FC (RFC ) as a listed company since it was booted off the AIM Casino on April 2nd 2015. But the club has now taken a step to regaining a listing on ISDX, the market formerly known as Plus. Good news for comedy fans everywhere. Rangers listed and the trial of Craig Whyte of Rangers and Worthington infamy, an autumn of hilarity awaits.

Exclusive: How the London Stock Exchange Secretly Screwed investors over Daniel Stewart PLC clients

Published 1793 days ago

In November of 2014 the Qualifying Executives in the Nomad team at Daniel Stewart, led by China fraud specialist Mr Paul Shackleton all quit and it was forced to tell those AIM Casino companies it represented that they needed a new Nomad or would be slung off AIM. I can now reveal that the London Stock Exchange then secretly screwed ordinary investors in order to avoid its own humiliation.

Will Worthington Shares ever trade again? I think not…and win 2 of the day for the Sheriff of AIM

Published 1844 days ago

Over the past few weeks I have raised what I believe to be very serious concerns about fully listed Worthington (WRN). Its shares are currently suspended as the UKLA awaits a re-admission document and I do not expect them to ever trade again. Indeed they could be formally de-listed within weeks. And here’s why. 

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Competition 14 – Afren, Quindell & Worthington only

Published 1853 days ago

Given the sheer insanity of the LSE Asylum Quindell (QPP) thread last week and forthcoming Worthington (WRN) events and the denial among Afren (AFR) shareholders the competition is back but is limited to just these three stocks. Afren is a basket case the other two are fraudulent basket cases. Update: The Deputy Sheriff of AIM insists that postings on Tern (TERN) are deranged enough to be included.

Tom Winnifrith High Court win - victory video at Free Speech & Liberty

Published 1857 days ago

The lunchtime diners were quiet as I recorded - not quite what you expect on a quiet Wednesday. But I won!  Thanks to the supporters and supportive members of the press who turned up to root for me at the High Court. The gagging order, the injunction is lifted and Aiden Earley of the fraud Worthngton (WRN) and Rangers FC pays my costs. This is Round 1. Round 2 is in a couple of weeks so that money will be hepful. But for now I am getting hammered wth pizza hardman Darren Atwater as we bask in the glory of fighting for a free press and in the sweet joy that is victory.

Into battle at 10.30 at the High Court in the case of Shyster vs Tom Winnifrith

Published 1857 days ago

I am not sure if I feel confident. The British legal system is daunting but I know that what I have done in revealing the acts of Aiden Earley is the right thing to do. It is in the public interest, most notably for Jerome pensioners and shareholders in Worthington as well as stakeholders in Rangers FC, that the truth comes out.

URGENT APPEAL For the “Fighting Aiden Earley of the fraud Worthington (and Rangers FC) Fund”

Published 1859 days ago

My first meeting with my barrister as I seek to have the Aiden Earley injunction lifted is on Monday afternoon and will cost £1000 +VAT. My lawyers’ fees are already in excess of that. The hearing at the High Court on Wednesday will cost several thousand pounds and so I ask for your URGENT help in getting this injunction lifted so we can expose more stock market crime.

An Early Monday caption Contest of a Topical Nature

Published 1859 days ago

With no reference to any particular court proceedings which may or may not be about to unfold we have an Early Monday caption contest. The deadline for entries is Wednesday when I have an important, er...meeting. Don't hold back, there's no prize just the joy of wide rangersing free speech.

Sunday 10 up - the hard stats that shows how much ShareProphets Counts

Published 1859 days ago

In the past seven days, 63,167 unique readers read 123,896 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Aiden Earley of the Worthington Fraud thinks I trashed his reputation? Who is the scumbag kidding?

Published 1859 days ago

Aiden Earley has obtained an interim injunction against me publishing certain documents he admits are genuine because I might damage his good reputation. Who on earth is he kidding? There are large number of reasons why this man is a Pariah in the City, a scumbag, almost universally despised. And so here we go on explaining to Worthington (WRN) shareholders the track record of your dominant shareholder and the man who has created the omnishambles of a fraud that is your company. 

Aiden Earley – as Some Documents go Down (pro tem) the Killer Worthington/.Rangers document emerges

Published 1861 days ago

I am obliged under the interim injunction to remove all emails republished here from Craig Earley and all documents attached to those emails by 4.30 PM today and shall do so. I appeal the matter in the High Court Wednesday. However I have just been handed a document which is not attached to any email from Earley and appears to be the killer blow on the Worthington fraud and also casts a whole new light on Rangers and the Craig Whyte affair.  Since it arrived as a stand-alone it is NOT covered by the injunction. I shall be passing it onto the UKLA/FCA and Serious Fraud Office at once and imagine Rangers supporters may want the Scottish Police to see it as it implies that the current Rangers enquiry may need widening.

Rangers – King whacks Ashley but Big Questions Remain & Heads Must Roll

Published 1861 days ago

I am delighted to see that 85% of shareholders in rangers FC (RFC) voted at the EGM to boot out the Ashley patsies and vote on the Dave King slate as directors. But there remain a series of questions about the club’s future on AIM and also about the behaviour of disgraced advisers WH Ireland and Newgate Communications.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Thanks to many and a Message for Aiden Earley and other scumbags

Published 1861 days ago

In today's podacst I explain why so many AIM CEOs and also respected journalists are lining up in the fight against Aiden Earley and the fraud Worthington. I disclose one share trade by Earley that will horrify you and got one AIM CEO to donate £1000 to my legal fight this morning and explain to Bulletin Board Morons why they should support me

Exclusive: Which AIM CEO has been in gaol since mid-November? The casino’s darkest hour is now

Published 1867 days ago

Yes you read the headline correctly. The CEO of an AIM listed company has been languishing in prison since mid-November and no-one has been told about it. Two Nomads, the non-execs, AIM Regulation you stand accused of contributing to the darkest hour of the Casino. Anyone who has bought shares since the incarceration you know who to sue. Surely heads must roll?

The Worthington Fraud part 13 – 2014 Interim Results That Deceive (back to Rangers FC)

Published 1874 days ago

The results for the six months to March 31 2014 for the fraud Worthington (WRN) were finally released on 29th August 2014. A child of three should have been able to see through them but on the Bulletin Boards the enthusiasm was almost overwhelming – the investing public fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The Worthington Fraud part 10 – back to the media “purchase” and Allan Biggar

Published 1875 days ago

It is hard to know where to start with the Worthington (WRN) fraud this weekend so deluged am I with material and as such I can promise you a stream of articles but let’s start by going back to the “purchase” of its media interests – Equity Media Partners. This is going to shock you.

The Worthington Fraud part 8 – Craig Whyte and Equity Media Partners Ltd

Published 1876 days ago

Earlier today I posted documents which raised serious red flags about the media acquisition made by the fraud Worthington (WRN) – Equity Media Partners Ltd. Oh dear Mr Doug Ware it gets worse. Guess who set this company up in the first place a year before Worthington bought it? Yes…it was the Worthington Company Secretary Richard Spurway and he was acting with Craig Whyte (of Rangers FC fame) and Whyte’s long time business partner Aiden Earley. The email from Spurway below makes that clear. Oh dear. Oh dear. 

The Worthington fraud series part 3 – The case of the well dodgy invoice

Published 1880 days ago

My series on the fraud that is Worthington (WRN) continues today with an invoice that raises all sorts of questions. By now the bully boy lawyers for Worthington who have threatened me with action should be starting to sense the scope of the material I am sitting on and there is buckets more to come. The invoice comes from 2013 and is linked to Rangers Football Club.

Rangers FC – The board of morons and knaves now has no venue for EGM – so why not Ibrox?

Published 1886 days ago

The almost universally detested board of AIM Casino listed Rangers FC (RFC) had a cunning plan to deny shareholders democracy at the forthcoming EGM: hold it in London. While 2,000 might have attended the last bun fight in Glasgow, the tossers who advice the Mike Ashley Minion led board reckoned a venue holding 500 down South would do. Oh no.  As we predicted at the weekend: Problemo.

Rangers Football Club urinates on its shareholders and fans with EGM notice

Published 1888 days ago

Rangers (RFC) has announced plans to hold an EGM to vote on a wholesale change of board. The plans are a disgrace, for the EGM is to be held in London at a venue that can hold only 500. Most Rangers shareholders live in Glasgow. This appears a deliberate attempt by Rangers and its shamed financial adviser Mr Paul Shackleton of WH Ireland to disenfranchise fans.

Rangers FC: Paul Shackleton – You’d never represent a crook would you, er hang on?

Published 1889 days ago

I shall turn to the matter of the forthcoming Rangers FC (RFC) EGM later but the high-handed statement signed off by its adviser Mr Paul Shackleton of WH Ireland yesterday should be viewed in light of a shock revelation I serve up today about his own actions (or inactions) regarding AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU).

Did Rangers break AIM Rules again – the tale of the disappearing press release.

Published 1891 days ago

Companies on AIM are meant to post price sensitive information via the Stock Exchange and under Rule 22 they also have a duty to ensure that it is accurate. But Rangers FC (RFC) is advised by China fraud specialist Mr Paul Shackleton of WH Ireland and so yesterday it posted such (mis) information on its own website only. It then withdrew even that release but luckily I have a screen grab for you below.

Rangers: Dave King reckons the Ashley Minions will soon be out & then the forensic investigations can start

Published 1892 days ago

Rangers FC (RFC) has still not shown a shred of evidence to demonstrate that in accepting loan proposals from Mike Ashley and rejecting other refinancings it acted in the best interests of ALL shareholders. The Ashley minions who run the Rangers board are clearly loathed by the vast majority of Rangers supporters (rightly so in view of the refusal to provide evidence) and businessman Dave King has stated today that their days are numbered.

Tom Winnifrith: If you support the work this website does, here's how to help us

Published 1895 days ago

We are enjoying a good run on ShareProphets. In January, we have “scalped” three AIM casino stocks which we have been targeting: Naibu, Pressfit and Beacon Hill Resources. Newt Seaman reckons he has TXO and Nigel Somerville is doing heroic work on Andrew "Piggy" Austin of IGAS. My work on the China frauds, Rangers FC and Quenron continues. You want more, we'd like your help and here is how.

Rangers FC - I ask AIM Regulation to launch formal probe

Published 1895 days ago

Earlier this week I asked if the Board of AIM listed Rangers FC could justify why it had rejected two refinancings in favour of a third proposal put forward by a major shareholder in the club Mr. Michael Ashley. The Board of Rangers FC (RFC) is dominated by business associates of Mr. Ashley. Can Rangers show paperwork to justify its decisions and therefore show that it did not breach Section 994 of the 2006 Companies Act? Rangers has not responded. And so today I have written to AIM Regulation Team asking it to investigate

Rangers FC – An Open Letter to the Scottish FA, Demanding Formal Enquiry

Published 1897 days ago

Earlier this week I asked if the Board of AIM listed Rangers FC could justify why it had rejected two refinancings in favour of a third proposal put forward by a major shareholder in the club Mr. Michael Ashley. The Board of Rangers RF (RFC) is dominated by business associates of Mr. Ashley. Can Rangers show paperwork to justify its decisions and therefore show that it did not breach Section 994 of the 2006 Companies Act? Rangers has not responded. And so today I have written to the Scottish FA asking it to formally investigate.

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