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2016 in review: our top 30 articles and Tom's ten most read non financial pieces

Published 1205 days ago

As the year draws to a close it is only natural that we look back on the past twelve months. And it has been twelve months of achievement. It is a great achievement in that our writers have continued to write exactly what they want without any editorial interference. So Cynical Bear & Gary Newman have knocked shares I own. So what? We really do support free speech.  And it has been a year when we have "dealt with" more frauds and lies on the AIM casino and the main market than ever before. That really is the USP of ShareProphets.

Slater & Gordon Solutions – a lesson learned

Published 1503 days ago

I mentioned last week that Deputy Sheriff Towers had a small matter which needed to be resolved with Slater & Gordon Solutions (SGH). As Tom Winnifrith readies his Castlemaine XXXX and popcorn for tonight’s excitement down under as Slater and Gordon publishes its results, I thought I’d pass on my experience of dealing with the UK outfit.

Got a replacement car via Slater Gordon Solutions? Share your experiences!

Published 1511 days ago

How does Slater Gordon Solutions rate when it comes to taking a replacement hire car to cover the period of having repairs made following a car crash? Did all go smoothly, or were there any nasty surprises? 

Tom Winnifrith Bear with a sore head Cast - April 15

Published 1822 days ago

Thank you to the uber-foxy PR bird for Symphony, brokers Tim & John, foxy bex and the PR spinner to David Lenigas for last night. This bear now has a very sore head and is feeling fragile. Notwithstanding that I go into battle today starting with the Horse Hill omnishambles notably in regard to Solo Oil, moving onto two Chinese POS stocks warning today, to that specialist in China Frauds Daniel Stewart and its own profits warning. I then look at why Kirkland Lake is to leave the Casino and then also at another China POS stock now on ISDX having been booted off the Casino. A second bearcast on Quindell & Slater Gordon is to follow.

Quindell Bearcast - Slater Gordon and the Gotham Dragon starts to wake up

Published 1904 days ago

I exposed how Quindell is going to get rogered (at best) by Slater Gordon overnight HERE in this podcast I discuss how this accounting fiddle works, what it means for Quenron's (QPP) dire financial position, it really should be fessing up to that and has not and I also flag up that Gotham City Research is starting to wake up.  For the avoidance of doubt the share price target remains 0p and the fact that the shares are up today shows nothing other than the insanity of man, the bear case has just got stronger still.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Quindell, Soros and Slater Gordon

Published 1906 days ago

In this podcast special I look at the lunacy of tracking who owns what in Quindell (QPP). There seem to be all sorts of figures flying around. It is lunacy following this trail. More pertinently I look at the suggestion that the division for sale is QLS and that the purchaser is Slater Gordon. Two sources confirm to me that this IS the case, But before the morons start to celebrate I then go through the maths and that is rather less good news for Quindell. I also point out two new cases of how Quenron has misled investors in a material way.

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