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BREAKING EXPOSE: The FCA does not expose and prosecute proven fraudsters it asks them for money!

…of last year I demonstrated why Standard Listed Umuthi Healthcare (UHS) was a fraud and exposed how it … Au contraire. The FCA responded by sending Umuthi and invoice for its fees as you can see …

Broker Pello: the scumbags are back but won't say why it was gated by the FCA

…which brought to market such horrors as the fraud Umuthi (UHS) and has been a stain of UK financial …

Calling any FDā€™s with a career death wish, a Standard Listed fraud with a CEO on Police Bail wants YOU!

…Readers of this website already knew that Umuthi (UHS), a company admitted to the Standard List … adds to the view that the historic numbers of Umuthi were fiction and that it had no business pre … have not been closed since early 2020.  But Umuthi’s warehouse has been closed for coming up …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: maybe the FCA might deal with Rob Terry

…dullards at the FCA. I comment on the arrests of Umuthi fraudsters in Zim South and who in the UK now has …

BREAKING: Vindicated again, Umuthi arrests now starting in South Africa ā€“ will the FCA now accept there may be a problem?

…I exposed the fraud that is Standard Listed Umuthi Healthcare (UHS) in a devastating series of … the Hawks said. Ends. The man arrested is Umuthi CEO Gert Viljoen. My sources tell me that the …

Letter to FCA ā€“ Another case of investor deception by Chill Brands on the Standard List

…to deal with black and white evidence of fraud at Umuthi (UHS) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) many may not …

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 18 September 2021

…on my cornflakes: Colin Bloom UK Non Exec at the Umuthi fraud resigns with immediate effect reports … this time. Two questions. BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Umuthi – The Standard List fraud that exposes the … resignation of Memery Crystal BOMBSHELL EXPOSE: Umuthi – The Standard List fraud that exposes the …

10 red flags we all might have spotted at the Umuthi fraud

…pretty proud of my take-down of Standard Listed Umuthi (UHS) whose March 4 IPO was to have valued it at … £17 million. Wholly unrealistic valuation. Umuthi – with sales of a few hundred thousand … was it hiding? Obvious lies in the prospectus. Umuthi claimed that a majority of its directors were …

Another Winnileaks bombshell ā€“ Gert Viljoen sends a lie packed email to Umuthi shareholders

…sent an email from Gert Viljoen, the CEO of the Umuthi (UHS) fraud, sent on 18 September 2019, almost 18 … at the lies Gert told to folks sold shares in Umuthi by either him or the Queen of the fraudsters … trousered by Gert or Connie and a bit going to Umuthi. Dear Shareholders Apologies for the delay in …

Winnileaks special - FCA assures the fraud Umuthi NO formal enquiry

…the FCA suspended trading in shares in the fraud Umuthi (UHS) for a second time it had been aware for a … passed to the Winnileaks service, sent  to Umuthi while it asks a stack of questions the FCA …
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