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A Bulletin Board Moron does Leni-Maths: It is the fraud Zoetic natch

As shares in Zoetic (ZOE) slip and stumble to yet another year low of 49p to sell, those margin calls must really be hurting and this share price could collapse very quickly indeed as folks can’t pay the margin calls. But some ignore big questions such as the one raised in bearcast today and indulge in classic Leni-Maths. Meet Kemche from the ADVFN Asylum who posts almost daily now that he is “averaging down.” I guess only another 49p more of averaging down and he will be put out of his misery. Kemche likes Leni-Maths. Enjoy:

Easter Bulletin Board Moron contest – can anyone trump Supply@ME Capital owning Moron Darren

I don’t believe this is our Darren but another one, Darren042. He owns shares in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and, with a hat tip to TR, I challenge anyone to find a bigger example of stupidity on the LSE, ADVFN or iii asylums or on twitter by midnight on Bank Holiday Monday. Meanwhile marvel at Darren who really is an imbecile.


Do the LSE BBMs need to find a new asylum?

I see that accounts to May 2018 have been posted by the LSE Asylum – and they are terrible: it is burning cash and drowning in debt. But worse still, one of its two directors walked earlier this month as the asylum mortgaged itself to keep the lights on a little longer. Is the end in sight for one of the main homes of bulletin board morons?

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Frontera shareholders you have been raped – "discussions with majors" exposed as meaningless MOU

Oh dear. Oh dear.  With the disgraced and widely reviled dirty tricks specialist Tim Thompson running its PR Frontera (FRR) was always going to play fast and loose with the rules of the AIM casino as it tried to ramp its shares ahead of yet another bailout placing. Today it announces a MOU which is really nothing of the sort and exposes this promote for the crock of shit that it is. Even the dullards on the LSE Asylum must now start to realise that they have been had.


Frontera clarifies that it could be a zero but the stupidest investors on planet earth somehow see this as good news

Frontera Resources (FRR) has been forced to issue a clarification statement about the Cayman Islands legal case that could see it lose all its assets and go to zero. I suspect AIM is forcing its hand here, concerned that the stupidest shareholder list on this planet are just not getting the message.

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Result – you can’t beat a UKOG Moron

Five weeks in and the man who demanded we bring this contest back, Juicin Drumroll, is the runner up in this week’s contest but the photo of a semi I naked Thirsty Paul Scott goes instead to Putneywill – but there were numerous cracking entries, mainly posts by shareholders in UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) who – as you can see HERE – really are true morons.


London & South East Bulletin Board – what do you not get about free speech? Ref Quindell

I have noted before that the LSE Bulletin Board, Quindell (QPP) thread is an online lunatic asylum where some of the stupidest folk in Christendom post complete gibberish - apparently there is a post there today claiming that the "global shorting conspiracy" is being organised by the CIA and that I am a CIA agent. But this sinister part of the interweb just became more ludicrous.


Proof that AIM is the most honest and clean stockmarket in the world (that is irony BTW)

You want proof that the AIM Casino is not as you may have thought a place where CEOs lie and commit fraud, where Nomads float any old rubbish but a beacon of honesty. You may have lost money on stocks but that is unlucky because there is hard evidence that this market is cleaner than clean, whiter than white, The Mother Theresa of all Exchanges.

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