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Escape Hunt – announcement sees shares 20% higher, Big news then?...

An announcement from escape-the-room experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) and the shares currently at 9p, 20% higher on the back of it. Big news then?…


Bulletin Board Moron of the week - gilogilo from the LSE Asylum

Hat tip to Gary Newman for spotting this gem from the LSE Asylum. Meet gilogilo.

Idox – acquisition aids a rating which is “highly attractive”… Or is it?

Having reached more than 75p in May, shares in information management technology and services company Idox (IDOX) declined below 60p early last month before recovering above 65p - then declining towards 60p again. The company is now “pleased to announce that it has acquired… Halarose, a supplier of electoral back office software and services to UK local authorities, for £5.0 million, comprising £3.5 million in cash and £1.5 million in shares” (at 61.5p)…


Hear top fund manager and 3 PLCs, get a free lunch and visit the Grim North – Wednesday March 4

I am pre-booked elsewhere so shall not be getting out my passport to satisfy border control at Kenilworth but for those of you who do live in the Grim Northern post-industrial wastelands there is an interesting event run by my pal Paul Jourdan of Amati – a very switched on fund manager – in Birmingham next Wednesday Morning. I did not know that they had hotels in Birmingham, I thought everyone lived on Benefits Street with White Dee but apparently Paul has found a nice venue.

Pants on fire

Exclusive: Fund Manager arrested as the FCA fails AGAIN – 325 investors to lose everything

Fund Manager Robin Christie was arrested earlier this year and this week, I am led to believe, the Crown Prosecution Service will decide what charges to press against him. Meanwhile around £25 million invested in funds he created has disappeared. The cash was supplied by IFAs and it is not clear yet whether all ultimate investors know what has happened. The real red faces are round at the FCA which (under its previous guise as the FSA) visited Christie in 2009 and gave him a clean bill of health.

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