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Sepura – The rollercoaster continues: where’s Dean Gunnarson when you need him?

Great news from Sepura (SEPU) this morning as the rollercoaster deal with Hytera continues with the announcement that the UK government seem minded to allow the deal to proceed. Just the pesky Germans to deal with now. I feel the skills of Dean Gunnarson are needed now. Who’s Dean Gunnarson you might ask, quite understandably. Well, read on….


Notes from Underground: All's quiet on the ShareProphets front

The first non-Tom Winnifrith (and non-house) article is #1, Sepura – The rollercoaster deal continues: could this be the first Brexit-related deal implosion? by Cynical Bear. We may have turned a corner, folks.

Sepura – The rollercoaster deal continues: could this be the first Brexit-related deal implosion?

Sepura (SEPU)'s deal with Hytera has had more twists than last night’s Midsomer Murders and just when there seemed to be some light at the end of the tunnel, long-suffering shareholders were dealt another body blow this morning - and one fears that politics may now be at play.

Sepura – kudos to Cynical Bear, proposed takeover of the company faces a ‘Public Interest’ review

Kudos to Cynical Bear’s questioning whether a “Competition approvals” RNS last month from Sepura (SEPU) was really about competition approvals – it has now been announced that the Competition and Markets Authority is “to consider whether a public interest consideration is relevant to the acquisition as a result of Sepura's commercial arrangements with UK government entities”

Sepura – Hmmm, was that RNS really about “Competition approvals”?

It’s been an absolute roller-coaster of a week for Sepura (SEPU) which is embroiled in a drawn-out takeover saga with Hytera Communications subject to competition delays. There were a number of interesting RNS’s worth commenting on this week but one in particular has my spoof antennae whirring. Were shareholders being told the whole story?

Sepura – recommended offer agreed… but at just 20p per share…

Having warned with the shares at around 140p HERE, 65p HERE, as they slumped from above 40p HERE and at just below 20p HERE, a recommended offer for Sepura (SEPU) has been agreed… at just 20p per share…

Sepura – Hytera confirms takeover talks, though emphasises “preliminary stage” & “significant uncertainties”…

Shenzhen Stock Exchange-listed Hytera Communications has updated on its “Possible offer for Sepura plc” (SEPU) – and the following updates with shares in Sepura currently sliding back below 20p…

Sepura – Potential takeover: will it be fireworks or a damp squib?

By any standards, Sepura (SEPU) has had a tough year, losing about 90% of its value since March, but could things finally be taking a turn for the better with some late night takeover talk and how will things play out from here?


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Loads of Pornography and Welshmen shagging sheep + Sepura and 1 down 1 to go with Phil Edmonds

Pornography, naked women, sheep shagging Taffs. Actually there is nothing of the sort in this bearcast but I mention it just to annoy Kay Larsen,a prudish and stupid PR spinner for Sepura (SEPU). Kay is a really silly cow and we have crossed swords before so I rub her nose in it with her client whose statement today is a scandal. The rozzers really need to have a butchers. Then I cover Modern Water (MWG), Falcon Oil & Gas (FOG) and a trio of uber dogs with uber fleas: Blur (BLUR), Inspirit (INSP) and related party Octagonal (OCT). Then I look at Phil Edmonds creation Sable (SBLM) which is now a month away from AIM casino death. Its sister company is the fraud African Potash (AFPO) and I cover this matter in detail. It looks as if the Mrs will give birth tomorrow so if I take a break and you miss me either listen to the archive HERE or google "tourettes audio" and find something similar. Warning: this podcast contains some very bad language especially for the prude Kay Larsen.

Sepura – you were warned & highly suspicious share price movement ahead of mega dilution ahoy!

Following a 4th April profit warning and with the shares at around 140p, I warned that the lack of order visibility together with the possibility of debt covenant breaches must make shares in Sepura plc (SEPU) a sell/bargepole, concluding that the warning signs are loud & clear – see HERE. With the shares currently down a further more than 30% today, at 65p, on the back of a “Trading Update and Financial Position” announcement, you were warned…


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 4 April: Paul, can I say that Condor & Powerhouse are talking cock?

I a not sure what I am allowed to say these days since Paul Scott issued his language diktat. But I start by saying thanks to those who have emailed or tweeted me about my personal news today but then explain why I am spending a day cooped up in London with the charming Halimah. Then it is onto Condor Gold (CNR) and Powerhouse (PHE) which are talking cock. Then I remember my question of AIM's disappearing oil stocks in light of news today from Caza (CAZA). I concur with Steve Moore regarding Sepura (SEPU) and ask a few questions about Port Erin (PEBI) the vehicle of my old pal Jim Mellon, shares in which appear to be collapsing. There is also more comment on Strat Aero (AERO) and Stratmin (STGR). 

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