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Supply@Me Capital — can it compete with Taulia? Look at hard numbers and it is a resounding NO!

Chancer Allesandro Zamboni likes to promise a lot but is always having to make excuses for the continual delays in inventory monetisation at the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). In the AGM shareholder question and answer paper, the following question was raised about another FinTech business Taulia:

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EXPLOSIVE ANALYSIS: Proof that Supply@ME Capital’s business model is flawed

Silence remains on whether the CEO of the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Alessandro Zamboni has covertly sold all his shares. If I was him I would because, as I shall demonstrate below, its business model just cannot work. Forgive the deep drill on accounting but if you follow my lead you will see more evidence that Supply has misled investors and is a zero.

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