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The Hills are Alive with Higher Demand at Gear4music

Hello, Share Spellers. My talented colleague Steve Moore is a whizz at spotting weakness in stock market news announcements that seem to paint a too glowing picture of a company’s prospects. But I rather think he may be a bit too pessimistic towards the latest trading update from Gear4music (G4M)...


Bulletin Board Moron of the week - gilogilo from the LSE Asylum

Hat tip to Gary Newman for spotting this gem from the LSE Asylum. Meet gilogilo.


Exclusive: Evil Knievil: Biggest short is now Mothercare and a Racing Nap & Market Comment

Bear raider Evil Knievil has revealed to me that his biggest short position is now Mothercare (MTC). Evil opened his position at north of 170p ten days ago and the shares are now 157.25p, off another 2.5p today. Knievil warns that a big collapse is on the way.

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