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Ex AIM casino posterboy Gate Ventures goes bust: £24m questions for Fergie, Lord Grade, Fatty Cornish & others

It was slung off the AIM Cesspit after just a few months back in 2015 but not before Roland “Fatty “ Cornish, London’s worst Nomad, had made a killing from listing fees and cashing in warrants and dumping shares. Now the company has gone bust … readers of this website cannot say that they were not warned that this would end in tears.

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: to that bimbo at Walbrook PR who objects to me calling her (not by name) a bimbo, well you are one darling

I start by explaining why this bimbo who complained about me in public last night really is a bimbo and why her firm is in no position to complain. Then I look at why Rathbones let down my Aunt Lucy by giving her Woodford exposure - chaps you really need to sign up to a certain website. Then a look at how to value IP Group (IPO) and Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and changing manager changes little. Finally I look at the mad woke world of Synthomer (SYNT) as it served up a warning today.

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Boris and the American tech bimbo caption contest result

Yesterday I asked you to supply suitable captions to the picture below of our esteemed Prome Minister with a blond American tech entrepreneur to whose loss making joke businesses he gave vast amounts of taxpayers cash while Mayor of London. My own idea was Boris: “Give me credit guys at least  it's not Julie Meyer”.  There were many better entries as you can see HERE But the winner is:


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ayn Rand (genius), a bimbo on the Sun Telegraph & Gulf Keystone and a stockmarket crash looms

I refer to my 8 Reasons Donald Trump will win podcast in this bearcast - you can listen to that HERE. Elsewhere I discuss the problem of a corrupted press with reference to today's Sunday Telegraph on Gulf Keystone (GKP). I then examine why I think the stockmarket might crash this fall. Finally I offer up a quote from Ayn Rand and challenge you to disagree with how, in 1957, she describes the sad world of 2016.


Caption Contest of the Week: The People's Assembly workshy bimbo edition

The People's Assembly are folks who reject the choice of those who actually voted in the last Election. With millionaire lefties such as Russell Brand and Charlotte Church involved you may guess that everyone writing here - bar Malcolm Stacey - views them with contempt. Thus we invite you to suggest captions for the picture below. You have all week to think about it, the deadline is midnight Sunday 24 April


Pippa Middleton, Crumpet & the Timebomb of Crowdfunding

Today's Daily Mail carries a horror story about the demise of Crumpet Cashmere, an upmarket clothing venture patronised by Pippa Middleton (pictured) and other well known bimbos which has just gone bust. My point is not to make cheap jibes at the ghastly Pippa but to flag up how this shows the horrors of crowdfunding and how the FCA is failing in its duties to protect mug punters in a horrifying manner.


Harriet Green of CityAM – hey bimbo, do you want a job in PR or are you just thick and lazy?

Just when I think that the deadwood press can sink no lower in terms of churning out PR bilge along comes along Harriet Green of CityAM. She has just blown off Jonny Hon of Gate Ventures (GATE) infamy with a slavish profile making him out to be Asia’s equivalent of Pope John Paul 2nd. Does this bimbo want a job in PR or is she just too dim and/or lazy to do some basic research. Lucian Miers has sent her an email. 

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