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Our Dream Team Can Dominate this Tip Top Tally of Top Tips.

Hello, Share Seekers. You may have come across a sparkling website called Stockomendation. Among other useful functions, this outfit brings together share tips from all the different sources. Part of the deal is that it supplies a weekly list of the best topical tips.


Video: Gold & Gold Stocks Set for Major Breakout in 2018

Gold is positioned for a major breakout in 2018 and the gold stocks and Silver are not far behind. That is the claim of Jordan Roy Byrne the Technical Analyst at Palisade. In the video below he demonstrates his thesis  by analyzing 6 different charts and the key resistance levels these markets could test very soon.


Simple Charts Showing Why Gold Stocks Are Poised To Blast Off

Okay, broker Palisade Capital focuses on resource plays so it is talking its own book. With that caveat, a short note it put out the other day caught my eye. It wrote: When gold began to rally in late 2015, investors breathed a sigh of relief. The longest resource bear market was finally over, and capital slowly began finding its way back into the mining sector.


Egyptian Miner Centamin's Shares Have Not Mummified and May Come Alive Now

Hello Share Scuffers. As the world wobbles around on top of a gyrating beachball of economic uncertainty, mostly caused by a roller-coasting oil price, gold seems as good a bet as any. Currencies are nearly all under threat, it seems to me, which leaves gold in a great position. But apart from buying gold bars, which is inconvenient, we must consider investing in gold miners.


LGO Energy in Charts

Bulls of LGO Energy (LGO), like our own pet in house BB loon Wildes, argue that the decline in its share price is entirely down to the falling oil price and nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it has hopeless assets in Trinidad which, however much cash is thrown at them, cannot produce enough oil to generate free cashflow. I offer you up four charts, sent in by a kind reader, which should show this in pictures, since folks like Wildes find long words a tad confusing.


Gold Equity Market Cycles what history tells us about where we are now

Over the past 45 years there have been 7 bull cycles and 7 bear cycles in gold equities with varying duration and percentage gains what does history tell us about how long the current bull market will last. Steve Todoruk of Sprott says there are clues in the charts. Over to Steve... 

China Flag

Scary Chart Time: China and what might happen or might not

Now there are some definite bearish thoughts and views running around at the moment so I feel this morning we should explore a little bit. The first big worry is Chinese debt – has it got out of control or can the Party control it ?There is an article in the Economist last week discussing this which gives a very good summary and you should all read it,


David Lenigas struggles by on 36 foot yacht caption contest results

There was some oustanding abuse handed out to disgraced journalist smearer and fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas in our latest caption contest as you can see here. The winner?


Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 2: CVS Group: Extended Bull Run

I would venture to suggest that if people only invested on the basis of charts, the typical holding would have a configuration such as that which can currently be seen on the daily timeframe of CVS Group.


Five Charts Showing Why Gold Stocks Have Never Been Cheaper!

You know I am a gold bull. As such these five charts from colleagues at Palisade Capital make for comforting reading. It is always hard calling the bottom but surely we must be close.


Rules 40 and 41 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas and mining shares

Ben Turney and I published this book last year and it is not a bad read for anyone considering investing in resource stocks. If you would like a free copy just fill in the form HERE. As a taster:


AB Foods at 2649p after the 12% fall from the July peak of 3156p, buy sell or hold?

Back in January I was enticed into making a value call on AB Foods(ABF) versus Next (NXT), coming to the conclusion  that Next, which does not have a sugar business, looked the better value on what  looked like a less excitable more restrained valuation. I now note that the gap between AB and Next has narrowed to about the narrowest it has been for a year.  


The Practical Process of Buying a Share Part Two (of three)

Every investor needs to decide how much money he or she wants in cash and how much in shares. With me I have to be comfortable when I’m buying a share that I won’t need that money for years, although I will receive dividends from that share as long as they aren’t cut.


Looking back not forward and writing about shares that I own

So I'm pleased with the amount of people reading my share articles so far. I never imagined this would be happening say six months ago – I many be a published author and have been actively investing for years but writing about shares is relatively new. So far on this website I have written only about shares that I own personally. 


Buy Frontera Resources: Share Price Could Double On A 3 Month Timeframe

In my experience, any degree of enthusiasm regarding a bullish charting prospect, or a desire to shove the knife in on a bearish prospect tends to be the kiss of death on the call in question. This means you temper your words and your target. However, in the case of Frontera Resources (FRR) it would appear appropriate to let the charts do the talking, at least in terms of what appears to be a very encouraging prospect.

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